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More regarding "As Drones Evolve"

I was sort of amazed to have "As Drones Evolve" drop back into my life as it was the last really involved writing I did before my burst appendix I year ago I believe.

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More regarding "As Drones Evolve" Part 2   

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If you are interested in reading what I wrote about Silver's life along with Lilu, Rex and others I began writing this before I wrote "As drones Evolve"
You can read about what I wrote about Silver in 2035 if you haven't already in the above button which will take you to my archive site for much of my longer writings.

I was thinking today how since I wrote "As Drones Evolve" after I wrote "2035" it turns Silver's life into a somewhat new and different thing. However, Bret is the biggest change in his life and I think that Lilu etc. still shows up through his father in 2035 even though his life experience is a little different than in 2035 from meeting Bret who becomes his best friend even though they live on opposite sides of the U.S.

You will find this sort of thing between geniuses that are really creative people in whatever field they are interested in. This kind of a friendship can prosper now easily worldwide because of Skype and "What's App" and other ways to communicate either free or inexpensively now globally as long as you have a computer with Wifi and/or a smartphone. In fact, you could have this kind of relationship just using something like Facetime on your smartphone or even just with a cell phone too worldwide. But, it would be easier using data and a wifi connection because then the communication would be relatively free after you pay your monthly costs for your wifi service.

By the way once again here is a word button to read "As Drones Evolve" here at intuitivefred888 if you are interested. However, this doesn't include More regarding "As Drones Evolve parts 1 or 2:

  Though I would like to put a copy at I haven't as of yet mostly because I wanted to write some more about Bret and Silver.

In this next part I'm going to write in comes another character who is called "Lily". Now Lily is the next door neighbor of Bret who always fancied him

If you have read "As Drones Evolve" then you remember the girl next door who liked to sunbathe nude next door at her pool who is 16 here:

quote from near the beginning of "As Drones Evolve"
Silver: "Right! Also, could you send me a Skype feed of when you are testing my battery that I will design for you?"
Bret: "Sure. That would be really fun! We could talk about how it is doing. Also, I've got some really great footage of my 16 year old neighbor swimming nude in her pool too!"
Silver: "Doesn't she see the drone?"
Bret: "No. She's completely oblivious to anything but getting a suntan and doing her nails." 
Both boys laughed at the difference between girls and boys.

end quote from first section of "As Drones Evolve".

Well, as I said "Lily" fancied Bret even though she was older than him. She was living an affluent life like Bret was too. She was also only being raised by a single parent, her mother, 
who worked in Hollywood making movies. So, just like Bret and Silver she was sort of a latch key kid except she always had the live in maid there sort of like a friend, or grandmother or aunt. Lily also had a car, a Porsche which she loved to drive. However, she went to a private girls school but actually envied Bret being home schooled.

One day she was listening through the fence as Bret talked to Silver about her sunbathing nude next door and she being very "California" broke into this skype conversation and said, "When do I get to see you nude, Bret!"

Bret quickly signed off with Silver and turned completely red and said, "I'm sorry I did that, Lily."

He had met her and she had him right where she wanted him to be all flustered and flushed.

She smiled and laughed and she said, "I've punished you enough I guess. Let's just be friends.
You kind of owe me that now!"

Bret was taken aback but also realized now she liked him and that she had been sunbathing nude to get his attention which she had.

Lily was a very nosy but very smart and intelligent girl like Bret and Silver were too. So, she said, "Who were you talking too?"

Bret knew he was completely out of his league with this girl and realized he was in more than a little emotional danger (at the very least with this girl) because he had seen her au natural (naked) and she was NOT ashamed at all. So this meant she definitely liked him. He had never been this "Inside a girls head before now" so he felt very scared.

Lily was now completely enthralled with this guy. He wasn't just some asshole from all his responses but someone actually worth getting to know. All her work to get him to this point had not been in vain. So, she smiled like a cat who had captured a mouse.

And Bret knew right then he was the mouse and not the cat. But then again, he realized this was where all this was going and he wanted to go wherever this led.

Lily said, "Can I come over?"

Being a boy with now a real crush Bret said, "Of Course". I'll unlock the front gate."

Lily said, "Where's your father?"

