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Uncle Tommy Travels Time


Note: Since my father and his older brother were skilled journeymen electricians they were assigned to electrically wiring Liberty ships during World War II as they had already served their time in the Marines before the war and their skills as tradesment were needed building Liberty cargo ships for the Pacific theatre of the war. Though the did not work on the USS Eldridge in Philadelphia Harbor you might want to watch the movie Philadelphia Experiment which is a partly fictionalized version of the actual events that took place when the Navy tried to make ships invisible. Many men died and some were shot forward through time. Though many died our government had discovered Time travel from their own experiments separate from technology gleaned from fallen ufo's. Though it is classified this I believe is the reason ufo technology has been kept secret. It is because the technology of time travel is thousands of times more dangerous than nuclear weapons. Think about it! Note: Time Travel originally was a gift from the Galactic Sentience and the Galactic Government to the people of Earth in the 1930's.

Introduction: Even though Tommy is on a World War II Plaque and Bob, Fred and Tommy were all brothers born between 1912 and 1920 I cannot guarantee everything happened exactly as written here. I assume it was about like this from what I have been told by my father and Leonard Deetz who my father said was his brother who became a time traveler and then returned in the 1950's and gave me a pistol when I was about 9 or 10. Leonard Deetz supposedly died by throwing a nylon line over a powerline. However, if Leonard was really my Uncle Tommy like my Dad said then he was a trained electrician and would know not to do that. I was also trained as an electrician summers between 1960 and 1965. At one point I even worked as an adult in L.A., California as an electrician's helper in 1969 before and after Dad moved to San Diego. So, when Bob and Dad were in the Marine Core Reserve as Hellcat Biplane Gunners as well as other duties they were both already trained as electrician's by their father and both were extremely intelligent men. Both Dad and Bob later became Electrical Contractors like their father.

Begin: There is a plaque in Seattle on which Thomas is listed as one of the American War Dead of World War II. However, this is not exactly true and yet in some ways it is. The real story is as follows. In the early thirties my father also named Fred like me and his older brother Bob joined the Marine Core Reserve as gunners on biplanes called Hellcats. These Biplanes were usually painted yellow for some reason. they said they greatly enjoyed flying and learning to be gunners. They also enjoyed all the airplane acrobatics they did as well as mock dogfights at close range. They had many great stories to tell their friends and girlfriends. Though Dad and Bob were very fun loving they were also very patriotic and both very intelligent and free thinkers. They were quite comfortable thinking both inside and outside of the envelope so to speak. They were both very fearless like their father. Tommy was fearless too. However, Dad said that Tommy was the kindest of all the brothers and sisters. There were 3 boys and 2 girls.

The innate experience, intelligence and absolute fearlessness of all the brothers was not lost on the Non-Coms or their officers. That Bob and Dad were both journeymen electricians and young also impressed them. So in addition to flying and drilling they were secretly recruited for a special top secret assignment.

When my father and brother were introduced to Albert Einstein they were amazed. Einstein said, "Can you two boys keep a secret?" Bob said, "We'll swear on a Bible or take a blood oath or whatever you want. We are just incredibly honored to work with you, Sir!"

Eistein smiled. He said, "That won't be necessary boys. We have researched you both and your family and have decided you would both die before revealing anything we tell you. Come in here boys I have someone else for you to meet." My father and uncle walked into the next room and at first the man looked familiar but they couldn't place him. Then Einstein said, "I want you both to meet Nicola Tesla, the father of alternating electrical current." At this point Bob and Fred fell all over themselves. They had heard their father talk about Nicola Tesla many times since he had been an Electrical contractor since the early 1900's. Nicola Tesla said, "Boys. Boys. Calm down. I don't deserve all this attention." Dad said, "Oh. But you do Mr. Tesla. What you have done has changed the history of Earth!" Nicola Tesla looked sternly at Dad and said, "What you two and Albert and I are going to do is going to change things a whole lot more that alternating current will!" Dad and Bob went pale. They weren't sure what they were getting into. Bob being the protective older brother said, "What do you mean?" Einstein said quickly, "This is a need to know only task, Nicola!" Dad and Bob were scared but realized they needed to let it go for now.

And so on weekends instead of always flying and drilling they began to work on something amazing. They asked what it was but Einstein always said, "If we tell you too soon we would have to kill you!" Bob and Dad understood that what they were building was way beyond anything that they had ever thought of. It had six to eight of the largest magnetos they had ever seen placed in a circle. In the center was a platform made of metal and coated with about 1 inch of light green colored rubber. The platform floor was circular and Dad and Bob noticed it was big enough to carry a horse or a motorcycle on it or about a platoon of men standing very close together.

They were permitted to stay for the first tests. A hamster was placed in the center of the rubberized metallic floor. A little leash was placed around the hamsters neck and the leash was weighted down and tied to a piece of wood too big for the hamster to move. Bob and Dad acted now as Nicola's and Albert's assistants as everyone was asked to leave the airport hanger they were working in there in the Seattle area.

when the machine started up dad immediately noticed a visible corona and everyone's hair in the room pointed toward the center of the rubberized floor as if it wanted to go there. Now Bob and Dad were scared. Bob said to Einstein, "Will this sterilize us?" Einstein smiled and looked at them and said, "That is the least of our worries now!" Einstein went back to consulting with Nicola Tesla. Tesla said, "Well. Let's hope it doesn't suck the whole earth into this vortex it is now creating." Tesla said,'I have faith in them. They said it was for the U.S. to protect earth's timeline from complete disaster. They said we could keep it only if we established something they called the United Nations under their direction." Einstein said, "But what happens if rogue nations get a hold of it?" Tesla said, "They said they would police it if that happens." Einstein said, "I hope we can trust them! The fate of the earth could hang in the balance over this!" Tesla said, "They have taken me into the future and have shown me what happens if we don't build this. The whole earth is destroyed without this device in action by caring and balanced nations." Einstein said, "I pray to God we haven't been tricked!"

note:About 25 years later Dad and I were standing on a high mountain rock in Chilao park in Angeles National Forest. I was a boy about 10 or 12 and my Dad's hair stood straight up. I laughed. He said my hair was standing straight up too. Then Dad said, "Let's get the heck off this promontory rock before we both get struck by lightning. Being an electrical Contractor my Dad knew a lot about electricity even lightning. end note.

Anyway, the machines energy increased and increased. The hamster by now was screaming like it was being tortured. Only something dying made that sound. Einstein said to Dad. "Turn the dial to 10 minutes forward from now. Dad did so and then pushed the red button labeled "MOVE!" As he did so the hamsters screaming immediately stopped. Dad turned around only to be shocked by the hamsters disapearance. Dad said, "Where's the hamster?" Einstein said, "He should reappear in about 10 minutes. In the meantime why don't we slow this machine down to an idle at about 200 rpm, my hair hurts from all the pulling gravity and magnetism." So Dad did as he was told and everyone' hair settled down. Exactly ten minutes after Dad had pushed the "MOVE!" red button the hamster reappeared. However, now the hamster was dead and two of his legs were missing. There was no blood because there was skin covering where the hamsters legs should have been. Also, the leash was missing and the wood block looked as though it had exploded and been glued back together.

Nicola Tesla said, "That poor Hamster! I obviously need to make some adjustments. Bob and Dad and Einstein watched Nicola adjust the distance between the giant magnetos. Then they turned up the rpm on the machine and every hair on everyone's body hurt and felt like it was being pulled out. DAd said he felt nauseated this time. He wasn't sure if it was from the machine or the imlications of what he now realized was really going on here. He and Bob were scared in a way neither of them had ever experienced before.

This time Nicola said, "I don't want to accidentally kill anyting else. Just give me that block of wood over there. Bob pickup a piece of 2X4 wood under four feet long and handed it to Nicola who placed it in the center of the circular platform of metal with the rubberized coating in the center of the field of magnetos. Bob noticed that it was physically painful to get near the platform while the machine was on at any speed. Bob later said it was like all the cells in his body were getting ready to fly apart in all directions. He also said it made him feel like he wasn't in his body right the way one feels on first getting up when one is very groggy.

Again Dad was told to push the "Move!" Button. Before he did he asked, "Do you want to leave the setting at 10 minutes into the future?" Einstein said, "Yes! That should do the trick!" Dad pushed the "Move" button and the block of wood disapeared. Ten minutes later the wood appeared in two pieces. Nicola said, "Darn it! I moved the magnetos in the wrong direction."

This time the machine was shut down completely while Nicola adjusted the giant magnetos with a pneumated wrench and electric winch with Big Bob's help. Note: Bob was at least 6 feet 5 inches tall. I'm 6 feet 4 inches and Dad was 6 foot 2 1/2 inches tall. end note.

