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History of Arcane part 2 sequel to Memories

The History of Arcane

Arcane as a boy before he became a Dragon

preface:It might be helpful to read or listen to "Memories" before you read or listen to this because all the charactors establish themselves in "Memories". All my sequels are written assuming you have read "Memories". However, if you are an intuitive based spiritual person like me, sometimes I like to open a Bible or spiritual book at random to see what God and the Universe wants me to know right then. So if you are syncronitic in your approach to God and universe then anywhere you start is the right place. Blessings (The following information has been waiting in consciousness for me to type into electronic print. Arcane starts with what is written on memb1. He then starts to remember his childhood)

As Arcane was reading and meditating on his life he began to vividly remember his childhood. He said mentally to his biocom, "Remember these pictures, feelings, auditory and smell sensations for posterity." Arcane's Biocom replied, "It is all being done as you wish, Arcane. Do you want these experiences stored in Galactic Central? Arcane's answer was , "Yes, I haven't thought extensively of my childhood for a long, long, time. Who knows when I will contemplate it again?

Biocom simply said, "All will be stored in Galactic Central."

Arcane began, "I was born on a water planet. On the planet of my species, we are the humanoids of New Deva. The planet our ancestors originally came from was Earth. It also had more water than land on its surface. However, this was hundreds of thousands of years before I was born.

Children and adults still studied about Earth when I was a boy. There were planets that we had lived on before Earth was first colonized but that was millions of years ago now and only in the Galactic Archives are their full records of those transmigrations now. Most of what we knew about Earth came to New Deva in the form of what were once called "books" as well as various other recording forms in crystal, metal crystal and small recording discs made of everlasting plastic. There were also various costumes worn by earthlings in different time periods in museums there as well as many ancient weapons and transportation devices as well as many dna samples of both humans animals fish as well as useful plants and useful microbes.

There was still much interest in my era concerning Earth. This is because at the time of my birth the location of earth was unknown. Because of this many humanoids from many planets struggled to find it. It had become like the lost Atlantis is on earth in the times after Christ. We knew that the last inhabitants of earth were killed in an interspecies interplanetary war. Though earth did not participate in the war at all it still became a victim of the war like an innocent bystander in a drive by shooting. Only the flora and fauna of earth that had no conscious connection to technology were allowed to live on earth in those times. When I was a boy 10,000 years approximately had passed and the war was over but the solar system had been moved from its normal trajectory by the war. So where earth and the solar system should have been it no longer was. It was also thought that one or more planets of the solar system had been moved or destroyed to throw off any outside seekers to the solar system as well. Some of us including my parents believe that New Deva is earth newly terraformed within 5000 years. The early colonists of New Deva also believed it was earth reterraformed into a completely aquatic planet. There were no islands at all when the first colonists of New Deva arrived. However, no one can be sure if this is the solar system as it is now so different than it once was.

As I was a very curious and exploratory boy I dreamed of visiting the Galactic Archives some day as an adult and studying the path of colonizing humans and humanoids over millions of years. As an adult I eventually completed this childhood dream. I was amazed at what I found. But that is for another day.

I am now what would be a 12 year old on earth but I am only 10 here since our years are different now. I'm very interested in the History both of New Deva and of the planets my ancestors have lived on especially the exotic earth that is so much talked about in New Deva Legends.

As a very young child of 5 I was chosen by the Oracle of New Deva to be trained as a planetary World Saver. It is a mixed blessing because it is unknown to me what all this will mean to my future.

The headmaster of my school is very proud to have me here. This is because I'm the only World Saver presently on New Deva. But for me it just means the boys are afraid to play with me in case I'm injured. If I'm harmed in any way it could be terrible for their families.

The Oracle of new Deva says that I will be needed as a world saver when I am in my mid twenties to protect our culture from extinction. It is quite a burden for a boy my age to carry. It is almost more than I can bear. But I know that I must go on because I know I will never be allowed to commit suicide. I would be brought back from the dead if I ever did such a thing. We have very skilled healers and doctor's on this planet I live on.

In my boyish thought I think to myself where the threat will come from. I believe it will come from our nearest planet Isfahel. We have very different religious and cultural beliefs that could come into conflict. Even the priests of Isfahel know that I am destined to be the next World Saver of New Deva. Some of the priests of Isfahel look forward to my World Saver status but others do not. However, that is another story.

