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Memories Part 11 end of first book

My Book Memories Page 11 last page.

This is the place to put the text Celeste Weaver Part 2

They woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. Somewhere the Morlock issue hung over their heads. But for the time being they were letting Cory and Andy worry about that in the room next to them on Base.

Cory and Andy called Arcane and Celeste at about 8 am the next day through their biocoms.Cory said, "Come on you guys, get up. John Hand wants us all to go to Maui today. I still don't know why we're all doing that. We don't know where or when the Morlocks will turn up. John Hand and his lady friend may not be able to deal with it if they come in a time saucer and just appear from nowhere. Some humans just lose it when the see something appear from nowhere. They think they're losing their minds. Many times, even someone trained to deal with issues like this can't make the transition fast enough."

Arcane replied, "I'm well aware of John's problems. However, I'm trained to keep people from having psychotic breaks if they are not useful to the present or future needs."

"So you'll keep his mind glued together if the Morlocks show up."

"Yes. As long as I'm conscious and alive I can center him through it if it comes to that."

Cory said, "The only reason that I'm concerned is that his future is integral to Earth's integration into the Galactic Consortium."

"Yes", said Arcane, "Our biocoms told us we had to be very careful of him and to nurture him into his next level of awareness."

Celeste said, "Since his feelings for me are strong I can have a positive affect on him if I'm careful."

"He has a fantasy about you that is pretty sophisticated."

"Can you share it with me."

"I don't know if that would be a good idea."

"I don't need a direct memory Arcane. Just tell me what will be useful to me."

"Maybe later." Sulked Arcane.

Quickly Arcane moved on with Cory and Andy on his biocom. "I'm a little concerned that the Morlocks might show up over the Haleakala Crater while we are there. Can you guys 'net' the area."

To this Cory said, "It's a pretty big area to net but Yeah we could net it. Is this one of those Psi-ops feelings, Arcane?"

"Yes, Cory, I'm afraid so." "Then the Morlocks are dead meat. We've got them."

"Maybe." Said Arcane. "They don't think like normal humanoids so I can't be completely sure. I would say there is a 80 to 90% likelihood they will be there sometime tonight."

"Like I said Arcane we've got them." Even though Cory and Arcane were in different rooms they both smiled.

Celeste asked, "What's a net?"

"It just means we'll set an electronic trap for them. If they enter the 'net' Cory sets up over Haleakala it will automatically put their ship in time stasis and none of their main systems will work. They will have no weapons, no propulsion, no time. They'll be finished."

They went to the Honolulu Airport and Aloha airlines shuttle to the Kahului Airport on Maui. Arcane thought to himself.

"Jonathan is going to be coming here in a couple of years."

Celeste heard his thoughts and said, "Who?"

Arcane said, "Oh, ah Jonathan. He's one of my future incarnations."

"What! You mean you have one of your future incarnations here on the planet while you are here? You know that's forbidden because of potential time paradoxes! Isn't that dangerous?" worried Celeste.

"For some reason it's not a problem. I just can't tell the time guard at least for now that I have a future incarnation here the same time as I am." Defended Arcane.

"What if they find out." Asked Celeste.

"Well, if they find out they will see there are no anomalies. I think it is because of His Oneness and Eridian."

"Who?" asked Celeste incredulously.

"Well, you might get a kick out of this as an anthropologist. I'm going to live many lives here on Earth in the future. I could get depressed about it all except I know it turns out all right in the end."

"How do you know all this Arcane?"

"Well about 1,000,000 years from now and about 10,000 years after you were born in this life. I met Eridian. Eridian told me that he is my last life as a human but that I have many lives to live on Earth before I become him. In one of these future lives I buy or receive in some way the ownership of the time line of earth during the Lemurian civilization. So as long as there is at least one of me in a physical or energy body here no one can buy or steal the time line of earth."

"Your soul owns the time line of Earth and this is Galactically recognized?"

"Yes, it appears so. Because I rescued the Maldek survivors the galaxy holds my soul responsible for them and so bestowed upon me 3 million years after I rescued them the ownership of their time line. Even though several of world civilizations were offended by this the ownership has stayed intact for at least 40,000 years plus so far. It appears it stays intact at least 1,000,000 years into the future. It continues for as long as any souls remain in earth heavens long after the last human bodies have left."

"Amazing!" was all that Celeste could say. After a while deep in thought she said, "You are the most complex being I've ever had the pleasure to meet."

They met John Hands girlfriend. John and his girlfriend had flown over the night before on their own tryst. By the time Celeste, Arcane and Cory and Andy as bodyguard arrived John had already rented a window van big enough to comfortably fit them all with all their gear.

John's girlfriend Grace was very into the ancient Hawaiian religions mixed with Christianity. She knew several Christian Kahuna's who had lineages of teachers that went back hundreds of years. Since both Arcane and Celeste were highly educated anthropologists they had fun talking to her about her intricate knowledge of everything Hawaiian.

When they all got going toward Haleakala Crater they drove as high as one could drive on the pavement to the top of Haleakala Crater. On the Way up they found incredible views of Kahului, Lahaina, Kihei, and even of the road to Hana. They also saw the Iao needle and many other very beautiful sights. At one point they thought they even saw the big island of Hawaii from the very top point they went to on edge of the top of Haleakala Crater. Then they drove down a ways to see the ney neys which are a variation of Canadian Geese that must have flown to Hawaii thousands of years ago and gotten stranded here because it was too far for them to fly back to the mainland. They are relatively tame and don't fly anymore and have different coloration's from Canadian Geese. They had a lot of fun taking pictures of the ney neys and listening to them honk. However, they stayed far enough away so the ney neys wouldn't bite as geese sometimes are known to do. However, they all felt the true spirit of Haleakala from being around the Geese and all the native plants. They all felt enraptured by the area they were now in.

