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Memories part 5

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As Jonathan walked to his quarters he really was kind of confused and disoriented. He was concerned that his usual straightforward approach to life might get him into trouble because of the political situation he was dealing with. Many times people had ulterior motives. Especially since he was dealing with the king of a very powerful country that appeared to control time from 5000 BC to who knows how long AD. He wondered if he wasn't being a little naive. Yes, Elohar and Ragna probably were his reincarnated relatives but there were many things going on here that he wasn't entirely sure about.

Jonathan knew he had to rely on the beneficence and protection of His Oneness of Lemuria as well as King Interlaken. He was just a private citizen from the newly 21st century earth. Aurora very much enjoyed this experience of meeting relatives from the future reincarnated. Even though Jonathan was Aurora's father and very protective of her he knew one day she would become Princess Aurora of His Oneness' time in Lemuria. She had mentioned that she was about 300 years old when Jonathan met his daughter there. This fact had not been missed by King Interlaken. Of this Jonathan was sure.

When Jonathan awoke the next morning he asked Aurora if she wanted to talk to the king? She said, "Yes!" As they walked down the hallway together Jonathan said, "Aurora, you need to be a little careful what you say. We are not only in a different country but also in a different time. So be a little guarded but be pleasant."

Finally they were at a lavish breakfast table with the king. King Interlaken asked Aurora what she thought of our world in this time. Aurora said, "I like it here in your palace in the mountains. Everyone has been very nice to me. I also want to thank you for the wraparound glasses. They allow me to see colors like everyone does in our time."

Then king then said, "How do you like the way we dress and the fact that none of us look over age 25 in your time era no matter how old we are?" Aurora answered, " I like the way you dress. It's simple, elegant and to the point. However, it is difficult to have the same respect for someone who looks 25 that I would for someone who looked 50 or 70 in my culture."

The king laughed and said, "Y'know, we don't live there so we don't have to live with concepts like those. However, what you said is what we expected someone your age would answer. In our culture one is shown respect by either the garments they are wearing or the way that they conduct themselves. So one is always looking for subtleties in either dress or behavior when meeting or passing by someone new.

In our culture everything is much more subtle since no one looks over 25. Even if I had a great Grandfather still alive he would look no more that 25 also. Just one day he would get pale and then he'd be gone. Isn't that funny?"

"Yes, it is very funny. Said Aurora.

The king said, "Tell me a little about your life in your century, Aurora. What would an average day be like?"

"Well, if it was on a school day I would eat, brush my teeth after waking up about 7 am. Then I would leave around 7:30 am and there I would learn math, spelling, history and English. We would also have recess, lunch and do reports. Also we would do fun stuff. However, some of the kids in my century aren't kind to each other. A few don't respect each other and call each other names. If kids get angry with each other the teacher settles it. Monday through Thursday I get out of school at 3pm. On Friday I get out of school at 2pm. I find it a very unusual way of living life. I don't know about schools now days. It's a very weird life I'm living."

The king laughed a little at this because her thoughts entertained him.

"Aurora. Would you like to see what school is like here? I'd like you to meet my son. He's 12 years old just one year older than you and he'll tell you what his day is like.

As Aurora turned she saw a 12 year old boy with some of his father's features arise from the table. He seemed a little nervous but overcame that quickly. He was tall for his age and Aurora found him interesting.

The boy spoke up. " Hello Aurora and all present. If any of you don't know me I am heir to my father's throne. I'm Prince Orion named after the Orion Nebula.

My day partly consists of going to the holodeck to observe recordings of history. It is usually chosen by my tutors which historical period I observe.

Our culture takes what would be like holodeck videos of real historic events. Then they are brought back here for a few of us to observe. Though most of the citizens of our world have no knowledge of this just as in your home time all world leaders here and now must be familiar with historical holograms so the same mistakes are not repeated from past civilizations. I get to experience history exactly as it was. I am also allowed to interact with holograms of historical people. When I'm 14 my father will take me to witness real historical events in person. I'm preparing for that with many holograms so I don't faint when people die for real in front of me."

The king smiled, "Prince Orion. Some of this may not be suitable."

The king said, "Go on, son."

Prince Orion continued, "The reason we take holograms of all the historical events we are allowed to on earth is that we are very offended in our era of all the historical inaccuracies present in history books before we gathered history as it happened through time travel. History is usually written by the winners of battles both physical and political.

However, in a sanctioned hologram all views are represented. In this way we see all the major problems the people encountered. Even though this eliminates many personal problems of historical figures it covers the most important military and political actions as they really happened."