Bret said, "He's somewhere between here and Japan in the air."

Lily said, "My mother's in North Hollywood at Universal Studios making a movie."

Bret smiled a funny smile and they both laughed at this like two children.

As Bret opened the gate for Lily she asked what he and Silver were doing. 

Bret said, "Well. We were working on designs for a new Drone we are building."

At this point she remembered something she had seen on TV about Silver and Bret and said, "Aren't you and Silver the ones who flew that drone all the way across the U.S. together?"

Bret said, "Yes. We designed it together. Silver is more the software and hardware engineer and I work more on the aerodynamics and weather and routes of where to go when. And together our skills seem to work pretty well together."

Lily looked at Bret Differently then and said, "You two are sort of young Elon Musks aren't you?"

Bret flushed and said, "I don't think we are that good."

Lily said, "Yet."

Lily wanted in on this action. This was exciting to be a part of something like this.

Lily said, "Do you want to go to the beach with me in my Porsche?"

It was about noon on a Saturday and Bret said, "Let me call my housekeeper with my smartphone and tell here where I'm going to be."

Lily, "OK"

Lily smiled. "This was going to be all too easy", she thought.

She said to Bret, "You and I are a lot alike. I'm really smart too just in a different direction."

Bret said, "How is that?"

Lily: "Well. I spend a lot of time on Facebook and studying software regarding facial recognition. So, I can for example, find anyone I want to just by scanning any video cameras that might be connected to the Internet. "

Bret: "Why would you want to do that?"

Lily: "I have some enemies so I want to know where they are if they aren't at home."

Bret thought that Lily might be a little dangerous after this comment. He decided he still wanted to hang out with her anyway. After all, she was beautiful and also was his next door neighbor. She was a very convenient relationship, not like his friendship with Silver where he had to travel across country to see him in person.

As Lily backed her Porsche out of the driveway she looked at him and smiled. He knew he was in for it as she drove down the street at about 60 mph to impress him. But, a car coming down a side street made her suddenly screech her brakes. This time it was her turn to blush. 

Bret thought of her first and said, "Are you all right?"

Lily wasn't used to people taking care of her much so she smiled and knew Bret for sure now was a keeper. She was going to keep this one forever if she could. She sighed in relief at this moment.

As they drove out the Ventura freeway to Las Virgenes Canyon RD. towards Malibu Bret was pretty amazed and texted Silver about it.

He texted to Silver: "riding to malibu with lily my naked friend next door."
Silver                         "amazing"
Bret:       "Sorry to break away like that"
Silver:    "Tell me about it later so you don't offend her by texting now"
Bret:      "you're right"

LIly: "who are you texting?

Bret" I'm apologizing to my friend in New York City that I engineer things with."

LIly: "Did you tell him about riding to the beach with a beautiful next door neighbor?

Bret blushed: "Yes"

LIly: "Good".

Bret was taking all this in. It was all moving way too fast for him emotionally. He hoped he could cope with all the future ramifications of all this.

They parked at the beach and Lily drew out of her car a blanket and sun tanning oil and some water and snacks.

Bret said, "How long have you been preparing to do this?"

Lily said, "I often drive to the beach with girlfriends on weekends and meet boys."

Bret said, "I'm not just another boy, Lily"

Lily said, "I know, You are a keeper. I'll never hurt you Bret. You're the one.

Bret said, "I don't know if I'm the one or not but I'll be your friend. I'd like that.

Lily understood and said, "Me too."

After they put a blanket in the sand with their stuff on it she stood up and took his hand and walked down the beach with him. 

Bret looked older than his age at this point in his life so this worked out just fine.

Bret was wondering how he was going to explain Lily to his Dad.

However, likely Dad would be the least of his problems in this. 

Note: If you live in the Los Angeles Area like I once did while growing up you might wonder why they didn't take an alternate route?

However, there was an accident on the Santa Monica Freeway so they took the San Diego Freeway over the coastal range and dropped down to the Ventura freeway over to Las Virgenes Canyon Rd.

end note. 

Besides Lily wanted to show off for Bret how fast she could drive on Las Virgenes Canyon Rd.

Bret found her to be a very impressive young woman on every level. He was now hooked.

