Thursday, April 30, 2009

Motorcycle stuff and Minibike stuff

I was looking through Google images under Wren by Bird and found a couple of fun things:
First a picture( I didn't have a trailer) of what my motorized mini-bike looked like exactly when I bought the kit between 1958 and 1962.

Here is an advertisement for various Mini-motorbikes by Bird in 1969.

I bought the Wren kit by Bird for somewhere between 80 and 110 dollars when I was somewhere between 10 and 14. My Dad and I put it together and I rode it a block away on weekends at the High School I eventually attended after school and weekends. And then I took it out to Yucca Mesa near Yucca Valley, California. Eventually my Dad bought a Honda 90 Trail bike motorcycle that had two gear ranges. In the high range you could go about 45 to 50 mph and in the low range one could drive almost straight up any trail between 3 mph to 15 mph. I drove it up the side of a 500 foot high Butte once and was completely amazed it was possible to do that with a Honda Trail 90 back in the early 1970s. Eventually my cousin bought it from my Dad and put it on the back of his motor home when he traveled with his family on weekends and vacations.

Next, I bought a Matchless 600 Hillclimber(wide rear knobby tire, large rear sprocket for climbing hills, and a straight pipe with no muffler) obviously not street licensable.

This is what my Matchless looked like only it had no fenders, a much wider knobby tire, a much larger rear sprocket and a straight exhaust pipe that blew blue fire at night in the desert where I mostly rode it around 1969.
The next photo is pretty much like my World War II BSA 500 used in North Africa except that it didn't have the CPO shin protector and it was all painted Army Green. It was a 500 single cylinder bike that was the single most reliable kick starter I ever rode. Even if it hadn't been run for a year one could kick start it in a few minutes and if that didn't work quickly pop start it. It had a thick metal plate under the engine to protect from rocks and other things if riding cross country off of roads. It was like driving a motorcycle that was like a tank because it was so heavy compared to motorcycles today. But it was sort of indestructible in some ways too. Its only suspension was an unusual suspension on the front and then the springs on the rear seat. So a rider had to stand up if they were going to hit anything much with the rear tire when riding off road unless they wanted to be thrown over the handlebars or just catapulted off the bike in any direction which could be painful. So rear shock absorbers really make a difference when riding off road on newer bikes.

Once I made the mistake of looking back at another motorcycle that I was racing across the desert with on a deep sandy road. It caused the bike to lay down. Luckily I got my left leg out of the way and climbed up on top of the bike and rode it skidding through the sand at about 45 mph hoping it would slow down enough so I wouldn't get skinned up when it stopped. It stopped suddenly when the handlebar and left peg grabbed the road at about 20 mph and I just rolled to prevent serious injury and came up laughing that I was alive and not skinned bad in the deep sand. I was about 20 or 21 then.

My favorite bike back then was a 1974 Honda 250XL that I bought used in 1975. I kept that bike until my stepson traded it for a stereo and speakers

This picture is exactly which bike I had including tank painting. It was a really wonderful bike and I had many many great times on it over the years.

Supreme Court

My 23 year old goddaughter is studying to be a lawyer. She came home today as angry as I have ever seen her from college. She was saying how the Supreme Court of the United States is about to overturn Roe v. Wade to end abortions in the United States. She said voting rights for minorities like blacks was about to be eroded as well.

I told her that there are always wars within the United States as well as without and until the American People stand up again like they did between 1960 and 1980 and create a new social revolution like people did then right now that rights would continue to be eroded.

I said that the Swine Flu (h1n1) is a smoke screen for many nefarious things happening in Governments around the world. "When the cats away the mice will play." It's all slight of hand where the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.

I think constant political war is much better than a continual bloody war. Don't you?
However, without constant vigilance to maintain all our humans rights they slowly will be taken away. That's democracy in action. Defend your rights or they will be soon all gone! Democracy in Action!

Seeing the Future 4-30-09

I looked into the future today and saw it very clearly. I think it is because of the pandemic that appears to be starting out. I cannot say how far h1n1(swine flu) will go because it is up to people everywhere by all their actions to decide what happens there. The more responsible everyone is the less of a problem it will be. The real problem is people who have been exposed who are very ignorant of all this and their exposure. They are the real threat to the world now.

When I look into the future I don't see any big violent wars like World War I and II. However, in every other way from now to 2050 is very similar in some respects to 1909 to 1950 in that there are incredible changes in technology and many people are displaced and confused by all the very quick changes. Pandemics both medical and psychological will abound during this time because of how quick things will begin to change.

Just like the last 50 years people will not be able to legally make changes to world legal and ethical systems in time to stop many things they didn't want to happen, exponentially this will only get worse by a factor of more than 10 between now and 2050.

Around the year 2035 to 2037 some people will physically as well as psychologically so interface with computers and robotics that it will first become like a religion as it is now to some people and then physiologically some people will choose to move computer and robotic technology within their bodies more and more to the point where some humans are no longer even psychologically human in any way. Of course this will happen gradually as the world ecology degrades, especially as most fish die off in the oceans not grown in bulk by men and therefore protected by fish growing corporations.

As the oceans around the world become more acidic and begin to die like they are off of Louisiana and Oregon and off of parts of Australia now, first jellyfish will step in and by eating most or all of the young fingerlings of baby fish, doom all the larger predators like dolphins, sharks and killer whales to extinction. Next, the oceans will move into various forms of acidity that will create forms of life most people haven't seen or heard of yet. At the same time the acidity will kill most coral reefs and the fish that depend upon them for existence.

But the primary difference to the world during the next 40 or so years will be the exponential varieties of change. People will be forced to make presently unthinkable choices in order to stay alive through all this. There has never been a period quite like we are now entering in all of recorded history all the way back to about 5,000 to 10,000 BC.

The primary characteristic that will allow people to survive all this is extreme adaptability. The ability to start moving northward(or southward if in the southern hemisphere) as climates heat up too much around the equator. The ability to change careers, mates as they change or die, and to somehow still educate our children so they can survive too. Everything one learns should be written down for future generations because they might not have the perspectives that we have now. These perspectives might mean the difference between life and death to future generations.

I am interested in creating a better outcome than the one I presently see coming. Since I have been a precognitive psychic(seeing things before they happen)all my life I have learned a couple of things. First, if I see something I want to happen in the future then I have learned never to talk about it or it won't happen. Second, I have learned that if I don't like what I see coming, if I talk or write about it, it changes, often for the better for all or most people. I call this process of making a better future, "The Refinement of Time". In this way the future constantly gets better than it would have otherwise. In this way those of us who have this ability and use it for the betterment of mankind and life on earth help to refine time and therefore help to create a better future. It is my belief that I was given this ability to save lives, to prevent maiming and to help create a better future by defining problems, hopefully before they arrive. Whether you believe me or not is not relevant to whether this works or not. I have literally staked my life thousands of times on my abilities so I have no doubt about them if my feelings about a vision are strong enough in a certain kind of way. By God's Grace it is my hope we all have a better future.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WHO Goes to Phase 5

WHO says swine flu pendemic is imminent
Begin quote from above web article
Medical detectives have not zeroed in on where the outbreak began. One of the eight deaths in Mexico directly attributed to swine flu was that of a Bangladeshi immigrant, said Mexico's chief epidemiologist, who suggested that someone could have brought the virus from Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Miguel Angel Lezana, the epidemiologist, said the unnamed Bangladeshi had lived in Mexico for six months and was recently visited by a brother who arrived from Bangladesh or Pakistan and was reportedly ill. The brother has left Mexico and his whereabouts are unknown, Lezana said. end quote

In another blog I wrote that this virus is very suspicious because: How did this virus jump from bird to pig or from pig to bird to human?

How did it arrive in Mexico? How is it that it is starting out now in Mexico City one of the biggest metropolitan areas on earth. Why did it start there where Mexico is having enough trouble with its drug wars and trying to keep the government from falling apart or getting assasinated? There are just too many questions and not enough answers. That it might have come from Pakistan after having been given to someone without their knowledge that was coming to Mexico or Central America already can only make the world more suspicious.

If it walks like a Duck, and quacks like a duck it's usually a duck.

This whole deal is just too perfect in its manifestation to be an accident. But then, we all know sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. So finding out the truth of where this came from is very important to all the many people who might die from this thing.

Enlightenment and Religion

Most people just don't have the time, motivation, energy to devote to becoming enlightened around the world. That's why those of us that actually do take the time to become both educated and further than that enlightened have the moral obligation to share what we have learned along the way.

Most people are just struggling to survive day to day on earth. They are lucky to get a 6th grade education or at best graduate from High School. So, the people that are motivated to question everything both in religion and in institutional learning and individual paths to enlightenment are few and far between.

In my own case though I was raised as a Christian mystic in an organized religion and even though my parents were in charge of a church between my ages 6 and 12 years old in Los Angeles, California, most everything I believed on every level as a child collapsed in one way or another over the years to the point where I think I could say that I am left with about 25% of what I believed as a child intact.

Many if not most people might not be able to survive such a loss in their personal belief systems. So becoming a truth seeker is full of danger in this sense.

However, if Gandhi hadn't pursued his principles and beliefs India might not be a free nation today, the United States might not be a free nation today without such people as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Patrick Henry and Paul Revere.

The people who don't give up in their quest for truth lead mankind out of the dark ages of myths and superstition and into the light of day.

Though for me and thousands and millions and maybe eventually billions of others finding truth might be very painful and for some impossible to endure and stay alive, still actually finding out the truth about everything in life tends to help the human race to prosper and to survive on into the future in every way.

So, my personal sacrifice of what I cherished and believed as a child multiplied by billions (the residents of earth) is likely what it will take in the end for mankind to survive what it now faces. Both individually and collectively we must find our way.

In some ways I see religion in some ways like people who believe gossip and the people who demand the truth like police investigators in a homicide investigation. They don't give up until they find the truth wherever it takes them.

However, most people just don't have the time, motivation and energy to look for truth. Most people must make do with whatever keeps them alive day to day. And if we look around the world that is where most people are: living and basing their lives upon old wives tales and gossip based upon what people have believed for hundreds and thousands of years.

To a certain degree this lends to cohesiveness and a feelings of continuity. But if we only have cohesiveness and continuity at some point the whole thing will break down because the universe after all is not static, it is constantly changing and rearranging itself in multiple ways.

So, if there aren't enough people and other beings constantly looking for truth in every situation then the survival of all beings might come into question.

Monday, April 27, 2009

13,000 BC

When I tried to actually research the comet impact that my wife was talking about online that supposedly happened in 7021 BC I wasn't able to find it. It is possible that this research is somewhere else, I don't know but the event I was able to find scientific coroboration for with three addresses

begin quote:

First an explosion as powerful as thousands of megatons of TNT rained meteorites down on North America. Then forest fires broke out across the continent, sending up a thick layer of soot and dust that blocked out the sun. A sudden ice age ensued, and some of the Earth’s largest animals went extinct in a blink of geological time.

It’s well-known that a meteorite colliding with Earth is considered the most likely reason why dinosaurs died off 65 million years ago. Now a team of scientists says it has found new evidence that a comet triggered a similar extinction much more recently: 13,000 years ago, when humans were around to witness the event and suffer its terrible consequences.

The researchers also think that when the comet exploded above the planet’s surface—ultimately killing off mammoths, saber-toothed tigers and other large mammals that roamed North America—Chicago wasn’t far from ground zero.

“If you’d been in Chicago back in that time, it would’ve been one very bad day,” said Allen West, an Arizona geophysicist and one of the authors of a paper appearing Friday in the journal Science. end quote.

If this is true then any developed civilization in North America 13,000 years ago would have likely been wiped out at that time along with most large animals and humans unsheltered by caves or underground tunnels. Also, the oxygen might have been temporarily removed from extreme combustion so there might have been no oxygen temporarily at that time as well(at least on the surface for humans or other creatures exposed to outside air).

How to Prevent the spread of Swine Flu in your Area

Luckily for the rest of the world, at least for now the swine flu is not killing anyone outside of Mexico. However, that could be short lived. The best way from what I have studied so far to prevent major problems in your area on earth(wherever that may be) is to watch for the number of cases in your country, state, province, or city. As those cases of confirmed swine flu increase past about 20 all businesses that deal with the public in large numbers everyday(restaurants, theatres, meeting halls, museums etc. should close for about 10 days. People should stay at home with their families and not have any kind of physical contact with anyone beyond their families. Be sure to have enough food available for your family for at least those 10 days.

10 days is enough to kill off the virus in an area. It only can spread with physical contact(touching, kissing on the cheek and possibly sneezing or being breathed upon). So isolating people into family groups prevents the major spread of the flu. Though if a family member has it all members of the family could get it, one could further isolate the patient into a separate room and have everyone caring for the patient to wear masks and gloves when helping, feeding and caring for the family member.

Also, if you suspect a family member has the flu then notify your local hospital or health authorities or both so your local government officials know of the case. In this way the power of this virus to move and potentially to kill is stolen from the flu virus worldwide and a pandemic can thereby be prevented by an educated and informed worldwide citizenry.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tropical Swine Flu?

One hypothesis I came up with is that it is possible that this strain of swine, avian and Human flu combined is a tropical strain that cannot kill in cooler climates. However, as summer comes to northern climates it might kill in more northern climates as well. However, all of us must wait and see.

Also, this strain is very suspicious as in possibly designed by someone. This makes three reasons for suspicion. First, it hits Mexico city, the biggest metropolitan area on earth. Second, Mexico is having all sorts of economic and drug war problems and so would be distracted from something like this just trying to survive as a government. Third, the timing of this event. In the springtime, just before summer. If a terrorist designed this for maximum effect one could not think off hand of a more conducive scenario to harm all of North America, including the United States and Canada in addition to Mexico. If I am right, this is potentially much worse than 9-11 in the damage it could cause to not only to North America but to the entire world.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mexican Swine Flu

16 out of 31 states in Mexico are reporting this new h1n1 strain that is a mixture of avian, swine and human flu. There are suspected cases in Queens, New York in a High
School of at least 75, and one or more cases in Kansas and in Texas, and California near their borders with Mexico. So far about 80 people have died in Mexico City and surrounding areas.

One of the ways to avoid getting this flu is to prepare to stay indoors in your house and yard and not visit other people except by phone or internet if this flu comes into your area. Many of you are working out in the world away from your homes and can't afford to do that but those of you who work at home might be able to as well as those of you who are retired.(However, I suppose another way to look at this would be:If you or a member of your family died because you brought this home from work or some place else could you live with that?) Stocking up on non-perishable foods might be a good idea now like can goods, pasta and rice and drinking water and other staples. In this way if things get bad here in the U.S. you can retreat into your homes with your families until this flu bug passes.

Because this virus wasn't caught soon enough it might not be possible to prevent its spread throughout North, South and Central America any longer because it is moving way to fast to stop. Even one person who gets through local precautions in Mexico can spread it because there is an incubation period usually with flu from 3 to 5 days before one comes down with it.

