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Memories part 8

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And then he woke up on New Deva remembering everything. He gritted his teeth. His senses reeled. He must tell Priest Scientist 1 that Arayin was dead sometime today before he left for Isfahel. He sat up and meditated the meditation of his life. He prepared for death even though he could not die in order to prepare for the coming days on Isfahel.

Arcane moved as if in a trance. He was aware of what he was doing but it was as if he was a spiritually motivated biological robot. It was as if part of his brain was disconnected-the part dealing with emotions. During crises or wars some parts of soldiers brains shut down and other parts activate. Soldiers become robots doing what they must to save their culture or species. Most of the time this is necessary for the survival of the humanoid species. This was the case today.

As sure as Arcane knew he was alive he knew he was the last hope of New Deva. His people just weren't capable of the ruthlessness of Isfahel. But he was capable of Ruthlessness today!

He would be just as ruthless as he had to be to save New Deva.

Eridian and the Light Elders would not let him misuse the gifts given. He must honor his culture of New Deva, the light elders of Earth, and the souls of Isfahel. To do less would be a blasphemy to all souls.

He walked to the view screen. He pulled out the keyboard. He typed "Give me above top secret clearance." The sentient view screen said, "Done, Arcane."

Arcane Said,"Scramble a voice message from me to Priest Scientist 1."

"Done." the view screen said.

"Begin encoding above top secret message." "I am going to take my body to the appointed destination on Isfahel. I will return today or within 6 months to my parents house. When I return I will view screen you. Wish me Godspeed.

I also have some very bad news. Arayin, visionary saint of New Deva is dead. She would not bow to Tech Noir. I have put her soul in a safe place until the war is over. Thank God I am well trained in governing my emotions. I leave now and I will succeed. God Bless you and New Deva! "

"Send Please."

The view screen said, "Thank you, Arcane and good luck. Sent above top secret."

Arcane visualized himself inside the time grid controls on Isfahel. He knew he would succeed. It was just a matter of when and how. He also knew he would have to leave New Deva within 6 months of his success. For there to be a lasting peace with Isfahel he must disappear into another career somewhere in the Galaxy. Eridian had said something about travelling to Earth in the deep past. It was all becoming clearer.

Tech Noir's method of government came from being a prophet. He even prophesied the coming of Arcane and knew who he was the first time. However, Tech Noir didn't know that his banishment of Arcane to Earth would lead to the fall of his government and religion on Isfahel. Eridian and the Light Elders of Earth knew the soul of Tech Noir well. They had no Problem in separating him from his body for they knew the incredible suffering he had caused to humans of earth so long ago. Tech Noir's karma was overdue.

The prophet leader of Isfahel had one great flaw. He prophesied that everyone must worship him as the son of God. Anyone on any planet who didn't must die. So he basically had declared War on the Galaxy. Though most of the Galaxy could laugh about this, New Deva wasn't laughing for they were as close as Earth is to Mars. After Tech Noir had exterminated everyone on Isfahel that didn't worship him or at least pretend to worship him he attacked New Deva, a peaceful and Democratic Planet. New Deva was no match for Tech Noir and was losing the war. However, Tech Noir was no match for Arcane interfaced with Eridian and the other 8 Light Elders and the living spirit of Earth.

After saying goodbye to his parents. He went to his room. At first his body shook with the surreal nature of what he must do. Then he thought of all who would benefit on New Deva and Isfahel from his personal sacrifice. He held all the souls of Isfahel and New Deva in his heart to give him the spirit strength to succeed in ending all their suffering. He felt almost disembodied as he visualized himself on Isfahel. He felt the full power of God in action flow through him. He experienced a gratitude he had never known to his creator in allowing him to be his instrument to save both planets and possibly even his galaxy from Tech Noir. Arcane saw himself on Isfahel and he was there. He appeared at the time grid controls of Isfahel. He shorted them out immediately with his mind and set them off phase. 3 billion people were now in time stasis. It was as if time froze for them.

On his wrist he accessed his communicator. "Priest-Scientist 1, Attack Now! The grid is down."

"Understood, Arcane. Can you hold out until we get there?"

"I think so, your Holiness."

"Good!" said Priest scientist1

Immediately, Arcane was under attack from Tech Noir's elite squad who had their own personal time generators mounted on their utility belts outside their armor.