Nicola then said, "Third time is the charm, guys." He lifted up his crossed fingers for good luck. Bob and Dad snickered a little but Albert looked worried. Dad said that Albert Einstein was the deepest thinker that he ever met in his lifetime and that Nicola Tesla was the greatest Visionary mind he had ever heard of. He felt completely honored to meet and to work with both these men even if he could never talk about it. My father was close to death before he spoke of it at all.

Once again the machine was turned on. This time Nocola had a sense that an organism could survive. There was a snail he spied inside of the damp Seattle hanger wall. He quickly and carefully picked it up and placed it in the center of the rubberized metal platform. He sai, "Fred, push the "MOVE!" button. Dad did so and the snail disappeared from the platform center.

Ten minutes later the snail appeared again. We all stood around an watched it and it seemed perfectly normal and unaware that anything had occured other than it being moved from the damp hanger wall to this new dangerous place. It was moving as fast as it could. Nicola took an empty cup and placed the snail on a nearby table and put the cup upside down over the top of it to keep it where he could find the snail to analyze it later.

Nicola said, �Do we have another hamster or mouse?� Einstein with a somewhat horrified look on his face said, �There is a cage on that table over there. Fred, get that hamster. It�s pretty tame so I don�t think it will bite you. It is the mate to the other one that just died. The dead hamster with its two front legs missing was laying on a table nearby. When Dad tried to grab its mate the mated hamster bit him. It was pretty upset! Dad finally took a cloth and put it over the mates head in order to keep it from biting him again. With the hamster biting the cloth he put a collar around its neck connected to a leather leash that was too thick for it to bite through.

This time the hamster survived! Nicola danced around. He kept repeating. �The earth is saved! The earth is saved!� Einstein tried to smile but was obviously very scared about something he wasn�t sharing. Next, Nicola said, �It�s my turn.� All present discouraged Nicola in traveling time. Dad said, �No. Nicola. You are the father of alternating current. You are too important to die like that first hamster.

Dad said, �Let me go in your place, Nicola!� Einstein said, �Are you married yet, Fred?� �No. But Bob is. Let me go. If something happens to me it won�t be as big a loss as one of you!� Bob wasn�t happy. First because he wanted to go and second because Fred was his little brother and he didn�t want to lose him. Bob said, �Fred. Don�t do this. You might die or be maimed for life. What can I tell our family? Dad said, �If something happens to me just tell them our plane crashed. They�ll have to believe that!� It was finally decided that Dad would be the first human to travel through time on a U.S. built time machine sometime in the middle 1930�s.

�Do you want to go forward or back in time, Fred?� said Nicola Tesla. Dad said, �I want to go back and rescue that hamster before he died.� Nicola said, �That�s a great idea. The first human journey on a U.S. built machine is to help another being live!� Einstein said, �Nicola. What about time paradoxes? What will happen if the hamster comes back to this time to his other body which is dead?� Nicola said, �They told me that time paradoxes like you predicted actually function differently. They said that many of the same being can exist in the same time.� However, Einstein just looked worried and seemed unconvinced. Einstein said, �You know. I�m really enjoying this. However, in the back of my mind there is this horror of the whole thing and all its implications that I just can�t shake off.� Nicola said, �You are our conscience, Albert. We need you desperately to do just what you are doing!� A very knowing smile of two older and wiser men passed between them.

Dad got onto the platform. He was shaking a little from the excitement of it all and from the knowledge he might die. They set the �Move!� red button about 1 hour in the past before any of them had been in the room. Dad then went into the past and rescued the hamster that died. He left a note for all of us when we got there. To prevent he and himself from the original time line from being there at the same moment he then left and returned to when he went back from. However, the note wasn�t found and when he returned to the time he originally left from the other hamster had been used and it had died instead. It had its head missing when it returned to its own time but had both its legs still intact. There was some thought given to him rescuing the female hamster. However, Albert said, "Fred! I don't want three of you in the same time. I don't know what that would do and I'm not yet ready to find out. We'll just have to let the female hamster go for now so timespace doesn't reconstruct. We've taken all the risks I want to for today." Dad said, "Okay." After all Einstein and Tesla were calling the shots.

And so this is how my father became the first human time traveler using U.S. built and alien designed Time traveling technology specifically designed for the components readily available in the 1930�s.

Let us now move the story forward a couple of years. Bob and Dad were trusted and therefore became the primary operators of the Time Platform for many years even after they left the Marine Reserve in the late 1930�s. At first marine volunteers who were not told what they were getting into until after they were sent into the past were sent back into time before World War I. They set up their own company of Marines in the year 1912 on the east coast near Washington D.C. First they traveled back through time in Seattle in the military airplane hanger from the 1930�s and then formed into a company of marines after traveling by train to the east coast. They were stationed near Washington D.C. from 1912 until the end of World War I. However, because they were living before most of them had been born many visited their mothers and fathers and became friends with themselves as children. They usually saw themselves as protectors and teachers of themselves like an older grown up brother. Since they all knew the major historic events since they were born they could anticipate those events and even sometimes change them to a better outcome. By 1920 most of them were sent through time to after World War II. In this way they would appear to have aged at the same rate as their family and A few volunteered for marine combat duty during World War II. However, most of these were captains or colonels by then and were career officers even before they were sent to 1912 from the middle to late 1930�s. During World War II this group morphed first into OSS and then CIA and then NSA and now are so secret they have no name at all just a symbol and burnt off fingerprints and the like. There still is a Marine Expeditionary Time Group today in 2005. They are a now Time snipers that are used if sterilization of the parents of the target somewhere in time isn't an option.

One day Dad and Bobs Captain met Dad�s brother Tommy. He had heard stories of Tommy�s incredible coordination and daring and how he had flown a plane by just getting into it and taking off and making a perfect 3 point landing the first time. The captain was very impressed to find out Bob and Dad were telling the truth about Tommy and not just blowing smoke so to speak.

The Captain got Bob and Dad�s permission to talk to Tommy privately one day. By this time it was early 1942 and Pearl Harbor had happened and World War II had begun in earnest. By then Bob and Dad had been recruited as electricians for building Liberty ships even though that was really only a cover for what they were really about.

Privately, Tommy who was about six foot 2 inches tall and very muscular and blonde haired and blue eyed talked with the Captain. The Captain said, �I�ve known your brothers for over seven years now and they have been invaluable to us. I have a mission for you if you choose to take it.� Tommy looked a little confused and said, �I�m not in the military. However, I will be drafted soon.� The Captain said, �The marines need you.� Tommy smiled as his brothers had been in the Marine reserve.

Tommy said, �Captain. What�s the mission?� The captain said, �I have to have you volunteer and commit to it before I�m allowed to tell you.� Tommy said, �I�m in.�

The Captain smiled. He then said, �I want you to go to the year 1912.� Tommy thought the captain had lost it. He said, �What?� The Captain said, �Sergeant. Please send in the other two Hartzell brothers. Bob and Fred looked worried when they saw Tommy there. Bob said as the oldest, �Hi Captain. What�s up?� Since they were no longer formally in the military they spoke as civilians and friends of the captain. The captain sized Fred and Bob up and then said, �I want your brother Tom to travel back through time.� Fred said, �Will he be coming back?� �I�ll leave that up to him as he will have to spend about 10 years there.� Tommy whistled. Bob said, �What will we tell our family about Tommy? He won�t look like a twenty something Tommy when he returns.� The captain said, �By then he may choose to stay in the past because by then it will be 1922. Tommy said, �Will I be able to visit my relatives then?� Sure. But you will have to have plastic surgery to reconstruct your face so you won�t be recognized. �What will my new name be when I return?� said Tommy. �Leonard Deetz�, the Captain said. Tommy laughed and said, �That�s a strange name. Will I die back then?� The captain said, �No. We will prevent any attempt on your life.� Bob said, �At least you won�t die, Tommy. If you get drafted you might die in Europe or in the Pacific.� Tommy said, �I already agreed to go.� Fred said, �You will stay alive this way, Tommy. I think you made the right choice.�

So the next day Tommy stood on the time platform while his brothers manned the controls and Fred pushed the �Move!� button and his brother was gone. A story was made up about Tommy and about two planes crashing into each other. In reality he and the others in the other plane all traveled to 1912 to change time to a better one for the survival of life on earth. Tommy spent one year in Berlin becoming fluent in German. Soon he was able to speak High German without an accent after much coaching. He was able to cause a spontaneous abortion of the man who would have been the successful creator of a german a-bomb in 1940. Without this change Germany would have won World War II and taken over the world and the Third Reich ruled for around 500 years until the Planet earth was completely destroyed during a bloody worldwide revolution.