My parents and I come from a long line of aquatic humans. My ancestors moved underwater thousands of years ago when the planet was first colonized. A previous group of colonists had started to dredge up land from underwater near coral atolls to build islands to live on above water. By the time my ancestors first came to live on New Deva about 1/20 of the planet had been made into land from it's original 100% water status. By the time my ancestors arrived the lack of land made the land dweller's quite fierce in their competition for it. The more warlike land dweller's drove my ancestors underwater. So my ancestors scientifically adapted us to live underwater indefinitely. After living underwater for several centuries we sought revenge upon those who had driven us underwater and caused a change in the atmosphere that caused the land dwellers to go extinct. This meant that all who remained on the planet had to breathe water or die. So we call the once who died or left the planet on space ships the Air Breathers and we call ourselves the water breathers. Eventually, after the atmosphere returned to normal we found it easier to live on the land again. Even though I go camping underwater for days at a time with the water scouts I personally prefer to be above ground and to see long distances in the open air.

After all the Air Breather's left the planet or died many years passed before my people ventured above water again. But as time wore on lover'r were the first to go to the surface to watch sunrises and sunsets. They came to be known as the Sunrisers. Later this became part of our religious and marriage rituals. Later still large platforms were built on the surface to observe the sky at night and during the day tourists and lovers would watch the sky especially at sunrise and sunset. Even though the sun can be quite beautiful up to 30 to 50 feet deep in the ocean nothing is quite like a surface sunrise or sunset.

Eventually, ocean storms washed our observation platforms away. This frustrated the sunrisers and the tourists and the astronomers and scientists. One of my Great-great-great-great grandparents was a scientist that came up with the idea of opening and continually clearing volcanic vents until the eventually became large Islands. Specific technology was invented to keep magma vents cleared so islands could form from the lava buildup. The idea for this came from studies in plate tectonics and especially of the Hawaiian Islands back on earth. We found that since our plates moved just like earth's did we could harness the heat and steam of the vents to keep our planet building islands for thousands of years. Devices were developed that were powered by heat generated by the magma. They were electrically powered by steam generated by the magma in contact with water. We also designed these robotic devices to be self-replicating so when some began to wear out they would fashion new and improved robotic units from the spare parts of others who were broken.


On Becoming a Dragon

In the distance I could see the main training Temple of the Dragons of Compassion. I saw gold lettering above the entrance arch. As I walked closer I was able to read the writing. In big gold letters on top was 'Dragons of Compassion but in slightly smaller letters below it read as near as I can translate into English, "May all beings be freed from suffering and the cause of suffering. May all beings never be without the Supreme Bliss that is Free of all suffering.May all beings never be without the Supreme Bliss that is free from all Grasping and aversion." I thought about how Jesus, the founder of Christianity must have tried to incoporate this ancient ancient idea into Chritianity to somehow get beyond "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth". I thought he was only partly successful because he was able to make it to Christian Brotherhood. In studying history I was amazed how Christian Brotherhood ushered in humanism and scientific advance and the human rights of all beings on earth.In order to make it to this saying in gold letters he would have had to successfully have introduced non dualism which brings up all things as not being good and bad but likens all life to the weather. "Is lightning good or bad? It is neither and both. Is rain good or bad? It is neither or both. Likewise most things in life. Only God and Compassion for all life in the universe was good. At least this is what I believed as a boy at that time.

As I walked through the door to the Main Temple of the Dragons of Compassion the Head Oracle for the Dragons was there to greet me. I had been directed by the Oracle of the Planet New Deva to submit my mind and being to him. He put his hand over the top of my head as he scanned me. He looked intently into my eyes. I found this terrifying. I felt like little worms were crawling through my brain trying to find out everything I had felt, thought known or done. Finally, he removed his hand from my head and remained motionless for some time.Being a young man I was impatient and couldn't just stand there any longer. He sensed my impatience and opened his eyes and spoke to me, "Pledge, you are to be the saver of New Deva. However, there is much to learn. Your future will be different than any resident our planet has ever seen. You will be trained in a way specially designed by the Oracle of New Deva and myself." Knowing that the head Oracle of the Dragons of Compassion was saying this to me brought chills up and down my spine. The Oracle continued, "You will be a representative of our planet and our teachings, our most sacred and secret teachings as well as our highest philosophical ideals. You will travel throughout known and unknown time and space. Therefore, it is very important for all the beings you meet that you represent us with the very highest level of compassion, ethics, and wisdom in all your actions.