"I spend most of the most interesting parts of my education witnessing history in all its happiness, sadness and pathos. In the last couple of years since General Ragna and Elohar, our Seer went back to Lemuria there are also Holograms of many alien planets that I can study so I can interact with aliens.

Sometimes I can actually meet aliens that are visiting my father. They have given him holograms from their planets and dimensions so I can experience what their planets are like as well. They send me holograms to of their families and friends and creatures of their worlds. So my life is very enriched by all the knowledge of alien worlds and peoples.

"May I go with you on one of your alien Hologram adventures, Prince Orion?" said Aurora. "Would that be okay, Father?" said Prince Orion. "If Jonathan and Ragna agree it would be fine."

To this Jonathan said, " Aurora, you heard that this is so lifelike a display and sound generation that it can't be distinguished from reality?"

"Yes, I did." Said Aurora with a quizzical look on her face.

"Well. If your body reacts in an extreme way to something you may faint. Do you understand that?"

"I'm 11, Dad. I won't faint."

"As long as you know what you're getting into it I'm okay with it. However, this is bound to affect your thoughts and dreams like television does."

"I'm okay with that, Dad.

Ragna spoke next. He talked to Prince Orion. "Young Sir," he said, "You must not show Aurora how the technology operates. Not a word. In this way even if someone found out that she had been here from the 21st century she would know nothing of any of our technologies."

"I understand, General Ragna. I will protect us and her from harm."

"Good." Said General Ragna, "Then I also approve."

The King continued, "Also, son, you want her to have one of the more tame adventures. People who aren't used to experiences this real can become very confused or go into shock sometimes. We've had people actually die from the realism of our holograms. One of the nice things though, is that we are able to go back in time and bring them back. We find this incredibly helpful in our military. In this way no one ever dies permanently that we need. So we can uncreate those kind of problems when we need to."

Jonathan spoke up. He said, "I'd like to accompany her on her first adventure to see how she's doing so I can monitor her."

The king said, " I would do the same for my daughters so I understand. Of course you can accompany her. Mind if I tag along?"

"Sounds good, the more the merrier." Said Jonathan.

"Y'know there's a particularly interesting one that I would love to share with you all. We just received it from a very good friend of mine from the Orion sector. He said there are some really great views from inside the Orion or Hercules Nebula. I can't remember which one he said it is of."

Note: Even though Jonathan and Aurora were speaking a different language than the rest of the people present they all understood each other because of a device worn around their necks that directly interfaces thoughts. In this way no nuances are left ambiguous or confusing. As each one speaks his native language all understand each other perfectly. Also, it only works when one is speaking. It doesn't work when one is trying to compose ideas or thoughts only when one actually speaks. It is a very efficient mechanism.

Prince Orion and King Interlaken led the way. There was a feeling of merriment among everyone present like a party. For How often do beings get to meet each other born 7000+ years apart? If Arcane joins the group it will be almost 1,000,000 years difference in ages.

At this point about 20 people composed the entourage into the Living Hologram facility. As they walked down the hall the real space of the living Hologram room was growing to the size of a present day football Colosseum. The King had ordered the sentient computers and robots to enlarge the chambers for the extra people. The maximum capacity of real people in this royal living Hologram facility was 50000. The King sometimes invited dignitaries from around the world to introduce them to alien representatives and their cultures. In this way through live transmissions from alien worlds and dimensions government conferences and alignments could be formed between Earth governments and alien governments and representatives. In the time of King Interlaken alliances were being regularly formed between Earth's colony planets of the previous 100,000 years or more and the Earth.

Since His Oneness of Lemuria is still recognized as the spiritual and Paternal leader through time of the colonies much like the Pope or the Dalai Lama is recognized by followers of their religions, connections of spiritual, religious, political and others are being grown and reinforced between most of Earth's colonies and the Earth. In addition, connections are being formed between the planets who colonized the solar system and earth, Mars etc. who are the genetic ancestors of Earth.

The king said, "Activate new Holotape Orion." The sentient computer said, "Done." As the approximately 20 people stood there they became invisible to each other. A few people called out in alarm as No one could see their body or any one Else's and there was no ground or planet to make one feel secure either. This hologram had been taken by a spaceship traveling through the Orion Nebula. They could talk to each other but mostly now they were thought projecting at each other because their translators had been changed by the sentient computers. It seems that thinking and speaking and consciousness is different in this reality. The pink and white and purple and orange colors enveloped them.

King Interlaken remarked, " Isn't this incredible? It's like God is here."

At this point there appeared to be a shimmering in the distance. Jonathan was holding Aurora's hand even though they couldn't see each other.

Jonathan spoke up. "Wow! This is amazing! This is the form of God that appeared to me when I was 22."

