Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Burma-Death by Warlords

Burma-Death By Warlords. It is beginning to sound more and more like ethnic cleansing of the Buddhist monks and all civilians who support them by the warlord rulers who obviously don't care if any of the people of Burma survive, only their selfish needs as warlords are addressed.
There are two examples of past atrocities that are beginning to compare with this. The worst example was in Cambodia following the Viet Nam War and sometimes called the Killing fields where 6 million or more Cambodians were exterminated like they were rats by Pol Pots regime and left to rot in the killing fields. The other example was when Tibet was invaded by the Chinese and Tibetan Buddhist lamas and nuns were forced to copulate before they were killed. Before that they were forced to watch their 1000 year old Buddhist temples be destroyed. Both Cambodia and the Tibet example were very similar to what this appears to be turning into. The likely result in the end will be the economic collapse of the Warlord Government of Burma. However, millions likely will die in this arduous process. Neither China, nor Japan, nor Thailand, Nor the U.S. or Europe are likely to send troops. Possibly, the United Nations peacekeepers will be allowed in to re-establish some sanity to the ethnic cleansing of a nation of its own people and culture.

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