Friday, April 10, 2009

The Unintended Consequences

America's ability under the Obama administration is causing America's financial structure to recover relatively quickly compared to most of the rest of the world. Only China, India and Brazil seem to be both big powers and able to fully cope in most ways with what is going on economically on earth right now.

There was a statement by an eastern European head recently where he called America's plan to recover, "The Road to Hell". Though this isn't true for America(the U.S.), I suppose it could be "the road to hell" for many parts of earth whose currencies are struggling and who have no bail-out plans of their own. Hopefully, the recent G-20 nations economic meeting and the new emergency funding of new International Monetary Fund programs will mitigate this "hell".

However, other nations must realize that if the U.S. doesn't do whatever it takes for the U.S. to recover there might be no recovery possible for the next 10,25,or even 50 years for most other nations under the present world circumstances.

So even though the U.S. can't solve all problems or be everything to everyone, they must at least be as responsible now as possible to their own financial world even if that means the elephant sized economy accidentally rolls over on many mouse sized economies of the world.

It is not the intention of the U.S. to do that. However, it could unintentionally happen while the U.S. elephant has an economic fever so to speak.

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