Grace had told John how to rent cabins down in the Crater from the Park so John had called and gotten one. There had been a cancellation so he had used his VIP status to obtain one for all his group. Nearby the Ney Neys they found the foot trail down into the Crater itself and walked down trails that lead down some of the gentle cliffs into the Crater. As they reached the Crater bottom they felt transported to another world. For since the Crater is enclosed and no roads are visible one could just as easily have been visiting the crater a 1000 yeas ago except for one cabin every few miles across the crater. When they reached the camping lodge they found it had bunk beds, an outhouse, kitchen facilities and a little water in a tank for cooking and washing dishes. It also had a little wood stove as we were now at fairly high altitude. Even in a tropical climate it gets cold if one goes high enough. People ski on Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii which is about 14,000 feet high and Grace mentioned she had often played in the snow near the approximately 10,000 foot summit of Haleakala crater. They all were experiencing some of the alpine like effects of high altitude, strong sun and a need for sunblock as well as a drier air in the crater than one felt at sea level. The water had been carried in by pack mule so it was precious.

They all unpacked their gear for the first night. Andy and Cory were guarding them as well. Though they didn't really fit in with the group all knew they were necessary. Grace at first had wondered why these two extra men were there at first. However, even she knew John's business was with the US Government and the UN. He couldn't tell her more than that. She suspected they were bodyguards for Celeste or Arcane or even John.

Grace began telling Hawaiian stories of the Haleakala Crater and ancient Hawaiian religious concepts and legends. All were thoroughly taken with her useful and intelligent interpretations of her people and history. Since everyone including John was interested in her people's history, religion, and legends they let her speak for hours after dinner. Grace wondered a little that Cory and Andy stayed outside watching the stars and listening to the nature sounds instead of her but by then she knew they were guards for one or all of them.

At about midnight the sounds began. They were a rhythmic humming that could be associated with a flying saucer or some other powerful electrical device like a Tesla coil. Though Celeste and Arcane knew exactly what it was all there acted like it was a surprise and ran outside to investigate. It was a reddish orange ship hovering about 50 feet above the roof of the lodge. They also began to hear screaming and yelling.

John Hand was the first outside. He screamed, "Oh my God! It's a ufo!"

Cory and Andy had hand held weapons out but were amazingly quiet. They didn't say a word. Grace, Celeste and Arcane were the last outside. Grace noticed that Celeste and Arcane were very deep in thought.

Grace thought, "It's almost as if these two were deep in a telepathic conversation." Since it was true Arcane almost wanted to break cover and tell Grace what was happening. However, he thought better of it knowing that she was strong enough in her belief system to withstand tonight. John Hand was another story.

By now the screaming from the reddish orange ship had "mysteriously stopped" along with the rhythmic humming. John and Grace thought this very strange. Next came a blue ship that came close to the reddish Orange ship that was quickly losing color. It appeared to John and Grace that the blue ship was towing the reddish orange ship away.

Arcane looked at John Hand with a worried look on his face. John was shaking and starting to crack up. The timber of John's voice was a little shaky when he said to Arcane, "Was the blue ship American?"

Arcane looked at him and said what would heal. "Maybe."

John started to throw up. Andy and Cory looked disgusted. Through his Biocom Arcane said, "Let me glue him back together." Andy, Cory and Celeste agreed.

Andy and Cory quickly said, "I'm sorry everyone we must leave now to file our report with the government." So Andy and Cory left about 2 am in the morning. However, none saw them disappear behind the nearest boulder.

John Hand was a mess and Grace was shaking now as much because of seeing John lose it as having gone through the experience itself. Tears were in Grace's eyes because she was worried about John and herself. She wasn't sure what all this meant and worried that since Andy and Cory were with the Government she might not be allowed to survive after having seen this. She had heard stories. She worried about John and herself. She had long term designs on John if that could work out. His sensitive and kind nature only attracted her more to him.

John said defensively. "Something I ate or drank must have set me off." Grace said, "I feel sick too. Will we survive this, John?"

"Of course, Grace. I'll take care of you. You and I will be fine." He looked plaintively at Arcane.

Arcane quickly said, "Grace. This was a once in a lifetime experience. John and I and Celeste will protect you from harm. If you wish none of us will tell anyone that you saw any of this."

She turned to John. You will be safe of that I'm sure." Said John.

"The important thing is that all our stories agree with Andy and Cory's."

Arcane smiled. "Don't worry about that, John. Their agency is so secret what they say will never see the light of day."

John paled again at this. He said, "You mean they are Black ops? Y'know I actually expected that. That's why you could say, 'maybe' to my question before isn't it."

Arcane smiled his secret smile and said, "That's right."

John looked a little crazy and said, "How many secret levels of government are there, George?"

"I'll tell you what I can, John. There are so many things going on that if I even told you my real name I would have to kill everyone here including myself."

"Don't do it then!" said John.

That one statement bonded John and George for life. "You are a real friend, George. You may even be a ufo. You're not like other people. You just know too much."

Arcane smiled and said, "Maybe."

To this John began laughing hysterically. "I'll never tell a soul." He said. And he meant it.

Grace said, "Am I your friend too, George?"

"Don't worry Grace I will protect you, body and soul to the death."

At this point Celeste came back from making a detailed Biocom report and said, "I had to throw up and I didn't want anyone to see."

Grace put her arm around Celeste.

Through his biocom he said to Celeste, "My God, Celeste you're a good actress."

"Just basic Galactic Anthro training." replied Celeste through her Biocom.

John was still shaking a little. Arcane said, "John, let me massage your back. I've learned some Asian healing techniques for stress.

"Okay, George. After all you're a doctor." John laughed nervously.

As Arcane messaged John's back he at one point put his thumb on the back of John's neck. George said to John, "This acupressure point will make you see some colors so don't be alarmed by the colors and the warm peaceful feelings you have."

