Saturday, April 18, 2009

Better Off Ted

Better Off Ted is a new TV Show that reminds me of both Dilbert(the comic strip) and The Simpsons(even though Better off Ted isn't a cartoon). It uses humor to speak to the basic insanities of working inside a corporation. Even though it is a caricature of all the worst qualities of all corporations it does get to the heart of why people working in many if not most corporations have so many mental and emotional health issues.

Yes. It is true that times are now so bad that the people in tents and in physical danger(both actual 'medical' and by threat 'vulnerable because of no locked doors or windows') probably would gladly work in the insane world of Better Off Ted rather than be so very afraid and hungry and vulnerable all the time, Better Off Ted is an illustration of what not to aspire to. Or better said, "It is what people do who have no common sense whatsoever.

Portia De Rossi's charactor is asked about morals and ethics and says something like, "I'm not a Greek philospher. How should I know about morals and ethics?" or something like that.

Now, if you have any common sense at all and are no longer 5 years old this is a very funny statement and illustrates a person completely bereft of any useful morality or common sense in regard to any decisions whatsoever.

Ted is a nice enough guy whose wife has left him he says "To save the world!" His comment about her is "Who's going to save the world from her?" He is left to raise his 9? year old daughter alone and she appears to be his moral compass as he has either lost his in the process of losing his wife or never had one to begin with.

The TV program is filled with people who have sold out their morals and ethics for a job. However, like I said, Millions of people living in tents would probably be glad to sell out their morals and ethics just to feel safe inside an apartment or their own home or even inside any building they could lock intruders out of.

So, in the end I guess it is all relative to what you have now which is also unfortunate for planet earth and all human beings upon it these days.

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