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Memories part 1



The Autobiography of Jonathan Flow in several of his Lifetimes

2-12-02 Though the following is a rough draft. I have copywrited it but please download, zip and email to beings who need this information. It is both timeless and priceless. All I ask is that you don't change a word because it is encoded for decription in multiple times, spaces, dimensions and galaxies. If you wish to translate this text into Sanskrit, Tibetan, Hindi, French,German, Spanish, Italian etc. please do so. However, it will no longer be galactically incripted for about 500 types of basic decoding. Only in English can it be decoded. This was designed by Arcane, Ragna, Elohar, His Oneness, Eridian and the Galactic Sentience to help promote peace and better understanding between present time galactic civilizations and past, present and future Galactic civilizations. It is also intended to promote peace and understanding between this and other galaxies as long as their intent toward this galaxy is peaceful and friendly.

Dear Reader: Originally here was the dedication, introduction and many relevant facts for you to better understand this book. I decided to use artistic license in order to catapault the reader immediately into the experience of Arcane, a man of the far future, and a man I remember being some time before I was born in 1948. I remember being Arcane. Initially, when I wrote this following initial piece in about 1980 I was sitting on the lawn of my Mt. Shasta house and I wrote it on a beautiful mild summer day on a large paper grocery bag. 2 years later on the Northern California Coast came the first pages of Elohar and Ragna. However, it wasn't until 1999 when I almost died that I finally realized that both these stories were true experiences of myself and friends and relatives down through time. I was very amazed to understand this. It made me wonder how much so called fiction that people write is actually some version of author's present, past, or future lives that they have already lived? Please enjoy! Chapter One is now included with the preface, Introduction etc at the very end of the book. Thanks!

The place earth, long after the last human body has gone. A few previously human souls remain and much of the flora and fauna remains. Most human souls have moved elsewhere and to better things.

Chapter 2 Arcane Meets Earth

Arcane was sad. A normal man having gone through what Arcane had been through would have been enraged, crazy, beside himself, robotic. But Arcane was just sad. He had been through a lot the last few years since this war began. The last two or three weeks he had been tortured.Since the leader of Isfahel could not kill Arcane physically without destroying his planet Isfahel he tried to destroy Arcane mentally.

Tech Noir saw Arcane as an invaluable asset and wanted to turn him to Isfahel's side. He tried to destroy every good thing about Arcane and his life and everything that he believed. He had be sorely tested. Looking back on the torture Arcane saw it in a nondualistic context. In that context anything that didn't kill him made him stronger. For the moment, however, he was questioning many things he had taken for granted growing up on New Deva. He had very little left in his memory of childhood that was sacrosanct and left untouched by the deep and forbidding torture.

Original arcane story 1980 Mt. Shasta White House

I am standing on the banks of a river gazing at an Orange sky a yellow colored sun vaguely showing above the horizon. There are two bluish colored moons in the sky. I have feeling of being trapped, -- or having been cast out. I am arcane, the priest warrior of the planet new Deva. I have been captured in a time traveling battle and cast into a dimension and time with no visible means of return to my own time and planet. I must get back to my lady ah ray in --. I must find a way to save her life. I'm searching for some point some power to help me. I'm searching the whole planet with my mystical eye. My priestly powers must be prepared so that I can send my body or at least my consciousness back to Isfahel to accomplish the necessary task -- to get back to a ray in. I must fulfill the vision of the Oracle of my planet New Deva.

There are sometimes opportunities when I can travel through time unaided. I need the special intersections of time and space. It is very difficult to find these places and to be there at the right time without an electronic sensor and there is almost no likelihood that there is even one sensor or scanner on this planet.

