Friday, October 12, 2007

Anything is Possible

Anything is possible. As a precognitive psychic when I observe people I notice that only about 25% at most of truly gifted people actually use their gifts in a conscious way. For example, if one had arms and hands but didn't believe they could use them and handcuffed them behind ones back 24 hours a day then life could be very difficult indeed for such a person. Likewise people who deny their gifts are doing this every day. So this is what the average 75% of the gifted people of the world do.

Yes, getting empowered in feeling safe and comfortable using ones gifts is not an easy thing. However, unless enough of us humans actually learn to use our gifts to benefit all beings then all species on earth (or at least most humans) will go extinct. So it behooves each of us to realize that literally anything is possible.

Some might say: "Well that is magical thinking and should be stopped." My answer to such people is that as a species we didn't just survive on linear thinking alone for thousands of years. All mankind have incredible non-linear abilities either in potentiality or in actuality. I have met thousands of people who have learned to develop one or more of these abilities and they are all over the world and they are of all religions and no religions and they are everywhere.

If you ever find yourself in a serious survival situation and out of cell phone range your non-linear abilities are at least equally as important as your linear abilities in fact I would say your linear abilities go down to being only about 10% to 25% of what allows you to survive. People who only live with creature comforts might not understand this properly.

To test my theory go camping for 2 to 4 days with no cellphones, no motorhomes or vans or truck campers, no portable tv's, no Sony Walkmans or anything else electronic and see what I'm talking about. If you can handle it go camping with a group of like minded friends or just one other person. Take no electronic devices or any books of any kind so you have to live with your own thoughts. After these 2 to 4 days without cars, people, or anything electronic or even any books tell me what was the single most important thing you learned about what it is to be human?

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