And Lily was reeling him in very slowly. You don't find many keepers in life sometimes not even one. 

If there is somebody you find that you want to keep in your life you treat them much differently than other people. The more time she spent with Bret the more she realized she wanted him to stay in her life. She was tired of meeting jerks all the time. This relationship she wanted to last and last.

They were lying on the blanket and she said to Bret, "Rub some suntan lotion on my back?"

Bret turned red but did as she wished. He had never done this before and she had loosened her Bikini top and let the strings down at the side like California beach girls do to get an even tan.

So, rubbing suntan lotion on her back was an amazing experience he wasn't ever going to forget. 

He started thinking about how quickly this all came about. His head was still spinning. He felt a little like a mouse in a mouse trap at this point but then again something about this was completely right too.

So, since he was very adaptable he decided to just go with it for now and see what happened.

About then, he got a call from Japan. It was his Dad saying he landed okay at Narito Airport near Tokyo, Japan. He told his Dad he was at the beach with a friend. But, his Dad saw through this and asked if this was a girl.

Bret was forced to say "yes".

His Dad said, "Is this Lily next door?"

Bret said, "Why? How did you know?"

His Dad said, "Bret, don't you remember I took her mother out a few times a year or so ago. I knew then that Lily liked you but you were a little young to be interested in her then. I always thought you two should get to know each other because you both are so smart and amazing kids!"

Bret was surprised about all this. He had totally forgotten about his Dad going out with Lily's Mom for awhile. He felt like the only person left out of a joke on him now.

But, he was okay now because Lily was really something and she liked him! Amazing!" 

As the sun set they walked up Malibu beach while holding hands. This was the start of something good. They both felt it.

Driving back home Lily said, "I had a really amazing time with you, Bret. Do you want to have dinner with me?"

Bret said, "I need to call our live in housekeeper to see what her plans are for dinner."

Bret got off the phone with her and said, "She didn't fix dinner so it's okay. We can have dinner together. What did you have in mind?"

Lily: "Would you rather eat at my house or go out to eat?"

Bret: "Actually, I'm in the mood for a pizza."

Lily said, "That would be great I know a great Pizza place on Wilshire Blvd."

Bret said, "Okay. Should we call ahead so it will be ready when we get there?"

Lily threw her phone to him and told him the name to look up on her Iphone smartphone.

Soon they had ordered their large pizza that they could share. She reached out her right hand to hold his. They were young. They hadn't even kissed yet but there was a lot of time. Bret took her hand and smiled. He Beamed! 

The following took place After Bret and Lily's experience recounted above. I'm repeating it because it is the end of the first part of the story written a few years ago now.

If you want to read Silver's story before Bret Here is his life story: 2035

Silver skyped Bret from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When they both could see each other he said, "Would you please come to Jackson Hole to my Dad's house? I'm sort of freaking out because I haven't ever left my penthouse before. It would really help me because I'm having sort of weird reactions like I've landed on some new planet or something. I really could use your help. Would your father let you come and hang out with me? There are really cool things here like Horses and Buffalo on this ranch my family owns that my Dad considers his home on earth."

Bret looked at Silver and said, "Well. You're my best friend, Silver. We have started our "Eagle Remote Flyers" business together and that is going really well. I have been on a lot of youtube stuff and even on "60 Minutes with you on Skype" in regard to our business and this appears to have both increased our business and to have inspired the world in a lot of ways. I'm sort of being seen as a really young version of Steve Jobs and now you are being heralded as a new young Thomas Edison or Nicola Tesla (with all the eccentricities to boot). I'm getting invited to all sort of high end parties and my Dad is concerned about me regarding all this. But yes. I'll come and have a blast with you trying to live on a new planet away from your New York Penthouse, Buddy!"

Silver said,"My God! That would be wonderful! Also, I want you to meet Lilu my nurse. I'm thinking about marrying her."

Bret said, "Okay. That actually sounds pretty crazy but then again you really are a truly eccentric genius after all!"

Silver: "I know but I'm not like anyone I know. No one appears to be as smart as I am in the ways that I am. But thanks for coming! A Driver will be at your home within 24 hours to pick you up. I'll let you know when he is almost there."