So, right now is a very bad time to be traveling on a plane from Mexico to the U.S. with recycled air right now circulating through the passenger cabin, for example.

Likely it is already to late to stop the spread of this virus and probably was too late even in March when people first noticed it. It is quite likely because of the incubation period of a flu that it is already in places like Europe and Canada and Britain and even Australia already it just hasn't spread yet. So, all countries need to look for the first cases and do the best they can.

Reply to Coffee maker: I have read that since this is a virus that no human has been exposed to before Mexico that it will take about 6 months to create a useful flu shot for it. Also, all people dying in Mexico were healthy people between 20 and 45 years of age which is what happened in previous pandemics like in 1918. They die from a secondary pneumonia caused by a healthy immune system fighting so strongly that fluids eventually drown the person in their lungs. Once the secondary pneumonia infection comes sometimes the patient cannot be saved(a rate of about 7% at present can't be saved). So it is important to see a doctor at the very first early signs of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more fever, or body ache, or diarrea or vomiting.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Suspicious Pandemic

Because this virus is very unusual in that it combines swine, avian and human flu, the likelihood that this was consciously created by man is quite high. To increase that it was created by a human being somewhere on earth it has been let loose in the largest City on earth, Mexico City. I think it important as we prepare for this to consider who did this?


The whole world should be watching carefully what happens in Mexico City in case this virus cannot be contained inside of Mexico. It is time for all parts of earth to activate plans to deal with this if this actually becomes a worldwide pandemic.

The last time a big pandemic struck it was about 1918 and killed 50 million people worldwide then. If this becomes a pandemic a likely way to calculate how many might be taken out this time is to figure the population of earth in 1918 and find out what percentage of people 50 million were then and then apply that percentage to the present population base.

The answer is that 50 million people died when there were 1.8 billion people on earth in 1918. So the percentage is .027777778 or rounded of to .028 or 2.8 percent. I think the actual amount of people on earth is about 6.5 Billion now. However, to make it easier I will say it is 7 billion.

2.8 percent of 7 billion is I believe 196 million or about twice the war dead for all reasons in World War II. So this is no small thing and it is likely that every person on earth under those circumstances would lose at least one friend or relative or acquaintance. So the more prepared we are worldwide the better. Remember this number is a potential number given what happened in 1918 that is all. However, it is very sobering.

Since the last Pandemic was not 1918 but 1968 when the Hong Kong Flu killed 1,000,000 worldwide, this might be what happens this time as well if a pandemic were to start now or even 50 years from now. Since the world population was 3.5 billion approximately then in 1968 and since it is almost double that now, it could be possible that a pandemic might take out 2,000,000 now that the world population nears 7 billion.

However, all this in a way is useless speculation. The dynamics of each pandemic is obviously different than the last. Education and communication is obviously much swifter because of internet, TV, Newspapers and news magazines etc. So it is possible for the world to know things even as they are happening just like when 9-11 occurred.

So, if enough governments are on top of this problem there may be a way to keep it from spreading out of Mexico city very much. Also, so far no one has died outside of Mexico from the present flu strain or strains so that is a good thing too so far.

My Dad's Life Stories growing up born 1916

Great stories my father told me of his life

The following events happened between 1918 and 1985 mostly in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Arizona and California and Texas.

Bear Meat

When my father was a boy in Seattle his father was a weekend hunter. He hunted mostly deer and elk and bear in the 1920's. My grandfather was an Electrical Contractor during the week and on weekends he took his 20 hound dogs out to hunt dear, elk and bear. On one hunting trip he shot a bear. He brought it home for the family to eat it. However, the bear meat was so gamey tasting my father through his bear steak out of the window when no one was looking so his parents would think he ate it. As my Dad watched one of the hound dogs walked over to the bear steak with great interest. However, after smelling the gamey bear steak the hound lifted his leg and peed on it it smelled so bad and then he walked away. my Dad almost died laughing along with the rest of the kids. The parents didn't know what the kids were laughing at.

Bear chases Tommy and Dad

On one of these hunting trips Grandpa took Dad and his younger brother Tommy. Dad was probably 15 and Tommy 13. Tommy hurt his leg on a snag tree branch and so was bleeding some while running after Grandpa, the hound dogs while out in front was the bear. They could hear the bear breaking down trees and breaking limbs crashing through the thick northwest forest.Grandpa stopped a moment and gave my dad a pistol, quite likely a colt woodsman 22 automatic clip loader just in case the bear turned on them and attacked the 2 boys. Dad and Tommy climbed up on top of a 4 foot high tree stump 3 or 4 feet wide and waited for their Dad and the dogs to return. They watched and listened to the barking of the hounds, and the crashing of the trees and branches. Eventually the bear doubled back in his escape from the hounds and Grandpa. He headed directly for Dad and his little brother Tommy. Dad and Tommy thought they were dead. As the bear came upon them Dad unloaded a whole clip of bullits into the bear. However, because it was just a 22 caliber pistol, they were at most like bee stings to the bear. Luckily for Dad and Tommy, the bear was more afraid of the dogs than angry at my father and his brother for shooting at it. This was quite lucky for my father and his brother Tommy as the bear was a grizzly bear and they are known to attack anyone in their domain as they are very territorial and will fight other bear or men or whoever comes into their area. Dad said the bear came so close to them that they could have reached out and touched it. They were very glad to see the hounds and their Dad a minute or two later. It was also lucky the bear was scared of the hounds as Tommy's leg was still bleeding and the bear could probably smell it.

Bullet through the forest and wall 1930

I guess Dad was probably 14. Grandpa new prize pistol was a 9mm German Luger, a very well made pistol. My father and his 2 brothers being teenagers wanted to test it so they snuck it out in secret and took it into the forest. My father thought that the forest was so thick that shooting into the forest would be safe. However, they later found out that a lady a mile away was playing the piano and a bullet came through her whole house through several walls while she was playing the piano and lodged in the wall in her living room above the front door. She was very glad she wasn't standing up at the time as it could have been fatal.

You might ask how my father and his brothers found out about the stray bullet. In a small town news travels fast. But you can bet Grandpa never knew the boys had borrowed his new gun.

Bit by a Coyote Note: The above stories all took place in Washington near Lake Forest Park. This story took place in either Morenci, Arizona or Breckenridge Texas.

My father was born in Morenci, Arizona while my Grandfather finished his electrical contract for the copper mining company there. My Grandmother was from Texas. My Grandfather did Electrical Contracting wherever there was work Throughout the west from about 1910 until he bough a home in Lake Forest Park, Washington in about 1929. They had rented a house and my father was now 2 years old. He was a toe head meaning he had blue eyes and curly blonde hair. I have seen pictures of him sitting on one of grandpa's hounds. Bob was 4 years old than Dad and was the oldest brother. So he was about 6 at the time. Bob had caught a baby coyote and was keeping it in a cage like a pet. However, Bob was getting bit because it wouldn't tame. One day the now adult coyote got loose and attacked my two year old father. It bit a chunk out of his left side and almost got his kidney. Bob and the hound attacked the coyote before the coyote got Dad by the throat. The coyote eventually ran away. Bob was injured pretty bad in saving my Dad, too. Bob couldn't walk for a while because it got infected and swelled up. When they took Dad and Bob to a local Doctor he said Dad was very lucky because he would have died if the coyote had bit any deeper so far out in the country away from a doctor. The year was 1918.

Tommy Bit by Red Ants

The year was sometime between 1919 and 1922. They were on the dirt road between Texas and California. Dad said your mouth and eyes filled with dust that consisted of salt, clay or just dirt or sand. He said you would get sores inside your mouth from travelling long distances in this dust and your eyes always hurt. Most roads were just bare dirt and most weren't rocked and almost none were asphalted except in big cities downtown at that time

Dad said the alkali roads across the deserts were the worst and the mouth sores took a month to go away. Most cars then still had wood spoke wheels reminiscent of horse drawn covered wagons except they now had rubber inflatible tires. No one ever drove faster than 45 mph and average on dirt roads was 25 mph or less. As the roads slowly got better out west cars traveled faster and wooden spoke wheels were replaced with all metal ones.

Having hit a bit rock in a hole on the dirt road and broken a wooden wheel Granpa had stopped to put the spare wheel on. It was at this time that Tommy, the blue eyed blonde haired adonis of the family wondered off to explore the desert at about age 4. Unfortunately, he had had no experience with big red ants. He mother was busy taking care of baby Eloise and was pregnant with the yet unborn Doris. Tommy chose to sit on a red ant hill. He had several hundred ants on him before they started to bite him all over. His desperate screams drew everyone in the familiy to his rescue.

Bob gets a 2x4

Whenever the family moved to a new town when Grandpa got a new Electrical Contract that could last anywhere from weeks to months to a year it was difficult for the kids as they would get beat up a lot as the new kids on the block so to speak. When they moved for a while to Breckinridge, Texas, Bob being the oldest and about 9 or 10 years of age was getting beat up every day by bullies when they first moved there. Finally, Grandpa said to Bob, "You've got to make them stop this even if you have to get a 2x4 and wait for that bully and hit him on the head with it." So that's what Bob did. He waited around a corner of a fence for the bully and when he came around to attack Bob, Bob knocked the kid out cold with the 2x4 piece of wood. Bob never got beat up again. Grandpa was right!

Gila Bend, Arizona 1936

My father, who was always "ready for anything" went at age 18 to Arizona to help his Aunt Beulah, his mother's sister run her gold mine. My father worked alongside an old cowboy turned miner. The old cowboy was 40 or 50 years old. Aunt Beulah had purchased the gold mine from a native American. However, the Indian was not well schooled in US or Arizona law as you will see later in the story.

My father recounts his joy at being away from his father and always having to chop wood and do chores. He loved the dry air and the sunshine of the Gila Bend area of Arizona far from his dreary rainy life in Seattle. He Aunt Beulah lived in Prescott, Arizona and her mine was in the Gila Bend area. My father said mice and rats scurried in the night throughout the mining cabin that he and the miner slept in. Since they were miles away from the nearest person he kept a 22 pistol loaded under his pillow and a flashlight at the ready. So one by one he shot the rats and the mice during the night until they were all gone or had left. The only problem for Dad was that he said his ears rang the rest of the night and was almost deaf the rest of the night from shooting a pistol inside an enclosed room. The other problem was that everytime he would shoot a rat or mouse the old miner would wake up and say, "Shit, Fred, you've got to stop doing that. You're going to give me heart failure! as he would wake up out of a dead sleep with a "Bang!"

One day my father and the cowboy miner got word that the Indian who had sold the mine to Aunt Beulah was trying to sell it to someone else now. My father and the cowboy miner loaded their guns as there were no telephones or law within at least 50 miles there in 1934. As the indian and his new customers drew within range words were exchanged and then my father had to shoot over their heads to keep them away. The new customers realized the problem and grabbed the indian so my father and the cowboy miner wouldn't have to shoot him. The indian got pretty upset but he obviously didn't understand property rights and that something couldn't be sold more than once. They had no more problems after that group left.

Bob sets off 50 sticks of dynamite

Grandpa had trained Bob to blow up stumps. Grandpa and the boys seemed to have a 6th sense about mechanical things or animals or even dynamite and so were fairly safe even under dangerous conditions. I even inherited this gift with cars. I have even in my younger days been able to tell when a tire was going to go flat on occassion and so always prepared for it right on time. Other times traffic accidents would occur ahead of me where everyone died ahead of me and behind me but I found a way out miraculously with no damage to my car or me. Though it was very strange I realize now it is an inherited trait probably found in people like Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket and the kind of people who survived difficult times in setling the west.

Anyway, Bob was 16 or 17 and blew stumps for people to make extra money. You dug a hole put dynamite in under the stump and when you set it off the stump blew up into the air and all you had to do was to cart it off.

Anyway, one Friday night Bob wanted to impress his friends and his new girl. So he obtained 50 sticks of dynamite and a 30 minute fuse. He put the dynamite on top of a 10 foot tall 6 foot wide tree stump of old growth. He set the fuse and lit it. Bob and Dad and Tom and all their friends walked to a nearby hill to watch the show. At first it was great. There was a spectacular flash that jumped about 100 feet into the air. Everyone oohed and awed. However, then came the sound which is the loudest thing any of them had ever heard in their lives. It was heard for 100 miles and killed all chicks inside of eggs for 25 miles. In the newspaper even a week later it said, "Mysterious blast still mysterious!" For if one hadn't been looking at the stump at the time of the blast no one would have seen anything. This took place near Lake Forest Park a suburb of Seattle probably in 1929 or around that time.

Eloise gets locked in a steamer trunk

This wasn't something Dad and his brothers were proud of but is was something the felt they had to do it in the 1920's to show their little sister who was boss. Because she was a girl they didn't want to beat her up to demonstrate pecking order. Aunt Eloise is still a very strong minded woman and I can imagine what she was like then. I talked to my Aunt Eloise who is now in her 80's and she said this is a true story. She said she was between 6 and 8 years old and had pestered and pestered her 3 old brothers to take her with them on the row boat to the island in I believe Puget Sound, Washington or Coos Bay, Oregon. She finally forced them to take her with them on the rowboat ride to the island. Bob was the oldest at about 13 and Dad would have been about 10 and Tommy maybe 9. She said they went direct to the island and played a game to see if she wanted to get into a big steamer trunk in an abandoned house there. When she was a good sport and got in one of the boys playfully closed and locked the trunk so she couldn't get out. Then one of the boys made and air hole so she could breathe while they were gone. Then she said the boys left her there for about 4 hours while she screamed and yelled hysterically until she fainted from exhaustion inside the trunk. After the boys had gotten into whatever mischief they had originally planned they came back for her. She said she was alone on the island for about 4 hours until almost dark. Though she was quite hysterically they said she seemed to accept better the pecking order after that. They had much less trouble with her.

Tommy's dump truck and flying

When Tommy was about 17 and Dad about 19 they got summer jobs as dump truck drivers hauling dirt from I believe the Grand Coulee Dam under construction in Washington. Tommy and Dad were both excellent dump truck drivers and mechanics even at that age. Since they were paid not by the hour but by the number of loads they delivered the faster you could drive your dump truck without crashing the more money you made. Tommy innovated his truck by taking out the drivers seat and putting in a wooden board to sit on. This is because if you increased you speed beyond a certain point on a bumpy dirt road you would get a concussion on your head from the seat springs ejecting your body and head into the truck ceiling with great force. At a certain point you would be knocked unconscious and crash. Tommy's skill as a driver and his new seat board he put in allowed him to make more loads per day that any other driver. Therefore he made the most money. Other drivers who tried to compete with him only crashed their dump trucks and some were injured.

On another occasion 5 or 6 years later Tommy was at an airport when an open cockpit double wing aircraft landed. The pilot approached him and asked him if he wished to pilot his plane. Tommy said, "Sure!" Tommy took the plane off and flew around for a while and then landed the plane. The pilot said to Tommy. "That was the best 3 point landing I've ever seen!Where did you learn to fly?" Tommy nonchalantly said it was the first time he'd ever been up in a plane. The plane owner just about fainted in reaction. But that's just how Tommy was- a very quick study!

