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Memories part 4

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His Oneness

His Oneness awoke. It was morning. He had never experienced any morning quite like this one in the 40,000 years he had been alive. A message came in from the Galactic Consortium that Earth would experience an attack from another Galaxy soon. It is not that it was really an attack. It was a communication from another galaxy that his civilization couldn't survive. He was told he must make extraordinary changes to allow his Lemurian civilization to survive. He had hoped it would never come to this but somehow he knew it would one day come. At 10 am he would telepathically address the 3 billion souls of Earth in his charge. He wondered how his 500 colonies on other planets would fare. He meditated on this. They would survive. The communication from another galaxy would appear as a time storm. Since Earth was on the rim of our Galaxy it wouldn't be able to maintain stable time for itself if he kept his civilization on earth in a physical mode. He had no choice. He sent a group message to all 500+ planets and their leaders.

"Severely important! Listen as you've never listened before. The time space of Earth is in jeopardy. A message from another galaxy will disrupt Earth's time space for several years. Though it would destroy us if we remain physical, we have prepared long for this eventuality. You must form stronger alliances with each other for I must take the Mother civilization into another dimension. You will always be able to communicate with us. Scream in your minds, 'Lemuria!' and I or whomever you wish to speak with will come to you. Within one week the time storm will be over. It will affect all of you only slightly. There will be no loss of life on Earth or your worlds. However, there will be confusion as time warps and bends on your worlds. Get all your people to join psychically and mentally. Have all people who can be with loved ones form in circles with their arms around each other to stabilize souls, bodies, and minds. I am told by the Galactic consortium that the communication will last one week. Then you should all be intact again with no loss of life."

"However, all civilization on earth will be permanently gone from the physical. You will be able to contact us and to physically visit us but the energy we must expend to move us to a different dimension makes our move irreversible. However, the time line of Earth extending to our planetary colonies continues unabated because we still exist in a Galactic ally accepted legal form. I as we still have infinite rights to our time lines. As long as I exist in dimensional stasis you all have legal rights to your colonies time lines. We will all continue. We will all survive. This is an emergency so prepare your colonists. I must go and prepare the way for us all. Blessings!"

It was now about 9:55 am. He went into an earth communications telepathic mode. Some of his highest evolved ministers had already received his message to the planetary colonies. At 10 am he woke all on Earth with his mind.

"Emergency! I know some of you in different parts of the planet are just going to sleep or just waking up. Please be comfortable and stay wherever you are. Just listen.

A communication is coming in from another Galaxy. It will permanently destroy the time space continuum of Earth if we stay in the physical when it comes. We have prepared for contingencies such as this for thousands of years so there is nothing to fear. We must take all beings into another dimension connected to Earth. The good news is that no one need die ever again. The bad news is that no new child can be born in this new dimension unless one of us does first. To maintain the time line of Lemurian Earth and all its planetary and dimensional colonies I will never die. This is possible for me in the new dimension. The rest of you will have the choice when you pass on to be reborn with us or not. Most of us will have to stay in the new dimension. You may also stay on earth in personal stasis if you wish but your chances of survival are only 50%. You can travel to one of our colonies if you can afford transport. I know these are hard decisions but all must make them. If citizens do not make a choice within two weeks I will be forced to make them come with us. To do otherwise would be murder according to our laws. You may also have the choice of recolonizing Earth after this problem passes.

I have been told the best location for recolonizing earth is a large island Called Atlantis so any of you who wish to do this may. I can grant a few thousand of us at a time entry back into the physical. However, remember there are 3 billion of us now so the likelihood of going for you is one in many millions. It will be very primitive at first but it might be a great adventure for you much like our brave souls that began planetary and dimensional colonies. I can send a maximum of 100,000 back to earth over the next 20 years after the storm is over and time has stabilized.

We will not need food for sustenance in the dimension we will create to live in. We need not ever die. I plan to maintain my life by vicariously living through my future incarnations. Since you and I will not be physical we can incarnate on earth or any of our colonies into perpetuity. By manifesting in two or more places at once we can revitalize our souls and still stay alive here as well. I wish you all the perfect peace and balance of the Sacred Four."

