Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Next. Though I want to talk about the movie "Next" with Nicolas Cage I'd like to talk about something related first.

I am a psychic activist. The main reason that I call this site intuitivefred888 is that I believe that if not enough people develop their psychic gifts and learn to use them to keep their friends and relatives alive and out of harms way that the human race likely will go extinct within 1000 years. So, I believe that God created me to be a psychic activist to help the human race survive past the next 1000 years or so.

So, if you have gifts I believe you should develop them and then use them actively to help your family and friends survive anything that comes. For example, in my case if there is a danger of some kind I usually know it ahead of time and find a way for my family and friends to be safe. If at least one member of each family took responsibility in this way less people would get injured and die. Whenever anyone gets injured or dies unnecessarily in wounds the whole family or circle of friends sometimes in permanent ways. So every life you can find a way to help save is a boon to that family or group of friends.

In my case if there is a clear and present danger to my family, friends, nation or world I will usually try to find a way to save lives if I am aware of something beforehand.

In the movie "Next" even though it is Hollywooded up a whole lot, the basic experiences of sensing things before they happen and even knowing what will happen given different choices are what I experience if there is serious danger to myself or others. I can track the danger in this way. However, I must say here that this level of tracking future danger is very unusual and isn't an everyday occurance but it does happen like this for me more than once every year when danger arises. Most of the time danger is slight and like most of you I sense not to walk down that dark alley with no lights or something like that. Most everyone senses when something is not right if one is alert. However, the really serious types of danger found in the movie are of the once in a lifetime variety and if necessary I know I would survive these kinds of situations and if you test your abilities properly you might be able to also..

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