Grandpa Shoots the Hat off a Ranger

The time was about 1960. Grandpa was in his mid 70's by then. The place Grandpa's mining claim near Elk City, Idaho. Grandpa had owned and developed his mining claim since the 1940's and had built a cabin on it and had collected much heavy equipment their for mining over the previous 20 years. He had World War II army surplus 4 wheel drive trucks. Drilling and mining equipment as well as bulldozers and tractors for maintaining his many dirt roads throughout his large mining claim.

However, the federal mining laws had recently been changed nationwide and Grandpa was supposed to move off his mining claim because he wasn't showing enough profit per year from the claim to legally keep it. This just wasn't going to fly with Grandpa. When a forest ranger came and told Grandpa he had to move off his claim Grandpa simply aimed his 30 odd 6 Army surplus World War I rifle at the Rangers hat and simply shot it right off his head. The rangers left Grandpa alone after that realizing he harkened back to another era and other time and different ways of settling things. Grandpa was left alone and he kept his claim with no further problems until he died near his cabin in 1970 when a wheel bearing in his panel truck or van as they now are called froze on a cliff dirt road that threw him 100 feet down into an ice cold stream nearby. Grandpa was a Kansas Cowboy until the end! Never Say Die!

Grandpa Collapses a Lung and survives

The following must have happened about 1956 or 57. My cousin said he was 12 or 13 when he saw Grandpa in the Hospital in Idaho.

Grandpa liked heavy equipment so he bought a D9 Catepilar Bulldozer with a winch and drag line. One day he decided that he was going to pull a large tree stump out of the ground with the D9 Bulldozer's powerful winch and drag line. He put a metal cable around a large boulder and then tied another metal cable around the stump and turned the winch on. As he wound the powerful winch tighter and tighter he began to feel the huge Bulldozer starting to life off the ground. The pulling power applied to this line if it snapped would easily have cut 100 people in 2 if they were standing near by when it went. Anyway, my Grandpa being a very determined and stubborn man kept applying more tension to the line until the whole huge bulldozer lifted up from the incredible cable tension and turned upside down pinning my Grandfather who was in the operators seat under the Bulldozer. Diesel fuel and the now hot radiator water began to pour over grandpa and burn him some. He was there two days alone with a collapsed lung. When neighbors finally found him he was almost dead.

They took him to the hospital which if he weren't almost dead I know he wouldn't have let them because he hated hospitals. Anyway, in the hospital he woke up and managed somehow to smuggle a pistol in there. He pulled the pistol and told the nurses to put on his cowboy boots so he could "die with his boots on". Then he told them to buy him Marlboro's and Camel cigarettes so he could reinflate his collapsed lung. He reinflated his collapsed lung with cigarette smoke and walked out of the hospital never to return until his death almost 14 years later. Amazingly, this is true story. The people in my family never cease to amaze me.

Grandpa accidentally runs me over with his truck

The year was 1956 during summer vacation at my Grandpa's mining claim in Idaho. I was 8. Mom and Dad were riding in the cab with Grandpa and my 13 year old male cousin was riding on the left front fender and I was riding on the right one. It was raining lightly and I was just too amazed at the loaded woodsman 22 colt automatic pistol with a clip feeder that was holstered on my right hip. I wasn't paying enough attention or hanging on enough to the edge of the fender. So when a 10 inch diameter rock was run over by the truck's right wheel I was thrown forward and then under the truck. I heard my mother screaming hysterically. The wind was knocked out of me so I could barely breathe or talk. I struggled as I looked up at the drive shaft to say, "Mom, I'm okay!". I really was okay. Because of the mud my leg hadn't broken when it had been run over on the dirt road. The truck was Grandpa's World War II army surplus Dodge 4wheel drive power wagon used in europe during the Battle of the Bulge during World War II.

After that they made room for me in the cab on someone's lap. I felt embarrassed and chagrined by the experience. Especially because my cousin was still on the left fender no worse for the wear with a loaded 9mm german luger strapped to his hip. I just wore my pistol while sitting on someone's lap.

When we got to where we were going to target practice I had no trouble hitting the targets with my 22 pistol. However, when I tried the 9mm german lugar pistol the kick when I shot drove the pistol into my forehead so it was bleeding. Of course I had to also try the 30 odd six rifle too even though my forehead was bloody. The kick of the rifle made my shoulder sore and purple for several days. I decided to stay with 22 pistols and rifles after that. Dad told me that the german lugar and the 30 odd 6 were made for men to shoot so they were dangerous in the hands of an 8 year old, even in the hands of an 8 year old who was big for his age. Even though I injured my head, my leg and my shoulder that day it made me feel more a part of the world my Grandpa and my Dad shared. Oh, by the way. Grandpa and Dad didn't get along. They were just too much alike!

Dad,his first wife Marianne and Tommy go to Tahiti

The following happened in 1939 until Pearl Harbor was bombed 12-7-41. Dad and Tommy worked as Electricians with their Dad's business to charter a yacht to Tahiti. Both being in their early 20's they thought they could go live there cheap in an idyllic place. Marianne, Dad's wife he married at age 21 when she was 17 liked the idea too. So they Chartered the Lorna D a yacht out of Vancouver, Canada and sailed from Seattle their home first off to Catalina Island off of Los Angeles, California and then after 40 days of seeing no land arrived at the Tuomoto Archipilego and eventually the Island of Tahiti. Everything was much different than Dad had expected. Also, he didn't realize before he was something of a workaholic and didn't do well with lots of time to do nothing. He was disappointed in this. Even though they all had a great time and rented a house there for $2.50 a month which included all the bananas and papayas and mangoes they could eat he found he wasn't suited to this life. When World War II began they hopped on a steamship that came to Tahiti every few months and went to Honolulu, Hawaii. From there they took another ship to Seattle where they all were from. Dad took an early 16 mm color movie camera so as a child I watched movies of their experiences in an around Tahiti, Seattle, Catalina Island and the Hawaiian Islands. I still have an ancient Tapa cloth from their journey to Tahiti. My mother converted most of these 16mm movies to video and then I converted it to Dvd and made several copies.

One Year before Dad passed away

In 1984 Dad was living in a home he built himself in the desert near Palm Springs California. Some drunk strangers had made a wrong turn onto my father's property and insisted that one of their girlfriends was inside my father's house. Dad told them to leave as she wasn't there. They refused so Dad got his gun. He shot over their heads several times in quick succession. The drunk men backed their car up as fast as they could. My father then called the Sheriff who caught them about 5 miles away trying to untangle fencing wire out from under their car that had been part of one of dad's fences. My father like his father before him lived their lives with the spirit of Daniel Boone or a real life John Wayne type of character within them. My father and my grandfather will both always be my most unforgetable characters. They are both sorely missed by me.

Dad's Harley Davidson 74. This took place in 1932

Since what Dad bought was old and used in the early 1930s I imagine this was likely the model he rode and owned at above web address.

Dad was about 15 or 16. His father had forbade him to own a motorcycle so he secretly bought a used Harley 74 in 1932. He worked at the time as a bagger at a grocery store part time after school.

Dad hid the motorcycle in the woods with a tarp on it so his father wouldn't find out about his motorcycle. One day Dad was riding his Harley with his 14 year old brother Tommy on the back at about 40 miles an hour down a gravel dirt road when a big german shepard guard dog ran out to attack them. Dad had no choice but to hit the dog which broke its back and the motorcycle laid down and pinned my father's right leg under it. Tommy jumped off during the accident and was able to run and roll so he only got minor cuts and bruises. However, Dad was seriously injured. Dad's leg had been pinned under the bike while it ground to a stop.He spent 6 weeks in the hospital and they wanted to amputate his leg but his father and mother wouldn't let them. So instead he was on morphine for pain and weathered the infection barely. There were no antibiotics then. They were able to prevent gangrene barely.

However, Dad hated the halucinations on Morpheine and said they were awful during those 6 weeks while he was in the hospital. He later traded the motorcycle for a sewing machine for his Mom. He never rode it again.

After I came along and got to be 14 Dad allowed me to get a Mini-bike in 1962. I think it was called a Wren made by Bird. It was a 2 1/2 horsepower engine with a centrifugal clutch. It could do about 30 mph on a flat highway. Later when I was about 18 I bought an off road Hill climber.It had a straight pipe with no muffler. At night in the desert it shot flame out the pipe. It was a Matchless 600cc single cylinder that was geared so low on the rear sprocket that one could do wheelies in 4 gears.(Wheelies are when you go up on just the rear wheel with the front one in the air. When I first got it I learned not to start in first gear because it had so much torque in that gear that I would end up on my butt with the motorcycle on top of me if I wasn't just perfect with the clutch on the left handlebar. In the highest gear the top speed was only 45 miles per hour it was geared so low. One day I got mad at my girlfriend and went too fast on it and the engine blew up and the chain exploded. Luckily, the engine blew down and the chain balled up on a sprocket so I didn't lose a leg. I just got burned by hot crank case oil. That was enough. I traded it for a World War II BSA 500 off road motorcycle that was extremely heavy. It had been used in North Africa in World War II. There was a thick steel plate under the engine about 1/2" thick to protect the engine from large rocks. It also acted as a drag plate so there were many scratches from going over large rocks quickly. It was liking riding a tank it was so well designed to survive anything in battle. The only suspension was in the front. There was no suspension in the back just two springs on the riders seat. Though it was very heavy for off road use I found it very dependable.

One time I was riding at about 45 miles per hour on a very sandy dirt road. My older cousin and I were racing across the high desert together. I looked back to see if he was gaining on me but my BSA hit a foot tall sand burm in the road. I lost control and had to lay the bike down at 45. Luckily, I have good reflexes so I quickly pulled my left out from under it and stood squatting on top of the sliding motorcycle as it slid to a stop. I will remember always the shock of sliding while standing on the bike at over 30 mph as long as I live. I suddenly stopped so I jumped, rolled and slid to a stop. I came up laughing at having survived just with a few scratches such a spectacular crash. My cousin was concerned but laughed with me after he knew I had survived okay.

I returned from living in Hawaii in late 1974 with my first wife and son. I joined a mining company with my Dad and other relatives as a working partner. I bought a used 1974 Honda 250 XL. Of all my motorcycles this was my favorite. It was light, powerful enough, and very versatile and could still do over 75 mph easily and had tires that worked both off road and on the freeway.

I used to ride it a lot in Southern California near the Coast and in the Deserts. I owned it until 1986. Eventually, I left it on Mt. Shasta where we had a cabin. I used to ride it all around the mountain on dirt roads and up as far as Mud Creek Canyon and Clear Creek while the dirt roads up that far were still open to the public. I still love the freedom of riding a motorcycle on a dirt road miles from the nearest person.

Dad and Bob Join the Marine Air Corps

I believe this happened for Dad in 1932 to 1936 or 7. Dad and his older brother Bob joined the Marine Air Corps Reserve. I think this meant that they trained as Marines and went flying on weekends. Dad and Bob were machine gunners on a Yellow painted open cockpit Biplanes called a Hellcats. I believe this meant that the pilot sat in front in the open and the machine gunner sat in back in the open. Dad said that when they flew the pilots in their formation of planes liked to divebomb the people on the beaches around Puget Sound of the Seattle area. They loved to watch them scatter. One time the cowling on the engine of Bob's plane started to come off which spoiled the air flow. So the formation landed so Bob could get out to fix the cowl and then spin the propeller to restart the engine. The only problem was that Bob was so focused on not getting cut up by the starting propeller that he forgot to strap himself and I believe his parachute into his seat. So when the Hellcat went upside down doing a practice attack roll Bob had to hold on for dear life not to fall out and have to open his shute in disgrace and maybe be killed by one of the other planes in their formation. Anyway, my dad in one of the other planes was laughing his ass off watching Bob try to not fall out of the plane. He wasn't really worried for Bob as Bob was wearing a parachute so he was laughing hysterically. Later Bob told the story to the squadron and they had a great laugh. Any accident that isn't fatal or maiming is a good story.

After four years in the Marine Air Corps Reserves on Weekends Dad and Bob felt they had had enough discipline and enough fun flying around. However, Tommy who was too young for all these exploits followed them into the air when he got his pilots licence and bought his own plane in 1941. However, someone came up under him that he couldn't see and apparently they couldn't see him either. Both their wings were sheared off and one of Tommy's. The fuselage of the other plane went down like a bomb and the people in that plane died instantly. However, Tommy had one wing still and slowly spun down until he hit a power line and bounced. He might have survived except for the fuel in the wing tank that remained. When the old lady who saw him crash went to get a hose to put the fire out he burned up before he was rescued. I think she was just too old and too scared to have done anything useful. Tommy's death permanently traumatized the whole Hartzell family in Lake Forest Park. This happened in 1942 shortly after Tommy had been drafted into the Army. Some in the family think this was better than dying overseas far from home.

My father requested that I not get my pilots license or solo or become an airline pilot as I wanted to at age 20. However, after my father passed on in 1985 I soloed in a Cessna 152 within 1 year.

My father and his brother Bob were deferred from combat service during the war since they were skilled Journeyman electricians. Instead the government put them to work wiring Liberty ships that they helped build and outfit all during World War II. Liberty ships were built to carry soldiers, weapons, and food and other supplies throughout the Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans and all over the world. Many are still in service all over the world even today.

I still have my father's honorable Discharge papers from the Marine Air Corps Reserve. I believe it was dated 1937.

In Memory of a Life Long Friend

I just found out one of my childhood friends passed away today (June 26th 2006) His name was Richard Root. I guess he was about 60 and taught High School in East Los Angeles for about 40 years now. Though I was raised in Glendale mostly in Los Angeles county also I moved away from LA at about age 21 and returned only once for a job in 1977. I had had enough of being stuck in traffic and the smog for a lifetime.

I met Richard when his mother and Sister(who was my girlffriend from my age 17 to age 19) when I was 6 years old. I was shy and tried to climb out my bedroom window but I couldn't undo the lock so I scrambled under my bed. Richard's Mom and my Mom grabbed my legs and dragged me out from under the bed. It was not a fun experience for me. However, over the next 6 years Richard and I became lifelong friends

I can remember when Richard was about 15 and I 13 he began telling me jokes and we spent a lot of time laughing together. He also introduced me to philosophic ways of thinking and the Socratic method of communicating and solving problems. I have found this very efficient and useful all my life. Though Richard and I didn't always agree on everything throughout our lives we always found ways to bridge any barriers that stood between us and to remain friends.

The last time I married I had two best men who stood up for me at my wedding and one of them was Richard. Richard talked me into marrying my present wife and I will be forever greatful for his recommendation. Though he wasn't the only one that encouraged me to marry again I will always be greatful for all the happiness, joy and peace that my present wife and daughter brought into my life! Thanks Richard! I wish you Peace and Joy wherever you go

Arcane 4-24-09

When I named the main Character in "Memories" I chose Arcane to denote "Technical esoteric knowledge not understood by most present day earth born humans". Not knowing or understanding certain kinds of knowledge doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It simply means one has not been exposed to that kind of knowledge at all for one reason or another.