After Tommy was moved to 1912 and to Berlin he was told just how important his mission was to the survival of earth. Tommy returned to the U.S. in 1922 and to Seattle and was then sent back through time to 1954 where he met Bob and Dad after he had a new face. He had lost two fingers during this time. At one point he gave me a 9 shot revolver when I was about 9 years old. My father seemed very attached to the gun and was very fond of Leonard. I remember driving to the desert when I was about 10 or 12 years old and thinking, �Boy. Dad and Leonard almost seem like brothers.� Before Dad died this information was confirmed by Dad. A new cover story took place when I was about 13 or 14. I was told that Leonard Deetz died when throwing a nylon cord over a 1000 volt power line and was electrocuted. However, I always knew Leonard would never have been stupid enough to do that. Later father told me what had really happened.

Dad told me that Leonard (Tommy) had traveled forward in time and would contact me and share information that I was to share with government officials. I said at the time, �I don�t think that will work.� Dad said, �Tommy will be using technologies unheard of in this century so far to communicate with you.� Dad was pretty old and odd at this point and I really couldn�t fully believe him. However, sooner or later I had to believe what he had told me or at least I had to pretend to for a variety of reasons to believe it all. Because of all these things the saying, �Truth is stranger than fiction� became a very important rule in my life.

Because I have always known most important things before they happened since I was born I have had to perceive reality differently than most people. I have noticed that people many times have become frightened of me when I have told them things that later came true. I have even had people tell me they never wanted to see me again after what I had told them would happen actually did. Especially, if the events were things like earthquakes that tore their expensive house in half.

Anyway, as a result of knowing so many things before they happen as well as what really happened after it happened I have found that I must classify reality in many new ways. It is like each component of reality is like a language just like English, French or German or whatever. By understanding that reality is composed of many different components that are constantly in flux and interacting it gives me insights that most people appear to stay oblivious to. Though many people would consider my perceptual gifts an incredible advantage I do not always consider them so.

It is an advantage in preventing deaths and serious accidents for family, friends and associates. However, it does not save my heart from breaking over and over again from the various things that happen in my life and the lives of others. So for me it is both a blessing and a curse. How would you like to walk by someone and suddenly be aware of the time and place of their death and most of the time not being allowed to do anything about it? However, for most people that listen to what God shows me it is only a gift with many blessings of grace for their lives. As long as I use the gifts that God has given me to benefit all beings my gifts continue to grow by the grace of God.

Uncle Tommy came into my life as some sort of spirit in 1970. I had decided I wanted to stop being alive in a human body and was desperately searching for a graceful exit from my human form. One day I decided that I would walk up to the top of a mountain and project my soul permanently out of my body. This did not work exactly as I had planned. If you are chuckling so am I. I was and idealistic 22 then. However, now I am a spiritually pragmatic 55 who has survived all that life has given me quite well. However, on that day, Tommy chose to teach me through automatic writing. I had never done automatic writing before so this was all new to me. When I showed this to my parents they were both amazed and scared. My mother knew because I had childhood epilepsy and because in her mother�s celtic culture sometimes those ones are like natural shamans or priests in ancient lore. However, my father was more worried about my newfound gifts because of my being just excommunicated from the religion I was raised in.

Anyway, this dialogue between Tommy and I began for about 5 years. He trained me to use my latent gifts. He acted as my spirit guide to connect me much more firmly to Jesus, Saint Germain, Archangel Michael and many other angels. Eventually, I married and became more grounded in my marriage and children and working etc. I didn�t need his constant supervision to stay alive. When my father spoke on his deathbed about Tommy and time travel I listened carefully about the part about, �Tommy is using technology beyond anything known today or until 2050 or after.� This was a phrase I couldn�t entirely ever put out of my mind. At times Dad was on medication from bone cancer caused by exposure to large electrical coronas. He gave me an explanation of how this had happened but then he said, �Constant exposure to Time traveling fields had helped cause this problem.� He also said, �This problem has been eliminated with smaller handheld units smaller than a watch or belt buckle.�

When my father was passing on I received a visit from Tommy. His spirit came into the room I was in 5 hours before my father passed on. Tommy told me to call Dad on the phone and to tell him his brother Tom was coming for him. I did as I was told by my uncle Tommy and called my father. My father said, �Hi Freddie. I don�t feel very good right now so I�m going to hang up. Okay?� I said, �Dad. Tommy said he is coming for you.� Dad said, �Okay.�

At this point I believe that Tommy took my Dad forward in time to around 2050 or after where Dad could receive medical care that could cure his Bone Cancer and extend his lifespan. If I live to 2050 the same will happen to me.

Tommy told me something when I was about 30 that I will never forget, He said, � It is quite likely that you will become Saint Germain by traveling through time.� My reactions was, �What?� Tommy looked at me at said, �I won�t say this again.� I felt more than a little confused at the time and said, �Well. I�ll believe it when I see it.� This was my typical reaction to these kinds of comments by Jesus, Saint Germain, or Arcangel Michael or others. This always seemed to be a useful pragmatic point of view when dealing with spiritually powerful situations.

Note:The technology that was passed to Nicola Tesla by Atlanteans and Lemurians with the approval of the Lords of Mu and his Holiness the Galactic Sentience was specifically designed to be built with what was available in the mid 1930�s. The extremely large magnetos used in the first Atlantean and Lemurian designed US built time traveling unit was very �clunky� compared to what is used now.What is used now is a totally modified Swiss Army watch. Inside this watch looks like a miniature Stargate. Location and time is acquired directly from the users mind. No one but the user is programmed to use the watch. In this way the technology is protected. The watch can take one to the center of the galaxy in physical form or to any planet within the galaxy just by properly thinking about it. The most sophisticated versions like Jonathan's are capable of even more capacities. If anyone but a Galacticly Certified Time changer touched this watch or even had it in his or her or its possession the watch would consciously change itself to appear to be a normal Swiss Army Watch. Obviously this kind of device is sentient and will only work in conjunction with one specific and sentient Biocom. And that specific Biocom will only operate in one body.

Even though all humans hurt and destroyed through the initial testing were saved by rescuing them before they left there is still some residual memory left in the awareness at a subconscious level that is somewhat debilitating to the individual psychologically. Originally in the 1930s traveling through time was very painful at the least. However, physical and psychological pain was much more expected then than now at least in the US so most took this pain in stride.

Todays time traveler is much more sophisticated, sensitive and more highly trained. Then like the soldiers and spies of old people took incredible risks for God and Country. Though time travelers now do the same they tend to be so much better prepared and better trained and 75% of the original problems whether they were physical, psychological or whatever have been eliminated as hazards of the job. The biggest complaint I have received from present day time travelers is that they cannot safely share what they are doing with their friends and relatives. This creates psychological wounds that sometimes never heal until the time traveler dies and moves on as a soul.

The first US built time travel units are stored in display fashion to teach the newest members of US Time travel cadres all of which are members of an elite special forces group than can immediately travel to any time past present or future within 5 minutes time in the present. They are ready to scramble just like fighter pilots in an instant. However, no one will ever know. Except you.

Next Chapter Dad and Tommy's Experiences travelling Time

Life was very different in the 1930's in Seattle than here in the 21st century. When my parents moved from Seattle where I lived for the first 4 years of my life to San Diego in 1952 in some ways it was like moving to a completely different culture. It was warm and sunny almost all the time and children spent most of their time then outdoors playing games and riding bikes and climbing trees and the like. We all felt fairly safe from adults. We mostly only were afraid of bullies and older bad kids and teenagers.

However, what I'm really trying to get at was what I remember of Seattle in 1950 to 1952 when I was 2 to 4 years old. One of my strongest memories was of standing up on the back seat and holding on to the front drivers seat back while my father drove. It was usually overcast or rainy as sometimes there are only a few days of sunshine per year there. Then there were no traffic lights yet. Instead there were arms that mechanically arose that said "Stop!" or "Go!" They looked like metal flags that mechanically were on timers and rose up out of the side of poles to make traffic go or stop. And then there were the Stop signs some other places. I'm just trying to give the reader just how different life was like even in 1950. We did not have even a black in white television until I was 6 years old in 1954. Even then my parents only bought one so that I wouldn't spend every evening at the neighbor's watching their tv with my best friend, Danny. By then we lived in Tujunga, California in the Foothills near Los Angeles.

Dad and Tommy were very honored to be time travellers. Even though Dad was the first human to time travel on a US built, alien engineered Time travel device during the late 1930's. As you have already read there were also hamsters and even a snail that proceeded him into historical above top secret files. These documents can never be released to the public, EVER. Some things are just too dangerous for the public to ever be able to prove true. Time travel is one of these things. Another thing is that Earth is a Galactic Protectorate and that the United Nations is the single organization most respected by the Galaxy to represent all the beings on Earth and that the United States as the most powerful nation on earth is considered one of the Earth's primary leaders.

