Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Burma(Myanmar) is being Clear Cut

Burma is Being Clear Cut. Since I first heard that Burma's gasoline was 5 times more than it had been the week before I had been trying to make sense of that fact. The next week, 30,000 monks started demonstrating and people were dying in the streets along with the Japanese journalist many of us saw on TV here in the west.

Soon after this I believe I have discovered why gasoline is 5 times normal price in Burma. Burma is being Clear Cut and sold to the Chinese starting in North Burma and cutting toward the South. Most trees in Burma are being cut down one by one. This wood is being put into products in China that are sold to the United States (very likely in places like WalMart). By jacking up gas prices 5 times less people in Burma would be able to see for themselves the clear cutting of all their forests in the north because they definitely would never hear about it on tv or radio or Burmese newspaper.

So people are dying because Americans and all the rest want cheap goods and Americans aren't being told the full truth. I believe I have stumbled upon it. What do you think America? Are cheap goods worth the deaths, tortures and imprisonments of thousands of people?

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