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Memories part 6

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NOTE. Darshan means in East Indian Culture, Spiritual Blessing or Miracle. So Darshan is a spiritual Blessing to all beings as you watch him be a blessing to beings through multiple lifetimes.

Lord Fire

Hello, my name is Darshan. When I was about 12 I longed to be a cabin boy. This is my story. My mother and father were not much comfort to me. I was more like my uncle Arjuna. I longed for the open sea and limitless adventures. I wanted to see the world and to meet all the strange peoples around the world. At age 12 I finally finagled my way on board my uncle's ship. It was a wind fire class schooner. I finally made such a fuss that my parents consented to let me go. They were never able to control me anyway. All my classmates at school envied my new found freedom.

My uncle, Arjuna, was my accomplice in my escape from the drudgery and boredom of every day life. He was the Captain of his own wind fire ship. Little did I know what I was getting into. My life changed very quickly from that moment on.

On the big day my parents came to see me off. Atlantis as you call it never saw a brighter day. The winds of Fortune were upon me and adventure was brewing.

My wind fire ship was a trader. She traded all over the planet Earth we live on. The Lord of the flame she was called. However we called her Lord Fire or Lord Flame for short.

The Lord of the flame was a days sail at sea before my uncle asked me into his cabin to relay to me to secrecy of the mission. He told me that the Lord fire was outfitted for intergalactic travel and on a special secret mission for our King Rai Gwaxln. Uncle Arjuna had chosen the as a cabin away because he trusted me. He said he would use me as a messenger without attracting suspicion. Because our DNA codes are basically the same and because of our similar telepathic codes he said our codes could not be broken.

I found that we were on board a super secret vessel. I was also told that we were apart of the Atlantis Sea space Armada. All the crew mates had been informed of the possibility of a space mission except me before we sailed from the harbor. This was because I was too young. All the crew members were part of the Atlantis secret service. I had seen a little of what modified wind fire ships could do on my family's news screen at home. It was and is a little like television in your centuries. The wind fire ships had always impressed me the way they sailed out of the ports like a normal sailing schooner. Then they magically changed when they reached the right magnetic grid parallels and intersections. They looked like they were turning into fire or what looked like fire.

Then they disappeared to whatever other grid on Earth they wanted to go to. A grid is a part of where the north-south grid parallels intersect with the East West grid parallels. There are 100 or more of these intersection points on the planet. The Bermuda Triangle is one transfer grid on your planet. Wind fire merchant ships are built with retractable pods that enable the ship to be if the on land and even in mountains or desert. Many of the intersecting grid points are in the most unusual places in the landed areas of the Earth. When a wind fire ship went to other planets some points of intersection led literally no time and no space.

On the day of our hyperspace jump I was a bit rattled. I had heard that time went by up to 10 times faster on Earth as it could for us in space. Also, Earth time could move as fast as 100 to 1000 times faster than for us. This meant I might never see my home, my family, or even my country as I knew it ever again. However, my life had been pretty boring so I was ready for some radical changes. I thought to myself" I'm finally going to be free from my boyhood constraints and boredom." However, with my new found freedom was coming responsibility, which can be a bitter pill.

Arjuna gave the command to wind fire us to Venus. The fire started around the ship in the familiar gold variety of earthbound wind fire ships. But soon we were surrounded by white and rainbow colored electrical storms that made the sea and the Earth fade and disappear. It was a very strange and beautiful experience. For one full day all I could see of the Lord fire's crew mates was the white and shimmering outlines of their forms. The same was true for our ship. After the first hour or so of paranoia coupled with ecstasy I started to get used to this different way of experiencing life. After 3 hours I found that I actually preferred these new senses to what I was used to. Veteran star travelers called what we were experiencing fire state. Not only did the visible change but the sounds changed also. We sounded to each other as if we were in a synthesized sound chamber singing our words to each other. The ship went on automatic once we left normal Earth time space.

Because of this the crew was left free to their own diversions. Sleeping and eating did not exist in this new dimension and so the crew and Captain and I were left to what were called space fire games. They were designed to bond the crews more closely together for group and individual survival. The bonding might also mean survival back on Earth as well as in space as 1000 years might pass before Earth in her own time might receive us back. All the crew were adventurers without close family ties or were zealously patriotic or both. However, they were all very interesting to me. Arjuna led the fire dance. It was a primitive ceremony but it worked its magic deeply on the men. They all went into mystical trances that were crystal recorded. These were similar to your video tape recordings. These prophetic trances and dreams would be transmitted back to earth when we exited the fire state above Venus. The king would keep them in his personal spiritual archives for viewing and listening and study. He would release them to his ministers and in time they would release parts of the transmissions to the general populace.