When Bob's daughter was born he decided that he would retire from Time Travel and when Dad got married he decided that he would still operate the machine for others but that he would no longer travel time either. So Dad primarily was involved with testing the machine. However, one thing that Dad wanted to know was how he was going to die and when. I know that is a very morbid thing to want to know but Dad was a very intelligent and curious man and he wanted to know what he wanted to know! So one night when he was asked to test a new device that was newly added he set the thing to when he was about 75 years old thinking he would die about that time. When he arrived it was about 1991 in Seattle. He was pretty surprised as he had never seen a jet before in the 1930's. He said he almost had a heart attack when he first heard it. He had enough time to get out of the way, however. People asked him in 1991 why he was dressed in such old fashioned clothes. He said, "We're filming a movie about the 1930's and I'm still in costume." They pressed for more but by then he had walked away. He brought $500 in 1930's US dollars which of course were still good. He was pretty upset when he called a cab and the Cabby wanted 20 bucks to take him to the library. He was pretty amazed how much the city had grown and the changes everywhere. In the library he was able to track down Bob as Bob was still living in Lake Forest Park then. However, when he called he got Bob's wife and she said both Fred and Bob were dead. Then she said, "Is this Fred?" Dad didn't know if he had a son but said anyway, "No. This is Fred's son." Then she said, "Is this Freddy?" Dad decided to go for it and said, "Yes." Then Bob's wife said, "Why are you calling after all these years, Freddy. I haven't seen you since you were 12." Dad was dumbstruck. He fished for answers. "Why has it been so long?" he fished. "Why you know, Freddy. Your Dad and Mom moved to San Diego when you were 4." At this point Bob's wife was getting scared and said, "Who are you and what do you want?" Fred said, "Where did my Dad die and when?" Bob's wife said, "I don't know who you are or what you want but don't bother and old lady anymore with your craziness. It was Yucca Valley in California I think. Goodbye!" and with that she hung up. Dad got on the phone at the Seattle Library and called Yucca Valley and they refered him to county records in that county. He finally found that he had died in 1985 on the way to the hospital in an ambulance. He also found out that his brother Tom died in a plane crash in 1942 in Seattle. Both things really wrenched his guts. Then he tried to find his son in 1991. He finally found his phone number in Mt. Shasta, California. He called and said, "This is an old friend of your Dad's." Freddy said, "You sound just like a young version of my Dad." Fred said, "You sound just like Fred's voice sounded when he was young." They bantered on a bit about old times and Fred asked his to his yet unborn son how his Dad died. Freddy said, "Well. He got bone cancer from being exposed to high dose electrical corona's of 30,000 volts or more for several years." Fred thought later to himself,"I bet all those early unrefined time devices were a part of it."

Fred was sure then he had made a really terrible mistake in travelling into the future to find out all this. He had divorced his first wife, joined a new religion and then married again and had a son and the world had gone completely mad. There had been a world war and a war in Korea and even a war in Viet Nam. He knew he was going to make sure his son didn't die in a war. Losing Tommy and himself and now in 1991 even Bob was dead. It was too much for Fred to take. He pushed the return button on his belt while he was in the restroom of the library. He nearly formed inside an old wall when he got back to the 30's. He was really shaken up! He walked back to the old time machine and the guard was really upset that he hadn't come out before he walked back in again from the outside. He finally convinced the guard he was testing some kind of invisible technology that allowed him to walk past the guard without seeing him. However, Dad was depressed for several months from what he had heard and seen.

What had been most important to him was that he was going to divorce, remarry and have a son and that he was going to move to California in 1952. His son had also told him that Tommy, his first wife and he chartered a yacht and sailed to Tahiti soon and that he would find out about World War II beginning there. Fred began to seek out religion to heal what he had found out about himself, his life, his son and the world changes. He would never be quite the happy go lucky person of his youth again. There would be a seriousness that his jokes and humourous ideas would pierce through from time to time.

He told Bob and Tom about what he had seen but no one else. As time went on Bob basically forgot most of what Fred had said. He only remembered by the 80's one thing from those conversations. "Soon after Fred Dies I die", he thought. However, when the Marine Captain recruited Tommy to travel to 1912 and later to the 1950's it set Tommy's mind working. He was set on a path that was very James Bond like. He eventually married an old sweetheart in the 1950's by pulling her through time with him until after world War II was over. Since Tommy had to live through World War I through time travel he had no interest in fighting in World War II as well. However, by that time he had become very skilled in time travel tactics and helped destroy inventions or delay inventions in Germany so that Hitler would not win the War. He also was instrumental in the Collapse of the Soviet Union.

Knowing when Bob and Dad died and having lived also in the latter half of the 21st Century he grabbed Bob and Dad before they died and moved them forward in time to when they could be saved and spent much of the next 25 years of his life with them in the latter 21st century.

By the 1950's Tommy was involved in contact with off worlders because he accidentally met them in the late 21st century. His time trail led them to him. They trained him to be a liason to the United Nations and to the US Government from the 1940's on into the future. Tommy's primary mission on earth is to stablize Earth's timeline in order to prevent worldwide extinction of all life on earth by any means. He now patrols 1912 to 2500 AD to fulfill this purpose.

Next Chapter

Tommy travels to 2071 and is found by off worlders

Tommy here. I have a slightly different style of expressing myself than my nephew, Freddy as you will see.

Though it is a long story how I got to the experience I want to recount I will begin without the long introduction. Because I was always very professional in my work I quickly moved up through the ranks. Taking risks was always something that I did for fun and surviving was also something I did for fun. In some businesses that might interfere with advancement but I just always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. The only real sadness I felt about all of this was all the suffering my family and friends went through when they thought I died in 1942 when my plane crashed in Seattle. It changed the lives of my parents and brothers and sisters and friends and almost cost my girlfriend her life. However, I was able to save her through time travel and she later became my wife starting in the 1950's.

Anyhow, I was travelling for the first time to the year 2071 in Switzerland. I had met the beings that Freddy calls Ragna and Elohar. They had come to me because they were interested in me training my nephew to be helpful in our joint work. And since they considered me family and already in the time changing business to keep it in the family so to speak. They wanted Freddy to be able to write about some of our work so that he would not have direct access to any technology, just indirectly through all our help an protection. If necessary we decided we could pretend that he died so that he could be removed from danger if necessary. However, the main point is that even though time travel will NEVER be allowed to be proved real, still the intelligentia of Earth must know that it probably exists so that real checks and balances exist. It is much the same way that most people know that off worlders and ufo's exist but that present earth governments would all collapse within a year or two if governments formally and publically recognized aliens. So the biggest governments of earth cannot as yet formally acknowledge offworlder aliens and their ongoing contacts and meetings with Earth Governments. Though all consider this a sad state of affairs those in the know understand that complete governmental, corporate and religious collapse would be the result. Since most formal religions were started by offworlder aliens to domesticate the human race of earth this information would be castrophic to the people of earth.

Anyhow. I was travelling through time to 2071 on a lark from 1953 California. (note. In 1953 I was able to tell Fred and through Fred, Bob that I was still alive.) Also, I wanted Fred to meet my wife that I had pulled through time from the early 40's with me.

I was taking my wife on a time vacation without full authorization because I could so to speak when these off worlders latched onto my time trail and pulled us both out of time. We woke up somewhere and thought we were dead because all my wife and I could see was clouds. Then some people that looked human came up to us walking on clouds and said, "Why were you two travelling Time?" I was scared shitless but my wife just lost consciousness. Being a military officer for the US Government and the United Nations I felt I had a responsibility to communicate on behalf of my government and planet once I got who it was I was talking to. I began to ask questions and they were polite to listen. I said, "I'm using technology that was given to the US and the United Nations by off worlders representing the Galaxy in the 1930's." They seemed to accept that but then said, "Is this a sanctioned time journey or a vacation you and your wife are taking?" At this point I had to admit it was a lark, a second honeymoon. They said, "Well. Time travel is strictly governed and enforced. This kind of behavior is not normally tolerated. However, in your case since you helped prevent the extermination of earth we will let it slide." Though I was scared I had an idea. Maybe I could be a time liason with these offworlders since I seemed to be in the same business as them. I said, "Can I be a liason between the US Government and you? They looked at me strangely and then one of them said, "Yes!" Then I said, "I hope I'm not being to forward but can I also be a liason between you and the United Nations." Again there was a pause and then the answer was "Yes." I said, "Thank you for accepting me as a liason to the US and the United Nations."

Another one said, "You are now Time General Tom Hartzell Time Emissary between the US Government and the United Nations in regard to all their dealings with the Galactic Time Guard representing all Galactic Life Forms for the Galactic Governing Council."