John said, "Thanks George, you're out of this world in your talents." By now John both suspected and knew somehow that George was not from this world. Because of his experiences with George he knew he could trust George more than anyone he had ever met. This told John he was dealing with an off-worlder. However, he also knew he would protect George. Because whatever Celeste and George, the two off-worlders were doing he would give his life if necessary to protect them. With this thought John passed out into peaceful colors. He felt his spirit was at last at peace. He was home with George, Celeste and Grace. He was home for home is not a place but a state of consciousness. And John floated away at peace.

Arcane said out loud to Grace and Celeste, "I think he will be okay now. Grace I want to tell you something you don't know about John. He cares about you very much. The other thing you need to know is that he had a very terrifying experience as a child with ufos. His dog that he loved disappeared when he was about 4 years old. His dog was taken by a ufo. His family never believed his story and he has been traumatized ever since by this."

"How do you know this about him." Asked Grace with a worried look on her face.

"Sometime when the two of you are alone ask John how I know this. Ask him sometime you are both at peace and very happy."

"Okay." was her answer. Grace sensed that George and Celeste were much more than they said. She wasn't sure exactly what but maybe John would tell her one day. George left Grace alone with John.

Arcane and Celeste walked a little away. They held each other. "My God!" said Celeste through her Biocom, "That went well. I don't even think we need to bring in Time re finishers to clean up."

"Yes," said Arcane, "we'll see. There are still some other campers from the next lodge who got pictures and are hiking this way."

"There are? Will they be a problem, Arcane?"

"I don't think so but they are still an unknown. John and Grace will be our friends for life. We need to protect them from any harm from any source. They deserve our protection."

"I agree. They are completely loyal to us. We must take care of them and protect them."

Arcane said, "It's agreed then. I heard some of your report to the Time Guard. Did your report agree with Andy and Cory's?"

"Yes, in every way except in regard to John. They thought he was too unstable to be useful to us. They did this to John, Arcane. Andy went back in time and stole his dog to make him easier for us to deal with."

"Yes. But there is another way to look at it, Celeste. Without Andy's cruelty we wouldn't even know these two amazing humans."

"You really are a priest. Whenever you do that I love you and hate you so much."

"Makes sense to me." Said Arcane. She hit him lovingly on the shoulder. He held her to him. She knew she was home with Arcane.

After a while Celeste said, "Will John be okay?" "Yes, he will. He knows we're aliens but he will protect us."

"Did you tell him Arcane?"

"No. But he's not stupid. He also has no proof. He will protect us from harm just like we pledge to protect him. Grace suspects also but not as much."

" So you don't consider them to be a security risk?"

"No, I've looked deep into them both. They are no threat to us."

"I had hoped for that outcome."

"Shall I contact the time guard and tell them, Arcane?"

"No. Contact Cory first. Our stories and assessments need to correspond."

"Okay." said Celeste.

After John went to sleep Arcane asked Grace if he could massage her back. She looked at George and said, "Will it put me to sleep like it did John?"

"Only if you wish."

"I'd like that." Said Grace. Soon Grace and John were sleeping on their bunk.

Celeste was realizing more and more she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Arcane. Arcane knew that his mind and soul were healing just being next to A ray in now Celeste. This was the first time he felt the many fragments of Arcane coming back together since he lost A ray in during the war. So arcane was beginning to feel real and alive again instead of just a spiritual and biological robot. He was feeling peace which was something he hadn't felt in a long time.

When John woke up the next morning before dawn. He watched the stars slowly fade as the sun rose. He knew the same dawn was happening to his soul. He was finally free from the ufo experience as a child. His dog's name had been George. Somehow, it was all synchronistic. Everything was the way it should be. This was the first time he had felt this in his life. Tears flowed down his face. He was in haleakala. It was his dream of a lifetime. He had survived another ufo encounter. They had all seen them and dealt with this situation. He was just fine and he cried alone sitting on a boulder a mile away from the lodge so none of his friends could see or hear.

Grace woke up next because John was gone. She was concerned about him and followed him outside to comfort him. When she found him they both comforted each other. Later when they both came back in the lodge George and Celeste woke up.

George said as the ate breakfast all together, "I think the less we say about this experience the better. If we are asked by our superiors we should answer direct questions only. We should not offer any information because even though some parts of the US and UN are open to this kind of information most bureaus are not and would try to destroy our careers."

"I agree." Said John.

"We will destroy all our careers if we say too much in the present world political climate."

About that time there was a knock at the door. Arcane quickly moved to answer it. Three strangers were there. Their leader, a man asked, "What happened over here last night. We heard a lot of yelling and screaming."

Arcane said, "Y'know I'm not sure what it all was. We heard yelling and screaming too and we saw a shooting star or something. We thought the noise was from a wounded animal like a boar or a deer or something."

The stranger said, "That's too bad we really wanted to know what it was."

"I'm sorry that's all we know for sure. Anything else would be pure speculation."

"Well, I've got some pictures. I got some great pictures."

"Yeah?" said George, "I'd like to see them."

He gave the man an address that was indirectly connected to the US Government. With this they bid the hikers from the next lodge a few miles away goodbye and they went on their way.

At about noon they all packed up and walked back up to their window van and out of the crater. John and Grace knew their lives would never be the same. Arcane and Celeste knew they would finally be allowed by life to live together as man and wife. Their lives would never be the same for a very different reason that John and Grace's. However, Arcane saw John and Grace living together or marrying in the future as well.

As they drove down the mountain Arcane said to John, "Y'know the day isn't over yet. Would you like to go over to kihei and go wind surfing?" John replied, "Ho'okipah is the best windsurfing beach in the world."

"Yeah, but that's for experts. We're just beginners. " Said Arcane.

"Yeah. That's true. If we wanted to go to Ho'okipah we'd have to be really good. Let's go to Kihei. What do the ladies think?"

They both thought it would be fun. They were just happy to see John in one piece again and laughing. They would never tell him that, however, because his ego couldn't take it. Grace thought. "It's going to take me some time to get used to what happened last night."