Arjuna's dream was the most soundly prophetic. He said that some of us would lose our physical bodies on this voyage but all of our souls would make their ways to good spirit places. The men sighed in relief for this made them all feel at peace for all sensed the truth in what he said. I was relieved but also a little shocked that some of our bodies would die soon. However, I was certain I would live through this. However, fate would prove me wrong.

My trance dream was the most simple and endearing or so I was told. My dream told of the excitements, the dangers, and the fantasies realized. It was for me a quest like the quest for the Holy Grail by Sir Percival. I was as naive as Percival was when Lancelot first met him. But that would soon change. The end of my innocence had begun already. I hadn't realized how much I had changed until we formed over Venus.

We did not try to contain our atmosphere in a can like you do a within a ship. Instead we created a 1000-foot diameter force field around us outside the form of our ship. Our ship the Lord fire was 150 feet long and 35 feet wide at the widest point.

When we formed above Venus it was the most incredible sight I had ever seen. The sun as seen through the force field was incredibly beautiful. It made me feel insignificant to look and see such stupendous beauty in all directions. The universe filled me with awe no matter what direction I looked. Amazing sites surrounded me in the stars in the sun and on the surface of Venus. I discovered within myself a natural innocence and beauty in feeling a part of this vast and awesomely beautiful universe. Surely some vast intelligence created all this.

Most of the people of Atlantis believed in what I would call a universalized form of religion. They respected all religions that believed in the golden rule of " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Arjuna and myself shared animistic beliefs. We believed everything is alive in some way even the air we breathe and the void of space. We believed that the aliveness of everything and everyone must be loved, respected and cherished.

In the Western world of your century most people seem to think that all things are dead even themselves. There is much of what we would call insanity. More people should respect their home planet Earth and their father, the sun. The rape of the land and air and resources was forbidden in our culture. We had to ask all things how they wished to be used. Nothing animate or inanimate was taken against its will. However, our culture eventually became twisted into one that resembled yours today.

Atlantis had a space station above Venus that looked like a huge golden orb. It was constructed in this way in order to mirror the sun. It is important to understand that our scientists and our priests were one in the same. The mistakes made by joining church and state and scientists and priests have been rectified for the most part in the United States and most of the rest of the world. Nations and their peoples tend to learn from their past mistakes and experiences. This is one reason why accurate historical records are so important. Only with an accurate history can people learn from their ancestor's mistakes. Sometimes the things nations hide from their children are the very things that will prevent the extinction of all life on a planet. By hiding the truth from our children we are doomed to repeat our mistakes, both individually and en masse.

Inside the golden orb we met many priest- scientists. Some of these were female and five of these were particularly beautiful. Arjuna introduced me to them. These five priestesses treated me like a little brother. They and Arjuna became my closest new family.

Since these five priestesses were celibate and of the Oracle class they did not feel threatened by me as I was not yet an adult. They felt both sisterly and maternal toward me. I thought to myself," This is going to be better than my wildest expectations." These ladies were so beautiful that they seemed like living goddesses to me. When I heard they were coming aboard the Lord fire with us on our mission I was euphoric for many reasons. I was looking forward to being trained by the priestesses in the priest scientists Oracle skills. These five priestesses were in the same class of beings that eventually became known as Greek gods and goddesses. Their names would be translated into English as Cassiopeia, Violet Rose, Summer Sun, Blue Lightning and my personal favorite, Fire Crystal.

The priestesses always dressed in pastel colored long flowing robes. They almost always traveled in a group whenever they were among men. They were so beautiful that if they traveled among men, the men had to a least verbal contact with them. Their presence was not just seen it was felt. Collectively their radiance, beauty, and incisive intelligence were overwhelming. When they were together they wore a force field that separated them from all others so that they could be worshiped but not contacted verbally unless it was there wish.

Since they were celibate priestess Oracles they would only shake hands and give blessings with their hands. Their main contact with adult males was verbal except during formal introductions when they would shake hands. They were all sisters and they were all over 300 years old and expected to never die. The honor of being tutored by them in the Oracle arts was beyond my wildest expectations.