Naively I accepted not knowing just how outlandish this would all be. It took me 20 years just to figure out what all this meant in full. The most ominous part of this is that such a liason cannot be allowed to die. To all of you out there I say read the fine print before you make commitments. Not knowing this meant I could not die until earth and all its governments did. You may think this is great but I don't because I have at the time of this writing already lived 500 years in real time and still look about and have been successively regenerated by the Galactic Time Guard to look 25 or 30 years old.

My superiors in the US Government were also very upset with me in taking this assignment mostly because they had no idea what it would mean to our government either in my formal recognition of the Galactic Time Guard and Galactic Council. When I and several of my associates learned that Earth was already a Galactic Protectorate and that my becoming a liason actually gave Earth some say so in regard to what happened to us many of us breathed a sigh of relief. However, even US geniuses cannot match the minds that negotiate for the Galactic Government. We have definitely got a lot to learn from a Government several Billion years evolving to its present state of being. Our planet is unbelievably quaint and backward in comparison to what we must now negotiate with for rights. Luckily or survival is assured (at least for the next 800 thousand years) At that time a multi system war spills over into our solar system. It is a war between humans and other species for control of this section of the galaxy. By that time all human bodies must leave earth for its other planetary colonies for awhile. It is after all humans have left that Arcane is placed here during a war between New Deva and Isfahel. However, most likely you have already read of this if you have read Freddy's Memories which are authorized by the Galactic Time Guard. note (I put a few codes in myself for the public decoders to find some of my exploits there) However, most codes are put in by the Galactic Time Guard for those on earth in the future and for offworlders and for extragalactics to decipher. All these writings are written specifically for most people to consider them science fiction even though they are not fiction. They are legend. Legends tend to have a basis in fact.

Next Chapter Tommy brings New Technology Back through Time to Fred

After World War II in the 1950's Tommy's group known amongst themselves now as the Time Marines had travelled through time back as far as the time of Christ and as far forward as 2500 which appeared to be as far as they were being allowed by future more technically advanced earth time groups.

By scanning time it was recognized that the US needed some of the V2 Rocket technicians and other scientists that had died in World War II to remain alive. If this was done approximately 1 million to 5 million combatants on both sides would remain alive as well. The key to accomplishing this was for Tommy to take the new improved battery operated transistor nuanced "Time Belt" back to Tommy's brother Fred for testing. So Tommy took the 1st Time Belt to 1936 for Fred to test. This led to Fred trying to find out when he and Bob died in time and to the eventual time rescue of both Bob and Fred in the late 1980's and their move through time to 2071. Freddy was left in time until near his death and then he also was time rescued and taken to 2071 also for regeneration which meant he to would return to acting and looking about 25 or 30. This could only be done because of Tommy's Galactic Time Guard Liason status. Fred, Bob and Freddy became part of Tommy's Liason support staff and like him weren't allowed to die.

Once Tommy took the 50's time belt back to 1936 and Fred tested it by travelling to 1991 a total of 50 time belts were sent back through time to Fred in order to massively change time and save lives on both sides.

Note: This next section is also at the Saint Germain button after the information about Saint Germain and also called Grandpa Mel Travels Time

Grandpa mel travels time Prelude: I was having lunch with my wife at a restaurant we frequent in a mall nearby we love to visit. At the largest table in the restaurant was a man in his 70�s that looked like both my father and my grandfather did in their 70�s. To add to the unusualness of this situation the man�s clothes were out of the late 1930�s or early 1940�s. Being a psychic and just plain observant I noticed this old man watching me carefully. To add to the strangeness of this situation the man was alone at a table that could seat 8 or 10. Half way down the table were a Hispanic lady about 25 and her about 4 year old daughter. The man did not seem to be conversing with or even to know the Hispanic lady or her 4 year old daughter. In addition it felt like this old man was psychically probing my mind. At a certain point there were just too many strange things at once in this situation for it not to mean something. The following came from this strange experience. Begin: When Dad (Fred SR.) received the original shipment of time belts from the future from his brother Tommy my Dad wanted to know how he would die. Now as we all know even if you wanted to know this fact it might be better not to know the time and place and the reason of your passing. However, my father was a very intelligent and inquisitive sort of person and very scientific in his approach to almost everything. So Dad tested the time belt prototype by traveling to the future. After a couple of tries Dad found that he had married, divorced then married again and that I was born in 1948. So he tracked me down using the phone book when I lived in Mt. Shasta and called me and told me he was a long lost relative. Thinking he was a relative that sounded a lot like my Dad I told him when and where and how Dad had died. Then I guess Dad had gone back to Seattle to his normal time line but was very disturbed by what he had found deep into the future and was coming close to a nervous breakdown from the information. In desperation he confided in his father about traveling through time and meeting his son that hadn�t been born yet after he had died and told Grandpa about the extra time belt Tommy had given him to hide in Grandpa Mel�s house. I guess eventually Grandpa Mel found this time belt and used it to visit me at this restaurant on this day that my wife were eating there on Thursday September 16th 2004. At this point I�m not sure why he visited me on this particular day. The one thing I do know about him was that I was his favorite grandchild. For some reason he took a liking to me when I was born. Maybe it was because he visited me in the future and traveled forward to 2004 from 1939 or 40 while Dad and his first wife were in Tahiti on a yacht. Maybe he found out that I had spent my life searching for truth and the truth about spirituality and what all that really meant. Maybe he knew I spent my whole life searching for enlightenment for myself and all mankind. Maybe he knew I had succeeded in finding what I was looking for. Maybe he knew that I was always looking for ways to share what I had learned with all beings in unobtrusive ways. Maybe he knew that the Tibetan Lamas had taught me how to be not only physically polite but supernaturally polite. They had taught me that you don�t scare people to death supernaturally just because you can. They taught me to always look for right mindful ways to help people from their sufferings and towards enlightenment. They had taught me that all you can really be is an example because you can lead a horse to water but you can�t make him or her drink. Sometimes between 1939 and 1950 he came forward to 2004 and visited me. He didn�t talk to me. He only sat and drank tea and stared at me in his 1939 suit and tie and his 1939 haircut at an almost vacant table set for 8 or 10 with a Hispanic young mother and her daughter near the other end. Maybe this is what Grandpa Mel did after he retired. Travel time from Elk City, Idaho. Grandpa Mel spent about 6 months a year alone on his mining claim in Idaho from May to October and then spent November through April with my Grandmother in Seattle at their home for at least 20 years after he retired until he died when his (van) panel truck as they called it then went off a cliff into an ice cold river when the right front wheel bearing froze on a dirt road on the way to his mining claim. I always knew I had a lot of help to stay alive while doing all the crazy things that happened in my life. Maybe Grandpa Mel was there alongside Uncle Tommy, his son. Grandpa Finds the Belt After Dad had visited the future and was trying to avoid a nervous breakdown from what he had witnessed in order to better cope with it all he finally confided in his Dad, Grandpa Mel. He didn�t tell Grandpa where the Time belt was hidden other than that he had hidden it on Grandpa�s 2 � acres in Lake Forest Park, Washington. On Grandpa�s land at that time was Grandpa�s house on the hill that he bought when Dad was about 15 so about 1935 or 6. Maybe even earlier. Anyway, Dad had told Grandpa about traveling to the future and meeting his son, Freddie named after himself by his second wife, Betty and of telling Freddie he was a long lost relative of the Hartzells and of Freddie telling him of how and why and when Fred Sr. had died. Dad also told Mel that Freddie would be the only male of Mel�s lineage to survive to carry on the Hartzell name on into the future. Mel being very 19th Century and early progressive 20th Century in his thinking (at least scientifically) was very interested in me, (Freddie) because I would be the one to carry his Hartzell name forward. I�m not certain of the timeline here so I must guess at the dates. Sometime after Dad confided in his father of Time travel and before Grandpa�s son publicly at least was thought to have died in a plane crash Grandpa found the Time belt by accident. The way it happened was the following: Grandpa was mowing the lawn over the hidden underground pump room of the water wellhead for the property. When Grandpa bought the property piped in water wasn�t available so he had drilled a well for water. It was still being used when I returned to Grandpa�s place when I was 12 on a visit from California which was my home after I was 4 years old. Anyway, Grandpa noticed that the manhole cover on the water pump room underground was turned around from the way he always installed it. I believe that during this time Dad and Tommy and Dad�s first wife were either on their way to Tahiti in a chartered yacht or on their way back or in Honolulu where they rested after being gone from 1939 and 1940. They mostly came back because World War II had begun in Europe and there were rumblings of war with Japan even then in the Pacific. Otherwise Dad and his brother and Dad�s wife might have stayed in Tahiti and Hawaii longer. In 1940 Dad would have been 24 and he was married when he was 21 to Maryanne, his first wife when she was 17. When Grandpa saw that someone other than him had messed with the pump room he got real mad. After all this was the water everyone drank and cooked with and bathed in and watered all his cherry trees and apple trees and raspberries and blackberries so he was pretty upset about someone tampering with his water system. So he pulled off the manhole cover and climbed down into the pump room which doubled as a World War II bomb shelter by the way and looked for anything unusual. Since he was worried about water quality and a vandal or worse someone trying to poison his water he went over everything down there with a fine tooth comb so to speak. He noticed some paint chipped off one of the screws on an electrical panel box so he went up and got a screwdriver to check inside the electrical box for mischief. Inside the panel box was a welding glove or gauntlet as they are called because they are usually thick leather and come up almost to the elbow of a man. This made him very curious as it was wrapped in some rubberized canvas so it couldn�t get wet and short out the electrical box in an accident of some kind. However, stuffed inside the electrical welding gauntlet was something he had never seen before. A very strange belt made of a material that he didn�t recognize and might not have been invented yet. And yet as he turned it over in his hands he knew exactly what it was. It was the extra timebelt that Tommy had brought from the future. Since Dad had already told Grandpa Mel about Tommy�s feigned death a couple of years hence he knew this time belt would be the only way to see his son Tommy after that. . He decided right then and there that he would take this belt with him to Idaho to his mining claim on the next trip so he could visit Tommy and his Grandson Freddie who would carry forth the Hartzell name on into the distant future. He also knew that Tommy would have children but wouldn�t be able to use the Hartzell name as he would need one or more aliases.. Though this decision allowed Grandpa to travel time while he was in Idaho at his mining claim it permanently harmed his relationship with his son Fred. For when Fred Senior came back from Tahiti and Hawaii he looked for his personal time belt from Tommy to no avail. He knew his Dad took the belt and was upset that his Dad wouldn�t tell him and wouldn�t give it back. So it wasn�t until the 1950�s until Tommy showed himself to Dad once again after his feigned death in early 1942 in a plane crash that Dad saw Tommy at least that I know of. Since the body was burned beyond recognition no one knew it was an unclaimed body from the morgue and that a marine pilot had bailed out who took Tommy�s plane up to feign the death so Tommy could travel time for the Marines and the US Government. The saddest part of all this is that none of the women in the Hartzell family or any family members or friends were ever told what really happened. So the only ones who knew were in government and Dad, Bob and Grandpa Mel.. Grandpa I think was amazed in ways he had never expected to be from traveling time. Grandpa was born in the 1880�s so I guess he would have been 50 or 60 when he found the time belt around 1940. He lived another 30 years before his wheel bearing froze on a mountain road near Elk City, Idaho and his panel truck (van) was thrown down around 100 feet into a roaring ice cold mountain river.. My most unforgettable men I�ve ever met in my life were my father and grandfather. I knew even as a small child that my dad and granddad were formidable people. They were both people that would stand by you to the death but at the same time they were people you never crossed. In many ways Grandpa functioned according to the cowboy ethic of the 19th century. In about 1960 or so the mining laws changed and you could no longer have that big a mining claim unless you could prove you were making big money off of it. So when the Forest Ranger came to evict Grandpa from his mining claim in Idaho Grandpa just shot his hat off with his 30 odd 6 bear and dear hunting rifle from about 1916. It was a world war I Army rifle. There are many stories like this of Grandpa getting away with how everyone was out in the country 100 or more years ago. After the hat shooting incident they decided to leave Grandpa there on his mining claim until he died 5 or 10 years later.. I�m capable of being just as formidable as my Dad and Granddad. However, I believe in diplomacy since the world has now changed and only resort to the old ways if I�m given no other choice. . Dad Travels Time. When Grandpa Mel passed on Dad received a parcel post from Grandpa�s Estate. Inside was Dad�s old Time belt that he had gotten from his brother Tommy. With it was a note from Grandpa. It said simply, �I�m Sorry Fred but I couldn�t cope with the idea of never seeing Tommy and never seeing your son Freddie grown up. Here is your Time belt. I�ve taken good care of it as you can see. Also, I published a science fiction book in 1945 based on my experiences in the future. I�ve enclosed it here. I published it under the name Fred Thomas Robert after my three sons and grandson. Dad�s eyes teared up at this. The book was published in a pulp science fiction format and called, �My Journeys into the Future� By Fred Thomas Robert. Dad was really amazed to get back the time belt at about the same age his father was when he had found the time belt and made off with it.. Dad (Fred Senior) thought, �I understand, Dad(Grandpa Mel). I couldn�t bear not seeing Tommy all those years either.� Dad knew he still had about 15 years since this was now 1970 to live with his wife and to see his son before Tommy picked him up and healed his cancer with future medicine and regenerated him for work in the future.. That night in August 1985 when I called Dad from the Fire Lookout Post when Tommy came to tell Dad about Tommy coming to get him I thought Tommy was already dead since 1942. However, now I know he never died. He was coming to get Dad and to take him to the future to work alongside him. Even the 1974 incident of the saucer print at Bunny Flats on mt. shasta in May was Tommy and the incident the summer of 1992 over the city of Mt. Shasta on a clear day Tommy had something to do with as well.. At this point it has all become sort of surrealistic to me as it appears that the men of the hartzell family now manage time along with many others at least as far as this intersects with beings from other worlds within this Galaxy and through them other Galaxies as well. Is what I'm writing fiction? I'll leave that up to you to figure out for yourselves.