Arcane said, "Let's go over to Kihei where we can rent windsurfers or masks and snorkels and we can have a really great time."

Everyone thought that was a great idea. Celeste said, "Why don't you two guys rent wind surfers and Grace and I will rent Masks and snorkels and we could trade off equipment?" Everyone was in play and party mode now.

Since the wind wasn't happening they wound up renting masks and snorkels and going to McKenna Beach and snorkeling. All were healed by swimming in the ocean and seeing all the amazing life underwater. It reminded Arcane of dying and going to Lake Atlantis in heaven. "

On his biocom while snorkeling with the group Arcane asked Celeste, "Will you marry me?"

"You're such a character, Arcane.-Asking me to marry you over a Biocom?"

Arcane answered dreamily, "I remember you taking me to heaven after I died in Atlantis. Do you remember that, Celeste?"

Celeste thought about this a moment and said through her biocom. "Yes. But it's very disorienting for me to do that all at once. I'm having trouble integrating all these new memories with the rest of my present life."

"I'm sorry, Celeste. That's to be expected. I had the same experience with Eridian."

"We have a lifetime to relive the past and our future together, Arcane."

" I take it your answer is 'yes' then." "Has it ever been 'no' since you can remember?"

"Always 'yes'"

"Then why did you even have to ask?" "Out of politeness and respect for your choice and your soul."

"You are always such a polite priest, Arcane. How do you ever get anything done being so polite?"

"Actually, for me it's all quite easy. When one loves and respects all life as sacred one also loves and respects ones own life as sacred. This love and respect frees the life force from within and without so there is no limit to ones accomplishments. All life everywhere assists in the infinite accomplishments that follow love and respect for all life in all places and times."

"I'm a convert, Arcane. Just love me and teach me. You are now my priest and my husband."

" Since I was a boy in the time of Atlantis you have been my teacher, my friend and my love. I owe God and you everything I am today."

"Life and God has trained us both well then Arcane."

"Yes, and it's not over yet."

Abruptly this conversation ended when John said, "What are you two lovebirds doing. Your drifting out to sea!"

"We're coming back" said Arcane.

"Be right there." Said Celeste.

When they returned Arcane said to John. "Celeste and I have decided to get married."

"Where and when?" said John. Grace was delighted also. She knew it might lead to John and her marrying also. Love and marriage is very contagious as we all know.

Celeste spoke up. "I'd like you two to be with us."

"We'd be honored." Said John.

Grace agreed. "Since I was picked up from Tahiti could you return Arcane and I there, John?"

"Actually, it is in the works! We got the information we wanted and it has all been verified. You told us the truth. You are a part of the US Government sworn to secrecy so no leakage problem exits. You can go back to Tahiti if you feel safe now."

"What about the people shooting at us in Tahiti?"

"We've already given them as much information as we can. We did this so your life wouldn't be in jeopardy. We told them that time experiments were being done without your knowledge, Celeste. We told them that you have no real knowledge of the technologies involved. Whether that is ultimately true we have convinced them you no nothing useful to you or us."

"Do you think it's safe to return to Tahiti, George?" George as Arcane said, "I'll make one or two phone calls and it will be safe."

"You are a pretty scary guy sometimes, Arcane!" Said John.

Then he laughed with a belly laugh because he thought what he had said was very funny. This was because he intuitively knew that George and Celeste and maybe even Cory and Andy were time and space travelers from somewhere and some when else. That he could not safely ever tell anyone this he thought was extremely funny.

"Now I'm really going to scare you. Will you be my best man, John?"

John stopped laughing. He said, "Do you really mean that, George?"

" Yes!" said George as Arcane.

"Then it's a done deal" and he slapped George on the back.

Celeste looked at Grace and said, "Grace will you be my maid of honor?"

"Are you sure?"said Grace.

"Very sure!" said Celeste.

"I'd be honored, Celeste. You are a real lady, a real friend!" said Grace.

John called the Airport to ready their Lear jet and Arcane and Celeste got on the phone to Tahiti to set up their wedding by Credit card. While he was calling he said to Celeste on Biocom, "Jonathan, my soul double in physical form had a father that traveled by yacht to Tahiti in the late 30's. It will honor my future father that we marry there."

Celeste's reply was, "I love you Arcane but you will always be a little strange and more than a little mysterious."

"As long as you love me I don't mind being strange and mysterious."

"We'll honor your future father then."

"Thanks for being patient with me, Celeste."

Celeste laughed. She was marrying the man of her dreams of several lifetimes. It may be weird but it was real and she was at last so very happy.

Grace came back and said, "I was able to get off work Monday so I can go with you to Tahiti."

"Great!" said Arcane. They had decided to leave at 7 pm Saturday night and fly to Tahiti. John promised to have Grace back to Honolulu by midnight Monday. Arcane and Celeste would be married around noon in Tahiti at a special place Celeste had picked out.

When Celeste Weaver first came to Earth it was to Tahiti. So for her it was her safe place, her home on Earth away from most of the hustle and bustle of earth.

When their Lear jet touched down on Tahiti a helicopter was waiting to take them to a private island. Except for a few friends and a minister they would have the island to themselves. George as Arcane, Celeste, John and Grace all had friends in very high places in national and world Government and business. Their private island paradise for two days proved it.

They were married on the beach with John, Grace and a few friends. George said after the marriage ceremony. "It's been a very long wait to be married to you, Celeste. I'm grateful we could finally do this after all this time."

John said, "Have you two been going together a long time."

"Not really" said George. We've just been very good friends for a very long time.We're both sort of traditional."

John said, "Sometimes just being friends is the most important part of a good long term relationship."

George said, "I agree." Celeste said, "So do I."

With that we leave our friends and lovers now married and moving toward a long life together. Two years hence Jonathan will come and learn his lessons in Hawaii with his family. But that is another story.

With this we leave Arcane and Celeste and their future 3 children. It is said that Arcane and Celeste remained married for over a thousand years.


