Thursday, October 25, 2007

of Black Holes and Galaxies

Black Holes in Center of Growing Galaxies

New Research on Quasars in the far distance is in the following article.

As a precognitive psychic I have written about our Galaxy. What I found was that the Galaxy itself could best be described as an organism, maybe like a jellyfish floating in space. Another possibly more useful description would be a family of organisms or a colony of organisms.

It is my experience that our Galaxy was created by beings who do live in both matter and antimatter universes. They do not breathe air and are literally beings whose babies are suns. An adult of this species of beings might resemble a Nebula, for example, I'm not entirely certain about this because when I communicate they appear to be vague in describing themselves as adults. Possibly this is a form of self defense from beings like ourselves because we live such quick fast lives in a millisecond to them. They appear to function in a completely different sense of time and space as these beings have life spans of literally billions of years so each of our lives would be only a millisecond to them. They feed by taking dark matter and oscillating it slowly back and forth between antimatter to matter and back again. These beings can feed in either direction and our galaxy and for that matter all galaxies are the matter side of this oscillation. The Black Hole joins each galaxy to its polar opposite antimatter Galaxy side of the oscillation.

Since I cannot prove my Theory to you unless you are psychically gifted like myself it must remain in the realm of hypothesis at best for you.

I'm not sure how long it will be for scientists to corroborate what I'm saying. The biggest barrior of course for us it the time space and time compression barrior to validate what I am saying.

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