Tommy Hartzell: Time General NSA May 25th 2005 I have begun to remember recently of conversations I had with my Uncle Tommy. The family still believes he passed on in a plane crash in 1942. However, he did not as that was just a cover story. In 1980 he visited me on the land I owned on the side of Mt. Shasta.

The conversation went something like this even though it was blocked from my conscious memory until this last weekend: "Freddie, I have been authorized to contact you. You won't remember this conversation until 2005 when this information will be allowed to go public in a limited way. The Galactic Sentience wants me to tell you that you are pivotal for the integration of Galactic Sentient Civilized Awareness into the mainstream of thought for at least the intelligentia who can speak english or have it translated for them. Your Website then will be a source of information for those who seek this knowledge." I said, "Uncle Tommy. What's a website?" He said, "Starting in the 1990's there will be a new mass media source of information available to the public." I said, "Oh."

As he proceeded I felt sort of out of body, especially in knowing that I wouln't be able to remember this conversation for 25 years. I was reeling a little from this knowledge. It made me wonder how many other things had been temporarily or permanently blanked from my memory and others around the world.

Then Tommy proceeded, "I know you are concerned about all I'm telling you. The one thing that I can share for sure is that I will visit you the day of your father's passing." I asked, "Will he pass away soon?" Tommy said, "Yes. Within ten years. That is why you felt the need to separate yourself from him and remarry so that you could survive it." I said, "That makes sense. If his death took me out I wouldn't be able to raise my son." Tommy looked carefully at me and then said, "You will have several more children." I looked concerned, "With my present wife?" Tommy looked at me and said, "I'd rather not say." This confused me because my wife at that time was going to a fertility clinic because she wanted a child by me. She already had two kids and I had already had a son by my first wife.

Finally he got down to business. He said, "The main reason I'm here is not because of all this. I'm here to tell you that your out of body trip to the core of the galaxy in 1970 has really changed things on earth. I know you meant well but you must realize by now that you werea very naive in soul traveling there." I wasn't sure what to make of his statement. I said, "I didn't want earth to be nuked out of existence." Tommy looked at me strangely. He said, "I wasn't questioning your motivation but what kind of help did you expect to find there?" I said, "I thought maybe that was where God was so I was going to God." Tommy looked perplexed and said, "God is everywhere but nowhere in particular." I said, " I know that now but then I was young and still learning the ropes so to speak." Tommy said, "But you know you changed everything." I said sheepishly, "Yes!" Then you know you are in high regard for your bravery and sincerity there?" Again I said. "Yes!" Then his eyes narrowed, "But do you have any idea of the range of consequences of your actions?" I said, "Some." Tommy said, "What do you know of the changes?" I said, "Well. I know that earth will never be allowed to be destroyed by any outside, earthborn human or other source." Tommy whistled."And do you realize what is being done to create that outcome?" I said, "Not really." Tommy said, "Well. I do somewhat and it is giving present governments on earth and beyond that know about it fits."

"First of all humans and all life on earth have been classified an endangered species. and in some ways this is a good thing and in some ways it is a bad thing." I interjected, "But humans will survive and live on." Tommy said, "Yes. But we are the laughing stock of the galaxy in that we can't take care of ourselves and one of our own came to the galactic core to prevent planetary suicide." I said, "But you know of the Asteroid belt. Our ancestors blew up that planet with a thermonuclear war." Tommy said, "Maybe. I don't have enough evidence to know one way or the other really." I said, "Well. I believe it." Tommy said, "Well. That is your right." I could see he was dealing with paradoxical feelings. I sensed he was proud of me, his nephew for having done this but also horrified as some of the outcomes. So he was carefully weighing what I had done and all the consequences that had resulted.