He saw the plasma explosions from the Guard'sEridian. He saw the look of horror on the elite Guards as he disconnected their souls from their bodies with his mind. He didn't kill them but they were all going to be unconscious for days.

He was growing tired from rendering so many unconscious. He decided he must tell Priest Scientist 1 what he was going to do.

"New Deva!" he said into his wrist communicator. "I must leave my present position and hide. There are too many of them"

"Understood" the voice said.

"I will be somewhere that can receive your signal. Tell me when to come back to this point."

Again the words, "Understood." in response.

Arcane visualized himself under the oceans of Isfahel in a random place even he didn't know the location of. The green sphere's depth gauge said he was 1000 feet deep in Isfahel's ocean. Since he was in the green protective sentient sphere of Earth he knew he would be safe. He knew the sentient sphere would care for him. He sat cross legged and watched the ocean creatures curiously examine him inside the sphere. If any were a threat the sphere would tell him.

He pulled up a portable view screen from his wrist and set it up. He saw a lot of view screen traffic of Tech Noir's elite Guard. They knew they were done for. Their was just no combating the type of attack that Arcane Eridian and the Light Elders were bringing.

Finally, he picked up a private conversation between Tech Noir and his underlings. Tech Noir said," I must escape to another time. Otherwise I will be captured. Gather all the Elite guard together. We must all go to the same random untraceable date in the past together."

Arcane called Eridian to him. Arcane said, "Can you track Tech Noir to any time destination?"

"Yes, as long as it's on Isfahel." Arcane said, "That could be a real problem if he leaves the planet."

"I'm going to have to risk a transmission."

"Then you are going to have to leave here as you transmit as they plan to nuke you when you next transmit." said, Eridian. "We can't protect you from that so you must get out of the way somehow."

Arcane said, "If I stay here all the sea creatures will die. Are there clouds above the capitol?"

"Yes, said Eridian there are some."

"Then I'll appear for 20 seconds or less while I transmit in one of those clouds."

"Eridian said, "I think that will work."

Arcane visualized himself above the capital of Isfahel in a cloud and there he was.

"Above top secret Emergency! Tech Noir plans to escape back into time. He may also go off planet. come soon."

"Missiles have been launched Arcane!"

Arcane visualized himself deep under the ground of Isfahel. He had been told it would take 90 minutes until New Deva anti gravity Battleships arrived over the capitol of Isfahel.

45 minutes had passed already. His instincts told him to wait 15 minutes. Then he would travel back in time to the location of Tech Noir just before Arcane had disabled the time grid. In this way he may be able to catch Tech Noir off guard while the previous time arcane disabled the time grid and temporarily disconnected the elite guard from their bodies.

15 minutes had passed. Arcane visualized himself in Tech Noir's quarters in invisible mode. He was lucky no alarms were triggered thanks to Eridian.

As he watched Tech Noir II going over his military plans for the day Arcane realized no one was in the room with him.

Arcane quickly disconnected Tech Noir from his body. He gave his soul to Eridian. Arcane said, "He won't be coming back to his body."

Even Tech Noir's soul was unconscious. Eridian had a slight look of horror in his eyes.

Then Arcane said, "The Billions of souls on New Deva and Isfahel must be saved from this Hell maker! I'm going to be okay, Eridian."

"Yes, you will Arcane. I thought for a moment you had slipped into madness! I'm very glad to be mistaken." Arcane went swiftly in invisible mode to the inert body of Tech Noir II. He took the controls on Tech Noirs time control belt and turned off all the personal time grid generators of the Elite Guard.

Arcane looked at Eridian and said with tears of anger in his eyes. "No more will die today. No more will be tortured to death the way Arayin was."

Arcane was shaking now. It had finally sunk in. He was functioning no longer as a man or even a humanoid. He had become a demigod and a hero of New Deva. He thought, "No man should have this kind of power."

"We won't let you misuse it, Arcane." said Eridian.

"I know, Eridian. If I misuse the power I will die."

"Exactly." said Eridian. "Go home and sleep, Arcane. Your mind can't take any more of this."

"Your right, Eridian, I'll call Priest Scientist 1 from my home view screen."

A moment later he was in his room. the view screen in his room said, "I'm ready"

Arcane spoke like a robot, "Above top secret. to Priest Scientist 1. find him wherever he is. Say it's urgent from Arcane."

