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Memories part 7

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Chapter 6 Beginning


ARCANE remembers being His Oneness and Jonathan

Arcane said, "Eridian, may I please speak with you." Eridian said, "As you wish, Arcane." "Eridian, I remember these experiences on Lemuria. I remember being his Oneness. I remember being Jonathan. How can this be?" said Arcane incredulously. "I don't know for sure, Arcane. There are things even I don't know or at least God has not seen fit to show me yet. What I do know and believe is that time is a circle or a sphere in that it to some degree it repeats itself. It repeats much the same way as you and I have by reincarnating to complete a cause that is important to us. For example, we have reincarnated to end suffering of beings that we are close to or whole life waves of billions of beings that we have come to love and care for as our own. In caring about anything in time and space one continues to incarnate if that is ones agreement with the creator. It is also true that a soul could live an infinity as an angel or archangel and then return the next moment after one last passed on and reincarnate. Even though things don't exactly repeat themselves when universes are created they sometimes follow somewhat the same paths as previous universes that were created and dissolved. Some universes have time and space others do other things other than time and space. The creator of all is the artist, musician, artisan, and builder. All of us are microcosmic copies of the creator built specifically in the creators image.

The image of the creator is not specifically physical it is perceptual. The capacity to love, think, intuit and reason are what makes us microcosms of the creator. It does not matter whether we have humanoid bodies or earth bodies or are purple octopuses or live inside stars or the magma of planets in plasma forms. All are created in the image of the creator. In understanding this we are free.

Your remembering yourself to be his Oneness and Jonathan is actually very encouraging. If you remember being them do you also remember being me?" "Why, Yes! Now that you mention it I do." "Well then, Arcane, Something must be said for the theory of spherical time." "I don't know what it means. I just remember you all. I remember being you, Jonathan, His Oneness and all the people they know and knew and will know. How can this be, Eridian?" "I don't know the answer, Arcane, but I think you are on to something useful and important to us all."

"In helping me you are helping us accomplish our goals and the evolution of our soul." "Yes, Arcane. That is true."

"Eridian. Just one more question before we resume the life recordings. "What is success? How would you define success?" Eridian thought for a moment before he replied. "With what I know now from my present vantage point success would be being able to sleep at night and feeling at peace about how you treated yourself, your children and everyone you touched in any way in your life or lives. I would consider that a success. One who could be at peace because of a lifetime, of wise, compassionate actions toward all beings would be a most precious and successful being.

Chapter 8 Arcane on New Deva and Isfahel

Chapter 7 Light Travel to New Deva


Arcane is leaving Earth and the nine light emissaries. Eridian speaks," Arcane, You are the only humanoid now to carry our Millions of years of wisdom, compassion and enlightenment for thousands of years. You are not only a priest scientist for your home planet New Deva. You are now forever, a priest scientist of Earth as well.

You will be protected from injury in the war you return to. We will not let you be seriously injured or die. We need you to spread the wisdom, power, compassion and uniqueness of Earth wherever you go. We will see to it you live thousands of years and that you return to earth in the past in the 20th century. There you will meet Jonathan Flow. You will not tell him that you are a past incarnation of him or that you are from the future. Rather, remember he is the future and you are his past. Meditate on that when you are with him. He is everything you have ever been and more because he is after you.

"Now it's time for you to return home to New Deva!"

"How will I get there?" Arcane asked.

"You only need realize you are already there!"

"I've done that soul traveling. Can that be done with a physical body as well?"

Eridian answered, "Many human masters have done it for thousands of years. You will benefit from millions of years of their experiences. Now Arcane! Know you are in your home in New Deva. You are asleep in your bed at home. When you are asked by your lineage how you returned to New Deva tell them the light Elders of Earth made you an honorary Citizen and Priest-Scientist of Earth and that you are under our protection and a humanoid immortal.

Tell them they have nothing to fear. Ask them to look deep into your soul. Tell them to send you into the thick of battle as you cannot lose your life or die. They will do this to test you. We want you tested as well so you know we tell you the truth. You cannot die. We need you alive for thousands of years yet. New Deva will be saved and things will be put right for your people."

"That is to be expected. However, you will be sorely tested in the next 6 months, Arcane."

Arcane replied, "In dying I will be reborn."

"Exactly!" said Eridian.

