Friday, April 3, 2009

The way it works

I would like to write something about my experience of life. People all my life have tried to get me to believe this thing or that about life. But this is what my actual experience has taught me about life.

First of all, I have noticed that people are always trying to control other people in all world cultures. So, right off I tend to be suspicious of that. When I have studied history in college and before it always seemed like this as well. So, whenever I look at any culture including my own I just expect that some people are trying to control other people so the few can take advantage of the many.

Even in our United States, to a greater or lesser degree this is going on. So one must always be wary of this problem all the time. However, many people go through life innocent like Snow White and still after eating the apple the witch gives them wake up to their Prince Charming.

However, I consider these people to be the exception rather than the rule. Since life is based upon a somewhat (in civilizations) modified version of dog eat dog, survival of the fittest (only modified to appear to be more polite and genteel) one must realize this or be powerless throughout ones life.

Accepting the way things actually are is a very good start. However, after seeing this it tends to make a person very cynical and morose and sometimes suicidal if one is a kind hearted person like me.

So, for me, the way I chose to stay alive in such an unkind and miserable world was to realize that I was not the only one suffering. I realized that both the perpetrators of the suffering and the receivers of their suffering were actually equally suffering. I realized it was just as ignorant to make people suffer as it was to be made to suffer.

This was a very powerful realization and freed me from most of the problems here on earth right then.

I realized I didn't not want to be an abuser or victim. I thought about how I could do this. And after I found a way through this morass I realized it was better to be on top than on the bottom. At least if I was on the top I could protect everyone better from suffering in that position. So, I moved toward becoming wealthy without becoming another abuser who constantly creates victims in one way or another.

After freeing myself from that wheel of suffering called the dog eat dog world of men and women, I was able to spend enough time contemplating how one could move all mankind beyond their abuser victim sufferings. Most of the reason I write is to try to convey as much of my realizations as possible in English so others can follow a similar path to mine.

I don't believe it is necessary to believe in God or Buddha to follow this path. However, it is necessary to believe in kindness towards all beings to follow my path.

Once one takes a personal vow not to harm life and tries every day to live up to this vow, everything in one's life changes. Self hate begins to disappear the moment one makes this vow or pledge to oneself. Hatred of all beings begins to disappear also.

Peace becomes a part of ones daily experience and all ones priorities begin to change to how one can make ones own life and all other lives better and kinder and more helpful. In this way all beings move together to end each others suffering. This is the way of all TRUE civilizations and cultures. This is a survivable future for all life on earth and on out into the stars for all of us.

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