Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Technical notes from Bio-Com


Though this is about 3/4 of the way through my online book, the above webpage will tell you what you need to know about Jonathan Flow's Biocom(Biological computer and communication sentience) which is built into Jonathan Flow, Arcane, and Celeste Weaver. However, each one is slightly different based upon era, necessity and need.

Begin Biocom Technical notes on April 21st 2009:

Biocom communicating: First of all, as noted above Arcane's, Celeste Weavers and Jonathan's Biocoms are unique. However, they are all compatible and speak each others binary and millions of other Galactic Languages, both human and most others. However, Jonathan asked a question today in regard to deep memory storage in teeth fillings. I told him what I knew and he asked if he could relay this information here so here it is:

Deep storage units function at a molecular, atomic and electron, proton and neutron level. Because of this terrabytes of useful information can be stored in less than the size of a pinhead of a straight pin. So, how this is done: units are stored in an alternate time usually in the vicinity of the normal bed that the subject sleeps in in an alternate timespace. When these units are needed they are moved into the place of part of the fillings of this person teeth. (This is how it is done on earth) On other planets, dimensions, nebula and stars it is done quite differently with totally different materials. By spatially replacing segments of fillings(usually cylindrical or spherical in shape by altering time and space in a specific way. The sections of filling can be removed efficiently while the next instant replacing those segments. In this way no integrity is lost in the fillings of the teeth because the subject is asleep when this happens and is done by a med robot of a specific class capapable of dimentional and time travel to multiple types of time and dimensions. Though Jonathan knows about this about 90% of the people on earth who have memory fillings don't know they have them. In this way the Galactic Time Guard can research, dreams, memories and all experiences useful in quantifying the holistic consciousness of all or most life on earth in any given instant, day, decade, century, millennium, or even longer if necessary. Since med robots don't get bored like some computer or robotic sentients do, they don't mind going inactive 5 feet or more under the ground in a cylinder spatially removed of earth or rock until they are needed days, weeks, months, years or centuries later if necessary. In this way Earth is studied over millions of years to better understand what life is here.

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