Arcane's normally light purple blue glow to his humanoid skin had turned to a blue green and purple glow. He looked at his reflection in one of the spheres.

He said, "They will know I've changed because my glow aura has changed!"

"Yes Arcane, you cannot hide your Earth humanness or your New Deva glow. You are now of New Deva and of Earth. You represent both. When you save your planet they will accept that. Our Blessings go with you, Arcane. Whenever you need us just think of us. We will instantly be there . Neither time nor space is any obstacle!"

Arcane saw himself in his bed at peace at home and so he woke up there dreaming.

"My God, it wasn't a dream!", he thought as he woke up.

Since he wasn't married and a priest scientist and since it was wartime, home was his parents house.

His father felt his presence first. "Arcane, my God! How did you get here? We were told you were dead! My Son! My Son! Thank God you're alive."

His father acted like he was Lazarus raised from the dead. His mother heard the commotion and came as fast as she could. When she saw him he had to catch her. He saw the shock and the tear in her eye and then she was out. It was too much for her. They had both been told he was missing in action and feared dead.

Arcane was angry at those who had done this to him and his parents.

But he heard Eridian say, "You must stay centered. Remember, Friends become enemies and enemies become friends. Be kind to all. Remember."

"You are right, Eridian. You are always right!" But he found it hard to be that disciplined. Finally he got control. "Equanimity!" he screamed to himself.

Within an hour his mother regained consciousness and cried while holding her son. His father had a hard time too.

Finally his father said, "What happened son!"

"I have to get permission from Priest-Scientist 1 to tell you. However, I can tell you I was on a planet called Earth." cautioned Arcane.

"But there's been no humanoid life there for thousands of years." said his father.

"Yes, that's true, father. But that's all I can say for now."

"You must report this, son."

"Yes, Father." Arcane was already walking toward the wall mounted view screen. " On view screen! Connect with Priest-Scientist 1. Secure connection please!"

A few moments later Priest Scientist 1 saw Arcane. He looked worried. "What's going on, Arcane?"

"Your Holiness, something very strange happened."

"I gathered that. Have you been tortured?"

"Yes, but they couldn't break me. I became too much of a supernatural threat so they sent me to a planet that no longer had a physical race or civilization."

"Where did they send you?"

"Earth!" replied Arcane.

"Earth? They expected you to be eaten by the beasts of Earth!"

"Yes, I was almost eaten by Earth Wolves."

"What Kind of species is that?"

"It is a lot like a big zamut but not domesticated. They hunt in packs."

"I'll have to look them up."

"How did you escape them?"

"Desperation brings out things we least expect!"

"How true that is, Arcane. How did you get here? Do you think you might have biological weapons or implants in you body?"

"I don't think so." said Arcane.

"The light elders of Earth said I was clear."

"The what?" said Priest Scientist1.

"The light elders. When the wolf pack almost got me I was forced to go very primal and in this primal scream I found the strength to find a powerful enough Earth nexus point to levitate New Deva style."

"Amazing! With no amplifiers?"

"That's right!"

"I think the light elders helped you."

"Yes, your holiness. So do I."

"What did they tell you?"

"They said to tell you to send me into the thick of battle so I could prove myself to you. They also said I can't die for thousands of years."

"I must consult the oracle now, Arcane."


"I'll call you back."

"Thank you, Your Holiness."

As the view screen flickered out Arcane felt faint. It was to be expected The Oracle of New Deva was supernaturally scanning him. He lay on the floor in front of the view screen so he wouldn't faint.

He heard the oracle in the center of his mind, "What is this strangeness? Who are you now?"

In his mind Arcane replied, "I am a citizen and representative of two planets now. Earth's light elders said I can't be killed in this war. Send me into battle. Let me prove my worth to you and to New Deva."

"Yes, Arcane! You will be our secret weapon! Expect Priest Scientist 1 to call you with instructions. I will tell him the proper moment to next speak with you. You will be the savior of New Deva, Arcane. But after you save us you will have to leave because all will become terrified of you."

"I understand, my oracle. It is enough to know my planet will survive."

"Yes, Arcane, you do understand. Your value to us is priceless. But remember, after the war is won you must leave within 6 months for your safety and for the safety of the general populace."

"I agree, your Holiness." said Arcane.

Arcane felt his mind still reeling when Priest Scientist 1 called again.