"Okay" said the view screen.

"Tech Noir II has been permanently disconnected from his body to prevent him from hiding somewhere in time with what remained of his elite guard. I have disconnected all that remained of the elite guard and put them into time stasis. I am sickened from the necessity of taking the life of Tech Noir and the torture death of Arrayin. If you need me I will be in catatonic meditation for about 12 hours. I can come out of it within 10 seconds if need be. All soldiers who not under the ocean are unconscious or in time stasis with the rest of the population. Only the sea creature are unaffected.

You might need to be on the lookout for submarines and other underwater installations since the sea creatures weren't affected. Transmission complete. Call if you need further information. we have won. We are free!"

He laid down on his bed and kept his parents asleep with his mind. He appeared to them in their dreams. He said, "Mom and Dad. I'm alive safe and back but am So exhausted in all ways I must sleep. Be at peace. The war is over!" Tears came to all three sets of their eyes in the dream and Arcane disappeared out of their dream in exhaustion. Arcane's soul was gone from his body. He passed out on his bed. He was with Arayin. He said, "We won the war, Arayin."

"That is wonderful, Arcane! what happened to Tech Noir ?"

Arcane looked away searching for the right words. He finally said, "He's dead!"

Arayin would let up. "How did he die?"

Arcane looked her straight in the eye as there was no escape and said, "I permanently disconnected his soul from his body and rendered it unconscious."

A look of horror came into Arayin's eyes. "Arcane you've broken your vows. You are no longer a Priest Scientist."

"I know. To New Deva I have become some kind of man-God anyway. I will have to leave New Deva never to return within 6 months."

"Can you survive that?"

"Can I survive you being dead and gone and a light being saint that I can never touch or have children with? That is more pressing to me than the priesthood or my vows at the moment."

"I'm beginning to understand, Arcane."

"Did you take his life because of what he did to me?" "Partly, and partly I did it to protect all the innocent souls on New Deva and Isfahel from that Hell maker."

He felt a tug at his soul and found himself experiencing two dreams at once.

"He said, "I've got to go, Arayin. I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Everything is as it should be Arcane, Be at peace, my love."

Arcane's soul snapped back into his body. The face of Priest scientist 1 was red in the view screen as Arcane opened his eyes. Something was wrong.

"Arcane wake up. I must talk to you. Where is the soul of Tech Noir?"

"It's back on Earth. Eridian has it."

"Why does he want it?"said Priest Scientist1.

"Tech Noir almost destroyed earth in their 20th century. He just doesn't want any other planets to be tortured by him. He plans to reeducate him or put him through the second death whichever Tech Noir chooses."

"The end of the soul?"

"Yes, it's pretty drastic but Eridian believes it must be done now before he takes over a whole Galaxy or something in a future incarnation."

"We need him back in his body so he can surrender to us."

"Can you let me speak to Eridian?"

"I'll call him for you but as the leader of all life on his planet he may not listen to you."

"Let's try" said Priest scientist I.

There were obviously many bruised egos at play here. This wasn't going to be fun. Arcane asked and of course the answer was "no!"

Once again Arcane faced the view screen and said, "I'm sorry but Eridian says "No!"

"Actually, I'm relieved", said Priest Scientist 1, "because I didn't really think it was safe to return him to his body. I'll tell the generals he can't be brought back and that he's receiving his Karma as a soul. they will be happy to hear that. Very happy!" NOW IS THE TIME FOR GOOD BEINGS TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR UNIVERSE

Arcane leaves New Deva

Arcane waved goodbye to family and friends. His parents had wanted to go with him. However, his new job as an Anthropologist for the Galactic timekeepers would allow him to visit them on a neutral planet of their choosing, many times while they were still alive.

His reward time had been good. He had been honored and loved like a king. Now he must go for the good of both New Deva and Isfahel.

As the Galactic Shuttle took off he thought of Arrayin and a tear came to his eye. He raised his hand to cover his eyes so that none could see. There were world hero groupies on this plane and he could not disappoint them, at least not yet. He put a "Do Not Disturb-Sleeping" beacon on his shoulder so the groupies would be forced to leave him alone.

