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The Galactic Sentience

I'm republishing some things here written in the past ten years and published at my other website.



I, Jonathan Flow, do hereby verify that these transmissions are accurate according to the best of my abilities

I, Jonathan Flow, first contacted The Galactic Sentience who is the Protector of all time and all that happens within the Milky Way Galaxy in about 1970 during the use of my present body born 1948. Though I have known the galactic sentience for at least billions of years during the lifetimes of my soul, 1970 was the first formal conscious contact during this lifetime beginning 1948. The Galactic Sentience is a non physical being at least as humans understand the concept of physical and non physical. His type of being lives in neither a matter or an antimatter realm but in a nexus point of the two in the core of our galaxy. This makes more sense when one considers that astronomers have noticed antimatter clouds spewing out of the 2 axle points of our galaxy around which our galaxy rotates.

Hamilton at Novato, California Thursday morning March 21st, 2002

As I entered the North Bay Portable after walking across the lush grass with wildflowers I noticed the green baseball playing field adjacent to me. I felt the portable vibrate as it was transported aboard the Awesome. The Awesome was then taken aboard King5, King Interlaken's mothership. The King quickly sent for me. He said,"I just wanted you to know that the Galactic Sentience is making the Galactic Government's existence known to all the governments of earth through you writings. Some decoding has been done of your writings sanctioned by the Galactic Sentience. Though you and all your family are perfectly safe he wanted you to know that your present physical discomfort will soon pass.


March 22, 2002 Morning Northern California I remember quite vividly of the time I MET Fred as you call him in his newest body on earth. He didn't know if his body or mental disciplines on earth would still be there or function still when he returned to them fully back on earth. THE kind of courage that he displayed showed us just how much he loves his planet and his people that he would take such a risk to protect them from extinction. He became very popular in our court much as if the mythical Tarzan had come to your United Nations and had pleaded for the jungle and all its inhabitants to be spared. In this way Fred became this type of mythical hero to us. He inspired many of us to be less concerned with developing to 1,000,0000+IQ and more concerned with the plight and suffering of all beings in the galaxy. We knew he enjoyed his stay with us because he demonstrated strongly to us that he did not really expect to survive this encounter with us because of our superior and incisive intellects. However, he could not imagine the affect of his sincerity coupled with a perfect willingness to die if necessary for his beliefs. We could not help but admire his dedication and steadfastness. Earth is considered to be part of the dangerous part of the galaxy to us sort of like the wild west was for the people of New York City and Washington DC 100+ years ago.

Fred was communicating with me this morning. He is now a de facto link with me and through me to the entire galactic Government. I have done this to protect earth from self destruction by any means known or unknown.

I am both a matter being and an antimatter being. In that I am at a nexus point between matter and antimatter I do not really live in your time and space. The type of being that I am generally guard galaxies because no matter being can survive any contact with us unless we will it. This is very useful to all beings within any galaxy to have at its head an almost infinitely intelligent being that can never die. Since there are billions of beings like us within this galaxy there are always replacements when one of us gets bored. All of my kind in this galaxy watched this galaxy be born and we will watch it when it dies and becomes an antimatter galaxy and we will all be there when it becomes a matter galaxy again and on and on.

For more information on the Galactic Sentience go to memb1.html at my site. The Time Pool section of memb1.html describes the meeting between His Oneness in Lemuria and The Galactic Sentience. In this meeting thousands of years before Atlantis was even thought of The Time Pool was given to His Oneness in order to protect the Time and Space of Earth from renegades and dangers from earth, beyond earth and beyond the galaxy. The Time Pool and His Oneness and the ruling class of the Lemurian Civilization still exist in stasis in earth's environs. His Oneness is still protector of Earth and all its timelines and fully recognized as such by the Galactic Sentience and the Galactic Government. In this stasis there is no death.

The Purpose of Jonathan

As I was walking with my dog in the forest near my house I got a transmission from the Galactic Sentience. I decided to transmit it through my keyboard directly online.

It has come to my attention of the necessity of defining Jonathan at least as the Galaxy is concerned.

Jonathan is one of millions of incarnations of my grandfather who is still an immortal Creator who originally created this Galaxy for his wife and children to live in. All of the incarnations as humans and other types of beings of my Grandfather are lived at once by him no matter what time period the lives are in. I rule the galaxy the galaxy while he (sleeps). Though the physical body of my grandfather is bigger than most nebulas our Creator species can also project their awareness into other mostly much smaller kinds of physical and other beings throughout this galaxy and if invited, into bodies in many other galaxies. Jonathan is an attempt to save the planet earth from extinction. All planets and all galaxies have a finite lifetime whatever it may be. However, since the planet that has now become the Asteroid belt out beyond Mars is no more an inhabitable planet for humanoids as it once was it was felt that Earth would be protected from the same fate of becoming another asteroid belt between Venus and Mars. The primary purpose of Jonathan's life in his mind at least is to prevent another planet killing war by trying to relay enough pertinent information so that most of the people of earth can live in peace enough to coexist peacefully ongoing. It is thought that if humans can begin recolonizing enough planets that they can find ways to easily leave this planet in mass over the next 800,000 years before another war enters into the solar system from outside it. At that time it will not be possible to live upon earth for a long time for humans who still have physical bodies.

