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History of Ragna


I am Ragna. Sometimes I have also been known as General Ragna, Time Lord of Earth in the Time of King Interlaken's Reign. At the time I am writing this I am very old. However, I still look only about 25. My natural color of hair is black and curly. I have steel gray eyes and sharp Germanic Swiss features and many people find me very attractive and intelligent. I stand 6 foot 2 inches. I have lived at least 5000 years in real time. At the time of this writing there are at least 5 major timelines compared to the 2 in the year 2003. T2 or Timeline 2 is where most of you are reading this.

I have traveled time and space and repaired both thousands and thousands of times. Some of my later travels were with my friend and later my wife and the mother of my children, Elohar, His Holiness, King Interlaken's Seer. At the present time, my son has taken over the main job I had in the prime of my life as Guardian of Earth's Times. Then I was known as General Ragna, and publicly I was the Chief of Staff of all the known militaries of Earth during the 70th Century and the Reign of King Interlaken. It is now the year 8578 AD. Though I am presently over 5000 years old the people of my time assume that I am only about 2500 years old. They still don't know that I was the main Time General of Earth during the 500+ year of King Interlaken. He son and my son were and are best friends even though his son is 20 years my sons senior. When Prince Orion ascended to the Throne I chose to retire after training my son to be Time General of Earth. By this time King Interlaken and I had decided that the job of Chief of Staff of all the militaries of earth and Time General of Earth was too much for any one man to continue. So I gave my son only Time Generalship of Earth and I kept for a time Chief of Staff of all the militaries of earth. On paper my son was subordinate to me but since I trust him completely I basically gave my son Carte Blanche with King Interlaken and King Orion's approval. King Interlaken chose to abdicate his throne to his son as he had lived as King a long time and wanted to travel the Milky Way Galaxy. Kind King Interlaken was and is very good with international and interplanetary and Intergalactic relations. He was and is very intuitive and skillful with classy intelligent beings of all kinds. At the present time King Orion's son King Orion II is presently on the throne as we speak and King Orion has joined his father in the diplomatic core between galaxies as he is very gifted like his father MORE OF THIS LATER

I'm writing now of the role that Elohar and I played in Jonathan's life. When I was close to passing on, Jonathan called and told me my brother was coming to get me. My experience of this was very strange. On the one hand I knew my son was right. However, he didn't know fully that my brother was not dead. And I knew because he was coming for me meant that I was to be taken out of this time.

At first I was distressed about this but after she reassured me that all was in order I felt relieved that I could be released from 1985. I thought back that August about shooting the imaginary bad people in the wall to shock my son, Jonathan into being totally on his own without me mentally there to support him. Though it was a terrible thing to do to him I had to know he could function without me in this physical time and space without me to call and talk to about the difficult problems that come up in all our lives.

I saw even though he was shocked he would be able to cope without me there. Now I was free to go home to the future to be regenerated. A few hours after Jonathan called to tell me my brother was coming for me I started preparing to be taken out of this time space in 1985. When the ambulance came to take me to the hospital a duplicate biological android was substituted for me. Though it had never lived it had all the biological characteristice of a corpse even to the way it would decompose eventually. When my son came to view my body before cremation he was shocked to see my steel blue eyes open and flattened by dehydration. The body still looked like me but my spirit had gone or in this case had never been there. After the biological duplicate was cremated the ashes were spread on Mt. Shasta. Jonathan's grandmothers ashes were spread there on Mt. Shasta too almost 15 years before.

When the body exchange took place my brother Tom took me in Zhe Jonathan's ancient ship back to 7098 where I had left. There I was regenerated to about age 25. Though Elohar will live years longer in that era eventually she will do the same as I and meet me in 7098 to be regenerated. She is 150 years younger than I so she could stay longer without needing regeneration without dying. She said she wanted to study people and the changes in that era more fully. I understood this as it was a very interesting era compared to most. Since I now police Jonathan's and Elohar's timeline writing all this is not a problem for anyone.

I wish to share with you how we in the 70th century and beyond take on a new identity in any century we choose. First a fetus clone is made of ourselves. It is then put into the host mother secretly whatever century we wish to take and identity in. Then the host clone grows up thinking it is itself in the era. Then we come in at times after having protected the body from major harm into adulthood. Then we trade places with the body at crucial points along the way and integrate those memories into ourselves and the key memories that the clone needs into itself. I'm very proud of this advance as it was my idea to do it this way.