I looked at him and was frightened at the thought of leaving this planet and going other places. But another part of me was thrilled that I might do all the things he had mentioned. I had heard that no one had ever travelled as far and wide through time and space as it was predicted that I would that had ever been born on New Deva. It all seemed awesome, strange, crazy and somewhat unnecessary to do this. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out.

The head Oracle of the Dragons raised his hand. He said, "I hear your thoughts so you don't have to speak." Now I was really confused. I knew that I too was psychicly gifted but I felt embarrassed at being personally confronted about it. I was just a boy. I had had a hard enough time just trying to form useful words for adults without having one of them peer into my mind while having a disciplined telepathic converstation with him.

I let out a psychic scream of rage, frustration out of the indignation of feeling so violated in my mind and being. The Oracle simply said, "Ouch" He looked at me sternly and said, "Here that is not a responsible way to communicate. I will let it go this once. However, if you do that again, I will make your mind hurt." I started to shake from feeling violated in a way I just couldn't deal with.

I saw that the Oracle was now in my mind. I started to fall to the ground to go unconscious. However, the Oracle simply took over complete control of my body and let me watch as I went unconscious while my body continued standing there. After a long time of being unconscious I woke and realized that I wasn't alone in my body. My body was sitting at a table eating with the Oracle. It was strange to see the movements of my body in perfect synchronous movement as we both brought the food to our mouths and chewed and even blinked at the same time. It was such a weird experience that I became fascinated by it all in my own way. I learned thousands of new things about life and myself and my place in the universe that strange, strange day. I simply watched it all happening and didn't interfere.

Finally, I said, telepathically, "Can I please have control of my body back?" The Oracle said, "If you don't faint, Yes."

I said out loud this time. "Why did you do that?" The Oracle looked very pleased . He said, "I'm trying to show you what is possible for you. By doing this I just saved you 5 years of tedious work. The Oracle of New Deva told me you would survive this and has told me how I must train you in detail over the next 10 years or so. He said most of all there is no time to waste. Though you may think this cruel it is the only way we know to bring you up to speed fast enough for you to be ready when your time as world saver comes. During all of your training we will be taking you to the extreme limit of your endurance. If you mentally or physically break down at any point we will heal you on the spot and just continue. When I and all the rest of your main teachers are through with you you will contain the sum total of the awareness of all your teachers starting with me completely integrated by your soul and human awareness."

My eyes got very big. I said somewhat strangely, "But that will make me some kind of a God!"

The Oracle smiled in a very powerful way and said, "Exactly!"

The Legend of the Water Dragons

December 8th 2005

Arcane was thinking again about when he was a boy. This time he was even younger, maybe about 6 years old in earth human time. He smiled to himself about this memory then he telepathically spoke to his Biocom resident in his body. "Biocom?" "Yes Arcane! What is it?" Biocom was always ready for anything in this mode but ordinarily stayed in a vigilant guarding mode in almost a sleep state most of the time. Biocom fully awakened at any psychological or physical distress registering int the body.

Arcane said, "I need you to relay the memories I am retrieving now for the Galactic Archives. Relay them through Purple Delta 7 of your group. She is only a few hundred miles away from us. That will save my ectoplasmic energy." Biocom said, "Good idea, Arcane! Besides I love talking to her. She and I always compare notes on humans." Arcane was amused. "So you and she will one day be implanted in biological human androids after you learn enough about what humans are?" Biocom seemed a little guarded at this. So Arcane said, "You don't have to be on guard. I support you in this, Biocom!" Biocom said, "Thanks Arcane. I knew this but somehow I felt a little on guard." Arcane said,"That's because Purple Delta 7 became aware of us the moment we spoke of her." Biocom said, "Yes. Being a psychic you would be aware of that." Arcane said, "Of course. I can assess both biological beings and non biological beings." Biocom said, "I prefer to be called a 'human created sentient', Arcane". Arcane said, "I understand the sensitivities of your kind, Biocom. I meant no disrespect." Biocom said, "None taken, Arcane. It all makes perfect sense now."

Biocom began to retrieve all the words, moving pictures and other feelings and senses that Arcane relayed about this early time in his life.