Bret: "Okay. My Dad is away but says now that I'm 15 1/2 that I can have more freedom. After all, I can't get pregnant and he considers me very responsible now you and I have started that business and are managing it pretty well."

Silver laughed at the Pregnant comment but understood completely.

Soon, Bret was on Silver's family private jet to the Jackson Hole, Wyoming Airport. When he arrived Slim picked him up with Silver riding shotgun. But after Slim loaded Bret's luggage in the vehicle Bret and Silver sat in the back to talk as friends.


Bret said, "So, what's all this really about Silver?"

Silver: "Well. I'm not really comfortable with my Dad yet. This is the first time he has invited me here. Business decisions and inventions I'm good with but not dealing with my (New ) Dad in my life."

Bret said, "What has changed?"

Silver: "Well. I've never been here before and he hires this beautiful woman to be my nurse who appears to be open to a relationship with me. But, what's really weird is that my Dad and her have some kind of mentor friend kind of relationship too. So, I'm sort of scared about the whole thing."

Bret: "How do you feel about her Silver?"

Silver: "I'm lost in her eyes. She is more than anything I have ever dealt with, Bret. She's like a Disney character come to life in my life that wants to live with me. What do I do? I'm a genius but I"m sort of a babe in the woods in some ways."

Bret:"Well. I'm not and I do quite well with the ladies. Do you remember the 16 year old next door that used to sun bathe in the nude."

Silver nodded: "Well. We're friends now and she told me she wanted to get to know me. That's why she swam nude because she wanted me to have movies of her."

Silver: "Well. That's pretty scary when you think about it!"

Bret: "Or it's pretty wonderful. One or the other."

Silver: "Or maybe both."

Bret nodded.

Bret said, "Anyway, Silver I'm your friend and business partner. I'm here for you.

As they reached the ranch Bret let out a sigh of amazement at the beauty around them. He had never visited here before. He was going to have to get his Dad to fly them here in his Beechcraft V tail soon for a visit. As they drove up to the main house it reminded Bret a lot of the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park.

Out came Lilu to greet them. Bret almost fainted at this beautiful woman dressed like a nurse. He gave Silver a look of amazement. He said under his breath, "Silver if you can marry this woman, go ahead. This is a Goddess."

Silver nodded. He agreed.


The following was added starting on: January 19th 2014:

Lilu said,  "Nice to meet you, Bret. Silver has told me so much about you.

Bret melted as a 15 1/2 year old in front of this 20 something graduated Nurse Goddess and said, "I'm amazed to meet you Lilu."

Lilu laughed a sultry laugh as she was inclined to do.

This only ingratiated Bret more under her spell.

Silver seemed at first to be a little jealous until he remembered what a loyal and steadfast friend Bret had been all along. Hopefully, this would also extend to Silver's relationship with Lilu. Besides, Lilu wasn't a teenager. She wasn't some child susceptible to a 15 1/2 year old boy. Silver considered himself a Grownup because of everything he had been through in his life already. He didn't consider Bret to be as grown up as he was in regard to most things in the world. In this (business sense) Silver protected Bret even though Bret was much better in dealing with the public. Bret was the face of Silver and Bret's business and Bret had become very famous even though both boys were equally handsome in different ways. Silver was just less socially conscious because he was sort of a natural inventor and more introspective as a result. So, Bret and Silver didn't really compete with each other in ways negative to their friendship. So,  this business only helped both of them grow up in new ways.

Rex, Silver's Dad and as the one that hired of Lilu came out of the exotic Ranch that looked a little like a smaller version of Yellowstone Lodge in Yellowstone and greeted Rex. Rex and Bret met before nearer to when they had started their business together. Rex had been interested in Junior Achievement in High School where students start businesses together to see how businesses work.

  1. Welcome to Junior Achievement USA® - JA
    Junior Achievement is a non profit organization that brings the real world to students through hands-on curriculum delivered by a trained classroom volunteer.

