Saturday, October 27, 2007

Crazy Wisdom

Crazy Wisdom. Crazy Wisdom is best defined as "The Wisdom Beyond Logic". Another name for it might be Intuitive Wisdom (intuitive Fred?)

My Tibetan Lama teachers and friends and even some Native American Medicine Men referred to me as Being "Crazy Wisdom". And sometimes Lamas would say "You are a Crazy Wisdom Incarnation". To me as I actually experience it I am usually the quickest to save someone from dying in a serious situation. I remember being at a church party and there was a little boy drowning in a pool with about 100 people watching. Though I was several tables away I was the only one who got up in dress clothes to save this boy.I was about 12 years old at the time. I remember thinking at the time, "What a bunch of assholes these church people are. They care more about appearances than people surviving." This was a watershed moment for me. This introduced me to the concept of just how many people talk the talk but how very few walk the walk. I realized right then that I was one of the very few who actually walk the walk and who will save safe a life when given the opportunity within moments.

So my point of view has absolutely nothing to do with getting your approval or kudos or even getting my ego stroked. I am only interested in one thing: to save enough lives through teaching right mindful compassionate thinking so that the human race doesn't go extinct here on earth anytime soon. You might laugh at me for saying this but I think you should go to Australia and talk to people there and then go to Alaska to the northern coasts and talk to people there and then go to Africa and talk to people whose tillable land is turning into desert at an alarming rate etc. etc. etc. You don't even have to leave the United States. You can look at Atlanta with less than 80 days water left for people to use. Or you can go to Southern California where they might tell you maybe they have had only 3 inches of rain when normal is 12 to 15 inches. This would explain to you why 80 mile an hour Santana winds blew power lines down and caused so much damage so quick that fire departments had to spend most of their time evacuating people so they wouldn't die in the resulting firestorms. They succeeded in reducing the loss of life but at great cost to homes and property. But California had learned awful lessons from the Cedar Fire of 2004 when there was much more loss of life than this time.

For even some humans to survive what is coming we must learn the old ways of physical and spiritual survival. We must learn to live close to the land once again. Because quite likely at some point there will not be Gasoline, diesel, nuclear power, electricity and our present technological civilization. Those who survive then will ride horses, will be able to live off the land, will have to make their own weapons for protecting themselves and for gathering food. I know this may be very sad for most of you including me. But I think it could come any time the way things are presently going on earth. Looking at the price per barrel of oil at over $93 gives us all this inkling of the coming future.

I think at the very least if we want our families and children to survive what comes next it would behoove us to prepare ourselves our children and our grandchildren physically, psychologically and spiritually for the inevitable.

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