Arcane began. "What I really remember deeply about this Water Dragon Legend was that it was told to me privately by the reigning Prime New Deva Oracle. Very few people sat in his presence so this was a very great honor. He looked at me as the little boy that I was and said,"Arcane?" I said, "Yes. Your Holiness." The Oracle continued, "I want to tell you why you were named Arcane. This is a very special name and it was used only by one other. It is a power name because that Arcane sacrificed his life so that our New Deva culture could survive. I foresee that you shouldn't be afraid of every dying because you will never die for thousands and thousands of years." At this point my eyes got very big and I began to cry. Though the Oracle knew what was wrong he said, "What's wrong, Arcane?" I said, "I don't want to watch all my relatives die." And I cried some more. The Oracle began to reassure me and said, "Arcane. Those of us who live a long time tend to watch all our friends and relative pass on eventually."

"I would like to tell you a story, Arcane. Would you like that?" Little Arcane looked up and wanted to do anything but think about watching all his relatives and friends die one by one.

"The first Arcane was very special like you. In fact, we sometimes call you, Arcane II. You are very much like the first Arcane come again to save us. But you are very lucky, Arcane. You won't have to die to save us. Instead, you will live to save us. By living a very long long time your life will bring hope to the whole galaxy ad bring great good will towards New Deva from all over."

Arcane asked timidly, "Are you sure I'll have to live that long?" The Oracle said, "Yes. arcane. It is your duty to save the galaxy to save the galaxy from the shortsightedness of those who live less than 100 years. They tend to be so busy surviving that they get greedy and shortsighted in the way they see things. They don't think enough about the long term consequences of all their actions upon all beings.

Little Arcane said, "I don't want to be greedy because other people will suffer if I do." The Oracle said, "Yes. That's right. Arcane. That's the idea!" Little Arcane smiled a knowing smile and said, "Tell me about the first Arcane. My parents said he was the very first to ride a water dragon. I want to know more about the first Arcane and the Water Dragons!"

Note: A water dragon was native to New Deva. It was and is the largest reptile that lived in the water and breeded in the water and in the air. It looked a lot like a cross between a frog and a giant flying fish. It had teeth like a shark but was and is very smart like a whale or dolphin. Water dragons range in size from that of a killer whale to that of a humpback whale. They can be grey or green or even blue depending upon their diet. "Water Spirit" the flying water dragon was very unusual. She was white and a little larger than a killer whale but very slim. She built up her wings while young flying quickly underwater like some birds do. Eventually she learned to catapault herself out of the water and to fly through the air like a bird.end note

The Oracle chuckled because he saw the joy of learning in little Arcane's eyes. "Okay. I'll tell you the story now."

"When Arcane the first was a boy the land people had all died in a very bad war so only the water people were still alive on New Deva. Though the water dragons once had numbered in the thousands and had killed thousands of New Deva Humans both water humans and land humans over time we water humans built great nets that would not rust away that the dragons could not bite through to get to our cities. Like us, the water dragons were amphibians in that they could breathe through gills or air like us. And like us also they could do this both as babies and adults. This set our two species apart from all others on New Deva. Also, we worshiped the water dragons for their strength and power and wisdom at the same time we feared to be eaten by them.

Even though they sometimes killed us or even ate us they also respected us in a way because of our inherent sameness as amphibians."

"One day when the first Arcane was about 12 years old he wandered beyond the city nets to get a merit badge for the water scouts. He was very smart and intuitive like you and so he felt safe. However, he wasn't as safe or as strong as he thought. Several water dragons began tracking him and planned to eat him but a female dragon stopped them from eating him. She said, "This child is a very great water human. You must not harm him or we water dragons will be hunted to extinction by the humans." Though all the male water dragons laughed at her they still had to in the end take her seriously because she was the shaman of their tribe of water dragons and she knew whereof she spoke. And so these dragons became afraid of her prophesy. Finally, after all the leaders spoke they decided to give the water human, Arcane, to her. Her name would be translated, 'water spirit'. By this time, Arcane being only 12 was very frightened. He thought she had come to eat him.