With this his Oneness turned and looked into a mirror. He felt the weight of his decisions. Telepathically he asked his ministers to come. They arrived one by one. He could see they all seemed sad and in shock.

When they had all gathered in a semi circle facing him he said, "Friends and Ministers of the beings of Lemuria and Earth. I bring you here today to give me council. I wish to hear your thoughts. I have made these decisions but if you can convince me of a better way I want you to try."

His first minister said, "Sire, we all agree with your decisions. There are no other practical options to our group survival as a planet and colonies. Our Earth culture must be sacrificed so that the now 100+ billion colonists on over 500 planets and dimensions can survive in the physical. Besides, relative immortality and manifesting two or more places in bodies at once might be quite an adventure. We are all awed by your composure and are grateful you ask us to council you." "Thank you for your support my ministers. I need it more than ever today. Please go and prepare you families and staffs for the transference."

His Oneness wondered whether the Time Pool would transfer over to the new dimension. He asked his first minister to replicate the Time Pool so that a test could be made of its transference. He thought of the original design of the Time Pool. It had been given to him by the Galactic Legal system as a sign of his ownership of the Time line of Earth. He had been told that as long as he was in an energy body or a physical one on Earth or in one of the Earth heavens he could own the timeline and protect his children from each other. Any interference with Earth's time line from beyond earth the Galaxy would handle in the long run and he was more than capable of handling it in the short run.

Strategically if the Time Pool could transfer over to the new dimension they were building it would make Earth invulnerable from attack from without or within. As long as all who transferred over to the new dimension could maintain balance earth and thousands or millions of new generations could or would be safe from the ravages of the universe.

Note: The time pool is a very sophisticated device. It is basically a large pool of energy about 10 feet in diameter. It functions somewhat like a view screen or a very large television monitor. It's main observable difference is that it is like water in that it must be level with the surface of the earth like a swimming pool because it is affected by gravity. It runs directly off of Earth's magnetic fields and electrical fields. Its basic information structure comes from these fields as well.

It displays the earth in total and self modifies to display changes in the atmosphere of earth, within the earth, on or within the moon or any time changes made in the solar system. At any moment millions of years can be displayed at once. Time changes from any place or era are seen as ripples that move out from a time changing source. The next step would be for his Oneness to be notified of specific changes so that Lemurian Time Guards can be dispatched to that time in the physical to personally observe who is rearranging time and for what purpose. A decision is then made as to whether to leave the changes as they are or to change them back or to rearrange an entirely new pattern.

The Lemurian point of view is based upon not who lives or dies but how is the entire world culture affected within 300 to 500 years. How do the changes affect the life quality of all on earth within that range? Then another more in depth study is done upon how that group of time changes affects Earth over thousands of years and then millions of years. So to repeat three basic things are considered.
1. How do these changes affect life within 300 to 500 years?
2. How do the changes affect life within thousands of years?
3. How do these changes affect life on earth within millions of years? Only after these three studies are completed do we move to change or rearrange time.

Another entirely separate study is done upon the leader of the rogue time changers or upon the lone time changer. What is the motivation of the group or individual? Is it benevolent or harmful to the mass of life upon earth?
If the changes are considered more harmful than good to life upon earth the group or individual is warned.
It they don't listen they are stopped.
If the still don't listen their conceptions are prevented so they never existed in those bodies.
If positive changes that are caused by that individual are priceless to the group then a replacement android is put in at birth reprogrammed to do the important works of the eliminated time changer.

If a time invasion comes from another galaxy the Multi Galactic Time Guard is invoked. In other words eventually any type of problem can and has been and will be solved.


Ice Cave 2000

We now travel through time to Jonathan in the year 2000 AD. He and his daughter have been asked to meet the Awesome and its crew once again.

