Friday, October 5, 2007

ESP 101

ESP 101. All life on earth is made of cells whether it is a one celled amoeba or a human, a giraffe or a tree or whatever organism it is. It is said that 90% of the genetic material of all living things on earth is exactly the same. So it should come as no surprise to anyone to understand that all cells communicate with each other whether they are in colonies as in a human or the lonely amoeba communicating with his or her kind to obtain good food or finding out about danger etc.

In fact, cells could not function in colonies either separately or together in various types of colonies within a human body unless they could communicate 24 hours a day from birth. These cell colonies make up, for example brain or neuron cell colonies, heart muscle colonies of cells or even muscle colonies found throughout the body that allow us to move with a combination of nerve colonies in conjunction with muscle colonies.

In fact it could be said that humans are each a cell in the cell colony of mankind and that people like Jesus or Buddha are the ones who popularize a beautiful new idea like Compassion for Buddha, Grace and forgiveness for Jesus. However, if you view humans like cells in the human cell colony of earth, Buddha was the seed idea but Buddhism is a communication between all Buddhists who have ever lived or will ever live. Likewise, Christianity is a communication between all Christians who have ever lived or will ever live. Jesus started the idea of Christian Brotherhood, Grace and forgiveness but it is all the other cells who love this idea that continue to communicate it to other cells. The same is true of Buddhism and all other religions. So each culture and religion then communicates its own style of needs and likes to all the other human cells.

Now, let's take it to the individual human as a cell level. A human being can choose to focus the awareness of all the cells in his body in a myriad of different ways. Most people are pretty lazy and so don't do much with this ability. However, monks of all religions learn to focus the attention of all the cells in their bodies toward a noble goal. Those who are balanced enough and have enough common sense and compassionate intentions and actions toward all beings succeed in their noble goals to a greater or lesser degree according to their inherent abilities.

So, every aware being can develop whatever cells they have in their bodies to do amazing things. All they need is a very good reason or an emergency to find out that they can do very amazing things. The range of possible things that these people's cells in their bodies and in resonance with 1 or many other humans cells are beyond even my imagination to comprehend. I know what I can do by God's Grace. I know what I could do in an emergency by God's Grace and the answer in the end is: I can do whatever God needs me to as I realize experientially from my life experience that this capacity is literally infinite. Whether each of you realizes this or not the same is true potentially for all of you reading this now.

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