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History of Eridian sequel to memories

Here Begins another book in the Memories series called

The History of Eridian

Sunday February 24th 2002

How I Began My Life As Eridian

My life was Jonathan's until tuesday the 20th of February 2002. I was his upir or time duplicated body. However, because of Ragna and Elohar's distress because of the war they were in then they forget to reintegrate me back into Jonathan.They normally only make one duplicate body. This time they made 3 because of uncertainty during the war attacks. I was temporarily forgotten and left for about 10,000 years. When Ragna remembered he had made 3 upirs for Jonathan he was upset because he had forgotten. However, Eridian, my future self came and told him not to interfere with this upir because it is Eridian. Ragna was shocked at first but the more he thought about it the more it made sense to him that Arcane, His Oneness and Jonathan and Eridian were all interconnected souls and protectors of Earth.

I #41 BEGAN as a upir of Jonathan Flow on 2-20-2002 AD. I lay dormant in stasis for 10,000 years. Miners in the area of northern Italy came upon me while blasting a deep mine into the Alps in about 17,000 AD. This is on the original timeline in which North and South America, China, Australia and all pacific Islands are unihabitable for around 100,000 years. You now reading this are on a timeline in which this war has been prevented if you are on earth. There had been an ice age and most of the highly advanced technologies of 1800Ad to 12,000 AD were now gone. There were still books from thousands of years ago but very few knew how to read them and many words now had unknown or unclear meanings. The internal combustion Engine had just been reinvented from ancient records found in books. It had only been 25 years since its invention so the technology was still evolving.

When miners dug into my vault they realized they had found a vault of the ancient technologies of earth. The present day governments then were contacted and officials were brought to the site. They were very impressed with all they found. It took them five years of research to figure out how to safely cause the chamber to reanimate my body. Once my body was reanimated they could not understand what I had to say. So I began pointing to objects and saying their name in English. By this time English had so severely mutated that it did not even faintly resemble what it was in my home times of the 20th and 21st centuries. They did realize that I was speaking an ancient form of what they called Inglyph or as we call it English. It was known as the survivors language in their times. After about 6 months we formed a language that we could all communicate in. I did not have the correct throat muscles to speak their present day language to where they could understand me speaking it. It was also a tonal language and I found this difficult to impossible because all the tones were in a higher range than my voice could go. Someone as tall as me was unheard of too. A voice as low asa mine had an odd calming affect on people. They seemed to feel peace around me. Otherwise they all seemed agitated almost all the time. They seemed like people who had no internal peace whatsoever. I became a religious icon to the very much like Jesus rising from the dead in the resurrection. This appeared to be how they thought of me. Also, because I couldn't speak their language I couldn't really say anything to make me seem crazy, wierd or different. So they were able to make up religious fantasies about me. The government officials and researchers who first contacted me didn't stop any of this because it increased theri wealth and statice. So the whole thing became like a snowball rolling down a hill of snow. It just became bigger and bigger. Pretty soon all the holy men and women of the world were coming around to ask me questions. By this time I had accessed one of Ragna's translation devices from the vault. I used this device only with the holy men and women to answer their questions about the past and future. I saw no reason to withold any information I had because there was no one there to tell me "NO!"

As a result of all this their civilizations prospered. Meanwhile, I went into my stasis chamber and stayed there in stasis unless I was needed. By this time I had realized I was Eridian. The only way I knew for sure I would become Eridian was to stay alive as long as possible. And the only way I knew how to do this was to stay in stasis as much as possible. So sometimes I would be woken up only once in a century. Sometimes they would wake me up once a year. My advice was always taken and was considered by this time absolute. I didn't particularly think this was always good but I saw my purpose as becoming Eridian Guardian of Earth's Infinite Heavens as my goal still thousands of years into the future.