If you are interested in reading more about Arcane go back to my index page and click on History of Arcane Part 1 and also 2. If interested in one of the other pages please read History of Celeste Weaver, History of His Oneness or the History of Jonathan Flow. There are several other mini books there as well that are directly or indirectly related to "Memories".


July 25th 2001 11:25 PST

I guess you could say I was born a seer. As a child it was terrifying at times knowing what people were thinking. At about 3 I wondered why adults never said exactly what they thought. At about 15 I realized why. It was because politeness kept people from harming each other, themselves and society. In my teens I found God or should I say God found me and basically said, "Use these gifts as I will you to, Fred, or die." I obeyed and began to use my gifts to help everyone I knew, saw or met.

At times it was horrifying to walk by someone and to know they would die soon. However, that was balanced by good things and the satisfaction of knowing that God had allowed me to be his instrument to help someone. I did not really begin to have peace about my gifts until I met a Tibetan Lama at around the age of 30. Then all aspects of the "gifts" came into balance.

The two most difficult precognitions that have come to pass already were in 1985 and 1989. The first involved my family and the second a major earthquake in where I lived. In 1985 I woke up one morning knowing that if any of my family drove in a car that day that one of us would die. I told my wife and children about this and my wife said,"I have a business delivery and your daughter has an orchestra practice." I said, "Please listen to me. You know I'm usually right about these things." Anyway, she would not listen. And so I prayed as hard as I could that neither of them would die that day. When they drove away I felt sick to my stomach. About 5 minutes later my daughter ran back home crying and said they had had a head on and the car was totaled. I got in another of our cars and drove my daughter and I to the sight. She was right our car was totaled. My wife had collapsed the steering wheel and had cracked ribs and my daughter had hit her head on the windshield. I immediately thought of a Lama friend and what he had said, "Little hurt instead of big hurt." I smiled and was grateful no one had died.

The next precognition was more psychologically difficult for me and affected thousands of people. I woke up seeing death the skeleton in the black shrowd. I had never had a vision this being before and so when I fully wakened I said to my wife "We had better check this out because "death" has never appeared to me before." So we checked it out and narrowed it down to an earthquake or a nuclear blast on a specific week a few weeks hence. We decided to be in Hawaii when it happened and so watched it happen on CNN in Hana, Maui, Hawaii. It was the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989. Most of the friends that I told about the Loma Prieta Earthquake weeks before it happened were too frightened to speak to me after they lived through the earthquake. One of the people's houses in the Bay area had thousands of dollars of damage. There is something called the Kasondra effect. It is in regard to telling someone of something before it happens and because of that being blamed for the event. It is something I've had to deal with my whole life. Usually, the way I deal with it is to distract someone who is going to have an accident from their normal time line without telling them anything and thereby saving their life or limbs. I have found one must be very careful who and what one shares about these kinds of things with others.

However, I have been authorized to write this book in the hope that the war between the free world and China is avoided. As of 7000+ AD in my book this war has already taken place and Asia, North and South America, Australia and the Pacific Islands are all uninhabitable. Only Europe and Africa and Greenland are still inhabitable by healthy humans. All cities below 3000 feet no longer exist because of global warming and incredible winds so most healthy people in 7000 ad now live above 5000 feet in elevation. That is why places like the Alps are a good place to have a seat of world government for what remains of the inhabitable world.

If a war between the free world and China takes place in the next 200 years it leaves, Asia, North and South America and Australia uninhabitable for about 20,000 years.

This book has been written partly to help change the future by eliminating this war. There is no occurrence in presently recorded history that devastates earth like this war did. All efforts should persevere to create China into a democracy as soon as possible and thereby eliminate this war from future history. The hellish karma for earth and its souls caused by this war must be stopped by eliminating this war. All in the future agree that this war must be stopped so that all nations and their cultures can continue to strengthen earth for future colonization of other planets. All cultures are needed when we colonize other planets when we have to deal with other species far into the future.


When I was travelling in Thailand in 1985 and 6 I was guided inwardly to suddenly leave Thailand with my family and go to India. At the time I didn't know really what the KalaChakra was. I thought I was just going to meet a lama in Bodhgaya that I knew in Santa Cruz that I and my family had become friends with. However, after a fairly adventurous journey we arrived in Bodhgaya, India to see 500,000 people receiving the Kalachakra Initiation from the Dalai Lama. About 10,000 people were there from the western world: i.e europe,North and South America, Australia and Japan etc.The rest were in a circle around the Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya by country. There were devotees receiving initiation from Tibet,Sri Lanka,Nepal,Bhutan,India and many other Asian places. It was amazing to see all these devotees in their native costumes. We were very amazed to be in this situation and were overwhelmed by our experience. Our lama friend signed us up as foreign recipients of the Kalachakra Initiation as we arrived on the first day and were eligible for this. I bought an authorized book on the Kalachakra then and began reading. I found that this initiation connects one to to the mystical world of Shambala that is believed to be a real heaven like world connected to this one through the Gobi desert in Asia. Some lamas speak of having been there. It is possible that His Oneness is the immortal King of Shambala.

Author's notes: All the following was originally my dedication, Introduction etc. to "Memories" which helped me greatly in understanding my own writer's process in organization and of the writing and editing of this book. However, after looking at it a few years I believe now that the reader is actually beter served by discovering it at the end. In this way the details come after you have experienced the book yourself and therefore become more meaningful. Also, if one doesn't want the details then they are happy too!

Memories and its sequels have been written as a tool for humanoids and others in general to better understand this Galaxy and their place in it or in relation to it and their place in the sea of all Galaxies. The primary sponsors of this work are the present Galactic Sentience, His Oneness, The Galactic Time Guard, Arcane and Celeste etc. The Galactic sentience has authorized this ongoing written series as a way of honoring his Grandfather and Grandmother, the physical Creators of the Milky Way Galaxy as it is called on Earth. Several of the millions and millions of simultaneous regenerative incarnations made by the Present Galactic Sentience's Grandfather and Grandmother are recounted here.