Another priest scientist to travel with us was also a female but different than the others. She was a psychic warrior and protectress of the other Lady Oracles. Her name was Excelsior. She said she was named after a mystical sword of fire. She is also the main time traveling protectress of our civilization in time and space. So Arjuna and his men were the physical and tactical warriors and Excelsior and the Lady Oracles were the psychic or priest like warriors. This type of battle guard was common in Atlantis. It was very affective. Since Atlanta battle groups never surrendered we had to win to live. The physical warriors last duty in case of defeat was to execute our Oracles before they could be taken if Excelsior was already dead. If Excelsior was alive she could save the lady oracles through time travel. Excelsior was also called the Mother of Time. This meant she watched over our time as the mother of all Atlanteans. She had performed this duty already for thousands of years. She still looked about 25. But her demeanor could be terrifying. Before battles or campaigns all prepared both spiritually and physically for death.

Meetings by our King and Excelsior had sanctioned the mission that Lord fire was commissioned on. Excelsior told the King that another civilization on the other side of our galaxy would come to Earth within 1000 years. This other civilization would then dominate our descendants for several thousand years. In time our descendants would find out about them and drive them out and off the Earth once again. The Lord Fire's job would be to prevent the Nephillim, as I will call them from coming to the Earth until future man was again spiritually evolved enough to keep them from psychically controlling and bothering them. Hopefully, the next devolution that mankind would go through 20,000 years into the future would see man evolved enough to deal with the Nephillim and to be strong enough to drive them in the away once again once that ice age was over and man could culturally and technically evolve again.

The Nephillim's advantage was that they stayed evolved in a static state of development in which their people stop changing and developing culturally and technologically. Whereas each evolution caused by warmer weather and each devolution caused by ice ages and meteors drastically altered the way mankind culturally, technically and religiously behaved. This is why the Nephillim always try to standardize and regimentalize everything. Our changeability and adaptability and capacity for evolution is seen as an ongoing threat to the Nephillim civilization.

After a few weeks of training at the golden orb space station above Venus we resumed our space voyage. Walking on board Lord fire I felt a twinge fear that I may not survive this voyage after all. Something had changed. Was it my new knowledge of the Nephillim or just some sixth sense warning me to be careful of things I did not fully understand? I saw Fire Crystal looking strangely at me as if she was part of what I was thinking. Arjuna and crew were a little more somber now that they knew the outcome of our mission would probably affect not only the Earth as we knew it but also billions of future Earth people. This was an awesome responsibility. We knew that without God's intervention and help our goal could not be accomplished. Finally, all the crew, cargo and special equipment were on board. As the golden orbs cargo bay doors swung wide I once again felt the magnitude of my smallness compared with the rest of the universe and I prayed. I was not alone in my body. The heart minds of the five sister goddesses were with me as they knew that the physical and spiritual hazards of this voyage would almost be too much for anyone to survive, let alone a boy of 12.

With the goddesses by my side or should I say inside of me I felt I could do anything. Arjuna felt us all being too serious and started to sing the Atlantis national anthem over the sound crystal intercom. The whole crew understood and joined in. We were off on a glorious adventure into the universe for Atlantis and the whole human race. Arjuna, the first mate, and the navigator gathered in the control room as they had been shown the vectors to travel by our priest scientists. They were calculating the best way to vector Lord fire to a grid on the sun of our solar system. Then they knew they had to vector us to the main Nephillim system of worlds to a grid on the sun of that system. This had never been attempted before. The reason we were allowed to try this aboard the Lord fire was that Excelsior said she had seen us through what she had called her time portal. She saw that most of us had survived this sun transfer as she called it to the sun of the Nephillim system.

Using the magnetic fields of Venus and the sun we maneuvered and vectored our way to the ideal vector grid between the sun and Venus. Next Arjuna talked to the crew over the sound crystal he said," For those whose bodies do not make it to the other side I wish to say that our highest priests have created spirit doorways for you to open to our heavens on Earth should any of you not be able to return to your physical bodies during the transfers. I have been told that all of us will change our appearance during the transfer. I may or may not be in charge as captain at the end of the transfer. The most important thing that I can tell you is that we must join as one good spirit near the second planet of the next sun that we reach. We will not forget our mission. We will be as one spirit no matter how many bodies we form and what form they are in on the other side of the transfer. Thank you my brothers and sisters. Live long in happy forms. May our God comfort and guide you. May God guide the vectors.