The Guardians of the Resurrected Ones guarded my vault unfailingly. Great worldwide statis was acheived in being one of my many guardians. My life began to feel like a technical version of the flying cave yogi I had been in a previous life in the late 1800's in Nepal, Tibet, India and China. The technology changed my perspective a lot from this, however.

As the centuries passed I became aware of newer and more innovative ways of thinking and acting. My universal translator that Ragna had left me continued to work for 20,000 years. Finally, there were visitors from other worlds and then something really amazing happened:arcane came to visit me.

He said, "Jonathan upir, your future self, Eridian bade me come and visit you so you could begin the next part of your training. He said I am to take you around the galaxy with me and to educate you in what you must know to become the full fledged Eridian.

I said, "I have waited long for this moment, Arcane, because I knew that staying in stasis was the only way I could eventually become Eridian. I also knew that Earth needed me to become Eridian or else I would have let myself die long ago.

Arcane said, "You must tell the people of earth that you must go now to heal people on other worlds for a while. Tell them you will be gone exactly 100 years and that you will leave a duplicate of yourself to answer any questions in an emergency.

I said, "I think they will accept that, Arcane."

"I know they will. You are like a God to them Jonathan."

Yes, I know" I said, "I'm not entirely comfortable with that either, Arcane. By the way, are you Saint Germain yet?

Arcane smiled a little at me. "I have been Francis Bacon and feigned death if that is what you mean. I have also been "The Man who Never Dies" of Europe. I suppose you could say that I am Saint Germain in the same way that I could say that you are the Lord Maha Chohan."

"Yes, I know what you mean, Arcane. It is a strange reality that you and I exist in."

Arcane looked into me deeply and said, "Yes, but if you and I and a few others didn't share this kind of existence earth could never have been what it is or what it will be!"

Jonathan Moves On

Tuesday March 27th 2007

One day Jonathan was walking on one of his favorite trails up on Mt. Shasta almost to tree line in summer which was springtime for that altitude. He was thinking about how Mr. Ballard had met a mountain lion and instead of being eaten by it had tamed both it and his fear of the lion. The hair on the back of Jonathan's neck stood up. At first he thought of the Lion but this was different. Still, his body knew something was very different that had never happened before. Ahead on the trail he saw Arcane, His Oneness and Eridian(Meridian). First Arcane opened his arms to embrace him so as scared as Jonathan's body felt he knew he must obey his teacher, so he embraced Arcane. Arcane disappeared into Jonathan's body so he leaned up against a tree so he wouldn't faint. Next, His Oneness opened his arms to embrace Jonathan. Though Jonathan was even more amazed he was no longer scared. He was in too much shock to be scared this time. He only hoped he wouldn't faint so he quickly embraced His Oneness. Once again, His Oneness disappeared into Jonathan. This time Jonathan didn't faint but there was so much light and awareness in his being he was desperately trying to integrate it all. As if in answer to his desperate quest Eridian opened his arms to Jonathan. This time, however, Jonathan disappeared into Eridian. The four of them laughed as one body and consciousness. They all thought this was the best joke God had ever played on them. They were all one. They knew who they were and what had to happen next.

The most useful base of awareness within the four beings now one would be Jonathan because his perceptions more closely mirror yours in whatever century you read this.

Jonathan reeled from actually experiencing the memories of all four soul aspects of him at once. There was a concept he had been introduced to as a child being raised in the "I AM" by his parents, it was of Cosmic Beings like The Great Divine Director and an Ascended Master named Victory of Venus. It was said that they were not male or female because they had become both so balanced were they. To say that they were even Ascended Masters was debatable because they actually are something else entirely. To say they are literal Gods would probably be the most useful and very very old and wise Gods at that would be the most useful of all. However, they would be the first to say that their job was to watch over planets and evolutions of billions of human souls as well as billions of souls not presently being human. To say they each are spiritual Grandparents of the planet they each watched over could be useful. What they were best at was answering prayers by dispatching angels on behalf of the God of the Entire Universe to heal and to help all beings who asked for help. 1

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