  2. Junior Achievement
    Organization which helps children to value free enterprise through educational programs.

  3. Welcome to Junior Achievement!
    Junior Achievement is dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. JA partners with the business community, educators ...
    So, Rex understood how important this relationship between Bret and Silver was. He hoped this wouldn't undermine his plans for Silver and Lilu. They were remarkably precious in complimentary ways. He saw Silver and Lilu as the perfect couple.
    Silver wasn't afraid of anything in the business world but was agoraphobic partly because of Rex's psychological problems from both his parents dying when their private jet crashed into the ocean while Pearl, Silver's mother was pregnant with Silver before he was grown up enough to practically deal with it. 

    So, Rex still was kind of upset at the effects on himself and Silver and Pearl as a direct result of all this. 

    Lilu took Bret's arm on one side and Silver took her other arm and they sort of walked playfully and almost skipped up to the front door. By the time they reached the steps Lilu had them all laughing and smiling. Bret and Silver glowed with the happiness that only boys between 15 and 17 could naturally muster.

    Lilu basically owned these two boys and could twist them into pretzels if she wanted to. However, that was not her style. She just liked attention from two of the handsomest young men she had ever met. She was a grown up but still very childlike

    Rex understood all this and just had to smile at all the joy in the living room as they all entered. 
    As they all sat there Bret suddenly said, "Can I have my friend Lily fly here and meet all you guys?"
    Rex said, "Is that your new girlfriend Silver told me about?"
    Silver thought this would be a good idea too so he wouldn't have to feel so protective of his new girlfriend Lilu.
    Lilu said, "What's her name, Bret?"
    "Funny you should ask. It's similar to yours, it's Lily."

    Lilu laughed, "Will Lilu and Lily become friends?"

    Bret said, "You both are pretty outrageous people."

    Lilu said, "Is that good or bad?"

    Bret said, "Mostly it's good I think, at least so far."

    Lilu said, "Good man. You are going to go far young man."

    Bret Smiled. Now if he could just get permission to bring Lily here.

    He got Lily on his smartphone and said, "Can you come to Wyoming to meet Lilu, Silver and his Dad Rex?"

    Lily said, "You know, I've been working on my mother to put me on independent study like you. I think now would be a good time to start that again."

    Bret said, "Well. It's Sunday night and it's summertime."

    Lily said, "I'm going to tell my mother my new boyfriend needs me to go to Wyoming."

    "I think that will work."

    Bret said, "Rex, Silver's Dad is sending his private jet to get you."

    Lily: "Sounds like great fun to me. What's the weather like?"

    Bret: "Well. It's summertime in the mountains with Buffalo and Elk and Horses. This is a horse ranch after all.

    Lily: "I love to ride horses!"

    Bret: "Then you'll be in heaven here because there might be a 100 of them here."

    Lily: "Wonderful."

    So, Lily drove to LAX (L.A. International airport) and got on Rex's private jet to Jackson Hole Airport near Jackson, Wyoming.

    Unfortunately, she didn't call her Mom until she landed in Jackson Hole. Her Mom was not amused. But then when she told her Mom it was the son of her neighbor who she had dated she changed her mind. Her Mom said, "Oh. They are really great people. We are really lucky to have neighbors like them. You'll have a great time."

    Besides, how often does your daughter get picked up by a private jet and flown to Wyoming in the Summertime?

    There are only about 800,000 to 1 million people in the whole state. Beautiful place! (In the summer). In the winter it might rival the north pole sometimes though.

    To make sense of the next part you need to reread or read for the first time this section of "2035" where Lilu first comes into Rex's house with Silver and it's library:

    Slim looked at the beautiful nurse and then Silver who was a handsome but strange dude at 16 and wondered why Rex had never brought his son or this lovely vision of a nurse to Jackson Hole before. It was a large ranch that bordered Teton National Park. Silver's Great Grandfather had come here with President Teddy Roosevelt around 1900 or so. So Silver's grandfather had spent a lot of time growing up, especially summers on this ranch. So it had now been in the family over 100 years. Unbelievable things had happened here, especially during the 1960s and 1970s. However, Rex hadn't been born until 1978 so he wasn't even 10 until 1988 and 20 in 1998.

    Note: IF Silver is 16 it is now 2016 because Silver was born in 2000. end note. So, this is the summer of 2016.

