Thursday, October 11, 2007

Judge Orders Moth Spraying Halted

The Article of the name above is at the following internet address below if you are interested.

If you have read any of my articles on the subject of pheromone spraying where I live in California then you know I am pretty happy that the spraying has stopped at least for now. Santa Cruz is now also suing to stop the spraying in their area November 4th through 9th.

The permanent stopping of the spraying of densely populated areas is important to me mainly because it is a health hazard. Most people around the world have gotten used to government lying to them on one level or another. So most aware people started doing research into the spraying of this area of Coastal California because there is no reason to believe that what they said was safe to spray really was. So as a result several groups are getting together to fight the spraying through legal action. More individuals and groups are joining every day because we have not been told the truth about the spraying on many many fronts. Not only is it threatening the health of hundreds of people in the short term but how many humans will be affected long term in regard to asthmatic and other breathing problems? We also found out the first time we were sprayed that the pheromone also affects most moths and butterflies including the monarch butterfly that our area is famous for.

If farmers want their fields sprayed that is one thing but spraying this over densely populated areas and using the people there as guinea pigs is unforgiveable.

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