Friday, October 12, 2007

Ethnic Cleansing: Then and Now

Ethnic Cleansing Then and Now. Turkey: What are you doing? Ethnic cleansing went out with the Ottoman Empire we all thought. Turkey has been very secular and acting like Europe and the United States could trust it in possibly Nato and the European Union. However, now Turkey is posturing more like a nation on the verge of joining Iran and Syria. Because what appears to be happening is a move to exterminate all Christian Kurds just like most Christian Armenians were exterminated 100 years ago by former Turkish rulers of the Ottoman Empire. Since Turkey now has a historic reputation of exterminating Christian minorities in their own country or near their country I think it is important for Europe and the United States to monitor what happens next very closely.

It is possible that if Turkey does a blitzkrieg on Kurds in Southern Turkey and Northern Iraq that 80% of the Kurds will be dead before the U.S. or European Union can respond. At that point the most Christian nations could do is to punish Turkey with sanctions economically after the fact. I do fear this scenario may be next before the new year!

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