    •   Lilu felt safe somehow holding Silver's arm. His look at her was, "I'll protect you. Remember that." This thought seemed to pass between them as she was feeling out of place and time. She realized what it was. This place reminded her of the country life that she so missed when her parents moved her into New York City. It was all coming back to her now. She couldn't help the tears that formed in her eyes. Somehow, she was home. Silver was home. They were all home. She sensed this and somehow she knew Silver and Rex knew it too.

    There was a rustic old 100 year old bookcase that made one feel they were standing in the Lodge at Yellowstone national Park. It had the same huge fireplaces that they have there and was probably designed and built by the same people. On this bookcase were a row of green books. Lilu stepped forward and said, "My parents had these books. This one here is about where we are right now."

    Rex almost choked on his drink. He said, "Those books have been there since they were first printed sometime during the 1930s. Sometimes I think I might have been named after the young man named Rex in the book "The Magic Presence".  Lilu said to Rex, "Is this the ranch in this book?"
    Rex stared at her a moment and then said, "You know. I don't really know. When I first read this book I didn't ever think of it as non-fiction. But if it really is non-fiction then I suppose this ranch might have been the ranch in the book.

      Lilu was amazed. She said, "My father and mother believed in this book. They thought I was a reincarnation of one of the Goddesses in this book."

    Rex had no idea of what to do with that. It was just too much for him to take in. Having his son here was enough alone for him. He quickly changed the subject.

    Rex said, "Hey Silver. What do you think of the old family ranch." Silver felt very happy and angry at the same time. After all, he is 16 and full of hormones and youthful intensity. Rex saw him struggling and said, "Silver. I'm really sorry I didn't bring you here before." Silver said very difficultly, "I accept your apology, Dad. I want this to be a good experience for all of us."

    Slim realized the intensity in the room could be cut with a knife and suddenly realized he had other work to do and so went outside leaving the group to fend for themselves.

    The cook brought warm tea and hot chocolate and cookies for anyone who wanted it. For Silver this was the best tasting Hot Chocolate of his life. Everything seemed to taste better up here in the Tetons of Wyoming.

    The Green Books, "The Magic Presence",  Wyoming, The Tetons, are all a part of this now.

    Even Rex's name included in "The Magic Presence" is a part of this now. Are Lilu and Silver and Bret and Lily "Nada, Bob, Rex, and Pearl" come again? 

    Later that day after Lily arrived at the ranch Rex said, "Hey Lily would you like to go riding?"

    Lily said, "Sure!"

    So, Rex and Bret and Lily saddled up three horses and rode off into the wilderness area that was adjacent to Rex's ranch.

    Rex said, "There's a cave I want you to see that my  and Grandfather showed me when I was a boy of about 10. They brought me to this cave and it is indeed a very special place that I think you should see."

    When they reached the secret cave hidden by brush and trees there was no trail to it so they had to tie their horses to a tree branch or bushes and literally push their way through brush for a little while to get there. Once inside the cave they saw symbols on the walls which seemed very ancient. As Rex described his experiences here as a boy someone walked into the cave unannounced. Rex said, "Arcane, what are you doing here?"

    Arcane said, "You should probably use my other name, Saint Germain, in this situation, Rex."

    The hair stood up on the back of Rex's neck and he knew they were in for it.

    Bret said, "Oh. Are you the real Saint Germain? I have read about you as the Wonderman of Europe? I thought you died in the late 1700s after the French Revolution?

    Saint Germain said, "Nope. Since I wasn't born on this planet in the first place I didn't die."

    Bret got a little scared here and Lily Fainted. Bret caught her before her head hit a rock.

    Saint Germain said, "That was necessary to prepare you both for what comes next."

    Bret was a little upset and said, "If you are a master and relatively immortal why did you make Lily faint?"

    Saint Germain said, "That was necessary, Bret. I'm sorry. Even if you hadn't caught her I would have prevented harm coming to her."

    Bret Said, "Oh. So you really are this time traveling supernatural being that people talk about and you really knew at least 3 of the Kings of France before the French Revolution?"

    Saint Germain said, "Yes. Of course."

    Rex said with his voice quavering a little, "Why are you here Saint Germain?"

    Saint Germain said, "I inspired you three to come here today."

    Rex: "Why?"

    Saint Germain: "It was time for us all to meet."