For all those of you reading this in whatever time or space or planet or dimension, it is written in the hopes that a fuller understanding of time and space and compassion and ethics will inspire all beings to treat each other better whether they have conscious access to time travel or not.

The object of this book is not to terrify or to threaten your sense of reality. Rather it is to open your mind to new awarenesses and to new possibilities. Though it could be received as science fiction that is only a partial intent. Those who can see it as real at least real in a lengedary form will benefit the most from reading all these works.

The real intent is to prevent a worldwide catastrophic war(that as of June 24th 2003 has already been prevented) and to illustrate a very basic galactic paradigm. In other words the intent is to begin to create a paradigm shift in your thinking as great as when Columbus said the world was round. IN THIS CASE THE PARADIGM SHIFT IS: THE PAST, THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE HAVE NOT HAPPENED YET. What I mean by that is the past is changing as much as the present and future are. All three will never stop changing because time travel exists and has existed for billions and billions of years in this galaxy and longer than that on other galaxies. This is a fact. It does not matter to me whether you believe all this or not. However, I say to you, it is a fact.


So now the meeting with Arcane led to many adventures. As time went on, Elohar and Ragna came to be my most trusted friends of this lifetime. On one of our adventures we went back in time. Both Arcane and I took turns pretending to be Francis Bacon Lord Exchequer of London. As Francis Bacon, I wrote New Atlantis and Novus Organum and I developed the Scientific method still in use in the 21st century and beyond. Whereas when Arcane pretended to be Francis Bacon, he wrote all the Shakespearean plays which he then passed to his good friend, William Shakespeare, who helped to produce, direct and act in them and called them his own. Within the original manuscripts Arcane put many codes. An ordinary person could have never written such amazing stuff and then encoded it with up to 100 codes as well. But Arcane was never ordinary and had the help of the Galactic Archives and Sentient computers in completing the task of encoding all his works. However, to decode one must obtain photcopies of the original manuscripts or decoding isn't possible. In my ancient book collection I still own a copy of what I believe was called either the biliteral or bilateral code of Francis Bacon which is one of the easiest to decode. In this code it reveals that Francis Bacon was the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I. One must understand that Elizabeth had real terror of being killed or beheaded just like her mother or meeting the fates of some of her father King Henry the 8th's other wives. This makes a lot of sense then when Francis Bacon was never recognized as a Prince or a King of England. It also explains why Elizabeth had Francis Bacon's brothers head cut off when he tried to assume the throne.

Anyway, Arcane and I greatly loved the general ambiance of this era. It was not a good time to be really poor. I don't think there ever was or will be a good time for that. But for us it was a very interesting time to appear to be English Aristocracy and to witness a rebirth or a renaissance begin to take place in England at that time. I am revealing these things for you to better understand how Arcane, myself and Elohar operated and for some of you we still operate to modify and refine time(even though all those actions that you might experience in your century have already been finished for over 1000 years in my real time of this writing.So I already survived! I am very proud of all my accomplishments, especially the ones when I was joined by Elohar and Ragna. We were like the three Musketeers, all for one and one for all. Such good friends! However, I am less proud of my reactionary time changes before Elohar and Ragna came into my life. For before they came into my life I was an unenlightened Time General and Time technician but I had no real idea of the full consequences of my actions upon souls incarnating or some even reincarnating. Until I became enlightened I did the best I could. I did the best I knew how. However, that appears all that any of us can do in a given moment.

However, at that time I was at best an agnostic. In other words if you show me God then I will believe in Him, her or It! Until I knew for sure what was really going on I could not act in a way that was truly worthy of all the souls in my charge. One of the best things that ever happened to me in my whole life was meeting His Oneness and then meeting Arcane. I learned that tampering with time in an unenlightened way is not only dangerous but harmful to all beings. This is the one lesson of this life that I will never forget!


By now Ragna and Arcane had known each other as very good friends for some time. They related somewhere between brothers and friends. There was still a little competition between them but they both understood the reasons for this. However, there was also an implicit understanding that they would each die if necessary to protect the other and their work together in stabilizing the timelines of earth for posterity on earth and beyond.