There was a murmur of excitement when they all saw their hero leave his body and float through the plane on his way to Earth. They all knew that everyone soul traveled during their dreams but very few but the priest scientists on New Deva could do this at will. Tears came to the eyes of some. They knew he would go to visit Arrayin in an Earth light realm. They resented it a little that she was still on Earth. But they understood better when they were told she had lived in an Earth body last in Atlantis and knew Arcane when he was the boy, Darshan. She was the one they would worship long term. Arcane was just too terrifying in his priest scientist efficiency. They loved him but he was just too supernaturally powerful now to live with them on the same planet.

They respected no one more than Arcane. They knew he had sacrificed everything for them. However, someone so much bigger than life must leave them behind and follow his own path. In leaving he became a part of the war dead, a hero in their eyes. They would not have survived as a civilization without him. They would train their children to be like him. The children would know they might be one day required to sacrifice their lives for New Deva too.

Arcane drifted through space, choosing to travel slowly under the stars. His Spirit guardians of New Deva and Earth traveled around him to threaten off all potential intruders. This day none were foolish enough to attempt any intrusions. Spirit tears coursed down Arcane's soul cheeks. In the distance he saw earth and remembered being Darshan so recent to his memory but so long in planetary times ago.

He thought, " Arrayin, can you hear me?"

"Always, my friend, Always, my love!" she whispered.

He thought of all that had transpired. "I've left New Deva. Never to return until I die."

"It's somewhat the same for me, Arcane." She softly reminded him.

This jolted him for he had not really had enough time to think of the needs of her soul, the pain of her soul in losing her physical life with him, her family, her planet. "I'm sorry Arrayin, I have not been fair to you." "I would have done the same, Arcane, had it been the other way around. Remember, my friend, LIFE IS FOR THE LIVING." "Thanks, old friend, I needed that!"

As he arrived he saw new sections in the light realms of earth. "What are you building Arrayin?" "It seems there are no recent arrivals here other than you and me and they couldn't keep you because you are alive. They are very inspired by my presence and so are building me a light dimension in my honor. I'm very pleased as it lessons the pain of being away from you and my family and friends on New Deva. Besides they've deified me now. It feels very unreal when I contact my family and friends. It's not that they were wrong to deify me its just that I'm still me, Arrayin. I wish they would keep that in perspective. Once they make me a magic talisman or something the real me is lost somehow."

"I know what you mean Arrayin. I've been experiencing something a little similar but weirder because I'm still alive in a body." "The difference is that you are literally in heaven and I am still alive in another time and place than New Deva." Said Arcane.

They both laughed and hugged and since they were both souls they stood inside each other to share their memories and experiences before they had to part again.

Arcane stepped outside Arrayin and said," I don't have much time this visit."

"I know but we have a lot of time to experience each others memories."

"Yes." Said Arcane. "I will savor being with you in your Earth heaven. Are they really building a new heaven in your honor?"

"What does it look like to you?"

"I guess you're right. What kind beings these light elders are. They've adopted you as family, Arrayin."

"They've adopted you too, Arcane."

"Yes" said Arcane. He looked deeply into Arrayin before he said,"Eridian tells me that he is a future me."

Arrayin closed her eyes for a moment and then said," Yes, he is like your grandfather, I believe that is true."

"Yes, I agree, Arrayin."

Arcane felt her warmth seeping into his mind. He felt her love, caring and friendship. It was good to feel at least one moment without the pain of her loss in the physical.

His body was waking. The Galactic shuttle was landing near the center of the Galaxy. The stewardess was saying," Please wake up sir and put on your landing harness."

"Thank you. I'll do it right now." Said Arcane. The ones who were watching him saw his soul quickly snap back into his body.

After harnessing himself to the Shuttle he felt very at peace. He knew his life would be okay and livable now. He wasn't sure why he just knew he would be okay.

The training planet for the Galactic Timekeepers was only available for Shuttle landings a few minutes a day. Then it went into unreachable stasis. Its location was not known to any being off planet. Even Arcane was in a temporary stasis that reminded him of the Earth fire games of the Lord of the Flame, Darshan and Arjuna. He was amazed how this triggered those memories.

Finally, after a long time a voice boomed and he could see who he was talking to. "Hello, I'm timekeeper General." said the voice.

" I'm Priest Scientist Arcane assigned to you from the Priest Scientists of new Deva."

"Your service record is quite impressive. We wish we could talk you into military service." The general said.

"No, General. I'm afraid I've been wounded enough for now."

"But I see no wounds or scars."

