Thursday, October 25, 2007

Follow Your Hunches

Follow You Hunches. I'm sure all of you at one time or another have said to yourselves, "I have a hunch about this. I think I'll follow it." Well. Imagine learning to do this all the time about most things and then using the scientific method to calibrate for success. That is what I have done in my life. However, in the end it all starts with a hunch or inkling of some sort. Learning when it is important to listen to these instincts will save you life and the lives of those in your life. I know. It has allowed me to help save my own life and many others over the years.

For me, it is a lot like being a parent and keeping an ear out for the call, distress or otherwise from your child 24 hours a day. That is about how it works for me. I'm not always following down a hunch but if I get one I drop everything and follow it to where it leads. Sometimes this is not possible because of various responsibilities. However, if life gives me the choice I always follow my hunches because I have always found that following hunches saves lives and protects all I hold near and dear from serious injuries both physical and emotional.

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