Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Fires and Disaster Capitalism

The Fires and Disaster Capitalism. I could tell you there is a new breed of capitalist out there but that wouldn't really be true. There have always been people gleefully trying to make a buck (or a billion) out of other people's suffering. However, now it is just much more multinational corporate in nature and more highly planned to not only make a buck out of people's suffering but to help create the suffering to speed up the money making process.

A good example of this kind of thinking took place during and after the 2004 tsunami where fishing villages were wiped out and before the surviving fishermen and their families could rebuild, resorts went up in their place and any surviving fishermen and families were simply pushed aside while they were vulnerable and grieving for their dead. Hurricane Katrina is another example. Many people were ecstatic over black neighborhoods being flooded and the way they completed the devastation and dislocation was to eliminate all public schools in the area and go with charter schools only. This so fragmented the poor communities that most of them in New Orleans have stayed in disrepair. Because as most people know communities tend to build community spirit around their children and their schools. When public schools go cohesion tends to be lost in a community, especially a poor community.

Now, here is another type of Hurricane Katrina except now it is a fire primarily in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties. I just found out none of my relatives lost their homes in any of the fires today. I felt relieved. However, this could be another opportunity for Disaster Capitalists to take advantage of the sufferings of others just like was done after Hurricane Katrina.

Look for International Disaster Capitalists to profit from all the forclosed homes throughout the United States as well. Also, look for Disaster Capitalists to try to kill the goose that lays the Golden eggs(the United States Economy) in various ways as well. The 1 to 2 trillion in borrowed money owed by american citizens for a war they didn't really want is Disaster Capitalism in action as well. I don't think there is anyone who doesn't agree with me at this point that multinational corporate greed based on Disaster Capitalism is beginning to completely destroy our American Democracy and most things we all love About the United States.

Hopefully, our democratic checks and balances will be allowed to create balance out of the present chaos we are presently experiencing as a democracy before the nation is permanently bankrupted to the point where any sensible person who can will leave.

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