During on such moment of friendship in a restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland while on business in the 21st century together, the conversation turned to Arcane's past. They pretended to be working on a science fiction book together so anyone overhearing the conversation would think they were American writers or something like that sharing ideas on their book with each other.

Ragna began,"In your book you were saying, George(George is Arcane) that the childhood of the alien in question was difficult." "Yes, Randall(Ragna) I believe that would be true. The way I see the charactor, he is trying to survive the role of World Saver on his Planet. It is a much different role than, let's say, world Savior. World saver is much more a secular role. It's sort of a combination of psychic gifts and training combined with strength and intelligence with a state of mind of a just warrior. He is like a Samurai and a priest combined or even a Tibetan Lama and a Seer combined with s soldier."

Randall(Ragna) said, "I like that, George!" George said, "So do I, Randall." George pretended to type and write longhand on his palm computer. Next Randall said, "How will we depict his physical form?" George said, "Give me a moment Randall!" George acted like he was thinking deeply about this. Then he said, "I see the child as lavendar skinned with bright golden eyes and blonde and lavendar long hair." "Yes. That's good." said Randall. "Go on, George." George pretended to write the charactor sketch into his handheld computer. George went on, "The fingers which are webbed and 1 3/4 time the length of humans on earth." Randall says, "This is great. I feel like I'm watching an episode of Farscape of something." George says, "Yeah. My muse is totally on the job!"

At this point a very French woman at a nearby table at the restaurant who is obviously an existentialist thinks, "My God! These Americans live in such a Disneyland. No wonder they have such problems around the world." At which point, George laughs out loud in hearing her thoughts so loud in his mind. At which point the French woman gets scared at the timing of his laugh and wets her pants. She is so disturbed by all this that she retreats to the loo.(bathroom)

George is sorry he didn't catch his laugh in time and thinks to Biocom. "Biocom? Does time need to be repaired because of my laugh?" Biocom says, "Just remove the memory from her mind and she will be fine." George says, "What about the wetness?" Biocom says, "I'll put a sexual fantasy about you in her mind as a cover for the strange experince. It will calm her and maybe explain the wetness." "Complete." Thinks George. "Complete!" Biocom replies in George's mind.

Ragna as Randall looks at George and says. "Did you repair the last text?" "Yep!" says George. Then with a very false French accent. "The text she is repaired." They both smile knowingly.

"Let's finish working on this at the office." said George. "I agree." said Randall. At the hotel room Arcane says, "Jonathan stayed here in this room in '99. "Yes. said Ragna. "He saw Elohar and I in italy during that visit." Arcane said, "Wasn't that dangerous?" "No." said Ragna. "We just made King 5 appear to be a motor home." "What did Jonathan think?" "Oh! He knew it was just us trying to reassure him that all was well. We wanted to assure him that he had found the correct location of the Crystal Time Palace and where it will be built in the far future." Arcane said, "He found it?" Ragna smiled, "Yes. He's intuitively amazing much like Elohar and you." Arcane smiled to himself and said, "Yes. It's very easy for beings to underestimate him. A lot of beings have made that mistake."

A friend once said of him, "He doesn't want anyone to know what he's really capable of." Arcane looked seriously at Ragna a moment and said, "I've always been like that too, Ragna." The hair stood up on the bck of Ragna's neck. He said, "That's a pretty scary thought, Arcane."

Arcane looked deeply into General Ragna and said, "Would you like to go to New Deva when I was a boy on a lark?" Ragna said, "I'd be honored, Arcane." There was a look in Arcane's eyes that gave Ragna the willies. Arcane said, "Is now okay?" Ragna was looking a little worried now. The persperation beads were forming on his upper lip. Ragna said, "Do you have permission from the Galactic Time Guard to do this?" Arcane's eyes bored into Ragna. He said, "Your next lifetime, Ragna, will be on New Deva. You will be born my brother." At this Ragna threw up on the floor and robots appeared and cleaned up the mess before it dried. Ragna was embarrassed. Arcane then went outside of their present time to speak with King Interlaken while Ragna was throwing up and then came back the same instant and told Ragna that permission had been granted from the necessary authorities. Ragna excused himself for a moment and went into the bathroom to rinse his mouth out and to clean his face a little. Ragna looked into the mirror and wondered for the thousandth time whether he could go on dealing with his job or his friendship with Arcane. Ragna decided 'duty called' and forced himself to walk out of the bathroom door and say, "I'm ready to go to New Deva."

