Friday, October 26, 2007


Sustainability. The following BBC article talks about how humans are failing to create sustainability in the worlds ecosystems.

The problem of not creating sustainable ecosystems or lifestyles is that this only exponentially creates problems in conjunction with Global Warming. If you create a mathematical formula and you keep increasing the number variables in regard to sustainability and Global warming what you get is a quick ticket to oblivion for all or most life on earth.

If one studies how civilizations like the Mayas and the Easter Island Culture collapsed it was that no one took into account their limited resources. Also, historically, limited resources are a sure fire way to create a war over those resources. So, in the middle of limited resources if people then fight over them then the reduction of those resources ends more quickly and the civlization suddenly ends in a great starvation or of both starvation and thirst combined. Because of the way the world presently uses resources I think we likely are headed for the starvation and thirst combined with a war over resources because this is what both human nature and history indicate.

However, there is one caveat to this. I believe that if the world's population goes below 500 million people and wars or global warming haven't completely devastated earth's capacity to regenerate then I believe that earth might regenerate again a world somewhat like we knew in the early 20th century within 5000 years or more.

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