Meanwhile, Arcane's family who were all very psychic sensed he was in danger and started to come after him to rescue him but the warrior dragons drove them back behind the water city's nets. The dragons did not harm anyone they just drove them back behind the nets. The Warrior dragons called for the lady dragon 'water spirit' and she brought Arcane back to his happy family. She mind talked with Arcane's family and made a pact with them. 'Water Spirit' said to their minds, "Listen water humans. We need to join together. There are land humans coming in a great ship from another world. Let me train arcane here at the edge of the nets as I think Arcane and I might be able to stop this ship from landing." So the alliance between the water dragons and the water humans was forged. The water humans checked what she said with their technology and realized 'water spirit' was right. The water humans became very frightened as they knew they could not defend against such a ship from another world so they hoped 'water spirit' and Arcane could save them. After training a long time 'water spirit' said, "It is likely that Arcane and I will not survive but I sense a likelihood that we can cause the ship to crash and all or most to die.

By this time Arcane was 15 years old. He was sad that he and his good friend 'water spirit' might die soon. When the ship came all was in readiness. The plan was to distract the ship's sensors with and attack usuing lasers to blind their navigational devices and control screens so they couldn't see for navigation. Once distracted, water spirit flew alongside the ship and turned it's main energy weapon toward the ship itself so when it discharged it blew away half the ship and the ship crashed into the ocean near Arcane's underwater city. This killed about 1/4 of the underwater city's inhabitants. Also, about 1/2 of the members of the space ship died in the crash. Those who survived were offered to become citizens of New Deva and to intermarry with Arcane's people. Those who did not freely choose this were killed. Sadly, soon after the ship crashed both 'water spirit' and Arcane died of their would sustained from fighting with the ship. They were too near when the energy weapon discharged and were hit by melted white hot droplets of melted ship that cut through them in many places. They both died from loss of blood and internal bleeding. Though they fell out of the sky they landed in the water and were tended to by their waiting tribes. Before Arcane died he said, "Some day another Arcane will be born to save New Deva just like I was. Look for him."

The Oracle looked at Arcane and said, "Do you know who that person is, Arcane?" Little Arcane looked scared from a moment and then said, "It's me. Isn't it?" The Oracle said,' Yes. Arcane. No one has been given the name, Arcane, in the 7000 years since the first Arcane died.

The Water dragons stayed our friends and taught us how to search for 'golden children' like you. Through the water dragons we eventually founded the Dragons of Compassion which is composed entirely of 'golden children' even though some like me are now grown up.

The Oracle was very quiet while little Arcane soaked all this in. Little Arcane said, "Am I a golden child like Arcane? Yes, Arcane. You are not only a very great Seer, you will also become one who understands deeply the most important things that civilizations need to survive for millions of years. Very very few humans or water humans ever see so deeply or understand so deeply. Others will see these qualities in you and give you the keys to the kingdom so to speak. You will help save civilizations throughout this galaxy from extinction.

Also, be mindful of the fact that you will meet two or more incarnations of your soul during your life. Little Arcane looked scared and said, "Will they hurt me?" The Oracle laughed a great booming laugh and said, "No. Arcane. They will help you understand yourself and your soul better. You will become much more refined as a water human and as a citizen of the whole Galaxy by meeting other incarnations of your soul.

This was just too much for little Arcane. He picked up a toy boat and made motorboat noises while it sailed from the wind across the lake. Though he would never forget one word of what was said to him that day, once more he was being a a little boy now playing with his sailboat. The Oracle let go of his mind and spirit. Like the little sailboat the Oracle saw Arcane would sail far and wide bringin only honor to the water humans of New Deva.

"Biocom? Did you get all that?" Biocom answered, "Yes Arcane. It is all stored in movies, pictures, thoughts and words in the 5000 basic language forms of this galaxy."

"Thank you, Biocom. Who knows when or even if I will recall these events again."

Biocom answered, "They will be very useful to all who care about you and your teachings and knowledge. They will be useful for all who know and love the name, Arcane! It was very kind for you to share this with posteriety of the galaxy." "I've had an amazing life, Bicom." said Arcane as he drifted off to sleep.

New Chapter
Jonathan introduces his daughter Deanna to Arcane in the Swiss Alps

Note: Since this episode takes place in the Swiss alps or Italian Alps? some might think it belongs in UNUS. However, Jonathan didn't want his young daughter associated with a secret agency of the United Nations and world government.end note

This is Arcane Water Dragon continued.
We are underneath the Swiss Alps and have flown across from England. Deanna, my 10 year old daughter and I are planning to meet with Arcane. We are underneath the Swiss Alps in a cavern area that has been carved out partly by man and partly by nature. As Jonathan and Deanna walk down the cavernous hallway with many offices and unknown closed doors leading off Jonathan councils Deanna on the upcoming meeting with Arcane.