This afternoon and evening we built a snow cave. We were on the mountains above Etna. The light from our l.e.d. flashlight and candle lantern acted as a beacon bringing in the "Awesome" once again. It's been some time since I'd seen them. They started in 2005 and then they went back to 1986 then they randomly visited times from 1965 on up after we all got back from Lemuria. They visited many times and places again up to 2005. This time when we went on board Aurora was with me. We were happy to see Ragna and Elohar as they were family. Hawk and Free had become like brothers or our uncles. It was a good experience to see them all again. It was snowing when they hovered above the snow cave. They brought us back the same second we left so there would be no trace of our being gone even though we were gone 6 months or more. They took us to a remote island in the South pacific where no one lives or visits much. And we landed the Awesome right on the beach. The nearest big Island was somewhere in the Tahiti or Tuomoto Archipelago. I was never too sure what century we vacationed in. When Ragna was my father in a previous life. About 10 years before I was born as his son he had chartered a yacht and come here with his brother. Since he was now a Seer like Elohar and myself he said he remembered it all very fondly like it was yesterday.

We went free diving from the beach with masks and snorkels. The water was very warm so we didn't need wet or dry suits. Hawk and Free particularly enjoyed themselves snorkeling. They even brought a wind surfer along that they bought in '89 or '90 when I had lived in Hawaii. They bought it because they felt sorry for me because I was working so much I didn't have time to wind surf then. We all learned how to shinny up coconut palms and pick the coconuts and someone had brought along a machete so we could whack the tops off and drink the coconut milk. There was water on the island too, even though we had plenty on the ship. So it was just an idyllic paradise to be in. We enjoyed it immensely! Ragna and Elohar said that this was their 15th journey back to my times from their home time in the future. They were happy to see us and Ragna was greatly changed from the person I had known when we were all taken to Lemuria.

We soon found that we had been invited by King Interlakken to visit him in the future. It appeared that the King wanted to meet Aurora and I and had given Ragna and Elohar the task to invite and convince us to return to his home time. . For myself and Aurora this was an unusual request. I did not know exactly why I was being asked to do this.Even though I trusted Elohar as much or more than I did my parents I was concerned about Aurora and her future. We finally decided to go because I couldn't give Aurora a good enough reason not to go. How could we refuse such an amazing experience and potential dream vacation?

So we journeyed forward in time in the ship. Ragna took care of paperwork, time travel and all protocol preparation. Along the way Ragna and Elohar mentioned that they had been married. Aurora and I were very happy for them and congratulated them. In their real time only 4 or 5 years had passed. However, for me 30 years had passed since I was first contacted by them.I was about 21 or 22 at the first contact. On the first occasion they had come to save my life, as they knew my future was a pivotal one for the human race. They couldn't allow me to die. Elohar through precognition and Ragna knew from preventative time scans that they would have a son before 3 more years of their 'real' life time passed.(At least three more years of Elohar's time because it would be difficult to say how much of Ragna's real life time had passed because he could leave and come back the same day but having aged 6 months on a time mission in the past or future.

As we got off the ship in Elohar and Ragna's home time I noticed that everything was very clean and that the light from the sun was very odd. It was much more piercing than in my home time. It made the color spectrum shift more into the blue and purple range. The atmosphere had changed a lot. Soon we were taken into very resplendent rooms near the Time Palace. We were very amazed to be there. Aurora and I were then taken to see King Interlakken and his family. He appeared to be about 25 years of age but since no one ages past 25 one could never really know the age of a person unless one was told. I was later told he was about 500 years old and very well loved and respected by his people. The Government is somewhat similar to the parliamentary Government of England. However, in this Government the king had real power. Even though the will of the people was listened to in most respects the king's decisions governing certain aspects of life was always final. One of these governance's was the protection of time. This was something most people weren't ever really told about just like in 20th and 21st century America. People in the US haven't been told about all the time travel and engineering that have taken place ever since the first Philadelphia experiments during World War II. These experiments were designed by Nicola Tesla and Albert Einstein and reverse engineered from a saucer crash near Germany in 1939. 20th century computers were reverse engineered from the '39 crash and the 47 Roswell crash. It is interesting to me that the transistor was also invented in 1947.