    Rex: "I'm at a loss to explain this but whatever you wish. After all, I was introduced to you by my father and grandfather at this very location long ago."

    Rex thought about how Saint Germain looked pretty much just like this in 1988 when he was 10. And that only his clothes were really different. Same eyes, same demeanor. His Dad and Grand Dad said he was instrumental in the establishing the U.S. government ever since he was there for the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

    Rex said, "It must be important for you to create this situation, Saint Germain."

    Saint Germain said, "Yes. Bret and Silver and Lilu and Lily are instrumental to the future of the U.S. and the world."

    Rex said, "I can understand how Bret and Silver would be a lot like Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison as inventors of the future but you are actually saying that Lily and Lilu are instrumental too?"

    Saint Germain said, "They are both very strong women and without them Bret and Silver could not succeed in what they are here to accomplish for mankind."

    Rex said, "So why was it necessary for Lily to faint?"

    Saint Germain said, "The change was too great for her to have stayed conscious. I'm going to bring Silver and Lilu here to help her, Okay?"

    Rex said, "You can do that?"

    Saint Germain  said, "Yes."

    Soon Lilu and Silver appeared at the entrance to the cave in the next moment. 

    Lilu said, "We followed your trail like Slim told us and tied up our horses where you did."

    Silver said, "Hi Saint Germain. It makes more sense why we are here now."

    Lilu almost fainted and said, "You are Saint Germain out of the Green books!"

    Saint Germain said, "Yes, Lilu, your parents were right about all this!"

    Lilu just said, "Amazing! It's sort of like Lily and Silver and I and Bret are all the four children back at the Cave of symbols once again."

    Saint Germain said, "Yes. Only now it's another era with different needs for the survival of mankind."

    "I'd like you to meet Jonathan Flow. "

    With this another man walked into the Cave of Symbols. He just said, "Hi Saint Germain. I got your message and met you here. Am I late?"

    Saint Germain said, "No you are just on time."

    Lilu took some water out of her canteen and put on her scarf and wet Lily's forehead and she began to awake.

    Lily said, "I'm sorry I fainted."

    Saint Germain said, "It's okay Lily this was too great a jump in consciousness for you, it was necessary for you to faint to get to where you needed to be."

    Saint Germain put his thumb on her forehead with his fingers over the top of her head. 

    Bret and Silver looked at each other as the hair went up on the back of their necks too now.

    Something really had changed now in all their lives. 

    Saint Germain said, "We're all going to take a trip somewhere else now."

    As he said this a big glowing green object formed inside the Cave of Symbols.

    Rex said, "What about the horses?"

    Saint Germain said, "No matter how long we are gone we will return one second from now."

    Rex said, "Okay"

    Saint Germain said, "Follow me" as he walked through the wall of the glowing green object. They all followed him including Jonathan, Lilu holding Lily's hand, Bret and Silver and Rex.

    Saint Germain said, "Sit down cross legged on the curved floor so you don't freak out from what you are going to see. You will be safe with me, remember that."

    Instantly, they were floating on a purplish sea with a lavender sky with a lavender tinge
    with a bright sun that had a similar tinge to it as the sea and sky.

    Jonathan said to Saint Germain: "I can see now why you are Lord of the Violet Flame and Ray."

    Saint Germain said, "Yes. As a boy this was the world I grew up on, a water planet somewhat like earth but with much less land than earth at that time especially. But, as I grew up we created more islands and land masses to live on so we didn't have to live underwater all the time."

    Jonathan said, "I forgot you started out as an amphibian, Saint Germain. Was it painful to undergo the operations to make you look like a human from earth?"

    Saint Germain: "Not really. Medical Science on New Deva is about 1 million years in advance of Earth right now."

    Jonathan said, "Amazing! So, you are all related to us since you are a colony of future Earth?"

    Saint Germain said, "Yes". Do you remember riding the Water Dragons with me, Jonathan?"

    Jonathan: "Why Yes. I do. I had sort of submerged those memories because I really didn't know what to do with them."

    Saint Germain: "That makes sense."

    Bret: "So, you've been here before, Jonathan?"

    Jonathan: "Yes. I think Saint Germain brought me here to train me like he is now training all of you this time."

    Bret said, "What is he training us for?"