Priest Scientist 1's voice was trembling. "Arcane, I'm sorry that you will have to leave when the war is over."

"It's a small price to pay to know my civilization and planet will survive."

"Nevertheless, I wish you could stay somehow!"

"The oracle usually knows best, Your Holiness."

"Thanks, for making my burden lighter, Arcane. Even though the oracle says this is all true it sure seems far fetched."

"Are you willing to die Arcane to prove him right?"

"If I want to live I don't appear to have a choice."

"That's right, Arcane."

"Then so be it!" said Arcane.

Priest Scientist 1 let out a big sigh. "You're the best of the best, Arcane. I'll be very sad to lose you either way. To lose you to death or exile is a loss for the whole planet and civilization."

"That our civilization and planet survive is the most important thing to me."

"I agree, Arcane. That is the choice I would make too. God Bless you and keep you, Arcane."

"God Bless you and keep you, Your Holiness.

Priest Scientist 1's first officer appeared on the screen. He said, "Priest Scientist Arcane, Your orders are to move as soon and you are able in no more that 3 days to the center of battle on Isfahel. You will capture the main Time Grid on Isfahel and send all inhabitants on Isfahel into temporary time stasis. If you survive this you will be given a heroes welcome and carte blanche with your credit card for 6 months. At the end of 6 months you will leave New Deva never to return."

Arcane nearly fainted. "Never to return." Echoed in his mind. He sat down. The first Officer knew Arcane well. "I'm sorry about this Arcane. Orders are orders.

"It is for the best, First Officer."

"I'm glad you feel that way Arcane. I'll be sorry to lose your friendship."

"You won't lose my friendship ever, First Officer."

"You will never lose mine either, Arcane. Good luck and Godspeed!" The view screen flickered out.

As an afterthought Arcane typed a message to first officer. It read, "May I tell my parents what happened to me?"

The answer came back within 10 minutes. "Not until you return from Isfahel"

Arcane typed back. "Understood!"

When Arcane walked back into his parents room they were holding each other crying that Arcane was still alive. Arcane had them stand up. The three of them held each other quietly for some time.

His mother spoke first, "Arcane, you are so different. Your skin glows new colors. What Happened?"

"I can't speak of it until I return from my next mission. I can only say the war will be over soon. We are going to win."

"Yes, but are you going to live?"

"Yes, mother. I will live."

"Something's wrong!", she said. I can feel it."

"It's a war, Mom. Nothing is ever right in a war."

"But you will live?"

"Yes, mother, I will live."

She cried softly saying, "My son will live!" over and over again.

Arcane's father said, "How long before you leave?"

"I will know the time to go within the next three days."

"So soon. How long before you return?"

"Sooner than 6 months the war will be over."

"Your mother's right, son. You've changed. You're becoming some kind of oracle."

"Maybe." was all Arcane could muster. He was going into shock. "I've got to sleep now, Dad. I haven't slept in days."

"You're here and your alive, son. That's all that matters."

Arcane hugged them both and wandered away. He slept the sleep of the dead for two days.

Arcane is shown his future after the war is over

In his dreams Arcane found Arrayin, his wife to be. She said, "Arcane. I will not survive this war! I have been tortured beyond repair. I love you, Arcane. Help me die! Take me to the light realms so we can visit after I die!"

"Is it really that bad Arayin?" "Yes, I'm afraid so, Arcane. I'm so glad to know you're alive! I thought they had killed you."

"No, the Light Elders of Earth saved me. Would you like to meet them Arayin?"

"Anything would help now, Arcane. My body is lost."

"I will bring the light elders to you Arayin."

"God Bless your soul, Arcane. Though I am dying. Know that I will love you forever!"

"Eridian! Help me!" Arcane cried out in his mind. "I'm losing Arayin!" Eridian and the elders were with him instantly.

Eridian said, "We knew she would die soon but telling you would have destabilized you. So we waited for you to find out with you body on New Deva so you could survive this."

In his dreams Arcane fell to his knees with the light elders in a circle around him and cried. The love of his life was dying. She had come to him in a last hope to save her soul.

Through his tears arcane said, "Please help me save the soul of Arayin.

"It was done the moment you called us, Arcane. Come to visit her now in the light dimensions of Earth."

Arcane felt his soul body move through the time-space continuum to Earth's light dimensions. The ten traveled as a group. The nine protecting Arcane's sensibilities.