It was a shimmering power object. The rest of the group became very silent.

At this point the conversation between God and Jonathan began and God said, "Hello Jonathan. It's been a long time for you since you contacted me like this."

Jonathan said, "I'm surprised to find you again in a hologram projection."

And God said, "I'm not part of the Hologram. You have astral projected to the actual Orion space by being aware of it in the hologram. But I've projected myself to the hologram so these good people could see me as well."

"What do you want to see me about Jonathan?"

Jonathan said, " I wasn't aware that I had invoked you, God."

God said, " I think it's the number of changes you've been exposed to. I would like you to help King Interlaken to develop a civilization on Earth that could again last over 1 million years. The real trick is surviving ice ages, meteor showers and competing Galactic species. I would also like you to teach their civilization to move into another dimension as you did as your Oneness."

" Is that within me, God?" "It's latent within you but I will invoke it for you beginning now." "I guess you can do whatever you want to, God. I'm just honored that you come to visit me again."

"Actually, you've come to visit me, Jonathan." "I'd like you to meet my daughter, Aurora, God."

"Yes. I sent her to you so you both could help build a better future with King Interlaken, Elohar and Ragna.

Well, I've finished what I need to do for now. All present have been sufficiently changed to make the future successful. Blessings Be upon you All." With this the Rainbow shimmering being left.

At this point King Interlaken said, "That was amazing Jonathan. That wasn't part of the program was it?" "No." said Jonathan. "God said that somehow I Astral projected there and he came here to share the information here with all of us." The king said, "We had no idea that these events could or would take place. This has created a whole new spirit paradigm. It's going to take some time for us all to get used to this!.

Eridian spoke to Arcane through the sphere. "Arcane, I want you to see some of your lives. Some you have already lived and some you will live. For now I won't tell you which is which. The value of showing you this is to better acquaint you with Jonathan. You two will work together to help prevent the human race from going extinct between the 1900's and the year 3000."


Although I can remember several million years back on earth I also remember living on other planets. Especially 6 million to 10 million years ago.

Before that I remember forms as both Hominid and non-Hominid as well as corporeal and non corporeal forms.

However, there are no useful reference points to describe most of this to you or even properly to myself. I just know it's there. It is most useful to me in knowing that this lifetime is but a day in the life of my soul.

I often remind myself of this if my life seems difficult at times.

What would be more relevant to you would be my memories starting with the time of Christ. I was a roman soldier at the time of the Crucifixion of Jesus. This experience turned me toward Christianity. Then I was reborn and became a Christian soldier fighting Muslims. Then I was killed and became a Muslim soldier fighting Christians.

I went back and forth between christian and Muslim for several lifetimes before God got me to give up being a soldier and fighting for any reason.

By the year 1000 to 1100 I had had enough of being a soldier. When I met St Francis and became a Catholic Franciscan monk I renounced fighting.

When I passed on I was reborn in Tibet and met Mila Repa. St Francis and Mila Repa both moved me permanently toward non violence and Ahimsa(Harmlessness toward all living beings in the universe)

St Francis and Mila Repa became my heroes and living teachers in each of those two lifetimes and changed the course of the last 1000 years just as seeing Jesus Crucified changed the last 2000 years of my lives. So that my lives have been dedicated to helping end the suffering of all beings for about 1000 years now. Non-violence and Ahimsa are the living result.

Flying in the 1870's

I was born in that lifetime around 1850 in the Himalayas of what is now Nepal. In that lifetime I was the son of an accomplished Tibetan Lama. My uncle was a Bon Po priest which sparked many lively family debates. My mother was a Tara devotee and prayed at least 3 hours daily all her adult life.

I was recognized as a reincarnated yogi and so was trained from a young age.

In my late teens I was doing cave meditations and retreats of three months or more at above 9000 ft in elevation in the Himalayas as Mila Repa was still my hero in this life.

In my twenties I decided to learn to fly like Mila Repa. After I was initiated by someone from his lineage I diligently did his flying meditation and pujas for over 3 years so that I could fly at will.

I remember clearly the moonlit spring night I first flew over the Himalayas. It was over Taki Gyan and Shermontang in the Helambu District of what is now Nepal. I remember feeling the exhilaration of my rotting robes flapping in the breeze along with my ratted long hair after months of solitary meditation in a sacred cave.

I learned quickly to fly at night unseen as some peasants were difficult to resuscitate after they fainted if I flew during the day when they could see me.I travelled at night all over India and Nepal and Tibet as well as into China this way until about 1930.