Arjuna's last words ring in my mind. My internal universe spawned new universes and spun. The force field changed color. First it was green gold. Then it changed to the now familiar rainbow colored electricity. My psyche was so shaken by the experience that I allowed the rainbow colored patterns to hypnotize me to escape the pain of facing the unknown. I floated free. I didn't have a body. I didn't even know what a body was. I was a rainbow ocean on some surrealistic planet. I was just about to form on this planet as a body when I felt a shaking. Excelsior were shaking and beating me to bring me back to my body before I formed on another world and could not get back. The clouds swirled around my feet but I saw the sun. This sun was setting but it burned its bright embers into my consciousness as I stared at it. I found myself becoming one with the sun. No longer was I on board the Lord fire but I was becoming a literal Lord Fire myself. This sun was all around me now. It had engulfed all the crew and me. We were one Lord of fire among many lords of fire. The whole crew's goodness was one being. What a wondrous feeling. But what is this? This sun is fading out and we as one are spinning through an eternity of sunsets merging one into the other. Parts of our one being are losing the one form of Lord fire for the ship is gone. Arjuna is gone to. All normal reality is gone forever. Our pasts fade from our minds. We, as one Lord of fire with no body just the peace of eternal sunsets submit to gods plan. There is no other way for us as we are the flame of eternal sunsets and the flame is us. No form have we only love, only flame. Our goals surface here and there in an eternity without form. Love and beauty we survey. There are no planets only sky in all directions. There is no up or down. We have no body or bodies or permanent reference points.

There is something that I want to be, something that we want to form somewhere. Where should I be born? As what? What am I? What shall I be in form? Up from the group past of an eternity ago comes an idea. A comet is what I would be. There is the pinkish orange star on the far side of the galaxy called the Milky Way. Yes, --- a reality of form. And there is a group of us that are now our one being that will form near that Pinkish orange star.

After Lord Fire ends.

Then I saw Fire Crystal holding my hand and leading me into the light. She said, " Our physical bodies are no more. Take my hand and follow me to heaven. Numb, I followed her holding her hand. She said, "We go to one of the Earth heavens where we will meet family and friends from Atlantis."

When we arrived in the Earth heaven we were greeted by angels. They said, "Does he need healing?" She said, "He's just in severe shock from the whole thing. He's only 12." "So young!" the angels said. Then one of them said,"Come and look at our Favorite lake, young man. We call it Lake Atlantis." So we all went to the most beautiful turquoise colored lake I'd ever seen. It took away both my breath and my worries. The angels talked with us and I noticed my skin was slowly glowing brighter and it was as if my worries were slowly burning away.

I heard her talking with the angels. She said, "After a time here I will be reborn on New Deva. It is my belief that he will follow me there. We will finish our mission protecting life in this galaxy from the Nephilim. It is the necessary work of our souls. We may marry if we both succeed. I have had a vision that some miracle will occur in which he saves the Galaxy from the Nephilim. I pray that it is so.

The angels said in their minds, "We hope and pray you both succeed so that no more souls will be imprisoned and tortured and kept from us in their ways." "Yes, mind control prevents free will and spirit and even the capacity for heaven." "Yes," the angels said,"until souls find a way to break free from perceptual bondage they have no hope sometimes for thousands of years. It is a horrifying thing to watch. It would be better for the whole life wave to perish in a nuclear blast than to witness the hell they experience in the bondage of their thoughts and feelings."

"We thousands of the Angels who guard and maintain this Earth heaven will pray for your success. If we are able to communicate with some or all of the millions of other Earth Heavens we will ask the guardian angels there also to pray for your success.

For we have foreseen that if the two of you fail the Nephilim have a 30 to 40% chance of taking over the whole galaxy with their mind control. That must be prevented any way possible. We must all know with the Blessing of God's knowing that you will succeed." "By God's Grace", she said. "By God's Grace." The angels repeated.

Then they were all quiet and we watched the fish jump and the birds sing and fly on the most beautiful day I had even seen.

There in heaven the years flew by and I grew up learning the ways of the angels and the priests of our particular heaven. They taught me that there are millions of Earth heavens and even more individual heavens that individuals create who are very individual and eccentric. We were all in a heaven that contained souls that had passed on within 200 years on Atlantis. This was so they could relate to similar beliefs and experiences.

They were all Atlantean citizens with their religions and beliefs common to Atlantis during that time period. I was taught that there were many other heavens for the different beliefs on Earth even for the time I was born. Every 200 year period of Earth had thousands of group heavens and millions of individual heavens.

