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Memories part 9

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Arcane on Earth as an Anthropologist for the Galactic Timekeepers


Earth 1987 is definitely not a time I would choose to vacation in. It is Early Nuclear in Galactic Timekeeper terms.

My biological implants are called by us Biocom which is short for Biocommunicator and biocomputer for it is both. Biocom has done a mind scan and is programming my psychic substructure for verbal physical and psychic nuances of this era so I can appear to be a normal human of 1987. I am standing on what is called the Golden Gate Bridge which guards the opening of the San Francisco Bay.

What is this? Some one's going to jump off the bridge. Does a forthright person in this culture stop this behavior? Yes, others are running to help stop her. The Woman is screaming and foaming at the mouth. "Help me they are trying to kill me." She says. Her behavior seems bizarre even to me, an offworlder.

The automatic thought scanner of my friendly sentient biocom tells me she has been tampered with by beings that are unfriendly aliens. But the cultural norm of this present day culture apparently doubts that aliens even exist in real time on earth. Boy! Have they got a lot to learn?

***Note a bio computer is a micro-micro sentient computer built into the left ear lobe and into a spot just outside the left corner of the mouth and into a little area atop the head. Each of these three interfaced units is both thought and voice activated and undetectable to the present technology of 1987. There is also deep memory storage of one billion terabytes in the fillings of my lower molars. Through earth satellite relay I can within ten seconds retrieve Earth information from any files on earth or any information I am permitted to access in this Galaxy from any known time or space. I can instantly communicate by thought or word to Galactic Central Timekeepers in emergencies. This can be done in 4 or 5 basic ways consciously or by about 50 different unconscious ways, which automatically generate when consciousness is absent or altered in any way. All my vital signs and all DNA based life forms around me within 100 yards are also monitored for potential threats or dangers.

*** Note 2: Contrary to popular belief the best place to manifest and disappear in time travel is in public. Over 50 people in a football field size area is an earth traveling rule for my group of timekeepers. Our biocoms can change the motivations and thoughts in those around us when we manifest or disappear within 1/100th of a second when necessary. Since our biocoms monitor all life around us they do this automatically.

Arcane thinks, "This woman feels very familiar. Do I know her from Time School?"

She is entering her pre-seizure catatonia with a look that could be described as a mixture of relief and resignation. What an odd reaction.

"Wait a minute! She has a mole on her left cheek strategically placed. Here's a thought project, Biocom. What type of Galactic Federation operative wears this kind of mole, Biocom? Picture detect from left cheek mini camera video stream."

"Arcane?" says Biocom. "Yes Bio." I return.

"This woman seems to be an employee of the Federation from 5000 years before you were born."

I say, " I need more information on her from your memory. Also, what is her profession?"

"Her profession is easy. She is a planetary anthropologist like you."

Note 3: Planetary Anthropologists study the culture of a planet in totality within a planetary era of about 25 years. This information is sent to the Galactic archives to see what uses the galaxy can make of earth's wisdom, adaptations, knowledge and mistakes garnered during that time epoch.

Biocom continued, "As to the nature of her identity and complete mission, I will have to locate some cross references that are in deep storage in your teeth-fillings. It will make your teeth buzz a little."

"Go ahead," I say. " I think this is important enough to deep access."

Biocom continued thinking, "Then I will draw some biomass electricity from the group auric field. Okay?"

"Do it." I say.

All this took less than 5 seconds, as thought is far quicker than spoken words. I hoped the slight drain on the group biomass wouldn't' adversely affect anyone. I knew biocom would not draw any electricity from the girl in trouble so I let him continue.

As her seizure develops, I place my hand at the base of her neck to draw off the excess neuron electricity. Her seizure slows and ebbs as a result of this process.

A woman helping me says, "I am a nurse. You seem to know what you are doing."

I quickly reply. " I have learned some of the healing arts while traveling through Asia."

"Good." She says. " I think she'll recover."

Will someone please call an ambulance?"

The ambulance arrived very quickly. The men in the ambulance I recognized as Morlocks by the shape of their reconstructed auras. They are obviously time traveling Morlocks. I know they were completely wiped out by the Galactic Federation over 30,000 years ago.

"Biocom. Were these Morlocks killed along with their culture?"

"Yes" was biocoms reply. "They just haven't experienced it yet."

"Do they know that their civilization is gone?"

" No, Arcane, the Federation is very thorough. No stone was left unturned."

" If I take away their consciousness while protecting the girl will problems arise?"