"My scars are inside, General. If I had many more of them I would be of no use to you at all."

"I understand, Priest Scientist Arcane, but the military man in me had to ask you."

"In your place I would have done the same for the good of the Galaxy, Sir."

"You and I will get along well, Arcane. "

On his first day of training he was introduced as the exiled hero of New Deva. Though the class were all Galactic heroes as well they were in awe and nervous of him because Arcane's fighting methods were all supernatural in nature and effect. Most of these heroes used a little of the supernatural methods but not to the degree of the Priest Scientists of New Deva. Though he would have friends here no one would ever mess with him. He was just too potentially dangerous.

The Instructor went on. "The first thing I am required to share with you are the basic tenants of Galactic Citizenship. As Galactic Timekeepers you become automatic Galactic Citizens for life just like the Galactic Time Guards. And as Galactic timekeepers you have a much better chance of living and keeping your sanity intact than Time Guards to actually benefit from Galactic citizenship." The whole class laughed a little nervously at this.

First I will give a brief description and I do mean brief, specifically designed for Galactic Timekeepers. Here it is."

The responsibilities and rights of a Galactic Citizen:

Responsibilities of a Galactic Citizen

1. Respect all sentient life in the Galaxy and beyond.
2. Protect from harm all sentient life in whatever form it exists in especially other Galactic Citizens
3. Make a vow and honor it to never kill any sentient being again.
4. Protect souls especially when they are changing bodies or forms.
5. Protect Life waves of souls as they embody in various, planets, stars and dimensions.
6. Be polite. Don't scare naive beings just because you can.
7. Defend the weak and helpless for one day they will defend you.
Now I'll give the rights but remember this is short list is specifically designed for Timekeepers. Your full rights are much more complicated and profuse than listed here. So here goes.

Rights of a Galactic Citizen.

1. The right to life.
2. If someone takes your body by force and it cannot be reformed by us for any reason then you have the right and the power to drive out the responsible native soul and take their body until another suitable body can be obtained for you by us. If the native soul cannot return when you are finished with its body we will prevent your original demise through time altering so the soul is not permanently compromised.
3. A Galactic citizen has the right (even though this right is seldom exercised) of preventing the conception of anyone who murders their body and the right to be raised from the dead through time alteration.
4. A Galactic citizen has the right of being educated in the nuances of the Multi- Galactic language called No Walls- No Secrets or sometimes Perfect Freedom- Perfect Bliss. The first being its political name and the second its spiritual or religious name.
5. You have the right to free expression and the pursuit of happiness so long as this free expression does not consciously cause harm to any being or make any other beings life worse in any important way.
6. You have the right to bring happiness and bliss to all sentient life in the universe by God's grace.

7.You have the right to bring Galactic Citizenship to upstanding potential candidates on or in whatever planet or dimension they may be in or on.

Arcane was moved in hearing this. He hadn't heard any of this since he was a child in school. The points emphasized for Timekeepers were a little eerie but that was to be expected.

The instructor took Arcane aside one day. He said. "If you meet any potential Galactic Citizens while on Earth this is for them." He handed a document to Arcane.

Arcane said "Thanks, Sir, I'll go over it right away. "

"Good Luck , Arcane."

. As Arcane walked to his dorm room he read the document.

It began. For Potential Galactic Citizens of Earth If you have accepted and made your own the vows and responsibilities of a Galactic citizen then you already are one. Being a Galactic Citizen should not conflict in any way with your present allegiances to Country and Planet.

Next he read:

Galactic Citizens: A Useful Paradigm for the Galactic Citizens of Earth

Thoughts are things
Feelings are things
Since all Galactic Citizens have access to some form of time travel Going from time-space point A to time-space point B is only useful when using Earth forms of Transport i.e. walking, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, planes, boats etc.

  Going anywhere off planet it is more useful to perceive in ways other than Time and space. Because of Galactic perception and technology death as We know it on Earth is at least partially eliminated. Lifetimes of 100,000 Years to 1,000,000 years are not uncommon for Galactic Citizens. However, To live that long many ways of acting and thinking and even feeling need to be cultivated.

The first barrier to be overcome is present Earth perceptions of life and death.

Arcane saw the note below and realized that this was written by A native Earthling for Earthlings.

Somehow this was appropriate he thought.