It is with great kindness and gratitude for His Grandmother's and Grandfather's benevolence and sacrifice that the Galaxy exists today to bless and to benefit all sentient life within it and all that see, sense, or visit it in any way. These ongoing writings are not intended as a professional recounting but instead as friends sharing around a campfire their most profound experiences and insights on a starlit summer night.

The reason I published "Memories" online

This book "Memories" was written as a legacy by me and those who sponsor it to help mankind long after I'm gone. I have always been a precognitive psychic all my life. Sometimes this was very uncomfortable. However, after I turned about 30 years old and met my first Tibetan Lama I began to understand non duality, the void and compassion for all beings in all time and space. At this point my psychic gifts became a complete blessing to me and all who came into contact with me. I know that might sound strange to some of you but then again this is my life experience.

I had always been afraid to publish information on my researches in this life as I thought it might be dangerous to me or to my family. However, when I almost died of a heart virus in 1998 and 1999 I realized how ignorant it was of me to think so little of the gifts God has so graciously given me that I would not share them with mankind before I passed on. One of the experiences of having a heart virus is feeling you are suffocating and can't get air. By using a Tibetan meditation I survived the illness. Also, when it first started about a dozen angels appeared to me so I thought I was dying and so I prepared for my passing on. However, the angels said in unison at that time over and over again, "You are not going to die! Your life will get better now!" Even though this was hard for me to take in let alone to believe I have learned through long experience to always take angels seriously. This understanding allowed me to survive when I couldn't breathe or oxygenate my blood. Instead of panicking and dying like many people do I simply disconnected through meditation instead of panicking and so I survived to write the book "Memories" for you and your friends and family to read.

In this near death experience God convinced me what a loss it would be if I died without sharing my lifetimes of research as a spiritual scientist. I hope my lifetimes of experience can help your soul and the souls of all your friends and family to better navigate your own lifetimes of experience. God had to make me think I was going to die before I shared this with you! Hopefully, God will convince you to do what you need to do without doing the same to you.

It is not necessary to believe in God or anything else to benefit from this book. What I feel is important in life is kindness and compassion that is exercised with wisdom. This book is an expression of that kindness, compassion and wisdom. So whether your approach to life is humanistic or whatever you can benefit from the wisdom expressed through this book. Even if you are only looking at this book as Science Fiction it is perfectly all right with me.


Originally Author's preface

I believe the paradigms illustrated here are true. However, I'm not attached to the idea that you must also believe as I do. Besides, not all truth seekers believe in God, extrasensory perception (ESP), soul travel and reincarnation as I do. The universe is a big place after all and I consider all my brothers and sisters and/or beings of fellowship if they have no gender as humans know it. So I have written this book for all who can be entertained or benefit in any positive way from reading or hearing it read to them or translated to them or for them.

The culture or cultures that now control both time and space also control our galaxy past, present and future. The culture or cultures that have the Galactic Legal right to control Earth's time and space do now control Earth past, present and future as well.

The past lives of the transmigrating soul are based upon memories as clear to me as you presently have of your childhood from age 4 through 20 years of age. However, I had to convert my memories to legendary form. This is to protect the real bodies and minds of all mentioned. It is my hope that reading this book will help you and your friends and families in your ongoing search for truth. My lifetimes of research as a truth seeker and soul pilgrim have helped me in translating the galactic paradigms that I have encountered in my journey as a soul.I believe that all civilized and uncivilized beings in this galaxy are subject to the paradigms illustrated if the beings and cultures exist within 1 to 5 million years future and past. I have done my best to share useful and practical paradigms that should help the humans of earth more easily survive and prosper through the many coming contacts with off worlders and multidimentional beings.

Jonathan Flow follows some of my personal travels from 1948 to the present. The Pseudonym Jonathan Flow gives me license to share deeper truths. I feel safer in sharing more of what I wish in this context without fear for my life or yours. The governments of Earth are not the problem. Some of the governments and businesses and ruffians beyond earth who do not control earth but have an interest in earth are.

It is my hope that Peace may come to you through your religions. It is my hope that security may come through your governments. However, since truth can only be experienced and not even properly talked about, each of us must find truth alone. For me truth has come by being open to it, by knowing that I must be willing to give up old paradigms of life when shown something truer and superior to what I knew and believed before. To be a truth seeker goes beyond being a member of any religion,race or creed. For me it has gone something like this. "I want to know the truth no matter what."

I have written this book in order to help other truth seekers more easily find the truth. Within this book I have included as many paradigms and hints as I could to give the reader as safe a passage as possible in their own search for truth both inward and throughout the galaxy.

This reminds me of a joke. Someone went high into the Himalayas to speak to an enlightened master in a cave. Upon reaching the master the seeker said, "How do I become enlightened?" "Good decisions!" the master said. The seeker then said, "But how do I learn to make good decisions?" "Bad decisions." said the master.

Here in joke form we find the simple keys to both truth and enlightenment. It ain't pretty but it's the way it is.


Since I believe the book to be real life memories inserted into a legendary form I have often prayed about how to present and publish the information so that it would be both safe and useful for all wherever and whenever they read, hear or see this. One of the ways I tried to make it safe for all is to change most of the dates. With 90% of the dates changed it seemed safer to me. The second thing I did was to change most of the names of the real characters. With most of the true dates and true names changed I felt that the reliability of the book could not be counted on by anyone trying to harm any of the existing characters in their home times and spaces. Since the characters Eridian and His Oneness now live in different dimensions than our physical world exists in they are relatively safe so I used their real names. However, both Eridian and His Onenes are known in Legends by thousands of other names. Eridian is known in many religions ancient, prehistoric, present and future as the Guardian of the Gates of the Heavens of Earth. I was surprised that evolved beings can evolve in any time or times and still be totally masters in all times past, present or future. This one concept has totally redefined reality for me. It appears that childlike souls evolving are overshadowed by their already evolved fully masterful souls. It appears that the Buddhist statement that talks about one already being enlightened and that all that one needs do is to realize it is true. From this point of view it may be that all materialistic thought including time, space and logic is untrue and only useful in strengthening a souls resolve in being what it already naturally is.