"It's hard to say." Said biocom

As the Morlock ambulance personnel pick up the woman and place her on a stretcher or gurney I ask if I may ride in the ambulance with her. They ask, "Are you a close friend or relative?"

I say. "Yes."

"What is your name?" one of the Morlocks asks.

" George Smith." I reply.

"Very Well George get on board as we must move quickly." Arcane realizes he feels happy. He thinks how odd this is. He hasn't felt really happy like a man since he and Arrayin were together before the war. "Amazing!" he thinks. "I never expected to feel happy like this again."

We are moving down the streets of San Francisco to the nearest hospital. I know the Morlocks cannot fulfill their plans for her as long as I am around. I sense their uneasiness as to who or what I am. Biocom has informed me that they must wait for orders. I'm a monkey wrench in the gears of their plans so they must play out the hospital act.

As we arrive at the hospital other attendants take the young woman from the driver and the attendant. As they leave they give us strange looks. I'm glad to be rid of them even though I know it is only temporary.

The hospital technicians ask me my name and I continue with "George Smith."

I tell them that she has attempted suicide before in other parts of the country. I want the police involved as this will scare of the Morlocks further.

Then I say, "I'll be in the waiting room for a couple of hours until I can speak with her."

One of the nurses says, "Fine, you will be notified as soon as she regains consciousness. It will help her to have someone familiar to talk to after she regains consciousness. Was it drugs that caused this?"

"I'm not sure." I reply.

"We'll do some tests to try to find the cause. Thanks for your help."

Biocom sounded concerned. "Arcane! The Galactic Feds are arriving. Get ready to great them. You know these kind are usually difficult. These two are pretty stiff."

Two stiffly walking humanoids trying to hide their displeasure at being assigned to a backwater planet strut toward me.

"Archaic isn't it?" I offer in greeting.

"What's going on here? Why were we summoned by your biocom?"

I return. "I'm afraid it could be a ticklish situation. There's a 1st class planetary Timekeeper being manipulated by Morlocks."

"I thought they were all dead." Said the first guard.

I reply, "In their time they are dead but they are time travelers and don't know they are extinct yet."

The tall one is the leader and says his name is K-15 from the Antares system. The middle sized chubby one says he is from the Andromeda Nebula.

They have taken over the bodies of two recent additions to the San Francisco morgue. What a macabre pair they are. They are definitely more alien to this planet than me. They are dressed in business suits and look like police officers. Whoever sent them had some brains at least.

K-15 says, "This is Andro 5000."

I reply, " They numbers won't go here so I'll call you, Cory, and you, Andy. Is that okay with you?"

"That's fine." Said Cory. "If these are Morlocks as you suspect, Arcane, we are on dangerous ground."

"Yes." I reply. "My biocom has confirmed that they are Morlocks. The Timekeepers name is Celeste Weaver. She is here doing a study on city, suburban and country living in this era and its affects on human psychology in the Earth human transition to a Galactic entry level culture. She is here deep in Earth's past to prepare the present cultures to interface more smoothly with the Galactic Federation.

Andy said, "She wrote about all of us in her field notes and has a child by you, arcane."

Cory slapped Andy. "What's the matter with you Andy. Get it together. You could have harmed time by telling him that."

Andy smiled a twisted smile.

As Cory enforces military discipline on Andy I think to myself, "I hate time cycling! You find your future before you can choose it yourself."

In a weird twist of fate this idiot just broke one of the cardinal laws of Time Travel. You don't tell people their future because people get upset and often change their futures when you tell them what will be.

Cory was definitely in charge. He turned to me still angry. "Celeste Weaver must be saved and you must father a child with her. Time must not change in the main even though Andy screwed up. Do you understand, Arcane?" "Perfectly" I understood only too well.

About this time the nurse came into the waiting room. "Mr. Smith?" she said. "Celeste has regained consciousness and is asking about the man who saved her life. She's a little disoriented so be careful when you speak to her."

Walking down the corridor with the nurse I quickly converse with Biocom by thought, "Biocom can you operate on Celeste Weaver's archaic internal frequency?"

"Yes, I'm working on it. -Done"

" Excellent!" I reply. I thought transmit through my biocom to Celeste's biocom.

"Celeste? Can you hear me?"
"Who is this?" she thought transmits back. She sounds worried but what a voice.
"This is Arcane of Hercules sector. I'm a Priest Scientist and I'm here to help and protect you. I'm going by George Smith. Pretend you know me and that I'm your friend."
"I'm scared you may not be but I'll try. I've got nothing left to lose. I need help."
"I'll protect you. Remember George Smith."