So, a man from another time and another planet who is very sophisticated in the ways of that planet and very specialized according to his abilities seemed very natural to me in actually understanding someone from another time and space than ours. That he was also a biological descendant of the present humans of earth seemed useful to me so people would be less taken aback by finding out he breathed both water and air and had golden eyes and a very long tongue and could live as easily underwater as above water in the ocean or streams and lakes that came from rainwater.

On top of this he is both very intelligent and very intuitively gifted. So, we all know that in the lives of the very intelligent and intuitively gifted almost anything can happen in actuality. This made this person much more interesting to me. When I initially wrote this I thought I was writing science fiction as a therapy for difficult experiences I was trying to work out in my 20s. I did not find out until I almost died and was forced to retire in 1998 that Arcane was actually a past life of mine lived in the future, present and past through time travel. This was actually quite shocking for me to realize. It made me think that movies such as Star Wars might actually be the past lives of the authors who wrote them and the same for the charaters in Star Trek as well. Anything that creates an almost religious like following of people creates the possibility that it all could be based upon truth.

So, Arcane saves his planet but has to be banished in order to maintain peace with the planet's government that he defeated single handedly. Basically, in addition to becoming a planetary hero, he inadvertently also became a de facto God and had to leave for the greater good of the two planets to become at peace once again. By coming back to earth where he was Darshan during Atlantis he comes to understand himself better and by understanding himself better he is able to help more beings similar to himself in many ways throughout both time and space. Though he still has to deal with having become Godlike, he is wise enough to know and humble enough to know he is only a man with Godlike gifts. He is able to stay balanced because of this and able to continue helping mankind on earth and many other planet for thousands of years because of this.

Book and sequels

From the Saint Germain article on the foundations of the list to Arcane in UNUS on the top, all these writings were done sometime between 1980 and the present. Usually, if I give dates between 1980 and 2008 it is hint when I'm actually writing something. The first thing written of this series of writings was the beginning of Arcane in Memories in the summer of 1980 when I lived with my wife and children in the beautiful little city of Mt. Shasta. I wrote the first section of Arcane on a paper grocery bag sitting on the lawn of my house after walking to the old Pine Grove Market. Now this market has moved into town and is called Berryvale, a health food store in Mt. Shasta, California. But then it was across the street from the Cemetary and I lived within walking distance of it.

Another interesting thing I have realized is that absolutely everything I write may be true. I have always been a clairvoyant and have had many mystical experiences in and around Mt. Shasta, but also throughout the United States, Hawaii, Thailand, India Nepal etc. Also, I had UFO experiences there as well. It is because of close encounters of the third kind that it is likely some or all of this is true. Whether you believe me or not it is my belief that in the future it is to your advantage to entertain the possibility that absolutely everything I write about may be true.

I believe I have been encouraged by off worlders to write all this. Just as you have to live according to your true life experiences and be true to yourselves so do I. So, I don't find it very useful to either you or I to tell you everything I wrote is fiction. I believe in you. I believe you will know the truth when you see it.

Know the Truth and the Truth will set you FREE! Be true to yourselves.

Arcane in UNUS

Creation of UNUS began 12:39 pm September 1st 2002

The following is fictional and any partial or complete resemblence to any person or organization is purely coincidence


I'm adding this introduction on Sept 18,2002. My wife wanted me to note that you as the reader would be better served if you read 'Memories' first. It is located at mem.html then mem2 through mem11.html. Reading The History of Arcane, the History of Jonathan or the History of Eridian or The History of His Oneness or the Galactic Sentience would all give the reader more background to the following as well. Do I personally believe an organization like this exists on earth controlling time and with existing governmental connections between earth governments and the Galaxy. My answer would be "Yes!" Am I asking you to believe too? My answer would be 'NO!" You must decide from your own personal experiences of reality what is true and what isn't true yet. In my life experience I have no doubt whatsoever that something like this is going on. In other words something like the movie Men In Black is a joke but a joke based on truth. I have written the following as if it is true which it very well might be.

Arcane as George Orwell's presentation is told through the eyes and ears of a UNUS time trainee. Next, Arcane as George Orwell is followed through parts of the same experience from his personal internal experience of this. The last experience that took place after Sept 11th 2001 and written Sept 10, 2002 was written as a way of healing the horrors of the past year.

UN-US is a groupd of agents, researchers and soldiers gathered from police forces, militaries, and intelligence agencies from all countries on earth and beyone as well as individuals from all governments, religions, philosophies, nationalities, creeds and races. Their single purpose is to prevent the use of all weapons of mass destruction including nuclear, biological, chemical or whatever. They had been authorized by all nations to prevent another world war that could exterminate al life on earth. They are authorized to use any and all means necessary to this end. Let us listen in on a training session held underground in the Alps in Switzerland of 500 new recruits that we will call 'trainees' from all around the world and beyond. Imagine a large theatre type of classroom like those found in Colleges and Universities in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere.

Imagine yourself as a new UN-US operative. You have already distinguished yourself in your native country and or around the world. You have been highly honored there for your specific expertise. You have been given an assignment that all of your peers would have done anything to get but you are here and you are very proud of this assignment. Though you have heard the rumors a part of you cannot fully believe that an organization like this can remain fully secret. Well, you are here now and you will finally find out the truth.

A man comes into the room and stands at the lectern. He is graying at the temples. He speaks English with an American accent. But you can tell he is not an America. His accent is very strange and nothing like you have heard before. He makes eye contact with you and says loudly only in your mind, "Hi!". This is so shocking for you that you feel like fainting. You realize that this person's accent is not necessarily an accent found on earth. With a little fear you realize that some of the rumors might be true. You look around at the other trainees. They all have the look of a doe in the headlights. They all look a little scared of the unknown. The female trainee next to you grabs your hand as she looks like she is struggling not to faint. You grab it back to give her strength to stay conscious. You both know inherently that if she faints she will wash out of the organzation. All present know this is only the first test, the first challenge. She finally starts to come back to life and smiles a sweet thank you. Somehow you know she will be a friend you can discuss this with later. You feel great peace.

For some reason you feel more proud and honored than ever before in your life to be a part of this amazing experience!

Let's listen in to what is said to these 500 plus men and women trainees from all over earth and beyond. Pleas understand that fluency in English is necessary to become a trainee.

The amazing man addressing the trainees stands about 6 feet tall and one cannot help but feel both respect and a little fear of this man. He is not like any other you have ever seen in any race. He reminds you of a couple of your old college professors that you studied with but he is even stranger than they were. You say to yourself. "What is this quality that I'm feeling?" Then you think, "I've got it! This man is timeless. He's not of any era I've ever studied." But then you think to yourself, "That's just not possible, Is It?" Then you feel scared. The lady next to you is squeezing your hand again. The next moment you are scared again because you realize this woman is acting. She is with the teacher and she has been planted here by him for his purposes. You make a mental not. The man at the lectern speaks. You listen attentively.

"Hello my name is George Orwell." He smiles as they whole class laughs a little nervously. "Obviously, it is not my real name. I chose this name to make you afraid enough to exert yourselves. We are fighting two kinds of oblivion for earth. One is written about in 1984 and the other is extinction. I chose George Orwell just so you know there are worse outcomes than death that we have to work on. Just preventing extinction isn't enough in the end." The classroom feels uneasy. "I want each of you to create an alter ego name like mine. It can be an author, a character from a book or movie or even a cartoon charactor. It needs to be a fairly well known character. It will keep us all on the same page when we meet on the field or by accident. This name may save your life one day so choose carefully. You may change names several times between now and one week from now but one week from today whatever name you give me becomes permanent alter ego as far as "YOU NEWS" is concerned. The name will be stored along with your right thumb print.

George Orwell went on, "Up until now nothing I have spoken of could cause us to make you disapear." There was an uneasy sound in the room. "However, what I'm going to speak of now is one of those things that can't go past this room and those of us within it unless you are authorized by a superior officer like myself to reveal specific information to operatives you haven't met yet. If this is unacceptable to you I ask you to leave now." Three or four trainees got up and left and several hands went up with questions. George Orwell raised his hand in silence. He then said, "If you have any reservations at all please leave now." Several people who had their hands up got up and left. Mr. Orwell went on, "I would now like to protect some of the rest of you from death. I am a profiler and when I tap you on the shoulder please know that I'm saving your life. For if you joined "you news" and revealed any of what follows either through talking in your sleep or hypnosis or even truth serums we would have to make your disapear permanently. As I walk around the room I will tap you on the shoulder. You will then walk out and meet in the next classroom. You will still be UN-US operatives but you will be in safer less dangerous positions. You will be our technical support group. We will depend you you to stay alive so that the rest of us can stay alive.Twenty-seven trainees were tapped on the shoulder by Mr. Orwell.Please give these trainees a round of applause as they will be the support group for the rest of you. Loud applause and cheering. There was relief on the faces of those that left. All of us that remained knew now we were in for it. The only ways out left were walking out now or possibly going out in a pine box. We were in this thing for life. The rumors about this group were coming true one by one. There were now at least 450 trainees left and I was one of them here deep under the Alps. The incident I'm recounting took place between 1970 and 1992.

Mr. Orwell returned to the lectern. He looked thoughtfully out at us and smiled. You're in for the duration. Why don't you give yourself a hand just for having the Balls to do this! The whole group stood up and cheered each other and clapped on another on the back. Now this was amazing. Some zealot amongst us started chanting. "To the Death!" over and over. Several others gathered in the chant. Some were more reticent but eventually all joined in.

Finally, George Orwell raised both hands and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen. I admire your sentiment but remember millions of dollars will be spent on the training of each of you. This is money that can't show up in any Government budget on earth. This is totally black ops money and most of you know what that means. What I'm saying to you is that the world needs you to be very careful with your lives. Each of you is priceless. Both in what you will know and what you must never reveal. If there is any real chance that you are compromised a false cap on a back molar must be crunched. It takes only 1 second or less to do this. It will render you unconscious for 24 hours. It also sends a signal so we can rescue you. You might be killed but no information can be obtained from you. That is the critical point. If you are shot, hit darted, drugged or whatever you still have 1 second to crunch the cap. My helpers will pass out 5 practic caps now." This was a very somber process but all knew it would be necessary.

When you introduce yourselves to each other it is imperative that you only know each others alter ego names. Please do not share your nationalities with each other. We may all guess. We may all be right or wrong. From her on only the Administration of UN-US to be pronounced 'You News' will know who you are. When you want to ascertain a member of this cadre while in the fiel say to a possible member "any news?" The proper response is "You mean You News?" The shortened response which I find more useful is "you news?" The next query will be 'name?' The name you should give is the one you will register within one week that you choose for yourself that is placed next to your thumbprint followed by a number if there is more than one of the same chosen name. The next question will be "Class?" You response should be "Class of 92" or just say 92 for you are the 92nd class to go through this. It has nothing to do with the year obviously. We hold classes as often as we need field agents. There are over 10,000 of your colleagues who have retired with no memory of anything they have done for or with us and we still have over one hundred agents that were in the first class in the 1950's that are still active with us even though they are mostly in their 70's.

There was a sigh of relief from most of us. There was a way out without going out in a pine box. We all felt much better.

Mr. Orwell went on, "You have all been chosen because of your intelligence, efficiency and have demonstrated bravery and loyalty in difficult situations. You are the creme de la creme of the world's intelligence communities. You have been given a badge that should protect you by every government on earth. Let me correct that. About 75% of the earth's governments will protect you. The other 25% of earth governments will be listed and we will have other identity cards that will work there. Be sure to check your daily updated charts to see recent conditions in any country you will be operating in."

We have found a book that we would like you to read tonight. Since it hasn't been written yet we have taken the liberty of bringing a copy back through time from the internet of the future where it will be published. It is not well written as you will see. However, it contains background information for you to be successful in your work. You may discuss everything I have said and this book and give each oterh your new names or handles." Mr. Orwell looked very carefully at us all after he said this. There were various psychological reactions obviously taking place. Nervous twitters. nervous laughter with confusion all around. Mr. Orwell smiled, "I know this transition will be difficult but you have all been analyzed and we believe that none of you will have an emotional or mental breakdown in dealing with time travel. We will be easy on you until you adjust. The other thing is that you are to be attached to what is called the Protectors of Earth. The Protectors of Earth was created to protect Earth but there are also on other planets Protectors of those planets as well through this galaxy. All these Planetary Protector groups are sponsored by the Galactic Government.

There was an interruption. One of the trainees was starting to get hostile. "What kind of crap are you giving us, Sir! You can't expect us to believe this stuff!" George Orwell's demeanor became scary. He said, "Sit down, Time trainee!" The man who had stood up and interrupted turned ashen and sat down shaking. a weak "Yes Sir!" We all realized for real we were now in "You News" basic training. George Orwell looked stern and said, "All of you. Remember, each one of you volunteered for this. It's not going to be easy for any of you to find out your governments and newspapers lied to you all your lives. However, you are now being trained to be the first and last line of defense for all life on earth!"

Mr. Orwell was quiet. He looked around the room to gauge the sentiment. He seemed satisfied. I would like to introduce you to 2 of you from the new Russia. Stand up you two. Let's hear a big round of applause for Russia's new alliance with 'you news'. Polite clapping occured. "I'm told that soon we will also have mainland Chinese agents among you." There was more clapping but with less volumne.

I guess I'm trying to illustrate the unanymity of purpose that is building now because of the real terror around the world of the potential extinction of earth due to Nuclear weaons since 1945. There is still some fear but it is not about the US and Russia anymore. It is about terrorists and small rogue states obtaining and using nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Your first task is to read future newspapers written one month to 100 years into the future. By starting you in this way you will see how we move to prevent major harm on earth in all times, past, present and future." A hand shot up and Mr. Orwell said, "Yes, you have a question?" The trainee was a lady and she seemed a little nervous. She said, "How far into the past do we go." Mr. Orwell sensed her dismay. Mr. Orwell answered, "We only chase renegades who go back into time to fundamentally change it politically or for crimes such as stealing gold then burying it and digging it up somewhere in the present." She wouldn't let go of this. She said, "Have there been "you news members who have done this?" Mr. Orwell smiled,"Of course. But we find them and erase all connection to "You News." She kept going. "Why aren't they executed? Mr. Orwell looked ar her closely. He said, "I appreciate your concern but we are not here to make policy. The policies were established over millions of years and then specifically tailored to your earth. Of course if one of you or previous or future graduates goes back in time and just starts torturing and offing people because of any reason we might eliminate them. However, if they went back in time to steal we just erase their memories and then have them watched in the present." She finally seemed satisfied and sat down.

