Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All Gods are Real

All Gods are real to you if you believe in them.

For example, if you believe in God, a religion, science, humanism, people, money, democracy etc. that is what is real for you.

You might say to me that "No!" there are things that are intrinsically real.

I might say to you that those things are intrinsically real to you and not to everyone.

There are things people do and say to get along with each other but those things might have absolutely nothing to do with what those people actually believe.

Believing that everyone shares your version of reality may be comforting but it also can be dangerous in the very REAL world we all live in.

From a philosophic point of view I am not sure that you and I exist on planet earth or that we are human beings. This might disturb some of you to think this way. However, as a logical person unless I entertain this possibility then I cannot be opened minded, I cannot be logical or scientific in any way.

In order to be practical and useful I believe a person in the end has to be open to any possibility, at the same time using all the best facts about life that one can ascertain in any given moment.

If I apply logic and reason to all aspects of life, for example, most religions aren't logical at all. However, if I'm sick and feel I may die believing in God I find helpful. However, I'm sure there are some of you out there that refuse to believe in God even if you are dying or were dying and you might find that useful as well.

Each of us are completely different in the end and trying to force anyone to believe anything is completely useless.

People might tell you they believe something but only telling you that because they know that is what you want to hear. However, they might believe something else entirely or believe in nothing at all.

As a psychic I've noticed that even people in church don't really believe what is happening there to the tune of about 80% to 90%. They mostly go to see old friends and relatives and for the continuity. Most priests and ministers don't believe in what they are doing either. They do it because it is their job that they have chosen.

So, what is real? It is whatever you think it is. Or--whatever you feel you need to tell people it is to survive your lives.

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