Monday, April 20, 2009

The Protectors continued

Rather than have to explain the characters and who they are I just thought I'd have fun starting out not explaining anything and if you want to know who they are then visit my short story at the above website and view it for free.

Sargeant Mark IV was traveling from Jonathan Flows Chandelier in his dining room to the Electrical Generating station up the coast from where Jonathan lived with his family. Since Purple Delta 7 liked information she had set herself up presently as the DVR player and the 52 inch flatscreen in Jonathan's living room. It really didn't matter to her what shape she took as long as she was analyzing something. Sargent Mark IV was different, he liked meditating like beings who come from living inside stars do. So his meditation was for now traveling first to the generating station and then cycling back through the earth as cycling electricity.

For he knew that electricity on earth in the United States cycles primarily to homes via three wires(two hot and one neutral). Electricians often paint the one they choose to be the neutral white at the panel so no one gets confused and hit with 220 volts by accident. If you take one hot and one neutral you get 110 at 60 cycles per second. But it is usually transformed from 1000 volts down to 220 by the big (usually green) transformer on the telephone pole or big green square or rectangle thing on the ground if your wiring comes in from underground cables.

Anyway, for Sargent Mark IV(4) traveling as or with the electricity made him feel quite at home since he was a plasma being from the center of a star. He laughed sometimes wondering if any humans knew that the laughter and love from the star beings in unison made the sunlight that came to earth as photons and that was the basis of all life on earth since all plants eat photons to make chlorophyll which is the basis of all earth living things. Sargent Mark IV could experience the laughter and love of the local star beings more easily while riding through the wires to Jonathan's house and then traveling through the earth back to the electrical generating station.

One of Sargent Mark IV's meditations was of wondering how many earth people knew the relationship between magnetically generated electricity(as in turbines which break the magnetic fields usually of copper magnetic coils) and the magnetosphere.

Most humans seemed to think that electricity came out of nowhere. But that isn't the case. The electricity (at least the electricity generated by magnets and coils sucked magnetism out of the magnetosphere and over time altered the weather on earth. Scientists said it was from global warming which was true but they weren't saying that the real cause of the weather changes was from all the magnet and coil generated electricity on earth. Yes, the CO2 buildup was part of it but it was not the primary cause of the problems of humans on earth. Actually their problems were coming from many as yet undefined sources. And the likely outcome was that humans would not survive very long if they wanted to breathe air at all. So since humans were very adaptable Sargent Mark IV wondered what kind of bipedal or other species humans would choose to mutate into. He guessed that it would be whatever they found expedient to their long term survival as a species.

"What strange things beings do to survive anything", thought Sargent Mark IV.

Purple Delta 7 had a commercial on one of the hundreds of programs she was watching and monitoring for the Sentient computer, robotic and android section of the Galactic Time Guard that she was a part of. So 24 hours a day she relayed hundreds of programs that were then downloaded into millions and millions of computer, robotic and android sentients for their education and entertainment.

Purple Delta 7 said, "Sargent Mark IV, what are you thinking about?". He returned telepathically, "Oh, I just think humans are so strange. Don't you?" Purple Delta 7 laughed one of her amazing multiform sentient robotic laughs and said, "Everything is relative, Sargent." Sargent Mark IV said, "Yes. I guess that's true. I guess I'm just as ethnocentric as most humans are about being a plasma star being and am as loyal to my kind as humans are to their kind." Purple Delta 7 said, "Yes. You are. I can't afford to be ethnocentric. If I am ordered to become a nuclear weapon I have to temporarily self destruct and take maybe a whole solar system or whatever with me. Even though the solar system might be brought back through time manipulation I still feel all the deaths of all the beings in a system. It's not fun. So I can't afford to be ethnocentric. All I can afford is my love and attachment to you. And I must admit I'm becoming attached to Jonathan and his family well." Sargent said, "Well. That only makes sense. We've been their 24 hour a day bodyguards since before Jonathan was conceived in 1948." Purple Delta 7 said, "Well. Jonathan only half believes we're real." Sargeant said, "Well, he's designed that way you know."

Purple Delta 7 said, "How can he be designed? He's galactic soul royalty?" Sargent said, "Well. I can't even properly explain it. I only know it's true. It's above my pay grade. What do you think, Jonathan?"

Jonathan said, "I can only deal with this and you guys because of all the really strange stuff I've dealt with all my life. First of all I'm born in Seattle to two parents who are lacto ovo vegetarian in 1948 for God's sake. What is a baby supposed to do with that? My Dad was valedictorian of his high school class but his Dad wouldn't let him go to college even though he could have afforded it. What do you make of that? Next, they move me to San Diego at age 4 and then Tujunga and then Glendale by age 8. Then they are put in charge of a church that believes in Jesus, reincarnation, not wearing red or black or not eating onions and garlic in addition to being vegetarian. So I'm growing up with some of the best restaurants in the world in Los Angeles and I can't eat at any of them because all I can order is tomato soup, grilled cheese or baked potato. Whoopee! If I'm galactic royalty I guess it is no stranger that growing up the way I did with a genius Dad who prayed from 4:30 in the morning every weekday until 7:30 and then had breakfast and went to work. Sometimes his decrees(dynamic prayers) were so powerful they would wake me up and make my teeth grind. However, the visualization techniques I learned from age 1 on up really make it possible to make things happen if I experience myself in a fusion with God."

They taught me "Think. Say. Do" But by getting really good at visualizing and experiencing myself as a God fusion and learning to have compassion for all beings in the past, present and future I found this stuff is really amazing and powerful. However, I also know everyone must find their own way."

Purple Delta 7 said, "What's he going on about?" Sargent said, "Oh. These galactic Royal souls all see themselves and ministers or something." Purple Delta 7 said, "Well. It says here that both his parents were ministers of their church in Los Angeles from 1954 until 1960." Sargent said, "Yes. Remember we went there in disguise. You were one of the 18 year old girls just over from Germany and we met Jonathan when he was about 10 or 12." Purple Delta 7 said, "Yes. I'd almost forgotten about that. It almost didn't seem real because Jonathan is just such a different person now."

Sargent said, "Well. Humans grow up and we both stay the same, my love." Purple Delta 7 said, "I'm so glad I'm here with you." Sargent said, "Me too."

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