Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Living With Angels

If you are gifted like me then you have seen, or felt the presence of Angels, either from time to time or most of the time or even all of the time.

When I was 21 I was asked to leave my childhood church and the girl I had intended to marry and that I had gone steady with for 2 years was forbidden to talk to me anymore by the church. Though I was ready mentally to move on from this church as I felt people in the church were hypocritical, remember I was only 21 and hadn't learned yet that hypocrisy is in every church to a greater or lesser degree.

I think some people in the church couldn't deal with me being gifted because often I could see the future and when I predicted something and it happened some people couldn't handle that. So, even though mentally I was ready to move on, losing thousands of friends worldwide was very hard on me. So, within one year of this experience I took the idea of suicide very seriously for about 2 years.

During this time my mother, who is also gifted in seeing auras, sensing angels and a very deep intuitive got a lady from her church to come speak with me who was both beautiful and in her 40s. She showed me how to bring the angels closer into the physical so one literally lives with the angels. Yes, it is true that one must change the way one runs their consciousness and energy so that angels will choose to stay around more and more. However, what convinced me not to commit suicide was this lady showing me about how to be with angels on earth.

My thought was: if I can live with angels here on earth why would I kill myself, because after all life on the other side isn't much different than here. And if I have angels with me here and relatively good health I basically have it all. And if I do God's work with my supernatural gifts as he shows me it is a win win situation for everyone.

The lady who was in her early 40s is now in her 80s. She called me recently and said to me, "Did you know you are an angel?" I said, "Yes. I understand that."

For living with angels tends to make one an angel too, even here on earth.

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