Arcane is similar to his real name. His real name means Ancient Wisdom in his native tongue. However, his name could not be pronounced by present day humans because of evolution and genetic enhancement of the humans of New Deva approximately 1,000,000 years into human future.(I'm not sure about this but it is possible that New Deva is Earth recolonized after physical humans become extinct 1.5 to 2 million years in earth's future. Likewise Isfahel may be a recolonized and re terraformed Mars. If this is true the New Earth called New Deva has also been terraformed.) Arcane is a descendant of human colonists who originated on earth from Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis and colonists from several hundred years from now that venture into space. When many of these planetary colonies intersect in our future they form treaties and interbreed.

I also feel an obligation to protect the reader, my family and myself from harm. This is because time travel by governments and multinational corporations is no longer something that can easily be denied. The propaganda machine of the western world tries but it is no longer credible or believable. This may seem silly or outrageous to you but you have not seen what I have. If you had you would know as I do that thousands to millions of planets in our galaxy are inhabited and that we on earth are descendants of colonists from other worlds. We have been strengthened and somewhat mutated genetically with Earth Dna in order to survive better here. However, we are directly related to beings on thousands of human planets and earth will colonize planets and dimensions for thousands of years to come. That is what humans do. We colonize planets, we terraform planets and we genetically mutate ourselves to survive wherever we go. We are an extremely adaptable species. Other species that fear humans fear our adaptability most. Our intelligence is not feared just adaptability. This is because IQs of 1000 to 10,000 are very common in our galaxy with the most intelligent beings known coming out at an unheard of 1 million IQ. Only our adaptability is feared because we are one of only a few intelligent species that can survive on galactic rim planets.

The Galaxy has altered time so that humans will not be invaded by other species for a long, long time. It is one of the ways the Galaxy handles things. They try to prevent war by creating more than one basic timeline. Each species is given one or more time lines that it can inhabit without being invaded by another off world species.

We are on what His Oneness calls the Holy Lemurian Timeline. Since he is the Galactically delegated authority for our timeline his rulings are final. When time changes are made by today's humans the changes are watched by His Oneness and the Lemurians. If they don't see the time changes beneficial to enough beings the Lemurians fix time and tell todays humans to stop. Todays humans are given three chances to listen. If they continue to disobey His Oneness their births are prevented by temporarily sterilizing their parents. This is common practice. They don't kill anyone they simply prevent conception. This is a very common and painless Galactic practice. Since they can travel through time they have unlimited time to consider any action or inaction. And their rulings are reinforced by the Galaxy in order to maintain the galactic order of time and space.


Introduction to Arcane

One souls search for truth, wisdom, compassion and loyalty over millions of years.

Chapter 1 Dragon of Compassion

Dragons of Compassion denotes the name of Arcane's Spiritual Lineage of Priest Scientists. His lineage is also called: Compassionate Invincible Protectors of the planet New Deva

Arcane is a young humanoid. At the time his story begins I would say he is between 27 and 29 years old in Earth maturity both mental and physical. His physical lineage comes originally from Earth but about one million years have passed from our present day so a lot of changes have taken place. Earth has colonized many planets and dimensions and those colonies have in turn colonized other planets and dimensions. There are also planetary colonies established between 40,000 and 500,000 years before the year 2000 AD. in Lemuria and Mu's time and later there were colonies from Atlantis that were established between 70,000 and less than 10,000 years before the year 2000 AD. Later still there were colonies first on the moon and then beyond that began in the 20th century onward.

The people of Earth weren't told about early colonies on the moon and Mars and beyond until the 22nd century. These colonies began in 1969 with the first US missions to the moon and continued secretly from then on by joint efforts between first the Soviet union and the United States and later including Japan and Europe. Many of the Shuttle missions contained extra people and supplies between 1969 and 2100.Space stations became staging areas for colonization experiments. Some of the early colonization efforts that were publicly recognized starting in the 2040's and beyond met some of the survivors of these early secret colonies but were requested by the survivor colonists to not publicly share this information on pain of death. President Eisenhower may have traded for UFO technology in 1952 or 3. Since these ufos travel time as well as space the US has been secretly many wheres and many whens. I myself must say that the previous paragraph was complete fiction as a way of protecting both of us.

From the 21st century on there were more and more colonies from earth. They eventually met their relatives on nearby worlds whose ancestors colonized other planets, places and dimensions Thousands and thousands of years before. They discovered colonies further and further out as faster and faster space travel became possible.

Arcane is descended from ancient Lemurian human stock, from Atlantean human stock and descended from more modern human colonists who left Earth to colonize the galaxy during the 23rd through the 25th centuries. Eventually the different colonies from all the different eras that continued to survive met and formed a mutually beneficial alliance and begin trading and even helping each other defend their territories from non humanoids. All the colonists of these thousands of planets adapted physically and mentally to wherever they chose to live. Many have been scientifically and medically modified in order to survive in specific environments. Although Arcane is still humanoid his ancestors have been genetically modified to breathe both water and air and to live underwater for years at a time. He is as at home in the water as on the land or in the air and his fingers are longer than most humans on earth.However, he greatly prefers to breathe air as one can't usually see as far underwater. If possible Arcane prefers to be in the open air with vistas of hundreds of miles. Whenever he can get away he goes to the mountains to be quiet with nature. His skin glows violet and his features are a little different than ours. His eyes are gold and would be very hypnotic for an earth born human to view. He has long hair which shimmers between gold and lavender but it is usually tied back and hidden under the purple and white robes of his hood and lineage. He stands about 6 feet tall and is slim but very muscular from rigorous training in martial arts. The types of martial arts practiced are mainly used to train the mind and to hypnotize opponents into catatonia by physical and psychic movement of consciousness and energy. He has taken vows not to kill because he is a priest in addition to a scientist and protector but can render up to ten opponents at a time unconscious for hours or days by temporarily disconnecting their souls from their bodies. He only does this when there is no other humane alternative available.