Tommy said, "Did you know I was appointed as an earth liason to the Galactic Time Guard because of being your uncle and because I am a time traveler for the U.S. Marines and now also for the NSA and the United Nations?" I said, "That's pretty impressive." And did you know that your life is a Galactic Reality show?" I said, "What's a reality show?" Tommy said, "A reality show is a term that gets coined in the 90's and the early 2000's. It is a tv show that tries to film real events in real time as they happen." I said, "Oh. Well they did tell me they wanted to see through my eyes as the price of preventing the extinction of earth." Tommy rolled his eyes. "Did you know you have about 1 trillion galactic fans or more galaxy wide, and that your life plays in more that one Galaxy because life on earth is considered so interesting?"

I said, "Is that why I've been getting all these confused thoughts lately? I didn't know where they were coming from." Tommy said, "Because you are a psychic other galactic psychics tune into you to better understand themselves and you. Everything about you has become a public commodity." I said, "Whether I like it or not I made a deal so earth would survive. Besides I modify the deal slightly all the time because some of the aspects of the looking through me just doesn't work for me." Tommy said, "It's good you do that. I'm not sure how long you would live otheriwise."

I said, "I was promised to never die if I wished that in the bargain." Tommy looked carefully at me and said, "What did you say to that part?" I said, "I said I would take it one day at a time. Why do you ask?" Tommy smiled a cruel smile and said, "How old do you think I am right now?" I said, "Oh, about 35." Tommy said, "Then you would be wrong. I'm closer to 500.

Part of being an earth liason to the Galactic Time Guard is that you basicly never die unless you get permission to do so from the Galactic Time Guard." I said, "That's pretty scary!" Tommy stared back at me. "Yes!" I was naive too!" Then I said, "But look at the bright side, Tommy. Look at all the neat things you get to witness." Tommy sneered, "Yeah like watching all my family die except you me and maybe your Dad."

My ears perked up. "Dad won't die either?" Tommy seemed tearful and said, "Fred Sr. hasn't made up his mind yet. What are you going to do Freddie?" I said, "Like I said to His Holiness the Galactic Sentience I'm going to take it one day at a time." Tommy sized me up and said, "You're a survivor like all the Hartzells. You'll keep alive indefinitely. You will choose life as long as you have your health and enough freedom." I smiled at this. I said, "You're probably right Uncle Tommy." At this we both smiled and laughed a little at the thought.

Dad Moves Mom Forward in Time

April 24th 2006

Though I'm writing this today this actually happened in spring 2001 or so it seems.

I had picked Mom up at her Apartment thinking I would take my Mom and dogs to a nearby river and a nice walk on the trail alongside it. As we drove toward the river my mother and I were listening to music. Since she didn't know the words to the music and being 82 at the time she started to beat her hand on the padded passenger door saying, "I want the words!" over and over again. At this point I thought my mother had completely lost it. However, in talking later with her physician I found out that she was taking a very heavy duty antibiotic which sometimes makes seniors over 80 very goofy. However, when I got out to walk my dogs Mom said, "Don't leave me here." This was completely unexpected as we had done this many times before where she just stayed nearby the car while I walked the dogs because she had become too overweight to walk over a block then even though she had been quite a walker while in her 70's until she got to about 80.

I said, "Mom. We've done this many times and I told you what we were doing before we left your apartment." She got very upset with me. At the time I was in shock and had never known my mother to be illogical and goofy. She had always been very commonsensical and wise and even tempered so I couldn't cope immediately with this complete change in personality. I said, "Do what you want I need to walk the dogs." However, internally I was in shock of this great change in my mother. I hoped it wouldn't remain or get worse. However, I was wrong. By 9-11-01 Mom had set a plastic bowl on her electric stove and watched it burn while she prayed for the flames to stop. At this point when my son and I arrived we realized she had almost burnt the apartment building down and that she could no longer live alone. My wife and son and I put her in a alzheimer's and senile dementia facility just before Christmas 2001. It's now 2006 and it looks a lot like she won't make it another year. She has been through about 20 to 30 basic personalities and now is somewhere between 2 and 4 years old mentally except she doesn't know who I am or who anyone else is or have any memories left at all. She can still talk but without any real reference points talking is pretty pointless. She has senile dementia. The doctor's say that she could live to 100 or more except for the dementia which is killing her slowly. They liquify her food now because she won't chew anymore. If she has to chew she won't eat at all. So they mostly get Ensure down her which is a fortified milk product to keep protein in ones body and to keep weight on . She's lost about 40 pounds in the last couple of months.

Meanwhile my Uncle Tom who supposedly died in a plane crash in 1942 and my father who supposedly died in 1985 in August are living in the future. The day of my father's passing I was working as a fire lookout at about 4000 feet in elevation in California. I owned a business too but I couldn't beat the free medical and dental benefits of this state job anywhere. Besides, it was a seasonal job which allowed me time to travel to India and Nepal from December until April.

The night of my father's passing I went off duty in the lookout at 7pm. I had been on duty from 7am to 7pm and then I was off duty but on call from 7pm to 7am. At about 8pm my uncle Tommy came into the room and I asked him why he was there as I hadn't seen his spirit for over ten years or so. He made it known to me that he was coming for Dad. So I immediately got on the phone and called Dad to tell him. Dad said, "I don't feel very good, son, I don't want to talk right now." I said, "Dad, your brother Tommy is coming for you. Remember that. Dad!" Dad said, "Okay. But I can't talk now I feel pretty bad." I said, "Okay. Dad. I Love you!" Those were the last words we ever exchanged while he was alive. Five hours later my mother called in tears and said, "Freddie! I called the ambulance but he died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital." I told her about Tommy coming for Dad and we both cried on the phone together.

Now it appears to be my mother's time for passing this year 2006 though as we all know it's hard to say about these things because it is always up to the soul in question when and how they check out.

Today I didn't get one of my movies through the mail. All I got was a plastic bag with my address that should have been on the movie. Strangely enough the movie was called "Undertaking Betty". My mother's name is Betty who is in the slow process of passing on according to her doctor. The movie is about someone who has to feign death in order to take on another identity. Somehow it all seems symbolic somehow. About sunset of the same day two blue Jays(local birds) were out in front of my house. One jay landed on top of my mailbox. I realized that they were my father and my uncle coming to tell me that they had my mother already. Mentally I knew that but emotionally I have felt confused as to what best to do to help my mother into her next life on the other side. I felt reassured by the disapearance of "Undertaking Betty" and then the blue jay later on my mailbox and then a mourning dove taking off immediately. Any one incident wouldn't have been enough but all three gave me peace knowing my mother's soul was where it should be: with God and my uncle and my Dad in the future on the other side whatever it might be. In other words God was in charge and all was all right with my mother's soul. Peace.

Uncle Tommy narrates:
Fred in testing a new timebelt before WWII traveled forward in time to find out when, where and how he would die. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending upon your point of view Fred found out the answer to this question. In distress later, he told his older brother Bob, his father and myself, Tommy each at different times with different results. I made a point of writing down the date and place of my brother's death as by then I was a veteran Time Ranger for the US Marines. When my brother Fred told me of this I was using the alias of Leonard Dietz well after my stint in 1912 on in Germany as an adult Marine Time Ranger agent. I was now cronologically about 35 years old in 1958 in California and had had plastic surgery so I couldn't be recognized except by words and stories by close friends and relatives and they were all sworn to secrecy. Besides, no one would have believed them even if they had said something.

The point is that in 1957-9 I was once again spending some time with my Brother Fred. When he told me the date of his death August 11th, 1985, I wrote it down because I knew something that he didn't. I had become a Time Ranger Marine General and had already become a liason with the Galaxy and knew that I might be able to pull Fred out of normal time near his death and resuscitate him in the future with future life extention medicine as he would be of inestimable help to me because of his brilliant mind and his uncanny abilities in problem solving. So when the time came for my brother Fred to pass on I arranged for the "modified" ambulance to pick him up and to directly transport him to future life extension specialists at Stanford Medical approximately 100 years in the future of his so called passing. They assisted me in cloning a body identical to Fred's which never had intelligence and it was aged to the same state as Fred's body in 1985. This body was delivered to the mortuary where Fred's son, Freddie(note:I Tommy have dedided to call Freddie Jonathan Flow to avoid the reader's possible confusion between Fred Bullard Hartzell 1916-1985 and Freddie Hartzell his son 1948-?) to witness his father's cremation. I knew it was very hard for Jonathan to witness his father's clone be so dehydrated that the eyes were flat as he watched it be shoved into the cremation burners. Later Jonathantook his clone father's ashes to Mt. Shasta (not that he knew this was a genetic duplicate of his Dad) to be scattered above Horse Camp at a place where his Dad loved.