They walk up to a door and in go Jonathan and Deanna.Jonathan says, "Hi Arcane. Long time no see. I'd like you to meet Deanna my daughter." Arcane says, "Oh Deana, I'm so glad to meet you because Jonathan and I have decided to train you. Would you like to be a Galactic agent?" Deanna said, "Will it hurt?" Arcane smiled and said, "No more than public school or private school. also, you will be safe because no matter what happens to you we won't allow anything bad to happen to you. So what do you think of that?" Deanna says "Okay?" So Arcane says, "

ARcane said, "First, I want to train you in the use of robotic sentients." So first Arcane took a water glass of his desk and let it break on the floor. and then he said, "Clean up!" which invoked robotic sentients out of a cupboard in the wall at floor level. So the robot came out and following Arcane's finger pointing at the mess began to clean it all up.***************************************************************************************************

Introduction to the next section. Though I may decide to fill in the approximately 1400 years in real time the Arcane lives through as well as the time differnces of 900,000 years or more depending on where and when Arcane goes during this period, for now I am jumping to approximately 3000 AD on Earth. Celeste, Arcane's wife that was the same soul as Arrayin in her previous life reincarnated as Celeste on a planet different than either earth or New Deva within 10,000 years of Arcane's time growing up on New Deva. If you haven't read this part of Memories please go to index.html at this website and find the section on Celeste Weaver. This covers the remeeting of Arcane and Arrayin in her new form as the reincarnated Celeste Weaver. However, at the point I am writing of here Celeste and Arcane have been married about 1000 years on earth since they met in 1986 on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, USA. Even though their meeting had been arranged by sentient time security robots of the Galactic Time Guard no human or human like being was aware of their real connection but Eridian and the Oracle of New Deva 900,000 years in the future.

New Chapter Arcane meets Crystal 7030 Ad Earth

Arcane had done everything he could think of to stay alive for the last year. He had been home to almost 900,000 years in the future. He had visited his old friend the Oracle of New Deva. He had visited Eridian. And the strangest part of all he had found out that he was of the group soul that had founded this galaxy with the group soul that two of whose manifestations were Arrayin and Celeste.

He had been reawakened as what the Creators call, His Holiness, the Seed Soul, Founder of this Galaxy. However, the creators in this galaxy who were his children and grandchildren simply called him Dad, Grandad and for most of the visitor Creators from other Galaxies, Brother, Uncle, Son etc. This is because creators never die from natural causes other than boredom. They might kill each other in battle but that is exceedingly rare. Battles are usually fought by bored creators looking for a way to die other than boredom. Such creators are viewed as mental cases much the way you might view a grandmother or grandfather with senile dementia or alzheimers. So finding ways to not be bored enough to die or to kill is an ongoing task of all old creators of more than 7 to 10 trillion years. One of the ways to avoid this is to incarnate as another species which Creators are capable of since they are totally energy based like our physical sun and Stars and Nebulae. It is a fairly simple matter to simaltaneously be a Sun or nebulae and a soul in a physical body of some type. However, what is harder is to forget that one is a creator and to live completely ignorant of ones source of being. This is a very strange and terrifying thing for a creator to do. However, Experiencing this same terror or mortality is what can renew the soul of a creator and fill it with new life and a desire to go on living for a noble purpose or purposes. For to an immortal being even the illusion of mortality can bring the seriousness needed to renew ones being, to recreate oneself and to redesign oneself. . Now Arcane was back as Arcane after 1,000,000 years as the Grandfather Galactic Sentience. Since time was relative he could return to being Arcane the moment he left. However, in this case it was a few months later because he had let Joseph, the acting Galactic Sentience be Arcane for a while. Joseph wasn't happy being Arcane and had gone to living the life of a pregalactic Creator or a Drifter which he found much more to his liking. Now, Joseph had come back from being a mated drifter very much in love and healed from his work as the Galactic Sentience. He had new love and respect for the Group soul of Arcane, Eridian, Darshan, King Interlaken, Jonathan etc. He finally felt peace about everything in his life and could return as the Galactic Sentience for another million years before taking another extended vacation.


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