As we were presented to King Interlakken, he had questions for us to answer. His first question should have been easy to answer but I was having difficulty concentrating on anything because the light made me feel dizzy and disoriented. He said, "How do you like it here, so far?" I said, "The light seems very odd to me. The color seems to have shifted into the blue and the purple."

The King said, "When the ozone layer was totally destroyed in the 22nd and 23rd centuries we had to create a synthetic replication at our factories to block out the harmful part of the suns rays. The synthetic ozone has a different effect on color and so has moved all daylight color into a more of the blue and violet part of the spectrum. That's why everything looks different to you. Because we have gotten used to this spectrum shift over thousands of years we have changed our indoor lighting to match this spectrum. Is there anything else that you've noticed, Jonathan?"

"Well, the air smells different."

"In what way?" said the King.

I said, "It sort of buzzes my nose."

"Well" he said. "There's a higher ozone content now than there used to be. We did experiments to try to replace the ozone layer but there is now a residue of ozone that has maintained as a result of our experiments long ago. So it may take some time to get used to the feeling of carbonation in your nose. What do you think of the people of our time?"

"You seem to look a little different than we do in my home time. Probably the changes in the food and the ecology has changed and adapted everyone to the new environment you are all in. This makes sense because I'm now thousands of years in the future from my home time. I'm sure if I went back in time and visited Socrates in his home time that we would be both physically and psychologically different as well." "Yes," said the king. "I have visited Socrates and he was definitely a very different kind of person than you would find in your 20th and 21st centuries." "Wow." Said Jonathan. "You really visited Socrates?"

"Yes. " said the King. "Did you tell him who you were? " Said Jonathan.

"I told him I was from a distant foreign land. I told him the thought necklace was magic and would allow us to understand each other. He was overjoyed such magical technology was possible. However, I had to take it with me when I left and he was sad it had to go with me." "Are there other ways to make people believe you speak their language without the thought necklace?" asked Jonathan. "Yes," said the king, "but it is much more complicated because we have to erect thought screens which make the contacted mind think something else is happening than they think. For example, Jonathan I have contacted you many times in many guises. I have even saved your life more than once. However, I couldn't tell you who I was or ask you the most important questions without causing potential problems in your time space continuum or in mine or others." "Amazing! So I have met you in different disguises." "Yes. I have always been a young or old man but I didn't look like I do now. I have talked to you or watched you in England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Thailand, Japan, India and Nepal in addition to many, many times in America."

"Amazing!" said Jonathan again. He had a flash of thought. "Were you the strange acting Japanese Businessman at Narito Airport in 1985?" "Why Yes, how did you guess, Jonathan? "

"Well, that experience just seemed too otherworldly to be from normal time."

"Well, if the truth be known I was being followed so I wanted to throw those following me off by acting a little crazy."

"Well, you succeeded, Your Highness." At which point they both had a hearty laugh. The rest of the court laughed politely but seemed a little subdued.

The King after a robust laugh said, "You have a remarkable way of looking at things, Jonathan."

Jonathan finally felt comfortable enough to ask the following question. "Why did you ask me here, Your Highness?" "You've become sort of a celebrity among the timekeepers here and throughout the Galaxy. Also, His Oneness back in time in Lemuria does not like to physically travel in his own body as His Oneness outside his time or his stasis dimension. This is because he considers himself both the guardian of his time and of all other times on Earth, past present and future. So he basically stays on Earth in his time and doesn't travel outside his times and spaces and dimensions. Though this gives him millions of years and the whole galaxy to interact with it does not allow him to physically visit me in my time on earth or in any time I'm permitted to visit. This if for the safety of all Earth civilizations including the one you are now visiting."*****************************************************************************************************************************************

He negotiated his legal rights to all the time lines of earth and their maintenance and received these rights ongoing as long as there are humans alive on Earth in human or spirit bodies. Ever since he went to the Galactic Core and petitioned for his rights before the Galactic Government he stayed in human form until he phase shifted his civilization to another dimension. From this dimension he can see all time and space on earth and since this dimension is a part of earth and acceptable to the Galactic Legal system Earth's time line continues under the ownership of His oneness until there are no more humans or any human spirit bodies

left on Earth in any form." "Yes. I can see why he doesn't time travel physically. Especially if he can view all time and its changes from his time" Said Jonathan. "Exactly!" Said King Interlaken.