So the primary purpose of Jonathan's life at least as he sees it is to prevent earth from becoming an asteroid belt for at least 2 million years more.

However, I see Jonathan's purpose quite differently. Since my grandfather is asleep now for 2 billion years I dare not wake him as I honor my grandfather and his wishes to be allowed to recreate himself. However, through Jonathan, I have found the true spirit of the grandfather that taught me how to keep order in this galaxy. Since I miss my grandfather being awake I have taken liberties in the developmental awareness of Jonathan so that I could more directly experience the "spirit" of my grandfather while he yet sleeps. Creators are physical but immortal beings. In the process of our maturation we take on many forms. But there is really only one thing that can very often kill a Creator,(Boredom). Somewhere between 10 billion and 100 billion years boredom usually sets into the consciousness of a Creator. The only way to survive this Boredom is to live for awhile in a mortal body or bodies. Only through mortality can a creator believe that life is precious and worthwhile again. Even though the mortality isn't really real the creator in his dream state projected into the mortal being believes it is real and so it is! Without mortality the Bored old Creator would die but with motality the Creator is reborn in more ways than one. Imagine an 86 year old human returning to the youthful thoughts of an 8 or ten year old with the wisdom of the 86 year old still built in! Though living the life of a mortal is very distasteful to most creators it is a necessary part of keeping old creators alive indefinitely. Jonathan, Arcane, His Oneness and Eridian are all part of my grandfathers soul and lifewave. Celeste, A Ray In, Elohar and Jonathan's Mom are all incarnations of my Grandmother, (the mother of the Galaxy). Ragna and many others are incarnations of myself the present Galactic Sentience. I have developed a way to have incarnations while I am conscious simaltaneously. However, the older generation does not like to do simaltaneous incarnation. I guess I am something of a trend setter for my generation.

So it is important to understand that we take it very seriously when Jonathan is interfered with. You would not see our responses as we prefer to be very subtle. But needless to say the Creators take care of their own.

Thank you for your kind attention my fellow citizens of the Galaxy! The Galactic Sentience

Authors note: People have asked me "do I believe all that I write?" I think I good answer would be that I am a truth seeker by nature and I need to write of my experiences. It is both an internal dialogue that I need in my move toward enlightenment and a doorway for other truth seekers to look through and either be entertained or learn something about themselves, me or the true nature of the universe or whatever they choose. I remember reading at about age 13 or 14 a book that was supposed to be science fiction and then when I learned to soul travel consciously in my late teens and early twenties I found the book to be true. I can't remember the name of the book now. It is lost to me. However, I do remember the plot. It talked about going to another planet via soul travel and when the protaganist got there he met another version of himself maybe with longer hair or a beard or a little taller or a little shorter. As he soul travelled from planet to planet he met other versions of himself. They all had the ability to soul travel too and talked to him easily and knew him to be other versions of themselves. When I began soul travelling this was one of my first experiences too and I found it very disturbing at first until I got used to it. By the time I soul traveled through our physical sun to the galactic core and met the Galactic Sentience I was fairly experienced at new and strange experiences. Does the Galactic Sentience exist? I'd say "yes!" and "is earth a Galactic Protectorate owned by the Galaxy?" I'd say "yes!" again. If you have horses in your corral and they think they own the corral do they? The same with humans in relation to beings like the Galactic Sentience. We may think and believe all sorts of things but the beings that really run things might just laugh! Is the Galactic Sentience the God we pray to? Not unless you pray to Abraxas.My definition of Abraxas is a God of all things good, bad and indifferent. Is there a real God? A good answer would be "is there a Santa Claus?" People believe what they need to survive just like Dogs might think their owners are God. If any beings need to believe something just to keep life in their bodies to not do so is suicide. Being a truth seeker is scary? huh? The real question is, "Are you brave enough to survive the truth?"

The above author's note is actually a very very simplified version of how the Galactic Sentience actually thinks. Until I was finished I didn't know. I, personally like believing in God, Jesus, Buddha and all the Saints. It keeps me alive. To actually fully believe there was no God would not be a world I would want to live in. However, I'm still a truth seeker and when I got to the center of the Galaxy and there was not the God I expected there I was pretty surprised. However, after I got used to it I found I liked the beings there even if their immortality made them a little stuffy and unbending. As more of them choose to take the full roller coaster ride of being a human or other civilized or semi civilized type of being all stuffiness just burns away. All beings who wear physical bodies are joined by their suffering and some of their joys. Because of this I feel compassion for all beings in the universe whether they be immortal or not. Blessings to all

I was watching a DVD of Hercules unchained yesterday with Steve Reeves out of the 50's. I watched this movie at the theatres when I was 9 or 10 or so. The Galactic Sentience and the way things really are reminds me the most of the Greek Pantheon or Zeus and Hercules and all that. This appears to be the closest model to how things actually are in the galaxy. Maybe this is why the Greeks and Romans were so very influential in all of Western Culture?

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