Mr. Orwell went on, "As I said before we change the news when necessary so there is a different headline. "You News" has been doing this since it was founded about the same time the United Nations was founded." There were nods and murmurs as people began to fully understand why there hadn't been a 3rd World War. You are all joining a relatively well established old tradition now of changing future catastrophes before they happen. All of you and I will prevent strikes before they happen or happened after having read about them in headlines around the world through remote cameras or by other means." There was applause. It grew and grew. George said, "You like this idea then!" The trainees all said loudly, "Yes Sir!"

We all got it now and were just beginning to get why all the secrecy. No one could know this except us and the agents already trained in the field. This was a closed club. The responsibility started to make me feel like I was strangling. If I wasn't scared before I was now. I thought, "My God! What if all this is misused?" and then came an even darker thought. "What if it has already been miused and no one has been told?" It was as if Mr. Orwell was reading all our thoughts.

Mr. Orwell went on, "Through trial and error we now have many checks and balances in this galactic wide system. First of all, some time travel devices have been obtained by earth multinational corporations. I don't wish to tell you how. For the time being we allow them to think they are really changing time. However, they are all now on what we call time fragments which are not permanently associated with the main time line Authorized by the galaxy. Right now you and everyone here are on the main Galactically sanctioned time line. I'm going to pass out a Swiss army watch to each of you. While the face glows green you know you are on Galactic time. If you inadvertantly get on a time fragment it will glow red. You will have a device that puts you back in galactic time. We are not allowed to conduct a time rescue into a fragment so be careful. This watch may be a clue that you are in proximity to a member of one of the cadres. However, always go through the cadre verbal greeting unless it is a life or death situation. Even then when the dust settles go through the code greeting to be sure who you are with. MI6, CIA, metropole, etc. might seem similar to the cadre but they aren't. They will be clued to leave you alone and safe but they can't know what we know. You will all carry this knowledge to the grave or we will just go back and prevent your conceptions and births. Remember that!"

"Oh another note about Multinational corporations with access to time travel. Because time travel by multinationals is considered illegal business activity by all legal governments in the Galaxy akin to insider trading we destroy all corporate time vehicles and obtain any plans they may have for new ones before they find out."

"Always remember this:'You news' is the only Galactically authorized Time Cadre on Earth.There is one exception to this. We call them the Lemurian Time Guard. They lived before Abraham and Noah that are mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible. So literally they were before recorded history and before the last Ice Age on Earth. They associated with the Galactic Government then and still Control Time on Earth. If you ever see a four inch patch or insignia with what looks something like a four directional fleur di lis. It looks like an ornate equipointed cross only more ornate. If you see one of them you are on a very serious mission beyond anything you can imagine. The patch will appear on the shoulder,on the hip, on the chest or be tattooed on the right hand of the cadre member. Always defer to them as we operate under their sponsorship on the behest of Earth. As far as the Galaxy goes the Lemurians own Earth's Time Line, the Galaxy owns the earth and Earth has always been considered a Galactic Protectorate for millions of years. Both 'You News' and the galaxy will eliminate any governmental or other cadres operating here that do not follow Galactic rules and regulations for Earth. The Galactic government does not permit rogue time cadres to exist very long before they are eliminated and if necessary all births of all involved prevented. I want all of you ladies and gentlemen gathered here to know that if any of you here have any unauthorized ideas and work to activate them in actuality we will pull your plug and prevent your births quicker than any of you can say "Oh Shit!". Five people disapeared from the trainees.George looked grim, "I'm sorry to report the retroactive birth prevention of the residents of the five seats that were occupied a second ago. Those five never existed as of now."

A hand went up. The person was obviously upset. George answered the question."How do we know those people were guilty of anything?" George looked angry. "You don't!" He said. "Unfortunately, over millions of years we have found that only fear of death prevents unauthorized activities. Not only that you don't know whether their births have been prevented, they were androids, or what. However, those of you sitting next to those that disapeared know someone was there whether it was human or not and to add to that I will show you a videotape of their group disapearance." George watched all the trainees while he played the video of the 5 disapearing. What was remarkable was that they all disapeared the same instant in time.

There was a new soberness in the room. Mr. Orwell went on, "As you now see firsthand if you screw up time and thereby life on earth in any serious way we will make sure you suffer in a way you don't want and then that will make you wish you were never born and then you will get your wish." There was a great deal of very sick laughter after this last comment by some of the trainees. George seemed to take note of who was laughing."If you feel you are moving toward any kind of psychiatric problem please tell us or if we feel you are approaching a psychiatric problem we will tell you. Remember, it is a rare nature that is suited to this time cadre trade we are in. It is not for everyone permanently. However, it will be a good trade for a few years for most of you here which is why we summoned you all here in this here and now. There is nothing outside of your personal relationship with God that is more serious than what we are asking of you. Remember that! Come talk to us about your problems. We can't have you talking about time travel to girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands, relatives, friends, or even strangers because then we have only two choices. Either we blank their pertinent memories or we make them disapear permanently. And not only that we make you do it while we watch. Blanking even part of someone's memories almost always has some lasting effect on their lives. However, enough of this nasty stuff. I want to move onto something hopefully more entertaining.

"The book I want you to read is from something most of you know about. It is called the internet. In the United States Darpa created the first internet to protect against nuclear attack in one locality by duplicating all necessary military information at multiple sites in case of a nuke hitting any one of the sites. Sometimes this was called redundant computer memory storage. However, now the basic technology has been expanded and has become the early internet which grows incredibly in the 90's to become a major part of world business operations in the 21st century. Anyway, this online book written at home and transmitted by computer around the world was created by one of you trainees in the future. It is called 'Memories' and it is written by someone I know quite well. He was abducted by time travellers from the approximate year 7000 AD and trained in ways both known and unknown to him to help prevent a war in the early 21st century. I am told by operatives doing research in about 2050 that his work is successful in preventing the war. Part of his success lies right here with you. Let me ask you this. If only Europe, Africa and Iceland and Greenland were left for humans to live on would that be acceptable to you?" A resounding "No!" was heard from the trainees."Then I entrust you with helping to prevent that outcome!" There were cheers from the group. a strain of "We will fight to save the earth!" was heard over and over from the more zealous among us. George took note once again of who these people were.

George went on, "A positive side effect benefit of his abduction was that these future time travellers of earth are based here like us in the Alps of Switzerland---" (there were mumurs of wonder from the trainees) " and became connected to the Galactic Government through myself as an intermediary." (more murmurs only this time more fearful.) "Yes, I am a humanoid. But 'no' I wasn't born on earth or in this time. My forebears come from earth and my parents were colonists on a water planet that we believe was once earth. My home time is about 900,000 years into the future." This was just too much for several trainees. About 10 trainees 7 male and 3 female rushed to attack George Orwell. I was just too shocked by what was said to do anything but just sit there with my mouth open. Mr. Orwell reached his hand out and the people seemed to be paralyzed just standing there where they screamed and swore at him. He raised his hand up again and they were unable to speak. George said, "Since I purposely incited these particular people no harm will come to them or to you still sitting down. Many of you wanted to react in the same way but had a better sense of self preservation than these 10 here did. What I am trying to demonstrate here is that I am a real humanoid alien and not born on present day earth and I am not at all like something out of an average science fiction novel. I am not like anything any of you ever expected to be confronted with. Next, I want to share with you why these 10 rushed me. All 10 were abducted as children by aliens. Neither I nor the Galactic Government had any thing at all to do with these abductions. You ten were experimented on by what you could call Galactic corporate criminals. None of them obtained permission through any normal Government channels. However, I will say to you here in secret that all 10 were altered by Galactic Black Ops. All ten are our best 10 psychic operants in this group here. I want you to give them a big hand for all the suffering they have endured becoming successfuly operant by stressful stimulus." Robotic clapping in disbelief was experienced by all. None of us could really believe any of this. I sensed some had already messed their pants in terror of what we all appeared to be experiencing. I didn't blame them at all for I was very close to doing the same. If I didn't know that getting up and running could get me shot I would have done so.

George went on, "One of the benefits of joining 'YOU NEWS' is that you are all now automatically galactic citizens. In reading 'Memories' you will find just how valuable becoming a Galactic Citizen is. It is my hope that you all read this book tonight." Applause at becoming Galactic Citizens circulated the room. We all felt like we were disembodied and dreaming all this now. It was too surealistic to take serious. Nervous laughter from some of us obviously over the top was heard sporadically by different trainees. George said, "I told you this would be a very rough transition from the lies you were told growing up into adulthood to a real galactic paradigm. Once you make the transition you will want everyone on earth to join you. However, I'm very sorry that can't happen until about 7000 AD. No ruling world government can reveal the truth without ceasing to exist governmentally, philosophically, morally and religiously, and without the collapse of business as we now know it!" There were nods of understanding here and there. Others in our group just looked completely confused and bewildered by the whole thing. Even if this might have been somewhat as they expected the reality was obviously too much for them.

We were a much more somber group as our understanding broadened. Mr. Orwell said, "Do you see this tall man standing in the very front of the group that rushed me?" we all nodded and the tall man said, "What?" Mr. Orwell went on,"This is a future reincarnation of my soul. Even though I was born 900,000 year into the future most of my blood line is right here from earth. Many of you here I am biologically related to in some way. I'm your thousands of Greats grandson or grandnephew. However, I'm most closely related both biologically and by soul to this man here who rushed me while trying to kill his abduction memories from childhood. However, I stand before you because this man who wrote 'Memories' is the same man here who is a future incarnation of my soul who will write this book at least 10 years into the future and put it online at his website on the internet. This was just all too much for the man standing closest to Mr. Orwell. His body shook from the stress and lost consciousness while his body remained standing there. We were really scared for him and the others who were still standing.

Mr. Orwell said, "He'll be okay. He's really tough and very adaptable like me. Mr. Orwell smiled so We all felt safe enough to laugh at this. For the first time I thought of how adaptable Mr. Orwell must be if what he said was all true. What must he have been through to make it here? He went on, "I could have taken one year to train you to deal with all I exposed you to tonight. However, from past experience I've found it is actually less traumatic for a class to just jump off a cliff and into cold water like you all have all tonight so to speak. One would not think that that would be the case but it seems to stimulate trainees in their fight or flight biomechanisms mechanisms to the point that they think and dream about what takes place here on the first night and tend to survive situations where they wouldn't ordinarily survive later. Though tonight might give you recurring nightmares or strange dreams it will cause you to survive in very strange situations where you wouldn't normally. So I must apologize for traumatizing you into surviving. Strange laughter from the group. Besides these folks still standing here have been traumatized way beyond what most of you can imagine in order to be not only psychicly latent but also as fully trained Galactic Operant psychics. There constant research will protect the rest of you at every turn. Don't underestimate their value. Outside of myself these 10 operants here are the most dangerous people in the room outside of myself and a couple of others. Do not ever lie to them or double cross them in any way. Though they all have taken Galactic Ahimsa vows of harmlessnes to all living beings they are all masters of psychic self defense and fully authorized to defend themselves or others. If you question them they will be as honest as they are allowed to but mess with them in any way and the Galaxy will take that personally. Remember that! Also, I also have this training and am in charge of all Galactic psychic operants on earth. Even if their memories are erased they can pick up directly what has or will go on. This is one reason why they are so useful but also must be protected in special ways as you can imagine. Also, as a Galactic psychic Operations General in charge of maintaining and stablizing Earth time I can protect myself quite well as you have already seen here tonight!"

"As you all know by now I'm testing all of you at every turn. Your every thought is monitored by me and sentient androids and robots. A man stood up beet red. He said, "You never told us about having our thoughts monitored!" Mr. Orwell smiled a very scary smile. He looked at the man and the man started to rise into the air. The look of terror in this man's eyes was obvious to all. We were all scared. None of us knew what to think. Mr. Orwell spoke to the man. "Who are you here spying for?" The man screamed, "I don't know!" Mr. Orwell said, "He's speaking the truth but his mind has been altered. So I will break through the conditioning." The man let out an unearthly scream, the kind only heard in horror movies or on a battlefield. He went limp upside down in the air staring at the floor next to Mr. Orwell. A couple of trainees threw up in the aisles from the stress. Their nearest compatriots saw to them. Robots appeared from nowhere and quietly cleared up the mess. Needless to say we were all fairly terrified of the unknown at this point. The who man was hanging upside down in the air started speaking robotically. "I am spying for a terrorist group bent on obtaining time travel." Mr. Orwell looked around the class carefully, "Are there any others here on the same mission?" The hanging man said, "Not that I know of." Mr. Orwell gave a command. "Robot Visual!" A robot about 3 feet high rolled immediately up to the lectern. He said to the hanging man who slowly turned horizontal and face up. "You are now sleeping and dreaming of your meeting with the men or people who spoke to you and conditioned you. The robot said, "Picture and identity of perpetrators obtained. Perpetrators conception prevented.Mission complete.The man hanging in air has had his memory scrubbed. He is no longer a terrorist spy." Mr. Orwell said, "Thank you 'visual one'. Good Work!" The robot said, "Thank you, Sir! Glad to be of service to you!" The robot disapeared into the wall.

There were a lot of sounds like, "Wow!" from all the trainees including myself. Then there was a stunned silence as Mr. Orwell scanned us all. Our fear and respect for this man had just increased immeasurably. The one thing we all knew was he had no fear of us at all. He might fear for our safety or well being but other than that he was basically fearless. He spoke again and believe me we listened to every word. "Ladies and Gentlemen. What you have been through tonight is about one hundredth as hard as my first test at what would be 12 years old on your planet. People murmured things like, "My God!" But Mr. Orwell moved relentlessly on, " And just like in my training by the psychic teachers on my planet I'm seeing to it that none of you here have a nervous or mental or emotional breakdown or try to attack me like those did who are still standing near me now. What you have seen here could be compared to a form of psychic Karati or Aikido combined with remote psychic healing. Some of these things I can teach those of you who have the right latent abilities and motivation."

This had been the most amazing experience of any of our lives. We all felt we had just lived science fiction. However, most of us knew we weren't lucky enough to be home watching TV. I looked around me. Most of us still had our mouths open in disbelief. A few had tears rolling down their cheeks and others were shaking from the strain of this experience. This was the scariest thing most of us had ever experiencd short of near death experiences during intelligence work. For five of us here it had been more than a near death experience. It had been a retroactive non conception experience.

George went on, "Though none of you can leave this facility until you either finish the course or have your memories of this experience erased, please remember you might be slightly harmed by dropping out and getting your memories scrubbed. You can, however, make this decision at any time. As you can definitely see from your present vantage point 'You News' is not for the faint of heart."

"You are all free now to go to your quarters. But you cannot leave the facility. We have armed guards posted at any possible exit. If you try to escape they have orders to capture you. If they can't capture you they have orders to shoot you."

"Before you go I would like you all to meet my wife who is also from another planet and from a different time than my home planet and time. Her name is Celeste Weaver." The lady next to me that had gripped my hand stood up. I wasn't surprised at all. Somehow, I knew from the beginning. I also knew she had been in my mind like Mr. Orwell. A chill went up my spine but I smiled back at her knowingly when she smiled at me while waving to us all.