Note from native earthling: At 17 years of age I realized the biggest barrier to living hundreds or thousands of years was psychological and so I programmed my mind and emotions that is very possible and probable to never die. Now whether I live hundreds or thousands of years the first barrier is already overcome. Having lived 50+ years now I'm beginning to surmount the next barriers. One of my teachers gave me a zen-like koan concerning this. I find it quite useful.

"If you want to live forever you may die right now but if you are ready to die right now you may live forever"

In being prepared for death any moment one is then free to live or die at any moment. In always being prepared one is ready for any outcome at any time. Some call this the stance of the Warrior. However, I see this stance as the way of the ones who surmount all obstacles for the benefit of all their people and all life everywhere!

"Wow!" Thought Arcane." This is some heady stuff for any being to digest. "

As he read on he thought how beneficent the Galactic Order was. He could see how extending Galactic Citizenship even to Earthlings of the 20th and 21st Century was very wise. For if enough Earthlings became Galactic citizens( I believe 1/3 to ½ of Earth's population is necessary) then the planet becomes in the eyes of the Galactic Order a young adult civilization and ceases to be a protectorate planet that is treated like a child.

The problem for 20th Century Earth is that a child has no rights other than to be protected from wars, molestation and major harm. This does not always protect such civilizations on the Galactic rim from Galactic Criminals. In the long run they are protected but not always in the short run. Sometimes Galactic criminals can have their way with Earth or other Earth type planets for up to 100 earth years before they are caught by the time guard and time is replaced back to the way it would have been without the criminals.

Going to Earth in Arcane's Deep Past

Arcane was ready for his assignment to Earth. His naturally lavender shaded skin had been altered to look like a Nordic human. His fiery Golden Irises had been turned green with contact lenses. Since Brown hair was the most common on earth he had chosen that to blend in.

He felt strange being so physically changed in appearance and being away from his planet. He knew he would never see it again or ever see any of his friends again before they died. It was as if he really had died and had reincarnated in another body in another place. He felt very alone. He wished A Ray In were still alive in a body. He found comfort in visiting her in Earth and New Deva's heavens from time to time but like she said "Life is for the living!"

On the day he was to blast through time and space to Earth he walked into the Office of Body and soul dispatching. He had never traveled this far since becoming a Galactic Anthropologist assigned to the Galactic Timekeepers. He was still on the full stasis planet of the Galactic Time Guard located sometimes near the center of the Galaxy for security purposes.

To be suddenly blasted to a new time and location half a Galaxy away was very unnerving for most beings. Since it was his first time he was a little nervous. Only the Galactic Timekeepers and the Galactic Time Guard traveled this way.

No one else in the Galaxy was allowed blast through time and space beyond a single system of worlds. Others were allowed to instantly travel anyplace in the Galaxy in the same time continuum but only the Time Guard and Time Keepers could annihilate both time and space in their travels across whole galaxies when necessary.

Since everything that happened anywhere in the Galaxy affected everything else in the Galaxy all time continuum's were constantly monitored for destructive elements. In this way all the Galactic life forms are kept in stabilized forms in all times throughout billions and billions of years.

As a newly commissioned Galactic Anthropologist, Arcane walked into the Office of Body and soul dispatching. He was shaking a little because of the unknown. He knew it would pass. However, his mind had been through a lot the last few years.

"Next!" the Time Shooter said. He seemed to derive perverse pleasure from shooting anthropologists to strange and foreboding worlds in many different times. As Arcane stepped upon the time space-blasting podium he saw the strangeness in the time blasters eyes. He was afraid of Arcane, Arcane realized.

The Time Shooter had no training in Psychic operations and saw the psi-ops patch on Arcane's chart. The time blaster hated psychic anthropologists because he thought they would be so much more useful to the Galaxy in military operations in the Time Guard.

Finally, Arcane was blasted through time and space. His senses reeled and then he was standing on the Golden Gate Bridge looking out to sea and toward the beautiful city of San Francisco.

He was having trouble with the light spectrum but his bio-com quickly adjusted his lenses to automatically convert the light to what he was used to in the spectrum he was most comfortable with. His skin felt wet from the sea moisture. He sensed new feelings and perceptions than he had ever thought or felt before as the overall ambiance of a new planet set in upon him biologically and perceptually. He thought to himself, "Boy, this is sure different from the earth I visited a few years ago in about 1,000,000 A.D."

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