Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Star Portal

I'm not writing this as (fiction?) like I sometimes do because this is something I have experienced. So, you will be in one of three categories. Either you will have experienced this yourself so you know it to be true, or you both don't believe in this sort of stuff and haven't experienced it yet, or three, you sense the truth of it but haven't had the direct conscious experience of it in this lifetime even though you might have experienced it in a dream already.

I once was in the third category and then in my late teens and early twenties I moved into the first category after having many dreams of flying both night and day growing up.

In one of my last blog articles I wrote that photons(sunlight) is the laughter, joy and love of star beings. I had never written that before and wondered where that had come from. I realized that though this was true I had never thought of it this way before.

As I meditated more on this while sitting outside in my (California Coastal) hot tub or (spa) I realized that there was more to this than I had contemplated before.

I began to have telepathic conversations both with stars and the plasma beings that live within them. (I met a plasma being when I soul traveled into the sun in 1970). I did not know they existed before that moment and was very surprised at that moment that they did. So ever since I have been processing at times that experience. Also, I did not know before that moment that our sun is a portal to all other suns in our galaxy(only if one is traveling by soul and not in a physical body).

I realized today that it could also be said that our sun is the closest portal to a heaven realm to the physical that one can get to in a soul body while still having a physical body here on earth. Our sun is sort of a nexus between us and heaven realms.

However, after one has passed away the easiest way to reach a heaven realm is to go with the angels that will come for you when passing on. If you don't go with the angels you will become earthbound. Most earthbound souls aren't happy or have unfinished business here.

So getting into alignment with the angels allows one to be open to their help immediately after one passes on.

To better understand angels so one can become aligned with them both physically, spiritually and psychologically it is important to understand that the angels I have met are mostly like very intelligent police officers that regularly go to church and believe strongly in God and kindness.

In regard to angels Kindness is the most important quality they have. So, fostering kindness and forgiveness towards yourself and all beings for whatever they have done is the single most important thing for you to be in alignment with them when you pass on.

Also, since there are millions of heavens be sure to speak with them after you pass on and describe the kind of heaven you want to go to. Otherwise, they will just put you where they think best which is okay too if you are traumatized by your death.

But if you are a soul like me you would have a conversation like this. "Hi. So. I'm dead then?" Angel, "Yes. That is what happened to the body you wore." Fred, "Well. Can I choose a variety of heavens to visit and add more as I see where my friends and relatives of this past life and other lives are?" Angel, "Yes. I think that can be arranged. You seem to know what you are doing here." Fred, "Well. I guess every soul is different in regard to that." Angel, "Yes. Every soul is completely unique unto itself." Fred. "Doesn't that confuse you dealing with all these differences?" Angel, "No. We are highly skilled if we are in this particular line of angel service."

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that if they let you, you should speak to them in respect and kindness they way you would to your parent if you respected them and honored their judgment.

So, back in regard to Star Portals, it is possible for some souls to travel through the star portal of our sun to other stars and solar systems or nebula. In a soul body one doesn't need to breathe air and temperature is not a problem. However, it is important to know that what I found was that bi-location is the safest way to do this.

Bi-location simply means that you are in more than one location(usually two) at a time as a soul. The main part of you is still in your body but another part of you is out somewhere else in the universe. By having a good reason to do this you will be treated most likely as a universal pilgrim. Universal pilgrims are protected by galactic law I found out so that even if something harms your soul, if you have a good reason to do what you are doing you will be repaired.

So, seeing our sun as a potential portal might be useful to humans while traveling in their soul bodies to other solar systems or even to the core of the galaxy like I did in 1970.

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