Saturday, April 4, 2009

What is your Heaven like?

An older friend in her 80s was asking me "What is your heaven like?" She is also very spiritually gifted and was instrumental in saving me from suicide when I was about 21 years old. She "brought down" angels into the physical close enough for me to see them and since she taught me how to do this I decided not to kill myself if I could live with the angels here on earth like she did. When one is around angels one feels very uplifted and intoxicated by their presence. It is somewhat like meeting your ideal mate and the kind of intoxication you feel then. Only with angels it is a mind and body intoxication and less of a sexual intoxication one feels. You want this experience to last forever because you feel alive, safe, hopeful, reverent and very present in every moment. This is something you don't ever want to lose again.

So, when my friend of 40 years now asked me, "What is heaven like for you?" I said, "Well. People like you and I don't stay in any one heaven. We like to visit friends in all the different heavens we know. But for me, my heaven is not physical at all. I'm most at home in a Star or Nebula where nothing is physical as we know it. My heaven home is all energy. There is no useful boundary between those you love and you. When you want to be with someone it is two energies merging for a time and then when they want to going there separate ways. One doesn't have to worry about physical bodies and their needs or all the cultural differences like boys and girls and politics and all that. If you like someone you go be with them, you merge with them and after you are done sharing in some way you go visit other friends and merge with them. In this way you can share all of yourself without losing any of yourself. Everyone benefits. Everyone grows. Everyone tends to be happy! That is my natural heaven state I remember and that I will go back to.

However, I will also visit all my other relatives and friends in all their more physical like heavens as well. There are as many tastes for heaven as there are kinds of people on earth and there are millions or more different heavens just for earth let alone all the other planets and dimensions in our galaxy and universe."

My friend said, "Yes. You and I are similar in this way. I can see we will go to a similar kind of place."

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