Monday, April 13, 2009

Today's robots

I find myself amazed at what robots are capable of these days. I was especially entertained by a small robot that senses wines with an infrared beam through the bottle and tells people what the wine tastes like and what food would go good with it.

There is also a (female?) type communicator robot named (NEXI) from MIT and an the most amazing robotic hand I have yet seen pneumatically driven that almost completely simulates a human hand in that it can pick up and use electric drills, tools, eggs(without breaking them), oranges(without breaking the skin) etc. IT is at Shadow Robot Company in I believe Great Britain. Check out some of the videos of hand C in action. Just look up Shadow Robot Company to see online videos.

Even though Japan seems to be the world center for the most robotic research it is also going on in various ways in Great Britain, the U.S., China, South Korea and europe and likely in other places as well..

Also at Time magazine online there are photos under the title "We Love Robots". There are at least 16 photos of different robots there. Also, NEXI is number 17 in The best new inventions of 2008.

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