Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Being Responsible 2

Being Responsible 2. This is a part 2 to the last article. I would call this, "Preparing for the Inevitable". Once again I'm speaking as a precognitive psychic. Many times people talk about stopping global climate change. I think that is misleading. As a psychic I'd like to say that you might be able to slow what is coming down but at this point it can't be stopped. Even if all carbon emissions on the planet stopped cold right now and all humans disappeared from the planet this instant, the following would still happen. For me, as I look into the future the biggest single problem to maintaining life on earth is the winds. Some time within the next 100 to 1000 years depending on what humans decide to do winds will slowly increase below 5000 feet to 7000 feet in elevation until the average wind below 7000 feet in elevation would be 90 miles per hour to 130 miles per hour. I don't know how many of you have been in a 100 mile per hour wind. I have while mountain climbing and I was knocked down again and again and again. Unless you are tied to something you cannot stand or walk in 100 mile per hour winds. But it is worse than that. There will be gusts a few times a year most places below 7000 feet of up to 500 miles per hour. As you can imagine one cannot really have a life that most of us live unless we lived in a protected valley somewhere in Tibet under these conditions as all of Tibet is above 8000 feet in elevation.(There are places also like this in many other parts of the world).

The second inevitable thing even if all carbon emissions ended today permanently would be that within 1000 years both ice caps would be permanently gone and not come back even during the winters. I would estimate the recovery time for earths climate to be somewhere between 1000 to 3 or 5000 years to get back to what we experienced during the 20th century here on earth.

I AM NOT WRITING THIS TO SCARE YOU. My purpose is a responsible one. I am trying like you to find a solution to this problem so that mankind can survive what it has created for itself.
By telling you what I know as a psychic one or more of you might find some feasible way to avoid this catastrophe.

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