Eridian spoke as they traveled as a group. " Arcane, we will be your protectors throughout all your future lives. Whether you live in the past, present or future you will represent all that is best about the Earth wherever you go!"

Arcane nodded and said, "I am grateful!" He meant this but his senses spun. He was grateful he was in a dream even though he knew it was all true. The dream could cushion his pain a little. He could pretend at least a little that this was only partially true. It was the only way he knew to survive this.

When the ten arrived in Earth's light dimensions they found Arayin. She was asleep in her soul body inside a healing sphere. The ten surrounded the sphere and joined hands. Since Arcane was numb Eridian spoke, "Arayin has shed her mortal coil. On Isfahel her body has already disappeared and returned to the universal. All that remains of Arayin is here."

At these words Arcane felt dream tears in his eyes. Eridian went on. "Since this soul is a visionary saint of your lineage, Arcane, she will be revered on Earth as well as New Deva. Since she was to be your wife we will instruct her soul as we instructed you. She is now a saint of both New Deva and of Earth. The light dimensions of both worlds will benefit.

"Thank you." was all that Arcane could mumble.

"When she wakes, Arcane she will no longer remember her torture She will only remember growing up and falling in love with you and all the good experiences in her life. Later she will remember all. However, now her soul must heal. When she wakes it will seem normal to her. Say nothing of her most recent experiences. Be supportive of a newly transitioned soul."

"I agree." said Arcane.

An angelic sound like a choir of angels filled the air. Arayin began to awake. Though Arcane felt broken inside he was a good actor. He would put on a good show for her. She got up and slowly walked through the wall of the healing sphere that held her soul body. "Arcane would you introduce me?"

"Yes, Arayin. This is Eridian light elder of Earth. The other 8 are: Americas, Europe, Asia, Atlantic, Pacific, Australia, Africa and Islands. They take their names as light beings from the areas of Earth they represent. Eridian is a variation of Meridian which means dividing line or equator. As light elder he encircles the planet."

"Why are we here, Arcane?"

"We are here to learn of the mysteries of Earth, Arayin. You will be learning in the light dimensions of Earth and New Deva."

"My physical body is dead then, Arcane?"

"Yes, Arayin." At this Arcane had to turn away for a moment."

Arayin's glance pierced his soul.

"She was always so wise and insightful." he thought.

She said, "Though we will never marry we will be together always now. Thank God, Arcane, you are as at home with the dead as the living."

"Yes, Arayin. We will never be separated again."

"Then this is good, Arcane."

"Yes, Arrayin. I agree." He thought to himself that it would be good for Arayin. However, for himself it was a very mixed blessing.

"At least she is free of the pain of the material world," he thought.

She walked up to him knowing he was having difficulty with her death. She put her arms around him. They melted into each other and stayed like that for a long time.

A Ray in Shares her future life with Arcane ten years in his future

After melting souls by standing inside each other in a state of love, and caring they communicated. A Ray In communicated deeply so that Arcane would know in depth her message. "I need to say something about our future life together that I'm becoming aware of now. I'm being made aware of our next life together."

Arcane responded, "Okay." She went on, "I'm moving into a more angelic consciousness so I can see our future clearly. To reduce your pain of losing my physical body and to ensure your success I will share our future life together which begins ten years in your future. I am being permitted to share this with you so you will more likely be successful in bringing the war between Isfahel and New Deva to a just conclusion."

"I'm listening." Said Arcane. He knew what a powerful and deep soul A Ray In was. He respected her soul now more than any but Eridian and God and loved her more than any save God. I wish to introduce you to the being that I will be in this lifetime."

"Will I remember this?" said Arcane.

"No, I'm afraid I can't leave this in your conscious mind but it will be in your subconscious to fortify you in your trials to come. If I leave the memory conscious it may mess up time and your resolution of the problems on Isfahel. If you know the future you could become overconfident and fail. You need to be unsure enough and yet confident enough to succeed."

"That makes sense." Jonathan felt suddenly jealous of A Ray In. She didn't have to face Tech Noir and his armies but he did.

A Ray In both felt his feelings and thoughts and said, "I would feel the same in your place. But please don't be jealous of my angelic state. If I could I would be jealous of you still having a physical body. Know this, Arcane, I will be will with you every moment protecting you and helping you along with Eridian, the Light Elders and all who need your protection from Tech Noir." Her look then seared him 'as one who has been called by God'. He felt his mind melting into a puddle and fell to his knees in respect and awe.