Arcane smiled and said, "No. you're not! However, I'll see you don't have a breakdown while there or after from severe culture shock." Ragna turned red but understood. Ragna said, "Thanks, Old Friend."

Arcane sat on the floor cross legged. He said, "Ragna. Come sit on the floor here cross legged in front of me." Ragna said, "Okay. I take it we will travel in some new way?" Arcane smiled and said, "It's a very old and safe way for me but 'yes' it might take some getting used to for you as it will be instantaneous." Ragna sat down cross legged facing Arcane. Ragna found his hands were shaking. Arcane's eyes were already closed.

The next thing Ragna noticed was a blue green sphere surrounding them both. he relaxed a little as he had already heard of the future Earth blue green spheres. Ragan sighed. The next moment, however, Ragna thought he might have a heart attack.

The air was thick and moist. He could hear in the background some kind of alien language of s sort never heard on earth in any time he had ever visited. There was something that looked a little like a young teenage boy in a very large aquarium that took up half the room. There were many aquatic creatures he had never seen or even imagined before. The boy seemed to be practicing something, maybe a form of fishing.

About that time Ragna saw the boys gills expel water while he was inhaling it through his mouth and nose. He also appeared to have an extra layer of clear flesh over his eyes for seeing clearly underwater just like humans wear goggles underwater sometimes for clarity. The water in the mouth and nose and the gills expelling water made Ragna want to throw up. He tried to suppress the instinct out of pure survival. Telepathically Ragna helped him. The teenage boy wore some kind of headband to keep the long flowing hair that went in all directions underwater out of his eyes. A moment later the boy saw Arcane a popped his head above water in the indoor aquarium and said in New Deva, "Hi. Uncle Future! what strange creature is this with you?" Ragna felt horrified and faint. The boys purple tongue was twice as long as an earth born humans and the color and the way it slipped in an out of the mouth reminded him of an iguana. Now he was really scared but as a lifelong soldier he refused to demonstrate his fears.

Arcane swiftly came into Ragna's mind and said telepathically, "I'm going to calm you so you don't have a serious reaction and faint. In my culture it would be very impolite to do that and you would never be allowed back. Okay?" Ragna almost going into a faint of shock said telepathically, "Fine. Arcane." Young Arcane sensed the telepathic conversation but honored the private nature of the exchange.

Soon much to Ragna's surprise he calmed right down and began to feel he was visiting a culture on the other side of his own planet in a very different time. From that point of view he was now very suddenly okay. "Arcane?" Yes. Uncle Future." "Do you have a universal translator in this room?" "Yes. Uncle." Young Arcane reached for the silver neclaces hanging on the wall and picked one the right size and shape for Ragna. Arcane then said to young Arcane,"This is a good friend of mine and an anciet Earthling from about 7000 AD." Young Arcane said, "Wow! An ancient earthling. Are we related to him?" Arcane had forgotten just how intuitive he had always been even as a young teenager and said, "Yes. Arcane. He is one of our very ancient ancestors." Young Arcane said, "Uncle, that's very hard to believe. He looks so different than us." Old Arcane said, "We have adapted to at least 17 different planets since our ancestors left earth." Young Arcane stared wide eyed. "Is what you just said true?" Old Arcane said, "Even though that isn't taught here I found this out from Galactic Archives. I've traced our lineages back to before there were even humanoids on earth back about 2 million years." Young Arcane was really amazed and said, "Have you been back to see what we were like then." Old Arcane smiled and said, "Yes. And you would not even believe what humanoids were like then." Ragna having put on the universal translator said, "I'm not sure I would even want to know." However, Young Arcane who was still young and curious said, "I would like to know, Uncle Future." Old Arcane said, "Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to share this information with either of you or anyone else in your times. I've said as much as I'm allowed to." Though young Arcane was disapointed Old Ragna was extremely relieved he didn't have to endure anything else that would destroy his world view today.