In this way no souls got too confused in having to adjust to radically different beliefs than their own while in heaven. This was very useful information to me. It was this learning experience that led to my acceptance of all religions in all dimensions and Galaxies that practice the Golden Rule of Kindness and "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

However, I must add when you are not in your own home dimension or planet one must be very careful with this do unto others business. My council would be watch first act later once you are sure your kindness is acceptable in that culture. This is because there are thousands of planets just in our galaxy and others that some souls now on Earth would choose to transmigrate to or from.

But also it should be known that the same souls may choose for their own reasons to continue to embody on the same world sequentially forward in time, backward in time or random in time. My soul appears to embody not by sequential time in either direction but by the qualities that I have developed at that moment and to embody physically where those qualities could most efficiently help the most beings in an exponential way at that time in the spirit evolution of the universe.

The angels taught me much about myself. They said, "You are very unusual in that many souls choose only to embody once then go to heaven and possibly return to being an angel or something like that forever. However, you chose before the present galaxy existed in its present form to be a parent or uncle or brother to souls incarnating. You chose long long ago this path. Sometimes you grow weary and rest for millions of years in the formless void but since time has no meaning to God, you can be born if you wish a moment after you last passed or millions of years in the future or past. It is your way as a soul. We all respect you but sometimes we wonder how you can continue doing this for billions of years through the creations and dissolution's of planets and nebulae and sometimes of even Galaxies. It is difficult for we who have chosen never to incarnate to understand a soul like you."

My response was, "Well, I don't fully understand all this either. Most of my memories appear screened or blocked by either my soul or God or both." "Probably both." The angels said. I looked at them and would have asked them more but something inside me told me that that would not be permitted. My twelve year old mind was not satisfied but I knew this would have to do for now.

One day Fire Crystal was sitting with me in a concert of singing angels who were also playing magical musical instruments. She love touched my mind with hers. She said in her mind to me softly. "After this concert I must go to be born on New Deva. They will consider me a Saint there. I will be 5 years older than you will be when you are born. We will be together. We may even marry if all goes well. Would you like that, Darshan? "Yes," I said. "I always want to be with you." "I understand, Darshan. However, whether we are together physically in any or all lives hence my love will always be in your heart and your love will always be in mine." Though the thought of any separation from her bothered me for the moment I was perfectly at peace because of what she had just shared with me.

Just as she had said when we walked outside from the musical presentation she hugged me and then she began to fade out. I felt very strange like I was going to faint but I also knew before long I would be born on New Deva and with her again.

I went back to my angelic studies which had switched to understanding the thoughts and attitudes of the culture and relatives I would have on New Deva. I also began a study of the languages I would learn to speak there. I was told I would naturally gravitate to the Priest Scientists of New Deva and that there I would meet her again. This time I would be known as Arcane and she would be called Arrayin.

This whole scene started to fade out and Arcane began to realize he was back in the Blue green sphere. He had been so entranced with this last sequence he had forgotten that he was even Arcane. His whole life made more sense than it ever had before. Eridian spoke, "Soon Arcane, you will see why this last story of Darshan and Lord Fire and of your Arrayin was so important for you to see and hear." Arcane was speechless. It was just too much to take in and talk about all at once.

Eridian sensed my overwhelm and let me be for what seemed like 15 minutes to an hour. I found tears coursing down my cheeks in this realization of who I had been in the past not only in Atlantis on Earth but as a 9 foot tall Octopus like being.

Finally Eridian sensed the right moment and said, "There is one more important thing that you must know. I am your final lifetime, Arcane. I am your final future as a human. We eventually become a light being Guarding Earth after all humans have long since turned into light." "How long will you do this, Eridian.?"

"I don't know, Arcane. Time doesn't have meaning any more to me as it once did. Now visiting any time or space in this galaxy or in most others is as easy as thinking about it." "There is still so much for me to learn." said arcane. "Some of it I am allowed to share with you, Arcane." "I am grateful for your wisdom, Eridian." Said arcane.

He felt disembodied in a dream like reverie. It was just too much to think about. All he could do was feel. Luckily, he felt safe enough for that. Though he sensed the truth in all this it was difficult for him to fully believe it yet.

"It will take some time." He thought. "Whenever you have questions just think of me and I will answer them if the creator allows." Said Eridian. "This will take some getting used to." Said Arcane. "This is true." Said Eridian.

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