After she sat down I said to her, "Why did you pick me to sit next to?" She said, "Look more closely at the man standing nearest George. As I did I was horrified. It was my stepfather. I would have never expected to see him here in a million years. I almost fainted. Celeste smiled and took my hand and led me out of the classroom. "He mustn't see you here. He wouldn't know how to deal with that yet." Somehow, I understood. I thought to myself, "You know, the next thing will be that I'll see my step brother here, too." Celeste had read my thoughts so she said out loud. "No, he won't be trained for another 3 or 4 years." somehow, I wasn't surprised. I walked out and into my quarters in a daze. You can call me 0021 out of a class that had started out at least 0500.

Jonathan was confused. He couldn't figure out what he was doing here standing in this strange classroom. A man came up and introduced himself. He said his name was George Orwell. Jonathan said, "What am I doing here in this classroom?" George laughed a little. George said, "You are one of our seers in training." Jonathan said, "I know that I've always been a Seer but I have no memories of any of this that's happening now." George said,"Oh! That is by design. We can't have someone that knows what you know and who functions at your psychic level living a private life and remembering most of these things.

Jonathan didn't like this at all. He said, "What did I just do? I'm all sweaty with the sweat of great fear." George Orwell said, "You just tried to kill me." Jonathan said, "Why would I do that?" George said, "Because at ages 2 and 9 you were psychicly enhanced with a neuralyzer designed for a different species of humanoid than the ones that inhabit earth. It traumatized you nervous system. Both times it was a lot of work to even keep you alive." Jonathan was angry and afraid. He said, "Why was this allowed?" George softly replied, "Because you were a level 10 psychic latent who was capable of becoming and operant 100. Most humans function as adults at only a 1,2 or a 3 at best. Because you were a 10 and capable of becoming a 100 which is what we sometimes call "World Saver" Class the risk was taken." Jonathan bored his eyes into George. "I could have died!" George calmly said, "The risk was taken because the need of earth was great. When you were born it was only 3 years after the Nuclear blasts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and there was great danger for earth." Jonathan physically and mentally shifted his stance. He said, "If earth can be saved from extinction then I gladly risk my life at any point." George said, "Exactly, Jonathan. The galaxy knew that when you soul traveled to the galactic core around 1970 and begged help for Earth." Jonathan looked perplexed and said, "But I was neuralized in 1952 and 1957. That just doesn't make any sense."

George looked thoughtful. He said,"Actually, it does make sense. I am a refiner of time. I was sent by the Galactic Government to prevent the self extinction of earth by humans or the extinction of earth by any natural or unnatural force from within or without." Jonathan was finally beginning to get it. This was the moment he had waited for his whole life. The pieces of the puzzle were finally starting to all come into place so he could see the whole picture. He didn't know if he liked the picture but at least he was beginning to see what the picture was. When he had soul traveled to the center of the Galaxy and had asked the beings he met there for help he had no way of knowing the path they would choose to help earth. He was just now learning that he himself had been made part of the path toward helping earth. How confusing it all was. George seemed to be reading his mind. Jonathan suddenly realized that he and George were the same soul. Jonathan's senses reeled. George grabbed his arm and Jonathan came back into his body rather abruptly.

George said, "Jonathan, I think I will escort you to your temporary quarters. Jonathan asked, "Will I remember any of this?" George said, "Not until 0021's birthday in 2002. Jonathan said, "I'll be 54 then. My other son--Will he be a part of this by then, too?" George said, "Yes." jonathan said, "You will protect them and bring them back to life if they die in the line of duty?" George said, "Yes, Jonathan, you know that just as I do." Jonathan felt relieved but other than that felt confused at the layers and layers of the complexity of it all. When Jonathan was still a young and idealistic man he had soul travelled to the center of the Galaxy for help for earth. Jonathan had expected to find God there but what he found instead was like a united nations of the galaxy formed into a galactic government. It is true he found order and complexity that a more naive person might have mistaken for God. He had found brilliance and genius but he had also witnessed a ruthlessness that he had found disturbing. He had long ago reconciled it all by realizing that the galactic government had been established millions and perhaps even billions of years ago after wars throughout the galaxy had costs trillions of lives. Only through a certain type of ruthlessness could the Galactic Government survive at all. It was incredibly ingenius and it was through great geniuses that the galaxy had survived intact at all. Jonathan over time had come to think of God as being more like "The Force" in the movie "Star Wars" that binds all life in the universe within ten years of his center of Galaxy experience. Jonathan no longer anthropomorphized God the way he once did. His travel to Galactic Center had changed all that forever.

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Jonathan was then placed personally by George Orwell in a private underground apartment cut out of solid rock. Jonathan was sitting there on his bed dazed and trying to make some sense of it all when there was a knock at the door. Five of the new trainees who were concerned about Jonathan's safety came in. They asked if he was okay. Jonathan said, "I'm probably all right but it appears that unlike you all I still have a private life and a family to worry about so I'm not allowed to remember most or all of this except in some kind of dream state." One trainee asked, "But how is that possible?" Though Jonathan didn't really understand the question he answered in a free association style. "In about 1970 I learned how to soul travel." Two of the trainees laughed nervously but the other three got it. Jonathan said to them all. "I know. I know. If I hadn't done it myself I wouldn't have believed it possible either. But I actually soul travelled to Venus and the non physical beings there sent me to the solar beings in the sun that seem to be made of solar plasma. The solar beings then sent me directly to the Center of the Galaxy. A trainee asked, "Why didn't you burn up in the sun?" Jonathan replied, "Because a soul doesn't burn up like a body does in heat or flame." The trainee said, "Oh." and looked perplexed. Another trainee asked, "What was the center of the galaxy like?"

Jonathan though a moment and paced around the room a little. Then he said, "I can't tell you everything partly because I'm not allowed to and partly because I can't remember it all. I must have been there about 2 years in real soul time and yet I can only clearly remember sounds and pictures that added together would be no more than an hour at most." The trainee said, "Tell us about that then." Jonathan nodded and went on, "It reminded me of movies of ancient Greece and Zeus and Hercules and Hera and all that. But that was only part of it. The beings were all infinitely intelligent. There were also humans that looked like me and other types of humanoids. I had the feeling that many beings appeared the way they did so I would be more comfortable so I wouldn't freak out! They all seemed to live millions of years and tended to get lost in all their intelligent thoughts. They had difficulty feeling emotions and being fully present and compassionate. However, I was so now and interesting to them that they seemed to drop everything to be with me and to interact with me and to study me. Since they appeared to have 500,000 to 1,000,000 IQ incluidng complete recall at any moment of all the events they had ever experienced since coming into being I felt in comparison like a pet, a dog or something like that in comparison to them. However, they treated me as an equal to more efficiently study me and out of respect for my being able to survive in an environment like earth where they couldn't possibly survive for a variety of reasons. They were also amazed that I had soul travelled all this way to visit them." The trainee said, "It is that different there?" Jonathan said quickly, "Yes! It is totally and completely different there. There are entirely different sets of needs and priorities. Things that we would consider stupid are absolutely necessary for them to live even for another minute. The other thing was that I was considered a Barbarian but because of my cause I was thought of as a pilgrim on a quest. This is why I was so well treated. They understood it was very likely what I was doing would result in my physical bodies' death back on earth. For this reason I was respected and loved and cherished and listened to. In other words I was the opposite of fake. I was the most completely genuine and unaffected being they had ever seen or heard of or met." The trainee said, "Did that troubel you?" Jonathan said, "Yes. Because I had gone to the center of the Galaxy naively believing I would find God and instead I found the Galactic United Nations or if you will a United Planets, Stars and dimensions representing the whole galaxy. I was more than surprised. I was shocked! I immediately asked for help in preventing the extinction of earth and all the life upon it and they said, "Yes!" The trainee looked puzzled and said, "So what you're saying is that the organization we are being trained for and by was caused by this soul journey in 1970?" Jonathan said,"It's possible. But I think there is a whole lot more to it than that." Another trainee asked, "Do you think you are the same soul as George Orwell?" Jonathan said, "Yes. I have no doubt about that." The same trainee asked,"Then why did you try to kill him?" Jonathan looked shocked and perplexed and said, "I have no memory of that and I don't know where on earth we all are right now." The trainee looked scared and said, "How can that BE?" Jonathan said, "I don't know but I think I need to be alone to integrate what I do know." Another trainee said, "Do you think you've been made to forget things?" Jonathan said, "Definitely." The same trainee said, "Are you angry about being made to forget?" Jonathan said, "If it keeps earth alive and all the life upon it from going extinct it is worth the sacrifice." As the trainees left they all knew that they respected this man's dedication to the survival of life on earth even though they still felt concerned for his well being. One reason for this was that most were in their 20's and Jonathan was obviously in his 40's.

After they all left Jonathan sat alone on his dorm room bed. He was just amazed by all of this. He thought, "All this is almost as strange as when I was first abducted by aliens. What did George say? Oh yeah. I had been neuralized at age 2 and 9 and had almost died both times. But he didn imply they wouldn' have let me die." Jonathan had a flash. "My God! If George is my soul then he must be Arcane. Celeste must have been near as well. I'm beginning to get it. I must be underground in either the Rockies or the Alps in Switzerland. It doesn't feel like the U.S. I think we're somewhere in Switzerland. That's it! Switzerland.

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As Jonathan thought about Switzerland the thought occured to him that he was presently travelling in October 1999 with his 10 year old daughter and 80 something mother in Switzerland in a rented motorhome after dropping off his 20 something son and his friend who had a Eurail pass and were travelling throughout europe for several months. It was slowly coming back to him as these thoughts had been temporarily erased from his mind. He then had another odd thought. I won't be able to remember this corelation until May 9th 2006 for security reasons!

At this point Arcane flanked by Elohar and Ragna walked into Jonathan's room unannounced. Jonathan started and started to get angry until he realized who it was. Then he just laughed and jumped up and hugged Elohar and shook hands with Ragna and Arcane. Arcane-George said, "I thought you might need a little company about now." "Yes!" said Jonathan. "Also, while you are all here I thought of a neat code name. Arcane George said, "What is it?" with a smile on his face because of course he already knew from seeing Jonathan's mind. Jonathan looked at Arcane and said, "I'm going to use St. Germain as my code word. I will either be Mr. St. Germain or say my code is Saint Germain or mention that I know about Saint Germain and that will be my code

Arcane looked thoughtfully at Jonathan and said,"Well. That's a good name as even saying it will protect you and those around you. However, there will be some that overhear that will become scared who aren't in the know so to speak." Jonathan said, "I considered all that and the positives I think will outweigh the negatives." Arcane looked thoughtfully at Jonathan and said, "I was just trying to make sure you knew the consequences of that as Eridian says that at some point I will be both Francis Bacon and Saint Germain in reality." Jonathan gave Arcane an odd look and said, "Then why does Saint Germain tell me that I have become him?" Arcane laughed and closed his eyes a moment. Then he came back to consciousness and said, "Eridian tells me that Saint Germain says that because you have focused your love and attention on Saint Germain in conjunction with Jesus for so many years now that in effect you have become Saint Germain." Ragna spoke up and said, "Yes. I have observed this kind of thing. There is a law of consciousness that whatever you put your attention upon you become!" Jonathan said, "Yes. I was taught that as a child." Ragna continued, "Well. You have put enough love, attention and consciousness to become that which you contemplated." Then you all agree that having my code word be "Saint Germain" is a good idea?" They all nodded smiling. Arcane-George said, "It will be an easy one for our agents to gain access to you so you can tell them what is about to happen and what will be allowed to be changed in time and space by the Galactic Time Guard and the Galactic Government."

At this point all made themselves at home deep in the Alps in Jonathan's assigned apartment. Arcane sat meditating with Jonathan while Elohar and Ragna fixed themselves something to eat in the kitchen. Elohar and Ragna were aware of the alignment being created by Arcane-George and Jonathan with Eridian who had formed as a spirit in the living room of the underground apartment in the Alps.

The three sat crosslegged on the carpet in the form of a triangle or circle.

When Ragna and Elohar returned to the living room of the undergound apartment cut out of solid rock from the kitchen they seemed very relieved to have eaten. Now they both sat down on the couch while Arcane, Eridian and Jonathan returned to "normal" consciousness.

The first to speak was Eridian who welcomed Elohar and Ragna to this family gathering. He said, "It's good to see you both again. How can I help you?" Ragna said, "Your Holiness, I would like you to give me an assessment of how I am doing at my job?" At this point a Ray of white light went out of Eridian's forehead and penetrated Ragna's. Eridian said, "The integration of consciousness that you needed is attained for living and working in the 71st century and all other locations in time and space." Ragna had tears in his eyes as this new form of integration and peace was still something that he was learning to accept as a daily experience. He was overwhelmed almost as much as when His Oneness had totality reordered his reality many years before in his real-time experience.

Next Arcane asked Jonathan a question. He said, "Jonathan what do you remember of your fusion meditation state with me and Eridian?" Jonathan thought deeply about this and said, "Most of it is for other times and spaces and dimensions and for other planets but I think what you are asking for is concerning how and what I write at my website now and in the future?" Arcane said, "Yes! Tell me more." Jonathan continued,"Well. It is now my understanding at my present level of awareness that since I was discovered by the Galaxy to be one of the living dreams of the father of the Galaxy when I was about 8 to 10 years old that I have been trained to be a part of the Galactic Government at least in how it relates to Earth. My experience reminds me the most of His Oneness who has been a soul rider in that he has been one of my mentors along with Saint Germain throughout my present life." Arcane said, "Yes. Go on!" Jonathan looked like he was really reaching deep for the next ideas. He then said, "There appears to be a format that was placed in my consciousness or brain somehow that automatically interfaces my ability to creatively write about experiences while creating galaxtic codes simaltaneously." Arcane was interested, "Yes." Jonathan acted like he almost had a headache talking about all this at this point. He said, "There appears to be a 500 source feed Galactic encription system in place. This means that at least 100 languages spoken on earth and about 400 galactic languages and forms of communication are addressed through my writings. The basic codes are for galactic operants and United Nations operants working on earth. However there are also other codes within my creative works that are not for humans at all. Some codes are for local governments on other planets or stars or nebulae or moons or other dimensional or other time civilizations and some are for the governments of other galaxies." Arcane said, "Very good. I wasn't sure whether or not you had the capability to go deep enough to get all this information without scaring yourself too much to recover it properly." Jonathan looked at Arcane a moment and said, "Those kinds of fears I eliminated in the late 1980's by realizing that as long as I am doing the best I can before God that is all that I have to answer for. I cannot be bothered by others motivations if I can't ferret them out." Arcane looked pleased and said, "I didn't know you had reached that level of pragmatism yet?" Jonathan had a silly look on his face as he said, "Neither did I!"