"God is preparing you now Arcane for your success. You are the chosen one to save humankind from those who would enslave humankind's minds and bodies. Though they could reincarnate among us again in the future or past you have been chosen by God to rid the Galaxy of them for now."

"I am honored that God has chosen you to be one of his Spokes person's A Ray In." Arcane felt his mind and spirit body burning from the awesome power of God. If his soul had been in a physical body when this happened he knew he would have died.

"God's Fire slowly faded from A Ray In' s eyes and she became once again the angel that she was now.

"Even though you will receive the memory of your future with me now it will be gone when you return to your body on New Deva and go to Isfahel. The subconscious memories I instill in you will give you some peace and allow your success in every way. You won't have to wait any longer to see me again than you did when I left you in our Atlantis heaven to embody on New Deva. This time it will be easier because you won't have to die or be born and grow up in a new body." "How will I know you? Will you be a beautiful outside and in as you are now?" a concerned Arcane asked.

"I will be beautiful in a different way than now and I will have latent supernatural gifts but you will have to train me."

Arcane laughed. "That will be fun."

"Yes. You always enjoy teaching. It will be fun for us both." Said A Ray in.

"What will you teach me to complete the circle?" said Arcane.

"I'll teach you humanism and the kindness that comes from helping civilizations evolve out of poverty, anguish and pain to ecologically balanced and spiritually empowered civilizations that are a credit to the galaxy and beyond.

"I want you to know Arcane that as you followed me to New Deva you will follow me to Earth."

Arcane thought about this and realized that he was going to have a completely different future than he had planned. He felt a little betrayed by life. However, he had been mentally trained to deal with the unexpected and his emotions would take years to fully recover. But his absolute discipline would carry him through until he healed enough to become at home with his new future.

"Thank God A Ray in will come back to me in the physical." He thought.

"I can live with this future."

Then he spoke, "Will we be able to marry, A Ray In?"

"Yes, I foresee this outcome. We will be married for several hundred years while you go in and out repairing time."

"Repairing time? Only the Galactic Time Guard does that."

"That's true, Arcane." Said A Ray in.

"It's good I'll forget this until it happens. This would be too much to bear at least until the war is over."

"I agree with you, Arcane."

"Okay A Ray In. I'm ready. You can show me our future together."

A Ray In began. "Okay. You will see it from the perspective of the person you will be ten years hence. My name will be Celeste Weaver." Arcane replied, "It's almost like saying Celestial Weaver."

"Well, It's what the next incarnation of me is trying to do to create cultural continuity for earth for earth. I'm trying to prevent tortured deaths like the one I just endured. I want to have people's lives less traumatic. That's what I'm trying to create in the future. And so when you meet me next I will be more of a humanist and an activist and less of a religious icon and personality."

Arcane said, "Any port in a storm, I guess."

"No." said A Ray In, "You don't understand. What I'm trying to say to you is that I will be born on a humanist planet that has no religions. I'm choosing this purposefully to create a specific kind of person who can help Earth and all it's colonies in a specific sort of way. I can help people's spirits but unless I can help people's bodies survive on earth and beyond I can't reduce the chaos."

"But if you go back in time and change earth you'll change the colonies too!"

A Ray In said, "I won't change the fact that there will be colonies but I will change the quality of life going out to the colonies to be less torturous. In other words we will still go out from earth. We will still colonize and terraform worlds by turning them into oxygen and water based planets. However, it just won't have to be so bloody. That is why I'm not just moving forward as a religious and spiritual figure.

Besides, the era I will work from will be the 20th through the 30th centuries on Earth and beyond. A separation of church and state is prevalent even though not exclusively so during that time epoch."

A Ray In continued, "It is great to be thought of as a visionary saint and to have people pray to me. But other things are needed besides that. Man does not live by spirit alone. Man does not live by bread alone. There are many things needed to make a good culture as Earth moves out into the galaxies and universes. Survival alone is not all of it."

Arcane looked at her and said, "Y'know you've grown much wiser from this experience you've just been through. A Ray In said, "One must learn from all the experiences that one goes through, Arcane, even difficult deaths."

"You are more amazing than I even imagined." Said Arcane.

"One must always maintain adaptability." Said A Ray in.

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