I am listening to the howling of the wolf-like creatures. I can feel their primitive powerful feelings. I am attracted to such wildness. At first I long to howl with them to release the pain of my torture. But quickly I think of my bride to be Ah Ray In. My resolve and tears firm in my eyes. The wolf-like creatures call to me with their minds telepathically " give up. there is no hope for you. You will make a nice supper for us." " Forget you!", I say with my mind. They let out howls of pain from my controlled mind burst. It will not harm them. They will only be confused for a few minutes. I wish them no harm if I can survive and live.And I run to the first PowerPoint that I can find. With contact of the first Power point on the high plateau I interface with the power of the planet there and soon I am floating above the ground just as I was trained to as a boy. Miles pass, and I am free from the pack of wolf-like's for the moment at least.

I have finally found in my desperation a strong enough Power point to enter into the entire grid system of the planet, the orange star in the two moons and all the Power point's that can help save what is left of arcane. I reach out and touch the outer aura of the planet with my soul. I sense the force fields that had been placed on this planet by an ancient civilization. I also sense of force fields that are put here to prevent my escape back my own planet and dimension. I summon the old ones of this planet and they tell me of all the wondrous qualities and ways of being of this planetary dimension. They tell me of civilization's past and of the city of the spheres.

The old ones of the planet no longer have physical bodies and can't be seen by beings not trained in the priestly sciences. But luckily my training included communication with angels and guardians.As children we were tested for intuitive gifts. Since I tested off the charts I was recognized as a world saver. I was trained from age 6 to help all beings and to protect my planet from external or internal harm.

By projecting my consciousness into the earth I find sphere nodules.They are various sizes but the ones that draw me most are 8 to 15 feet in diameter. I sense wisdom there that might help my planet survive. Inside one of these nodules I will find the answer I seek. Of this I am certain. As I reach further with my spirit I connect with the remaining old ones of this planet. I'm in luck they are good. The ones that remain and live on throughout time and space will guide me and help me.They have prayed long and powerfully for someone like me to come to earth. I call out the name of Eridian. I have a natural affinity with him. At my call he comes and tells me of the thought picture to hold in my mind as a key to bring a green sphere which will transport me to where I need to be. I am becoming a part of this planet. It is the price that I must willingly pay to save ah ray in. The planet is becoming like a friend or a stepparent to be loved, cherished, learned from and blessed by my ideas and cultural traditions even as I am changed by the planets love and wisdom for me. I have been adopted as a priest instrument of earth. As the sphere green comes I feel it's power and its majesty. It envevelops me and as I stand and then sit cross legged in the posture of Earth yogis I am transported to the sphere city in a style that I could very easily become accustomed to. From the vantage point of the sphere I can see what the sphere city was on land and under the land. It was a truly beautiful and magnificent work of functional art that the Present spirit beings lived in when they still had physical bodies.

Soon we moved under the ground to where the city now physically abandoned was once inhabited. There is no entrance. We simply moved through rock somehow. The sphere I travel in has the capacity to move through solid objects with no damage resulting to me or to the sphere. As the cavern of spheres becomes visible the many interlocking crystalline spheres fill my being with the majesty and power of the beings that once lived here in human bodies. Many thousands of years before the inhabitants of this planetary dimension had turned into light " pure energy soul forms" as a result of millions of years of evolution. As I disembark from the green sphere nodule.I thank it as it is sentient and hasn't had a physical rider for thousands of years.

This is the first planet on which I have been permitted to enter into a domain of once physical beings who have now turned into light. I have seen into the light plane of being on my home planet New Deva. But I was not permitted to enter in with my soul. It can be disorienting to a humanoid to spend more than a day there as humanoids have a tendency not to come back from light dimensions if they stay longer than a day. Many priests of new Deva used to drop into a lifetime of physical catatonia and bliss after entering some of the light dimension's there with their consciousness.

I am entering the first golden room as a guest of the old ones of the planet. In the room are gathered nine of the old ones of the planet in their ghostlike light forms. They begin to instruct me as they wish the condensed knowledge of their planet to be carried throughout the Galaxy and beyond by my soul DNA. Through the Darshan of my Earth blessed aura I will be an emissary of the Enlightenment of Earth wherever I go in all my lives in whatever time I embody.

