Monday, April 20, 2009

Useful Dating Tips for Successful Women

Begin quote:
What was the #1 reason that 1,000 men didn't pursue a woman whom they were initially interested in? I've labeled it "The Boss Lady." He thinks she's terrific -- smart and successful -- but he decides he'd rather hire her than date her. In such a situation, women typically guess that men are intimidated by their success or strong personality. But men said they get enough aggression at work all day, and when they come home they want to be with someone softer, more nurturing. They do want someone intelligent with an interesting career, but they prefer a warm demeanor. end quote

I find this is absolutely true. Men get tired of competing with other men possibly even aggressive women at work. They don't want someone to compete with at home as well.

That doesn't mean some men don't want and intelligent woman at home to protect their back so to speak. But they want this woman to protect their back and not to just castrate them psychologically every time they walk in the door. Though men might put up with constant psychological castration, usually there are only two reasons a man will put up with this: his children and a whole lot of money. Otherwise he will just eventually walk out the door unless he thinks you are going to try to kill him or commit suicide without him.

Even then if it is bad enough he might simply disappear to where no one will find him that you know.

However, if we are just talking about basic dating the above article from the above webpage address my wife and step daughter thought was very excellent too. I printed out a copy for my wife and she gave it to my goddaughter who is 23 and she wants to give it to a friend that is too competitive and aggressive with men. So, it is a very useful article for the aggressive alpha female who is well educated and successful but alone.

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