Eridian who was senior master within the group gave Jonathan and the group an odd look and said,"I would like you all to understand what Saint Germain really is." He had everyone's attention. Eridian said, "Saint Germain was a being created to bring science and rationality combined with Spiritual evolution and spiritual responsibility into the western World. Thought there are really many more paradigms than this I wish to illustrate to simplify down to two basic paradigms. One paradigm comes from Christian thought which advantage tends to be individual in nature. This comes not only from cultures and ancient religions but also blends with the way Christianity has come to be worshipped in the western world. Even though it is my personal belief that Christianity was a form of Buddhism in that Jesus brought grace and compassion that he taught in the form of Christian brotherhood. In places in the world where there isn't Christian brotherhood and compassion taught for example, one can ask a stranger directions of how to get somewhere and be told the wrong thing. Right away one can see the advantage of Christian brotherhood and compassion in survival and getting anything done at all."

"Second we have the Oriental paradigm. Now remember I'm simplifying all this so it can be easily illustrated. In the so called Oriental paradigm individualization is considered a bad thing. So everything is about loyalty to family and clan and nation. The individual is expected to sacrific everything for family clan and nation. Though to some degree this also exists in western nations it is not the fundamental element like it is in oriental thought.

It is easy to see how both systems work and why both have their advantages and disadvantages. We have seen many wars over the last several hundred years over these kinds of religious and cultural clashes.

Saint Germain came into being as a new Christ as a brother and at the same time as a student of Jesus. However, Saint Germain brought a newer infusion of what the western world needed from the Oriental one. Saint Germain brought a new kind of structure that empowered the individual to operate alone or in groups. The basis of this new structure came in the Scientific method and in critical thinking.

In this new way of thinking one could more easily separate that which was false or just an old wives tale from that which could be proven scientifically and with Christian brotherhood combined in this mix along with philanthropy and generosity. Next one finds a country, the United States founded on a lot of these same ideas championed by Francis Bacon who was the Compte De St. Germain and Prince Ragocy of Transylvania as well as the legendary "man who never dies" Saint Germain. In this way one finds one of the founders of the age of enlightenment, Francis Bacon and the many in all western and eastern countries who were inspired by him and his ideas.Now also we see forming the European Union based upon Saint Germain's ideas.

So what I'm saying to you is that even though Saint Germain isn't universally known for what he really is by all people, in fact he is a form of the Christ consciousness coming to further spiritually, intellectually and physically evolve the children of Earth!"

The four of us sat somewhat stunned at this interpretation of who Saint Germain was. Though each of us had heard and understood elements of these ideas before none of us had heard them all so eloquently combined in this way.

Arcane spoke first, "Eridian! I'm really impressed with all this. Then you believe that without Saint Germain modern day inventions, ideas and culture would not exist." Eridian looked carefully at Arcane. He said, "They would not come to be for another 500 years or more which might have meant that all technical cultures would have been lost in the next ice age. Because of saint Germain there is a chance that the present world culture can survive the coming ice age without losing all culture and technology."

Saint Germain's UNUS part 2 note: follows more later previous added may 9th 2006 Arcane and the whole group were very moved by such an explanation of who Saint Germain was and is.

Arcane spoke first. "Then Eridian you are beginning to spiritually engineer Saint Germain even now?" Eridian looked deep into Arcane and said, "Yes!"

Eridian said, "I want all of you here to witness this!" Immediately a ray of brilliant white light shot out of Eridian's head and heart and into Arcanes head and heart. Arcane looked like he was going to topple over from the jolt of energy so Jonathan moved to catch Arcane if he fell reflexively. Eridian gave Jonathan a sharp look that made him know that everything was under control. Though Jonathan knew Arcane was almost unconscious from the energy shift still his body stayed upright from the hips up as he was still sitting crosslegged on the rich purple rug on the floor along with the rest. All sat crosslegged staring intently at Eridian and the light rushing into Arcane. At that moment a ring of white light surrounded the whole group in a circle and then a sphere of white light. Now all thought they would pass unconscious from the spiritual power present in the room but like before all their bodies stayed upright from the hips while their legs stayed crosslegged while all now faced each other in a tight circle.

This extremely powerful exchange continued for over an hour. At that point all present began to lift off the ground until their legs and feet were 3 feet off the ground.

At point Eridian said to the group, "In case some of you haven't noticed we are now all 3 feet off the floor in Jonathan's Rock hewn apartment now. Everyone opened their eyes fully to see that Eridian was correct. There was a startle of alarm first in some eyes before getting used to the idea. Next Eridian prepared the group for a jump into the future. He said, "In order to complete the creation of Saint Germain I need to transport us all to the future in the City of the spheres. For us there, Arcane has just left in our time to Save his planet New Deva after having met me for the first time." Tears were in Arcane's eyes as he understood now that becoming Saint Germain was the price he was paying for being allowed to save his planet New Deva. Now he was being asked to Save Earth itself. Or more precisely he was being asked to become Saint Germain to save all the cultures on Earth that had been created and that still remained in the 21st century of Earth. This was the true payment for saving New Deva. He was a saver of New Deva. Now he must save the cultures of Earth from the next Ice Age. The cultures, religions and technology of earth must survive what was coming.

All present understood the importance and significance of what they were being asked to be witnesses to.

As they formed around a bright violet blue light Jonathan thought to himself that the blue violet was something he always felt attracted to. Eridian said, "Yes, Jonathan. The blue Sacred fire begins a cycle and the violet ends and cleanses the cycle for another to begin. When both are combined it makes the being "Timeless" for the being then becomes both the Alpha and the Omega."

Jonathan said nothing but in looking around the room there was a level of amazement and awe he had never seen before in all those gathered there whether they wore physical bodies or whether they were the guardians of future earth in celestial forms. Jonathan joined all present in awe and reverence. Being in the presence of the supernatural creation of Saint Germain by the spiritual guardians of Earth's heavens was awesome indeed.

Jonathan found himself nodding out from it all. It just was too much for his human mind to cope with. It took him back to when Saint Germain had appeared to him while he was still a very young man. He remembered that at one point he had passed out from Saint Germain's power. This was even more powerful than that. Before he had experienced Saint Germain. Today. This moment he was witnessing the literal celestial creation of Saint Germain. It made him nod off while thinking about what the creation of the real Jesus had been like!

After a while in white light tinged with extremely powerful blue violet sacred fire Jonathan's consciousness returned to him. He was the last it seemed to come back into normal consciousness. Arcane was sitting staring at Jonathan.It was just ARcane and Jonathan back under the Alps in the rock hewn apartment. He said, "Are you finally back, Jonathan?" Jonathan said, "How long have I been out?" ARCane said, "About 24 hours now! I was getting a little worried." Jonathan said, "What did Eridian say?" Arcane said, "He said this all was a bit much for a 20th century, 21st century mind to take in." Jonathan smiled and tried unsuccessfully to laugh and smiled instead." I think he's right. Seeing you created into Saint Germain like that was pretty traumatic for my subconscious." ARcane said, "Do you mean because you were taught to revere Saint Germain alongside of Jesus as a little baby and child." JOnathan said, "Yes!"

ARcane looked at Jonathan for a while and then said, "I have a confession to make to you, Jonathan!" Jonathan looked a little worried and said, "What is it, Arcane?" Saint Germain said, "Well. I was asked to come to you as Saint Germain years ago around 1970 when it was thought we were going to lose you, Jonathan." Jonathan looked deeply into ARcane before he said, "Did Eridian ask you to appear to me as Saint Germain?" Arcane said, "Yes." Jonathan began to laugh and he laughed and laughed until Arcane started to get worried. JOnathan finally settled down and said, "Arcane. Don't worry. It's just that Eridian is so accomplished he makes us all look like the fools we are by comparison. Eridian doesn't do anything by accident. There is method in his divine madness. By making you pretend to be Saint Germain he joined us. He made me your student even before you were Saint Germain. It could be said now that I was the student of Francis Bacon even before I was a student of Saint Germain."

Arcane was dumbfounded by JOnathan's statements and laughter and said, "It appears that at times I am your student too, JOnathan. JOnathan said, "Of course. LIfe is a circle, a sphere! We all learn from each other Arcane or should I call you Saint Germain? ARcane playfully lifted his hand to his mouth and said, "Shhh. Quiet! It's a secret." At this point they couldn't help but break out in laughter in relief like young people graduating college.

Soon after this exchange Arcane-Saint Germain was satisfied that Jonathan's unconsciousness had passed so he said goodbye and left.

So now Jonathan was left alone once again. He felt kind of silly that he hadn't been conscious for Elohar, and Ragna and Eridian's exit from his home time. Jonathan was wondering what he should do next.

Jonathan was attracted by a stapled group of pages on his desk. There must be over 100. The front page said, "Jonathan Flow's Web Page." This was what Arcane was talking about during the group training of the "almost" 500 now. It was very strange to read something that Jonathan hadn't fully completed writing yet. He turned to "Memories". As he leafed through it he understood why the trainees were all asked to read it. They didn't know yet that George was Arcane or that he was now fully empowered to be Saint Germain 24 hours a day. After reading "memories" they would at the very least suspect the truth. The trainees didn't know yet the interconnectedness of the Galaxy, Time and Earth and of the Earth colonies and other civilizations. Jonathan was sure that the trainees who had visited him would spread the word of what was said in this book and of what Jonathan had said to them. How strange he hadn't written it all yet. He had written a few segments but hadn't realized just what to do with them yet. How strange any of this was happening at all.

Jonathan went to sleep that night feeling a peace that was deep. Many life long questions had been answered tonight and he knew for sure now that earth would be saved from extinction. He felt great peace for his life had not been in vane.

Arcane's UNUS experience with the beginning day of the class of 92

Arcane as George Orwell was psychologically preparing to address the latest group of Planetary Protectors. His focus was narrowing and widening alternately to deal with all the multiple variables of the part of his job on behalf of Earth and the Galaxy. He thought of it a lot like being a conductor of an orchestra. The symphony was composed of the men and women present. The wrote the music through their composite group awareness. He only kept the beat while encouraging them in useful directions. All he had to do was to point them in the useful and correct directions and they would do the reset and thereby bond into a fighting unit of incredible power and virtuosity. Entusiasm to the cause was the most important thing. Whenever one had to engender the willingness to die for a cause in people enthusiasm and dedication must come first. This would be followed by wisdom efficiency and finally always developing creative ways to create an acceptable timeline for all concerned. This was more an art than a science as he had found the hard way over the years.

Arcane as George Orwell walked into the room. The new 92nd class of trainees was directly under his tuteledge just as the first one had been almost 40 years ago. Since Arcane didn't age he looked basicly the same as he had then except his hair was a little longer. It had been King Interlaken's idea in 7000+ Ad to place the training facility in an area he could personally provide time protection. This facility was located directly under the same location as where the King's facility would be thousands of years hence.

There was fear, expectancy and enthusiasm sparking around the room as Arcane entered. There was polite clapping when realization came over the group that Arcane would be addressing them at the lectern. Arcane paused looking out over the group and then said, "Hello, my name is George Orwell." There was laughter and Arcane smiled at this joining in on the joke. Arcane thought about how the name George Orwell had always been very fortuitous for him since it was the name he had inadvertantly chosen when he first met Celeste Weaver. He had given the name to hospital workers in order to stay with her and protect her from the Morlocks who had drugged her. At the time they were still finding out how she had been tampered with.

Even though Arcane had first entered the modern Earth time line in 1986, Celeste and he had married later that same year on a Pacific island. They had then been given the assignment from the Galactic Time Guard after contact with MJ12 or the "Majestic 12" if you will. He and Celeste were to go back in time to 1950 and establish the UNUS Planetary Protectors under the sponsorship of the United Nations and funded by United States Black OPs money. Though all nations who sent agents to UNUS eventually contributed their own black Ops money the initial funding came from the US Government which was one of the few financially solvent governments left just after World War II. The initial funding came from Government fear generated from the Roswell incident. The most public revelations about super secret information came out in "The Day After Roswell" by Colonel Corso in the late 90's. Another interesting book was "Above Top Secret" written in the late 80's. Arcane met Corso just after he had viewed alien remains in 1947. He met him again after he was put in charge of reverse engineering alien technology during the Eisenhower administration.

Arcane thought to himself, "So this is the 92nd class of trainees. Amazing. Jonathan and his step son are here. Note(To Arcane each class is numbered 0001 to 0500.) Through trial and error Arcane had found that 500 was the optimum number of trainees for him to process. More than 500 he found created to much confusion for everyone. Less than 500 in a class created too much fear among the trainees. 500 trainees seemed to balance out perfectly against his very powerful personality and psychic abilities. 500 created the perfect orchestra on a psychic level for him to conduct and to mold into a fighting time travelling unit of Planetary Protectors.

Arcane went on, "If any of you have any reservations at all please leave now." Internally to Arcane's Biocom: (Note: If you haven't read 'Memories" a biocom is a standard issue Galactic Time Guard sentient computer that runs on the same electricity generated by the food a human body eats. It is perfectly interfaced with the host and telepathic communication between the 2 always exists whenever necessary. Any kind of research at all can be conducted in an instant about anyting studied or written about anywhere in the galaxy. This includes anything that has ever happened on Earth in any era past, present or future. This doesn't mean fake histories written by the conquerors. I'm talking about the actual events visibly happening. The fake histories that people read about are also available for certain situations as well. A mole on the front of the face carries a camera and microphone. All moments waking and sleeping are recorded for posterity past and future so all actions of any Galactic time Guard member can be analyzed at any point past, present or future to consider if any further time modifications are necessary.)

Arcane asks, "Biocom?" Biocom answers "YES, Arcane?" Arcane thinks, "I want you to stimulate all of these trainees who die violent deaths or who are tortured that cannot be rescued and brought back to life in the course of any future duty with us to leave now and avoid those consequences." Biocom answers, "Should I change their tortures and deaths in real time?" Arcane answers, "No, just let them leave now so they have no memory of the alternate time line. Let both timelines be in affect as of now." Biocom answers, "You are very kind to these trainees, Arcane." Arcane answered biocom, "I am still a Dragon of Compassion. It is why I am still so completely trusted by the Galaxy." Biocom answered, "I'm honored to serve you Arcane, especially in times like these."

Biocom and Arcane watched carefully as several trainees got up and left. Arcane as the pseudonymn George Orwell then said out loud, "I would no like to protect some of the rest of you from death---." Arcane said internally to Biocom, "Go forward in time and give me the faces of the ones that inadvertantly betray UNUS through no conscious fault of their own." Biocom said, "See the faces one by one." Arcane said, "Disappear the pictures one by one as they stand up." Biocom said, "As you wish." Arcane matched the pictures in his mind against the real people sitting here. After all 27 trainees were tapped on the shoulder Arcane said, "Give these trainees a big hand as they will be our technical support group. They will keep the rest of us alive." There was a clapping and cheering for the technical support people. Arcane said to Biocom in his mind, "Biocom, arrange for Android 7 to discuss why they earch were moved into technical support in a kind way to to the 27 in the next room." Biocom said, "You and very kind, Arcane." Arcane replied, "Yes. But I'm mostly trying to be as useful and efficient as possible. Biocom said, "Understood."