"Jonathan don't you see you are as close as I can come to His Oneness. You are the same soul. I'm not allowed for many reasons to travel back to Lemuria and visit His Oneness."

"But I'm just a man from the 20th and 21st century. I'm not Lemurian Royalty. I'm just a person. Y'know?" "Yes, Jonathan, but don't you see you're the same soul. You have all these memories so it's almost as if you were the same person and soul wise you are the same person. And so I wanted to talk to you because you are the Real McCoy so to speak.

Even though it's very deep seated in your memories you still have a very good idea of who his Oneness was and is. This is because there is a part of you that experienced his life.

Jonathan said, "I don't know for sure what context I experienced it in. I'm not completely certain if it's a past life or a future life. I just know it's there. That's basically it."

"Jonathan, we would like to replicate the things from that era that would be useful to us here."

"Jonathan said," I'm not 100% certain that's really wise. There were really positive and also really negative aspects to both Mu and Lemuria. Each civilization is an experiment. You can't perfectly duplicate the same experiment twice. Different souls are incarnating. There are different ecologies and interaction of energies and spirits. One has to be very careful in trying to duplicate the past.

I would be interested in helping you any way I can to help create a civilization that spans the millennia and lasts 500,000 to 1,000,000 years or more but not if it costs people their free will. There has to be some guarantee or freedom for souls to worship as they see fit. They need to have a certain amount of freedom and the capacity to have some happiness and not to feel like slaves.

I know Sir that you would not be interested in creating something like that but once your ruler ship is gone someone else might come in and take away peoples freedoms.

"Yes that makes sense." Said the King. "He must oversee not only Earth's time line but also the time lines of all humans spreading across the Galaxy since Mu and Lemuria. There are many colonies that have spread out from Atlantis and all the others I take it?" "Yes. Jonathan. Starting in the 22nd and 23rd Centuries many new planets on the Galactic Rim are colonized as well. As soon as faster than light travel is made accessible many corporations use it to colonize new areas and planets." "That's news to me. However, that makes a lot of sense when I think as a futurist."

King Interlaken laughed. Jonathan looked perplexed, as he didn't know why the king was laughing. The King said, "I'm sorry I need to let you in on my joke. I was laughing because of what George our time explorer said to me. You know George as Arcane from your memories." "Arcane is here? That's amazing." The king said, "He uses a lot of different names because he may never die." "Never die?" "He doesn't know if he will ever die or not. He isn't certain what will happen next. So he goes to different times and places and does his work and learns and plays and plays different roles as God guides him.

There is a legend we have heard of Arcane being Francis Bacon, the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth the 1st of England. We believe Arcane and Francis Bacon were friends and that Arcane inspired Francis Bacon to write Novus Organum and other works. There is also a belief that Arcane inspired Francis Bacon to have Shakespeare publish encoded works to help enlighten European minds and through them the whole world in time.

Anyway, Jonathan, Arcane told me of one of the future time missions I sent him on. He said he took Time3 that we call, Explorer, because that is what we do with it. He said he was going to all the colonies established since Lemuria and asking them where the new planetary colonies they had established were. He had visited about 1000 planets when he discovered something very odd.

He found that colonists from earth re-colonized it about 10,000 years later according to their time. This is because time functions differently on each planet. When someone stopped on earth and defecated before there was life here they began the life process that eventually resulted in the dinosaurs.