Now the attention of young Arcane was back upon Ragna. Young Arcane said, "Does he speak English and other languages?" "Of course Arcane." "Can I hear him speak some in person?" "Of course!" ARcane said in English. "My parents have learned Earth English as spoken in the 20th and 21st centuries so he wants to hear someone else besides me and them speak it."

Arcane decided to put a Universal translator on along with Young Arcane and Ragna. In this way they would all arrive at the clearest of communications by all being on the same page so to speak. Ragna said into the neclace translator, "Hello Arcane. So nice to meet you. Your uncle has spoken well of you." Young Arcane turned a darker shade of lavendar purple. Ragna sensed this must be embarrassment or something. Young Arcane said, "Are you a professional time traveller like Uncle Future?" Arcane held up his hand when Ragna didn't know how to properly answer this question. Arcane answered, "Ragna works for an earth world Government in his time. He doesn't work directly for the Galaxy." Young Arcane pressed on, "But is he a professional time traveler like you, Uncle Future?" Again Old Arcane held up his hand to Ragna to ban his speech on the subject. Old Arcane looked sternly at young Arcane and said, "Neither of us is at liberty to discuss that, Nephew." Young Arcane finally realized he was in dangerous territory and relented. Young Arcane said, "What's it like where you live, Ragna?" Ragna smiled at this. Then Old Arcane telepathed to Ragna and then Ragna said aloud, Arcane, I live in the Swiss alps and I work for my world leader in that time. Your Uncle Future is helping us at this time. That is why we have become friends. However, now we are both on vacation here in your time, Arcane." Young Arcane smiled and as he smiled his very long tongue danced in and out of his mouth in cadence to his excitment at this exchange. However, very soon he remembered he must be polite and go and get his parents and his younger brother who was now home visiting from bording school. Young Arcane looked at old Arcane and said, "Pardon my manners Uncle Future. I'll go and get Mom and Dad and my brother, Skyfish." Ragna asked what Skyfish meant several times into the unversal translator before he got even one satifactory answer. Finally, Old Arcane said out loud in English, "The universal translator has its limitations. Skyfish on this planet refers to a type of flying fish. However, in New Deva legends Skyfish also means star traveler or Airline Pilot or even Astronaut or explorer. It is a New Devan Name rich in legends just like the Dragons of Compassion that Arcane is training with to be the next World Saver.

Soon Arcane's parents came in and hugged Old Arcane and called him, "Uncle Future". Ragna was just getting used to calling Old Arcane 'Uncle Future" when Ragna slipped a couple of times and almost called Uncle Future Arcane. Arcane's parents looked a little worried at first until Old Arcane said, "It's okay!" Young Arcane said, "What's okay? However, he wasn't answered. Next Skyfish came in from doing his studies. Arcane felt a little sick at seeing his soul in a new and alien humanoid body. It was himself in his future life. He knew for sure in his stomach as soon as he saw Skyfish. Skyfish sensed something at once, too. However, Skyfish didn't know what it was. Skyfish's experience as what would be equal to a 12 year old earthborn child was that he thought Ragna was the single most interesting person he had ever met in his entire life. In fact to Starfish, he was even more interesting than Uncle Future of the Galactic Time Guard.

Old Arcane ached inside to tell Ragna that Skyfish would later die in an attempt to rescue A Ray In from Tech Noir. However, he wasn't allowed to do that. When Arcane disapeared from Isfahel and was banished to earth in another time and thought dead, Skyfish then volunteered for a suicide mission to try to rescue A Ray In. Luckily, Arcane wasn't told of his brother's death until after he had taken Tech Noir's soul permanently from Tech Noir's body and had thereby finally ended that war between the planets and had returned safely home to New Deva.

Bringing Ragna to meet Ragna's next incarnation was finally healing Old Arcane from the loss of his brother and A Ray In at the same time he had to leave New Deva for good except for a few forays into the past before the war. Losing A Ray In and his brother so quickly had almost cost Arcane his sanity. Arcane's first month after returning from Isfahel had to be spent in deep healing meditations in order to protect himself and others and his priestly supernatural disciplines as a World Saver class Dragon of Compassion. Later, Arcane was made a member of the order of the World Savers of New Deva. He was only the seventh in almost 7000 years on New Deva. Since the Dragons of compassion had only existed for about 7000 years any world savers before that time were shamanic and tribal and less organized in their instruction. 1

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