From each of the nine elders a ray of green light or fire comes to my forehead. At first it is somewhat painful to experience as the frequencies of my neurons are different than the thought patterns that were used on this planet. But the light elders are considerate of me and don't destroy my mind, neurons, or brain. Even though the old ones don't have physical bodies anymore they still respect tht other life forms who do. In time I become accustomed to what they are giving me and I become first at peace with it and then at one with it. The new consciousness is creating new ways of perceiving the universe. I kneel to pray and give gratitude to the creator of the universe for the blessings of this empowerment. I have been trained since childhood for such a moment. But I wasn't sure it would ever come. I know in my heart and soul my enemies could never stand against me now. I know that now I am more than a man but my responsibilities to all living things have grown also.

Eridian Speaks." Now you're ready to come into our most powerful of Power points which will transport you to any realm you wish to go.

As we walk down the corridor my perceptions of reality are very unusual for I see through the walls and have the senses of the beings that once lived on this planet. I have the feeling of walking on a cloud and having eyes in every pore of my skin. As I walk toward the main mystical Power point of the planet I am very reverent and respectful to the thousands of unseen spirits. My inner spirit has been changed. Soon we reach a room filled with all the stars at night like a planetarium. In the center of this seeming planetarium is a blue fire as tall as I am. It is sentient and a wing or arm of fire reaches out lovingly like a powerful parent and grabs my consciousness. I am burned by the experience. I sense that submission is the only way to survive. The blue light increases it's power until I must merge or die so I merge. Within the center of the blue fire is a green fire which is the mate of the Blue fire. Now the fires merge. The fires now turn into a sphere of green and blue.

As I come into the green and blue sphere of the center of this Power point I begin to see in all directions. I see all the planets I have touched and all the beings I have the never known. I see both the beings I considered good and the beings I considered bad. I also see all the beings in between. I feel the compassion of the old ones of this planet for all sentient life everywhere and now I can see even those beings that I had thought of as evil were just out of touch or disconnected from their true selves. Their need is to come into the oneness or self-destruct so their energy can return to the oneness. And because of their impact upon my home planet new Deva I must assist them soon to one or the other before they destroy my people -- my life wave. For the goodness of life must go on and the evil in life must destroy itself -- must cease to be.

From within the center of my being the old ones tell me that I now contain all the knowledge of their planet Earth that one man can hold. They tell me all this knowledge is now contained within me -- within cells of my body and within my soul dna that will incarnate in other bodies once I lay this body to rest-- and that I as an Atom in the body of their planet will now go forth to bless the universe with their wisdom. They tell me that any time I wish to come back I need only think of them and I'll be back with them to learn more or they will come to me to help and protect me and mine. As I begin to leave I am grateful with words that none can say.


Introduction to Elohar by Eridian

As I stand up to leave the sphere Eridian asks me a question. "Would you like to see your future lives here on Earth?" I said, "How is that possible Eridian? No humanoid bodies are allowed here without breaking Galactic Law!" "Your future lives reside in Earth's past."

I asked again. "How is it possible that I arrive here now and then incarnate in Earth's past?" Eridian said, "Souls are not limited the way most beings think. God creates past, present and future but time really doesn't exist, Arcane. So God has us incarnate in the past, present and future or the future, the present and the past or the present the future and the past or whatever combination that God and the soul as one need to do. Some souls only incarnate once but some souls incarnate an infinity of times. It depends on the nature of the soul, the need of the soul, and the need of God for that soul. Would you like to see some of your future lives in Earth's past?" "Yes, I would like that Eridian. Thank you for the opportunity." I said. "Follow me then Arcane." Said Eridian.

Following behind Eridian I felt in awe and soon we came to a blue green sphere of ominous power. Eridian said something in an Earth language and the sphere opened like a mouth to encompass me. This is a sentient sphere and as I'm taken inside it is like a friend, a lover or a nursemade in it's relationship to me. Soon I hear music and I hear a young mans voice speaking the following poem.

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