In the case of Betty Hartzell, Fred's wife and Jonathan's mother, she was replaced with a clone in April 2000. However, this clone was much more sophisticated than Fred's had been. Though it caused Freddie much grief, she was instrumental in varifying Freddie's authenticity as a Seer and as a psychic and therefore invaluable to having my information get to the Marines, the CIA, the NSA and the FBI from 2000 AD on as well as other agencies that specifically deal with Time Travel and all the Time and Space sensitivities of the politics of such actions over thousands and thousands of years on earth and beyond.

So as of 2000 the real Betty and the real Fred were both living for a time in 2087 before moving near to where I was located a great deal of time.

I offered some other of my relatives to come forward in time with me. However, when they actually tried coming forward in time they could not adapt and decided to pass on instead. There were two exceptions to this: they were my mother Blanche and my Father Mel. Because they could still be together in the future with younger more vital bodies that looked to be in their 30's they were very happy because they could be in the future with me and my wife and family and Fred and Betty and eventually Freddie. Because I have trained Freddie to be a futurist and an accomplished Seer and because he has also been trained by Arcane, Elohar and Ragna, when he is eventually moved to the future he will do quite well there.

Tommy speaking about the Galactic Time Guard: Since I was made a Liason to the Galactic Government I found that I was an honorary member of the Galactic Time Guard. There is a perception that is common by the Galactic Leadership that I would like to convey. Since the leadership (who Freddie calls the Creators) don't breathe air, eat anything any creature eats on earth, or drink water and since they are perfectly comfortable in space with no protection of atmosphere planet or anything else it seems, it should be noted here that they don't consider time, to be real. In fact they often laugh at our quaintness and the quaint ideas of other planet dwellers in believing that time is real. To them, time is a child's plaything. It is a toy! To the leadership Creators only pure Being and Pure thought and ideas that can span millions of years or more are considered useful. Even my telling you that ideas can span millions of years would be comical to them. So my initial dealings with them were very embarrasing for me since time was a joke to them. They had a hard time taking me seriously.

I was the first member of my family that they met. The second member of my family that they met was Freddie. Actually, they were quite impressed with my nephew because when he arrived in the Galactic Core where Creators are the happiest living and feeding, they immediately knew him to be one of the incarnations of the father of the Galaxy. For you who are Americans it would be like for you if George Washington reincarnated you might be in awe of him and be very respectful. The same was true of Jonathan, since he is one of the millions of incarnations of the father of the Galaxy. You should also know that there are also millions of incarnations of the mother of the Galaxy too.

When I was trying to keep Jonathan, my nephew from committing suicide in 1969, he mentioned to me that he remember being a Star, like our sun. At the time I thought this very odd but knew that Freddie was very psychic and a kind of oracle and might even be seen as a prophet in the future after he is gone or has changed indentities on earth.

So once again to get the chronology for all you that are earthborn types like myself and my nephew. They met me first and then met my nephew. I understand now that the reason that they took me seriously was because of my nephew. What I found out was that my nephew's soul only takes incarnation in places where it is critical to the Galaxy's long term survival. Though his soul is (retired) as Galactic leader he still works for the Galaxy and is considered in the galaxy something like the Pope is considered by Catholics. This is not to say that my nephew is this. It is more like Jonathan is a conscious lucid dream, one of millions that the Father of the Galaxy is having while he is incarnated as Jonathan. There is a lot more to this but I don't know how to speak about it so that it would be of any use to you at all or even make sense to you.

At a certain point(I'm being very purposefully vague about all this)I and Jonathan were trained by the Galaxy through the Galactic Time Guard. I was trained as a Liason and a Time General who answers directly to Ambassador Arcane.Arcane is the Ambassador from the Galaxy to Earth from the Beginning of the 20th Century to at least the 30th Century or beyond. However, in addition to this I know that Arcane was also the Francis Bacon of England who wrote Novus Organum and New Atlantis and a variety of other books now in the Francis Bacon Library in California, possibly at Pomona College.You might find it's location on the internet.

Because this can all be very confusing and complex to someone of earth I'm trying to slowly lead you through the most important parts. The next thing I want to share is that after Fred Sr. my brother and Betty his wife were moved and regenerated back to about 30 years of age both mentally and physically we began to plan to move Freddie forward in time for regeneration also. We have to leave him in his natural timeline as long as possible so he can be a Galactic psychic and a Seer and even a prophet for as long as possible in order to fulfill his job for the Galactic Time Guard as a Time line Protector. Naturally, the Galactic Time Guard protects him in this. So Freddie is an indirect liason between the Galaxy and the United Nations and the Government of the United States in that order. The United Nations was established to counter nuclear weapons. The United Nations was required to be in the making before Nicola Tesla was given the designs for the first clunky time machines built in the 1930's even though it really didn't catch fire as a real entity until the late 1940's. I was the first US soldier dispatched through time on a real non-test mission and then sent to Germany in 1912 from the late 1930's. My death was feigned in 1942. I then was sent to 1939. Why I cannot say even now. From 1939 I was sent to 1912 Seattle. (Remember, I was travelling only time not space.) Then I took a train to New York and boarded a ship for London. I learned basic German in London after a crash course of a few months. After I had perfected a certain German accent I was moved secretly to Berlin. I spent the next 8 years as a member of the German government. I worked in the office of a double agent that worked both for Germany and England. In 1919 I returned to London and unwound for a while(about 1 year) and travelled all over England and Scotland and Ireland. After I felt sane again after all the stress of 8 years undercover in Germany I went back home to Seattle and then went searching for my family. Since my parents only knew me as an under four year old I had no trouble getting a job with my father as an electrician. I told him I was his nephew so the resemblance to him wouldn't be a problem. I stayed about 5 years working with my Dad and watching myself and my brothers and sisters grow up. At this point it all got too painful for me so I asked to be sent forward to after World War II. I was told I had to have plastic surgery so no one could recognize me. I wanted to find my girlfriend and to marry her from 1942 and to make sure she stayed alive until we could marry. I got permission to go forward in time to get her before my plastic surgery. I then brought her back through time with me so she could approve of what I would look like. Then we went forward to the late 1950's to Los Angeles so I could be near my brother Fred and his wife and son.

When I transported Fred, my brother forward in time to about 2087, I then made another trip back to around 2007 to find out Betty's state. Then I went to 2000 and picked her up and sent her to 2087 and got a clone made from her cells to take her place. The clone then was allowed to go through senile dementia and was put in a senior dementia facility. Since the clone had all Betty's memories it literally could not be told apart from Betty the original. I was very proud of Betty's clone. Eventually Freddie needed to be brought forward for regeneration also. Betty, Fred and Freddie all formally became a part of my office of Galactic Liason to Earth and were allowed to work with me as long as they could stand it. I am not allowed to die because I made this commitment before I understood fully that I would never be allowed to die as long as human bodies lived on earth. However, Fred, Betty and Freddie didn't need to make this commitment. However, I think Freddie will choose to keep going on as long as he has quality of life. That is just his nature since he is always looking for fun in life and always interested in what is going to happen next.

What I find most interesting is the new relationship that Fred, Betty and Freddie develope in the future when they all appear to be the same age at the same time.

Since Arcane, King Interlakken, His Oneness and Freddie are all incarnations of the Father of the Galaxy they like to be together a lot. They have conversations that are way over my head because they can talk in shorthand because of the way they all think. When they get together it reminds me of a saying, "What happens when a bunch of geniuses get together?"

One coversation interested me so I sat in the living room and listened to it. Jonathan said, "What is that you said Arcane?" Arcane said, "Jonathan. Didn't you realized that Elohar and Ragna as incarnations were previous incarnations of your parents?" Jonathan looked a little pale and said, "I just assumed that their embodiments were chronilogical through time. Arcane said, "Fortunately or unfortunately for your era that is not really true. I would say less than 10% of the time souls actually reincarnate chronoligically forward through time." Jonathan rubbed his forhead perplexed by this change of events in his perception of reality and said, "This is hard to get used to but when I think more on it it makes a lot of sense. For example even though Dad was quite a scientist it was hard for me to figure out how his spiritual side fit together with his scientific side. Also, he was such a free thinker on one level and yet on other levels he could be so close minded. I had a hard time coming to grips with those paradoxes." Arcane said, "So it makes more sense to you now why your father was the way he was." Jonathan smiled and said, "Yes!"

More later 1

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