I met thousands of Students and devotees in this way. I knew toward the end of this life that I would next live a short life in Japan and then I would be born in the Northwestern United States. So I prepared my soul for the traumatic events to come.

I diligently prepared for my coming lives on earth for I did not know when I would be able to have such amazing teachers or students again.

NEW DECEMBER 22nd 1999

L1-The Legend of Maldek

The following is a slightly fictionalized past life memory. It is only fictionalized to protect certain elements of the time space continuum that we now live in in the 20th and 21st centuries.

This took place about 4,000,000 years ago.

L1,(Living one) time traveler and protector of the Constellation of Hercules was summoned by President Rayin of the Federated Planets of Hercules to go to Earth in the Solar system of the outer rim of the Galaxy. Emergency! the planet Maldek-5th planet from the sun had turned into an asteroid belt.

There are several thousand survivors-- mainly wives and children of the World leaders of Maldek who saw the end coming and that nuclear war was inevitable.

Their emergency transponders are calling for help from their escape pods. go quickly for only we have the right time altering device to get there soon enough to save them.

L1 answered, "Mr. President I will go immediately. It will take one week to get there . I can throw a time stasis on the survivors so they won't needlessly suffer." The President said, "Do it quickly L1" " Consider it done, Mr. President."

"Please offer my condolences and my grief at the loss of the civilization and culture of the people of Maldek and to the widow of the President of Maldek.", said the President. "I will bear your condolences with honor, Mr. President."

"As L1 floated to his time-space ship-life form he thought to himself, "It's too bad we have a treaty with Maldek that prevents me from stopping the nuclear war through time travel before it started.

The universe is a very strange place indeed! What's done is done then.

When L1 reached the vicinity of Maldek he found the survivors 5 or 10 to each escape life-pod. They were all in a state of profound shock

Their planet had been destroyed and now they were being rescued by a non humanoid alien that looked like a nine foot tall purple octopus that talked mind to mind but didn't speak

Just the mind talk unhinged some of the adults further. Although children were comforted by the mind talk. L1's experience was the most horrifying of any lifetime he could remember in his past or future. The death of a world civilization held horrors he had never witnessed firsthand. this experience scarred his soul for millions of years to come. Though he could compartmentalize the problem it never left him.

The mothers and the children requested that since Earth had an atmosphere they could breathe would the Galactic Federation please modify Earth slightly so that what was left of Maldeks mankind could survive there? The survivors of Maldek chose Earth because Mar's atmosphere had been mostly blown off by the nuclear shock wave from Maldek and had killed most of the inhabitants there. Any left would certainly kill any of Maldeks survivors if they went there.

All the large dinosaurs had been killed by the shock wave that hit Earth from the nuclear explosion on Maldek. Maldek fragmented into thousands of pieces that traveled in all directions. Some pieces of Maldek eventually left the solar system and are still travelling in our galaxy. Many large pieces of Maldek impacted Earth over the next 25 years

Because the large dinosaurs were to big to hide in caves and crevices they did not survive the major impacts. The Galactic Federation decided that the survivors of Maldek would be safe enough to live on Earth. Mar's and Maldeks space armadas had been rendered useless by the nuclear shock wave.No one would bother the survivors of Maldek on Earth. As punishment for the damage to the Galaxy done by Maldeks nuclear war the Maldek survivors were to be isolated there for a long time until there was no memory of Maldek left.

Earth's axis shifted to create the four seasons we now experience but at least our atmosphere wasn't completely blown of our planet like what happened to most of Mar's atmosphere.L1 was given permission to alter earth so that mankind would survive and prosper for millions of years to come.

L1 programmed the rocks of several mountain ranges of earth with a consciousness formula for preventing an Earth destroying nuclear war from ever happening.

Though L1 has now gone to other times, places and bodies Zhe his sentient ship still flits though the time space continuum of the solar system as a permanent block to a planet destroying nuclear war. She is still authorized and funded by the Galactic Federation 4,000,000 years later!

Whether one studies the technology of the spirit or the technology of material things the discipline and focus and level headedness necessary to survive either or both technologies is the same. And unless one is kind and compassionate towards life it is all meaningless anyway!

For whatever you do towards any part of life in any time you do to yourself anyway.


Chapter 4C

After L1

The following was the most difficult thing that Arcane had to deal with in regard to his past lives.

L1 converted Earth for the survivors of Maldek and gave them residence rights to Earth and not ownership. Because of what had happened on Maldek the Galaxy and all local Governments would not allow ownership of Earth or any other planetary body by the survivors of Maldek. This is still legally true. However, since Mu and Lemuria we as the Earth born survivors of Maldek to have ownership of our main time line. The one in which you and I live on is owned and maintained by our ancestors on Mu and Lemuria to this day. They view us as their children and grandchildren and treat us as such. However, they know full well we must be recognized as full adults by the galaxy or we will never gain the rights at least in mass as galactic citizens. I have been a galactic citizen in thousands and perhaps millions of lives on various planets, stars nebulae and dimensions.

