Saturday, October 27, 2007

When you Desensitize Any Civilization

When You Desensitize any Civilization. I believe the following article is based upon desensitizing a civilization.

The article has an agenda. It's intended purpose to to belittle those with the beliefs and to propagandize another point of view. By Belittling another point of view one can make people doubt their instincts. When you make people doubt their instincts you make them vulnerable to self doubt and self destruction.

Another problem I have with this article is that in the 1980's polls like this were taken and between 75% and 90% at that time believed in ESP and UFO's. So one must then take a point of view that either A. The government misinformation machinery has been successful in dumbing down the average American. or B. The Percentages are skewed to further manipulate the publics point of view or Both A and B. I tend to lean to both A. and B.

It reminds me of when Reincarnation was removed as a normal belief in Christianity in I believe the 3rd to the 5th Century as a way of bringing hell, fire and brimstone into being by the European Emperors at that time. The Emperors did this by putting the Pope in Prison until the Bible was changed. The purpose was to make the common people so afraid of death and hell that they could more easily be enslaved and controlled. If you notice reincarnation is still not reincorporated back into Christianity and the psychological and spiritual enslavement has continued in Western Culture ever since then because of this.

I have noticed in this era of political correctness that individuality has been lost. People are now afraid to have a different opinion than other people. This country used to relish individualism and a multiplicity of points of view. This no longer appears to be the case. If one now does not share a very narrow point of view then one is considered outcast of the upper echelons of society. Lately, there are multiple points of view that are being denigrated. I am from the old school of rugged individualism that has always made this country great. I say "The Hell with being Politically Correct because the end result is a form of fascism like Hitler created in Germany". Though the intentions of those trying to be politically correct are good, unfortunately in reality it just doesn't work in a practical sense and desensitizes like a new form of racism. Only this form of racism doesn't have to do with race but point of view. So anyone who doesn't share this point of view is ostracized, put down and denigrated.

Whatever happened to the many points of view that I grew up with? Now, if one is not politically correct, one may be denied jobs, advancement etc. This doesn't happen in such a way that someone could actually sue to get compensation but it happens subtly but irrevocably.

When I attended a four year university I began to notice that the same analytical and organization skills that I needed to get A's in a University were the same skills that tended to separate me from my humanity. I noticed that I was becoming computer like in my actions and responses. People are not just computer hardware andsoftware. If they are viewed that way it is a loss to civilization because human beings are thousands of times more than that. By narrowing ones point of view in search of a masters degree or a doctorate one can lose ones basic humanity and basic goodness in the process. Without ones instincts intact and without ones basic compassion intact one begins to literally become a robot. At that point it doesn't really matter if one has all the tea in China, because at that point one has lost what is most precious and valuable in living as a human being on earth.

When people who are educated in this way run the world, the world can only be headed to ruin. Because what becomes important to one so desensitized directly conflicts with the needs of the human race. One ends up with exactly what is happening on earth now. The poor starve and the rich get richer. Given a choice most of us would choose to be rich over being poor and dead but without some middle ground one winds up with billions of dead poor people and a few robotic rich who have permanently lost their humanity.

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