As we open her door her beauty strikes me at once. Those eyes flash with a brilliant intelligence. Such beauty is strange for a plananthro (Planetary Anthropologist). She is definitely a remarkable woman.

Now for the act! " Celeste, Thank God you're all right." I walk right up and kiss her on the lips.
She opens her mouth. "Isn't this overdoing it, Celeste? I reply in my thoughts.
" Yes, but you're beautiful and I'm on the edge of death anyway."
"I like you, Celeste. You're a very impressive woman." She's blushing. How quaint.
With my voice I say. "I thought you were a goner, Celeste. What made you do it?"
We are hamming it up for the nurse and the policeman present. "I was drugged." She calmly replies.

The policeman sent to watch her is suddenly interested and says, "If this is true I would like you to help me make a report."
She says, "I would be glad to as soon as my head stops spinning."
" Very well." Replies the policeman.
"Could we be alone so I can counsel her?" I say.
The nurse says, "She seems to be out of danger for the moment at least."

The nurse leaves and the policeman waits outside.

We banter in case someone is listening. However, our real conversation went like this through our biocoms. "I've got some good news and some bad news, Celeste."
"Wait a minute, Arcane, if that is who you are. I need some proof before I trust you further."
"A handshake instead of a kiss?" I reply.
She's blushing again. "This woman is trouble for you, Arcane", I think to myself. Biocom comes back with "Arcane, Celeste Weaver was on special assignment to Earth 1980 to 2005 from your year 905,432 AD. Her assignment is to prepare Earth's cultures to interface with the present day Galactic Federation on earth's date of approximately 2014 or thereabouts."

A worried look passed over Celeste's face. "You're not from Earth now or my time are you? You're biocom is different. And your thought patterns are very different than mine. My biocom tells that I'm probably looking at a Priest Scientist 2 to 5000 years in my future."

"Is this so?"
I reply, "5000 years is close." She shivers.

To myself I say, "reduce your arousal level."

Celeste looking worried says. "Is the Federation loyal to itself through time?"

"Are we loyal to ourselves through time? Yes, that is one of the unbreakable laws of time school. Never break the lineage of the Galactic Federation."

"I believe you, Arcane. I'm here alone. I fought with my superiors to come here. I love Earth. I want to live study, and in a few hundred years maybe I'll even die here if I don't choose to renew."
"Sounds like you're married to Earth."
"Maybe I am." Said Celeste. "Is that so bad?"

"No. I understand. It could grow on me, too. But let me get to the present danger. Okay?"
"Please do." She said.
"It's like this, Celeste. Do you know who the Morlocks are?"
"No. Can't say I do."
" Well, the Morlocks were an ornery race that were made to go extinct by the federation because they just wouldn't tolerate co-existence with any other planetary race."

"That's sick." Said Celeste.

"Which, the coexistence part or the extinct part?"
" Both." Said Celeste.

I replied, "I'm not as sensitive as you. I'm more pragmatic. I'm sorry that they had to be eliminated but the few were sacrificed so the many could go on living peacefully."

She said, "There's nothing I can do about it. Just tell me what I need to know."
" Well, a group of these Morlocks seem to have found you out and are either interested in manipulating you or killing you. They might be trying to take over your mind or spirit in order to manipulate earth people to their own devices."
"I was afraid it would be something like this. I had hoped it was an earth government. It would have been a simple matter to deal with them."

"No. I'm afraid it is much more serious than that."

Arcane thought to himself, " I need to calm her down. This is just too much for her to take right now."

"Uh, Celeste? What have you been studying on Earth?"
She gives me a strange look but then gives in. "In graduate school at the Galactic Time University I became interested in Earth. I am descended directly or indirectly from the human beings of earth."
"Yes." I said, "I've studied that too. Some human colonists left during the time of Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis and some left beginning in the 21st century because of water and air pollution."
"Yes. That's right!" she said. A mischievous look came into her eyes.
"I was fascinated by the 20th century-so much change and upheaval in all lifeforms on earth. The technological and social changes drove many people crazy and made all the institutions of government and finance obsolete and ineffective within a few centuries. I realized that if the changes in the 20th through the 29th centuries could be harmonized and stabilized somehow that the future of the human race throughout the galaxies could be made less chaotic and bloody and disorienting to so many lifeforms including humans."
A lady with a purpose I thought. One must be careful with one of these.
I said, "Sometimes chaos is necessary. Survival of the fittest is a tool that helps keep any race of beings strong enough to keep going in any situation."
"Yes, Arcane, but too much of this survival stuff makes the beings too weird to get along with. Too much of survival of the fittest causes family abuse, child molestation and many other social problems. The key is balance. As we both know balance is hard to achieve. But without balance cultures eventually cease to exist."