He has been rigorously trained and tested to prevent misuse of his gifts and abilities. He has been taught equanimity which is a feeling of equalness, kindness and kindredness towards all beings and all sentient life in the universe. He has been taught never to lose his center. He has been taught it is better to lose ones body than to kill another. However, for the survival of a culture or a planet he was taught that one must sometimes set aside ones vows so that ones culture can survive. Only one in the lineage is allowed this in any era. The rules are strict because a rule breaker would be to dangerous supernaturally to be allowed to live.

******************************************************************************** Arcane is a priest Scientist of New Deva and he is involved in a war. He has been tortured but not killed because it wasn't practical for his enemies to kill him This is because he is very supernaturally endowed. So the most practical solution for his enemies was to lose him in time after trying to twist his mind. After Arcane had temporarily disconnected several thousand soldiers and technicians of Isfahel from their bodies they banished Arcane to Earth in another time.

It is believed that Arcane's sworn enemy the Prophet Tech Noir of the planet Isfahel is a reincarnation of another terrifying leader of 20th century Earth. In Arcane's time as much is known about Earth as we presently know about ancient Greece and China before the time of Christ.

Tech Noir has used his prophetic abilities in conjunction with technological amplifiers to control his planet. His doctrine is that he is the one son of God and that all who do not believe in him will be put to death. Most resistors to Tech Noir have already been murdered on Isfahel. All the humanoids that remain on Isfahel either believe in Tech Noir or pretend to. All the rest are dead or have escaped to other worlds or dimensions.

In the time that Arcane is forcibly sent to Earth there are no humans left in human bodies on Earth. There are still human colonists throughout the Galaxy but any humans that remained on earth that are the descendants of the 21st century have turned into light. The rest moved their bodies and civilizations to other dimensions to protect them from harm.

A war involving about 1000 planets spilled over into earth. As a result earth has been a part of a demilitarized zone for thousands of years now. No physical body of any member of any galactic civilization is allowed to visit earth in the time that Arcane has been banished to. The demilitarized zone was set up to create a buffer zone between humanoid worlds and the worlds of a competing species. The only physical life left on earth is all its wild creatures and plants and organisms that are native to earth and the light realms of earth. The animals finally have earth to themselves once again after so long. They only have to share it with the spirits of the souls that remain who guard earth and its heavens.

Eridian is the guardian of earth along with the other 8 Light elders. Eridian has the legal right in the galaxy to the time line of earth still and he continues to be recognized by the Galactic Legal system. Since he is defined by the Galaxy as an energy being he is still legally recognized as the owner of Earth's timeline by galactic law. This will continue as long as Eridian chooses to maintain planet Earth as his home. Since Eridian is a reincarnation of His Oneness of Lemuria he has held the ownership unbroken for over 1 ½ million years. He is still looked to as the final arbiter for time disputes on earth regarding the last 1 ½ million years. The galaxy owns earth. Eridian owns its time line. Both have extreme legal protection.

Following added 10-2005

None of the stories of "memories" came to be in my life until I began to understand nondualism. This understanding began to take place when I met a Lama in Ashland Oregon around 1980. Though multiple initiations with multiple Lamas in Oregon, California and culminating with the Kalachakra Initiation in 1985 in Bodhgaya, India with the Dalai Lama along with 500,000 others I grew in my understanding of the necessity of having and developing compassion for all beings in the universe, especially if you have been given supernatural gifts like I was at birth. In this way I can use my gifts to help all beings to the end of suffering, the beginning of bliss and towards enlightenment.

I am extremely grateful for all the gifts I have been given throughout this lifetime and many many others.

Inspiring Books

"Same Soul Many Bodies" and also
"Many Lives Many Masters"
both by Dr. Brian L.Weiss, M.D. Same Soul recounts soul progression of future lives his newest therapy for patients, "Many Lives" recounts his early work in hypnotic regression as therapy for his patients

The following books inspired my path and this book

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

Dweller on Two Planets by Phylos the Tibetan through Frederick Spenser Oliver (Age 18 in the 1880's) Might be out of print now

The following is the definitive book yet published on UFO's given to me for Christmas by my affluent mother in law several years ago when it was first published.
The Day After Roswell by Colonel Phillip Corso (ret.)

Reference Book

The Kalachakra Tantra translated and edited by Jeffrey Hopkins

When I first arrived in India in late December 1985 in Bodhgaya, India. I thought I was there to meet a good friend I first met in Santa Cruz, California. However, when my family and I arrived there 500,000+ people were there to receive the Kalachakra Tantra, an initiation that many Tibetans had walked six months out of deep Tibet to receive knowing they would never be allowed to return to Tibet. There were native peoples in traditional native dress from Tibet,Bhutan,Nepal,and all over India. It is my understanding that this initiation connects the devotee to Shambala and to the King of Shambala.The movie "Shangri-La" first made in the 1930's was a westernized concept of Shambala.

It is my present belief that my present understanding of His Oneness and my book "Memories" were partly facilitated by this approximately 1 week initiation received by 500,000+ people and given by the Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya, India in late December 1985. I am amazed that I was magically directed there not knowing even what the Kalachakra was from Thailand right on time to receive this initiation with my whole family. I am equally amazed at the path that brought me to write "Memories" and many of the beginning sequels.

May all Beings in the Universe in all time and space attain Bliss and the Cause of Bliss
May all Beings in the Universe in all time and space Be Freed from Suffering and the Cause of Suffering
May all Beings in the Universe in all time and space never be without the Supreme Bliss that is Free from all Near and Far, All Grasping and Aversion!

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