Arcane as Orwell said to the class, "You should give yourselves a big hand for having the balls to do this!" He watched carefully as they cheered themselves and watched even more carefully as one group started to chant, "To the death" over and over. Arcane thought, "It's great these few have this kind of dedication and enthusiasm but Biocom make a not of the instigators and their connections to each other." "Done!" Biocom said.

Arcane talked on to the trainees. He said, "---If there is any real chance that you are compromised a false cap on the back molar must be cruched---." As Arcane went on talking he thought how he would have like to be able to say that the molar cap is designed to instantly kill. It is really a way to let us know to alter time and to bring you back before you died. Once in a while they were accidentally bitten but to protect the whole UNUS Core it had been deemed necessary that all had a real one installed before any assignment was given. Removal of a functional cap for any reason usually meant automatic memory erase and dismissal from UNUS.

Arcane said, "We have found a book we would like you to read tonight." Arcane thought to himself,"Reading this book will really put these young people through some changes if they believe it's all true. I've live it all except for Jonathan's life and a few incarnations and I still can't believe most of it ever happened or will happen."

Arcane said to Biocom telepathically, "I wish to make an example of those who have to retroactively have their conception prevented." Biocom said, "Okay. How do you wish this handled?" Arcane said telepathically, " I want them to disapear aall at once out of this room no or within a few moments."

Five trainees disappeared never having been conceived. Arcane looked deadly somber. "As you can see, if you screw up time and life on earth in any serious way we will make sure you suffer in a way you don't want and that will make you wish you were never born and then you will get your wish." As the sick laughter began Arcane said in complete silence to Biocom, "Make a not of all these kinds of outbursts and sick laughter and incidents for future reference." Biocom said, "As you wish, Arcane."

Arcane went on, "---My home time is about 900,000 years into the future." Simaltaneously, Arcane sent this thought to Biocom. "Stimulate attack response in all 10 secret Galactic psychic operatives present." Biocom said,"Attack you?" Arcane said, "Yes." Biocom said, "How far away should I stop them." Arcane said, "When I raise my hand. Then when I raise my hand a second time stop them from speaking or yelling. Then let them stand there until further orders." Biocom said, "Yes Sir. I'm concerned about the psychological well being of the psychic operatives in doing this." Arcane said, "That is noted. However, I need a dramatic effect to bond the group to these psychics. I'm using sympathy as a bonding mechanism." Biocom said, "Well done, Sir." Arcane said, "I will personally heal any psychic harm while they are standing and after this demonstration I will complete the healing after the other time trainees leave the room." Biocom said, "Excellent, Sir!"

Note: All Galactic Psychic Operatives here are fully trained mostly without their conscious knowledge. They are all special Galactic Time Guard members. They have modified Biocoms of their own already installed mostly without their knowledge. These specially modified biocoms process and filter natural psychic input and alert their operative of dangers external or internal to the safety or health of the operative, the operatives family, friends or associates. In this way the exceptional monetary investment made into these psychic planetary protectors is kept safe and well invested. This allows these psychics to live for thousands of years if necessary through regeneration. No regular earth technicians or medical personnel can detect these biocoms or their peripherals or their transmissions within the body or their relay of transmissions through earth satellites to Galactic Central. Technicians and medical personnel not of Galactic Government would not be allowed to remember anything they found concerning Biocoms or any other irregularities. Because of the value of Galactic Psychic operatives in gathering information all of their thoughts waking an sleeping are constantly monitored through their biocoms in Galactic Central. This information is filtered and analyzed by tactical no earth born Galactic psychics as to its usefulness and meaning in relation to the survival of earth and the Galaxy. This is especially true in the Seer Class of psychics like Arcane and Jonathan that are precognitive in nature. Precognition is a funny thing. A true Galactic precognitive sees dangers past, present and future. As these real dangers are analyzed research is done in how best to correct these past, present and future dangers by operational personnel.

For example it was Jonathan's precognition that earth and all upon it would soon die within 100 years if he or someone else didn't do something to change that outcome. It was for this reason that Jonathan sacrificed himself in an attempt to save earth from extinction by attempting to project his soul to the Center of the Galaxy when he was 22 years old. He never expected to physically survive his sacrifice. He is surprised to have survived as you are surprised to hear of it.

Arcane went on speaking and during the course of his dialogue a very disturbed man stood up and said, "You never told us about having our thoughts monitored!" Arcane smiled and thought, "I have a traitor. Can he be modified, Biocom?" Biocom answered, "Yes. He was subliminally modified without his knowledge or consent by a terrorist group." Arcane quietly responded to Biocom, "Excellent! That is very fortuitous!" Arcane thought, "I'm glad we don't have to eliminate this man. He will be very valuable to us." The man slowly turned around in the air and was gently placed back in his seat. Arcane said out loud, "He will have no memory of any of this so please don't ask him about it. He will now be one of our finest operatives. Make a note of that."

Arcane smiled. He always liked this part. "I would like you all to meet my wife Celeste Weaver. we both are non earth born humanoid aliens. She is also descended from some of you here." Privately Arcane thought, "She is so beautiful and radiant. It is always a treat to see the new trainees meet their new surrogate mother. Ah yes, there is 0021, Jonathan's stepson sitting right next to her. Always in the right place at the right time. That's Celeste!

Arcane watched the trainees file out. He spoke with a few who wished to speak personally with him. He was brief because they all knew he had to deal with the ten psychics still standing. Jonathan Flow was the most disoriented. Arcane thought, "This would be tricky. Even without memories Jonathan is a formidable psychic. He's not the usual earth kind that just skips over the surface of things. He goes very deep like I do. How remarkable to see what he see with his second sight. Through him I see the far future of my soul!"

Note: In October 1999 I rented a motorhome in Munich, Germany. I drove the first day to Oberamagau and spent the night in a campground that accepted motor homes there. The next day I took a nearby tram with a relative and a friend. From there we proceeded into Austria. For some reason our ATM cards didn't work in the ATM machines there. Since the best conversion rate from dollars to whatever was through an ATM I wasn't interested in charging everything or getting ripped off in a different money conversion. For this reason alone we decided to head toward Switzerland.

I had been travelling in Scotland and England. I took my mother to visit the two towns in Scotland where her father and mother had been raised. Since my mother was then very old I knew it would be her last trip. Though it was much more expensive that meant flying and renting a motor home and cars when necessary in order to accommadate my mothers feebleness. Though we were to meet my son and his friend in Munich, my mother wasn't happy to leave Scotland and England. When we arrived in Germany she wasn't happy and proceeded to not be happy until we arrived back in California. So this made the trip difficult. I think now it was because she lost many friends in World War II in France and Germany while she was in her 20's.

After we visited Zurich and had a realy great time there, we drove to the Jungfrau and took a cogwheel train up most of the way to about 10,000 feet in elevation. From there we could see eye to eye with glaciers and much beauty surrounding us. I wished it were ski season since I have been an avid skier for at least 30 years now in California, especially on Mt. Shasta. However, the main purpose of this trip was to take Mom to the old country in Scotland where her parents were raised. The side trip to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy was to visit with my son and his friend who had by then been travelling a couple of months on a Eurail pass bought in the United States. They had already been to England, Scotland, France, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Holland,and my son's friend had been to Finland. After travelling through Germany, austria, Switzerland and Italy, my son and his friend travelled through Czechlosovakia and Bulgaria and other European countries as well. My son especially like Praque in the Czech republic as he met up with a girl he had met in Scotland who lived there.

After my son and his friend left to travel Italy after we visited the Italian side of the Matterhorn my mother and daughter and I stayed at the Christina hotel for a night as my mother was too travel weary to spend another night in the motor home. The next day we traveled through miles of tunnels to get back into Switzerland proper and to head back toward Munich to return the motor home. I drove about 15 hours that next day to insure that we would return to Munich on time to catch our plane back to London a couple of days hence. It snowed as I was driving and almost blew me off some mountain passes. I was glad to have a 5 speed diesel motorhome or I might not have survived the drive. The ability to downshift going downhill was a necessity for survival on the steep swiss hiways in blowing snow or under any conditions for that matter. I was impressed at the complete lack of guardrails on most hiways when I had to face oncoming trucks with what seemed like an inch of roadway to spare on my side of the road in the snow.

Finally, the wind was blowing so hard on one mountain pass and I was so tired from driving 15 hours straight that I knew I had to stop for all our sakes. So I pulled over to the side of the road on a pullout and as we slept it seemed sometimes like the whole motorhome was going to blow over in the winds which were 50 to 75 miles per hour in that pass all night. By morning the winds had died down and it was a beautiful day.

I had had a strange dream visitation of Swiss mountain gnomes. They had angular faces like the little figurines found carved throughout Switzerland. They welcomed us there and spoke of underground caverns where they lives the King and queen were very happy to see us and mentioned that my ancestors had once lived there on my fathers side. When I woke up I was in tears from this experience as 6 Hartzell brothers had come to the United States in 1720. I think I felt the most at home in Switzerland and Scotland. I loved everywhere in the Mountains of Switzerland and especially around Aviemore, Scotland where there are several lakes and a Ski lift up into the Cairngorms.

I realized fully today that my UNUS.html experience happened the night of the dream and visions of the Swiss mountain Gnomes. This might seem odd to you but those who work with UNUS are not aware of their jobs all the time only when they are called into action. Memories are not allowed to exist most of the time of their work. This is necessary for security. Though Men in Black is hollywoodized what happens in reality is not much different for actual time and space travellers in temporarily or permanently erasing memories.

People who have memories of UFO's and other odd experiences have been left these memories for a purpose or by accident. Otherwise those memories would have been erased for the common good. end note.


We now skip forward about 10 years to the same classroom deep under the Swiss Alps. Once again George Orwell and Celeste Weaver are welcoming the next class of Planetary Protectors to "You News"

George begins to speak. He says, "Welcome to 'You News'. I want you to know up front that if we could have prevented 9-11 we would have. However, it was found to be a necessary event for the survival of life on earth. We are sorry to lose those approximately 3000 from our time but we have a pleasant surprise for you. They didn't die. We moved them to another time in the future. We had to move them all about 100 years ahead in time. Through the witness protection program they were all given new names and identities. They were very upset as you can imagine about this but understood when they were given the choice of dying or being moved forward in time."

A nervous hand went up from one of the trainees. George said," Yes? You have a question?" The nervous trainee said, "I'm confused, Sir. What you are saying doesn't make sense to me. How could we move the dead forward in time and bring them back to life?

George smiled, "Because we pulled them out of time before any of them were injured or died. That is one reason why so little organic matter was found afterwords. What little dna matter was found was duplicated by us. No one really died who was a victim of 9-11 except the perpetrators of the calamity.

"Sir, did that include all the airline passengers?" George smiled and said, "Yes." As the man started to sit down there was a tear in his eye. George went on, "You will be able to visit your mother in the future while on assignment." The trainee looked amazingly happy. The rest of the trainees cheered for him. George said, It was a pleasure to do that. Some of the rest of you have relatives or friends that died that day as well. You will all be able to visit those near and dear to you in the future. However, you won't be able to tell them how your visit was accomplished. Just tell them you work for the government. That will suffice and they will get it." A cheer went up and there was more than one trainee with a tear in his or her eye.

After everyone calmed down a little there was another question from a trainee. "Sir? You said that 9-11 was a necessary event for life to continue on earth. What was meant by that? Are you at liberty to speak on this subject?" Mr. Orwell thought a moment and said, "Normally, I would say nothing because of possible ramifications. However, I feel I owe you and the group something. I'll tell you a story to illustrate what happened. IF YOU WERE TO TAKE A LOBSTER AND PUT IT IN COLD WATER IN A POT THAT YOU SLOWLY BRING TO A BOIL THERE WOULD BE NO POINT WHERE THAT LOBSTER WILL JUMP OUT BECAUSE THE CHANGE IS TOO SLOW. HOWEVER, IF YOU TAKE THAT SAME LOBSTER AND THROW IT INTO HOT BOILING WATER IT WILL JUMP OUT. 9-11 just through the free world into boiling water. It is now jumping out." Clapping hand started and grew as the heads of trainees nodded in agreement.

Another hand raised, it was Celeste Weaver. Mr. Orwell said, "Ah yes. I would like you all to meet my wife also of 'You News', Celeste." She stood up and people were in awe of the woman for she was similar to George in some ways but much more exotic. She seemed to glow. She said after a waving to the trainees, "Will the trainees here be brought back to life and health if they are killed or maimed in the performance of their duties?" Mr. Orwell said, "An excellent question, Celeste. For the most part the answer is 'Yes'. However, for the real adrenaline junkies among you I must say that if you die too many times in the course of duty we not have the resources to bring you back after the 20th time you die." There was a cynical laugh among the trainees. George continued, "You see we are not just playing 2 dimensional chess here. We are playing 5 to 10 dimensional chess at least so to speak. We have brought some members of our cadres back only to find that the action so screwed up time that we had to undo the save." The trainees weren't to happy about this. However, to be brought back to life even once would be a miracle.

monday April 14, 2003 Note: The author is under the protection of the G-7 nations Time Cadres.For example there is a United States Time Cadre, a British Time Cadre, a French Time Cadre, a German Time Cadre, a Russian Time Cadre, a Chinese Time Cadre, a Japanese Time Cadre. There is also a UN time cadre. Arcane is presently in charge of the UN Time Cadre and the author is also under Arcane's protection too. It would not be practical to write all this otherwise. All time cadres exist to protect the earth and all individual nations from all types of weapons of mass destruction. Since these time cadres are under the strict supervision of the Galactic and regional time guards the time guards of one nation or all nations never operate against each other but only to keep all types of life forms presently on earth alive and healthy and to maintain the territorial integrity of all nations.

If you ask the author personally about any of this he will deny it and say that it is all science fiction. However, you and I now know better. It is for all my readers safety and protection of you and your families and friends that I write this. Earth is a Galactic Protectorate and is moving now toward a one world government. Sadly, there appears no other way to prevent the extinction of all life on earth. Everything is being done is to protect the existence of all your childrens, childrens children and so on.

The special OPs highest leaders in the G7 nations are secret member of Galactic sponsored Time Cadres. Anyone going against time cadres will lose since you all know they can go back in time or forward and try again thousands of times if necessary until they get something perfect for everyone. How do I know all this?I have been psychic and have staked my life on my abilities since I was about 3. This doesn't completely avoid all injuries it just always makes me know what dangers exist for all on earth and how to keep myself and family and friends alive as long as I live. Will I live thousands of years like Arcane? Will I have to pretend to die and still go on. I don't know. I'm told I will if I make the right decisions along the way. For those of you who want to see 1000 or more years. Here's to your prayers for millions of right decisions. Pray without ceasing. Be compassionate. Look for joy in life. But most of all be very pragmatic and wise. Compassion and infinite wisdom. That will do it!