"Huh, Yes?"
"It's Cory on Biocom intercept mode.
"That's right they're Galactic police there's no privacy from them."
"Sorry to listen in Arcane but you know the rules."
"Yes." I said," I'm afraid I do.

"I didn't tell you yet but I've called in the Galactic Time Guard. They've sent a police unit to protect you from the Morlocks. Just listen as we don't have much time. This Morlock thing is presently beyond your or my understanding. I used to be in the psychic special forces for my planet so I know a little about these kind of things. You've just got to trust me. Not only our lives but the time security of Earth and possibly of the federation is at stake."

She looked hard at me. She said, "I've got to trust you. I think the Morlocks have drugged me or mind tapped me as I can't seem to think straight. I'll do as you say."
I speak to Cory on a private biocom line. "I think she is going into some type of psychological shock. She's strong though. She'll make it."
Cory to both Celeste and I says. "Okay. It's going to get a little strange so hang in there.

"Arcane! We've got to move you both out now! There's no time for frilly psyche games."

I reply. "Okay Cory we're ready."

The room fades and we are suddenly in another room overlooking what looks like an ocean. Cory and Andy are here too. There's a worried look on Cory's face. Andy as usual is strange.

"Susan Weaver, Kotrel 20, I'm K-15, a captain in the Galactic Federation Time Police. I've been assigned to protect you. Permission to protect you with Galactic tactics computer for your time has been acquired and you are assigned to temporary duty to a Galactic Federation time security detail. All Anthropological manipulation will temporarily terminate immediately."

A worried look covered Celeste's face. "But I've got Earth people to protect. Their lives will be in danger."

I think. "Look how her reddish blond hair glistens when she moves. Look at those eyes flash!" Cory responds, "A computer time warper android that looks and acts exactly like you has been put in place. If any life threatening situations of your earth manipulants takes place the android will warn us. All your contacts that register on your biocom will be protected. Are there any contacts that are not on your open archive listings?"
"Yes, three." She sadly replies.
Cory says, "Very well. Project them to my Biocom and they will be added to our protection list."
Celeste says. "I don't have much choice do I?" "I'm afraid not. Time security overrides almost all other concerns and priorities."
"It's done." Says Cory. Celeste seems sad.

I think to myself. What a strange life I lead. Flitting about the Galaxies in different times and places. The ocean is blue-green on this planet. On my home planet it is lavender purple. The light of this sun is different too. It makes everything surrealistic to my perceptions.

"Priest Scientist Arcane!"
"Sorry Cory. I'm just trying to get adjusted to earth."
Cory looks angry. "We don't even have our own body or brains. How do you think Andy and I feel?"
"Sorry, I'm trained to go deep into everything."
Cory looks thoughtful. "Your skills will be useful to our cause but I need you to be superficial now. Our survival and that of our mission is at stake. You have been assigned as advisor to me by Priest Scientist One in Galactic Core."

I think to myself. Wow, Things are moving fast.
I say, "You don't waste time do you, Cory?"
"That's what I'm paid for."

"Security alert! Cory! It's Andy. The Morlocks have discovered in their own time that Celeste has disappeared from the hospital."
Cory looks disturbed, "Damn, we're only a skeleton crew. I've got to slow them down."

I reply, "I can thought loop the atoms in the hospital room."
"What's that Arcane?"
"It's a trick I learned from a Galactic shaman ."
"Does it work?"
"I think it would be perfect. The Morlocks won't know what's happening."
Cory said, "Slow them down ,Arcane, any way you can."
Cory must have heard I'm one of the best in the galaxy at what I do. Most cops are suspicious of Priest Scientists. Cory is turning out to be exceptional. I think we're going to be fine. We may even be friends by the end of this.

We hear swearing on our biocoms. "Cory? Arcane? She's gone. Is she one of them?" It's a very upset Andy.


Sitting on a beach in Tahiti Kotrel 20 known on Earth as Celeste Weaver contemplates her next move. She is thinking, "I wish I didn't have to run out on Arcane. He is really something. He's the first priest scientist I've met that didn't scare me. I'd like to have a child by him. Maybe if we had met under other circumstances. If I can just lay low and avoid detection by any offworlders for a year I think it will be relatively safe to resume my work. The duplicate android will take my place until then."

"Lying in the sun and swimming in the surf is washing my cares away. I'm not a fighter I'm a researcher. In a fight the only thing I know to do is to hide. I'm like a deer. I'm quick but I'm no match for the big guns of the galaxies."

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