Then they colonized Maldek and Mars with humans. The humans of Maldek blew it up eventually and the survivors came to Earth. They mixed their DNA with humanoid apes to be better adapted to earth and now here we are. Isn't that funny?" "I don't know whether to laugh or cry? said Jonathan. "Yes. That is how I felt when Arcane first told me but now I can laugh about it."

"How was it that time repeated itself?" said Jonathan.

"This is just one of the anomalies as one travels through the galaxy using a time ship. There is something referred to as a zero time point and this is what connects each of us to our home time. In order to move someone through time with their minds and soul intact one must then move that body, mind and souls zero time point through time and space to where that one wishes to go.

God appears to have created zero time points for each being that incarnates. Without a zero time point beings would flit both through time and space because one could manifest where ones planet or ship was last year and that could be out in space somewhere in even inside a star or planet or asteroid. This happened to many early time space explorers from earth as they first ventured out in the 20th and 21st centuries without the knowledge of the general public.

It reminds me of early airplane test pilots and how many of them died testing new equipment, designs and theories. The general public was not told of these experiments because one unauthorized unsanctioned time traveler could theoretically destroy all humans and all time by accident. It was just too potentially dangerous for the governments of earth to admit at any point that time travel exists. Even though we are now thousands of years in your future in the Alps we still don't tell the common people about time travel. I'm only telling you because you are his Oneness reborn again and have been time traveling since you were L1 and rescued the wives and children of Maldek. So from millions of years in the past to millions of years in the future you have been a time traveler and a galactic citizen in a good portion of the lives you have chosen to live." "Why don't I know about time travel in all my lives?" "Because, Jonathan, it is just too much responsibility for any soul to carry all the time in all lives. Whatever a time traveler does changes things and no matter how careful he or she or the being is some indirect lives not understood might be affected adversely in even from the kindest of actions. This is why governments cannot tell the general population ever about time travel. One can only hope it is in the control of generally beneficent people. Another thing I wanted to share with you, Jonathan is that since we signed an agreement with Lemuria we have become a time colony of Lemuria.This may happen in your 21st century as well when you return and write about all this. His oneness said that I should bring you through time since you can "channel" him directly. He said you don't even have to trance to do that because he has merged your awareness and his so completely that it is like a married couple in your body of the same soul from two times. He said in order to do this he has had to incorporate the 20th century Jonathan back into Lemuria as well. He said it is a 2 way exchange of information and supernatural abilities."

"I guess I've always known this somehow since I was 15 but I've never known anyone evolved enough to tell me this face to face!"

The King laughed. Jonathan sat down and was shaking.

"I'm sorry Jonathan I'm just following His Oneness's instructions."

"I know, your Highness. However, knowing all this is real and having someone bring it into my physical world are two very different things." "Of course, Jonathan, but His Oneness said you have been rigorously trained."

"Yes, I have but it reminds me of when I asked God to let me Soul travel consciously. When God answered me and my hand went through the wall the first time I almost died of fright right then. Wanting God's supernatural gifts is one thing. Actually having them manifest is very much another thing again. They are an ominous responsibility. It would be like piloting a plane filled with hundreds of people for the first time in an emergency. It can be very scary."

"I'm not worried, Jonathan, His Oneness says you have already made all the right decisions to help and protect all life. Besides if you ever misused any of this you'd just drop dead anyway."

"How comforting!" said Jonathan. They both laughed. However, many in the room were horrified.

The king turned to his court and said, "If you want to be near me you must keep secret all these conversations. If you talk outside yourselves about these things you will disappear. At this One of the countries leaders spoke up. "I think we should all erase these things from our memories. They are too dangerous for us to retain." The King said, "Do the rest of you wish this as well?" Most nodded in agreement.

"Very well. The king told Jonathan and Aurora to stand behind him. He pushed a button on his wrist. The whole court was covered in green light. Next they all walked out. Only Jonathan, Aurora and the King remained.

The King said, "I would have had Aurora leave as well except she may be His Oneness's successor if the need arises. Aurora had a dazed look on her face.

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