The part of L1's life that wounded him the most was when he asked permission from President Rayin to conduct a time experiment. He would only temporarily prevent the Maldek destroying nuclear war. He would take over the airwaves on Maldek and explain what he had done on behalf of Maldek and the galaxy. President Rayin reluctantly agreed. He did this only because L1 was a lifelong compatriot and friend and because he worried about L1's mental and emotional balance a little after his return from Maldek. L1 just seemed to emotionally invested in all this.

When L1 prevented the war on Maldek and took over all what were like television transmission stations on Maldek he told them what had happened and what he had done. No one believed him because he hadn't considered the effect of a 9 foot tall purple Octopus like creature that was telepathing through media technology to 9 billion people. If he hadn't been so unbalanced by his experience with the survivors he would have thought to get someone from the Galaxy who looked and acted human to do this for him. But that was not to be.

The result was that all factions on Maldek thought they were under attack by the purple octopus people and decided there only hope was to destroy the planet to prevent their women and children from being contacted by the purple octopus invasion.

L1 begged them to listen to him but the Galactic travelers which numbered about 10,000 on the planet were all executed and not allowed to speak. Because of the paranoia on the planet they all commited group suicide rather than being taken over by imaginary purple octopus invaders.

The result: the solar system was destroyed and the final result was that L1 had to go back in time once more and tell himself before he took over the airwaves on Maldek to stop before he inadvertently destroyed the solar system. He then was then legally forced to repair time and allow the Maldek factions destroy their planet again. A very sad and dejected L1 was severely rebuked by the Galactic Timekeepers and was summarily discharged.

Within 1 year L1 simply took off in his personal saucer time capsule and went into unfindable stasis and was never heard from again. Folk legend has it he traveled time and space in his own personal time ship given to him as a retirement gift. Jonathan remembers him in Hawaii starting in 1990.

The paranoia surrounding Orson Wells Halloween reading and the general paranoia that greeted the Roswell 1947 incident in the military and government came close to the paranoia on Maldek. In other words the Earth was destroyed once in December 1947 and again in 1948. However, the galaxy doesn't permit that any more so they changed it. The horror revisited but the galaxy prevented it from happening again. Planets just aren't allowed to be destroyed and stay that way by anyone especially not by the Maldek survivors on Earth with amnesia concerning Maldek.

There were tears in Arcane's eyes. He said, "Why in God's name did you show this to me, Eridean.?" "Because I wanted you to see how your soul never gives up if something is important. You are still working to help the souls who were then on Maldek. Millions of those same souls are right now on your planet New Deva and on Isfahel. This same battle is being fought again between the forces of freedom and the forces of mind control. It is the same battle being fought over and over again in different formats."

"When will it ever end, Eridian!" "The battles are only to remind souls the importance of mental, emotional and spiritual freedom. If they don't create wars periodically they forget the importance of the freedom to worship God or of even to not worship anything or anyone anytime. By playing out these roles they come to value mental, emotional, physical and spiritual freedom when they are willing to die for it! This is one of the ways souls give themselves and each other a wake up call for how important mental, emotional, physical and spiritual freedom are!"

Arcane was completely blown away. He'd heard of planet destroying nuclear wars. But in his time the Galaxy expressly forbid any treaties that prevented the galaxy from saving planets from destruction. To actually see a nuclear war that actually destroyed a planet that was not brought back to life had to be the most horrific thing he had ever witnessed in his life as Arcane. Witnessing this experience helped him later to play a stronger part in the eventual peace agreement in the war he was presently engaged. Eridian said, "Please calm yourself, Arcane." So Arcane went into a deep meditation for ½ hour to an hour. Then he said, "I'm ready."

"I want to share one more realization that I had about L1," said Eridian. "Okay." said Arcane. "Though L1 meant well the problem of Maldek was just too big for any one being to change. What L1 didn't understand at the time was that there was no way for him to save Maldek alone. Since L1 was the last member of his species left alive it was more than he could manage given that he was also living with that."

Eridian then said, "The reason I am conveying the next part to you in the ways that I am is because the person you need to be aware of is Jonathan Flow. This is because Jonathan is a nexus point of many of your future lives. Arcane said, "I think I understand, Eridian." Arcane heard the voice of Jonathan Flow once again introducing him to his most recent life as Darshan.

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