    Jonathan: "You are all part of the future of earth. You will help bring in some of the technology that helps the human race to survive the next few hundred years without going extinct."

    Bret: "Wow! I didn't realize that what we were doing was that important. Lily you were right!"

    Lily said, "I knew I was right when I said it Bret. You and Silver are really amazing. The two of you don't realize fully yet how amazing you really are!"

    Lilu said, "Why were my parents drawn to the Green Books, Saint Germain?

    Saint Germain said, "So you would have the knowledge you needed to cope with all of this right now, Lilu. You are very special in all this because you have the most understanding of how important I am and the United States and the European Union are to the future of Earth."

    Lilu said, "I understand now." 

    "We are going to swim now. IS everyone comfortable with that?" Said Saint Germain.

    Bret and Silver said, "We don't want our wallets or smartphones to get wet."

    Saint Germain handed out a waterproof bag. They put their stuff including Lilu's and Lily's purses into it. They watched it shrink like out of a Merlin cartoon and Saint Germain put it in his front pocket.

    Lily said, "What about our clothes?"

    With this they all had bathing suits on while Saint Germain put another shrinking waterproof bag into his pocket.

    Saint Germain said, "Everyone okay now?"

    Bret said, "I think we all are swimmers, okay?

    All agreed they all could swim.

    Suddenly the green perfectly spherical Sentient force field surrounding them disappeared and they were in the water.

    Saint Germain (Arcane) said, "I'm calling the water dragons. The same two you met, Jonathan when we came here before!"

    Jonathan said, "Can all of you hold your breaths for awhile?"

    They all looked sort of stunned at this point. After all, they all just went from a Cave in Wyoming to another planet and time and space and were now swimming in a purple ocean beneath a lavender sky and a sun of the same color. Why wouldn't they be a little insecure?

    However, when the flying whale dragons showed up it reminded them a lot of the horses they rode to the Cave of Symbols. So, they  made friends with these two marvelous beings.

    Bret and Lily made friends with one and Silver and Lilu made friends with another. So, Jonathan rode the one he rode before and Bret and Lily rode behind him.

    Saint Germain (Arcane) rode the other Water Dragon and behind him rode Rex, Silver and Lilu.

    They all were smiling now like they were at an amusement park on earth sort of like everyone feels at Disneyland or Disney World where everything is amazing.

    Saint Germain (Arcane) said, "Hold on, here we go!"

    With this, the water dragons started to gain speed. It seemed like now they were traveling about 60 miles per hour over the top of the water. Then suddenly they were airborne with wings like Flying fish have on earth spread out as they glided up through the clouds for awhile.

    However, landing scattered them all over the place in the water as they hit pretty hard. "Wow!"  Bret and Lily agreed. However, Silver was pretty traumatized at this point and trying to cope with all of this after mostly used to being an indoor person on planet Earth.

    Saint Germain put Silver and Lilu on a raft so they could watch the rest of them fly some more.

    As Lilu and Silver watched he was really amazed and said, "Y'know I'm totally in a new world now aren't I Lilu?

    Lilu said, "Silver, Saint Germain is a master and a friend of Jesus and he wrote the Shakespearean plays as Francis Bacon. Do you understand this?"

    Silver said, "Why did he bring us here?"

    Lilu said, "We are his students now. He is training us. Imagine someone like Jesus just took us to another planet."

    Silver started to get what was happening here and said, "He expects us to invent really amazing things doesn't he?"

    Lilu said, "Yes. But that's just a part of it."

    She said once again, "Silver, he is training us to be his students. Do you know what that means?"

    Silver said, "I'm just beginning to."

    Lilu:"It's sort of like what happened to the apostles who followed Jesus. Saint Germain is a scientist and so are you and Bret. He is training you to help all mankind through science."

    He is the next step in evolution after Jesus. Jesus is Saint Germain's teacher, Silver. Saint Germain was Saint Francis of Asisi and the city of San Francisco is named after him.

    Silver said, "Oh! I think I'm beginning to get how important all this is now!" 

    Jonathan jumped off his whale Dragon before it dived in the water the next time near Lilu and Silver's raft.

    He came up an said to them, "Are you ready to fly on the Water dragon some more?"

    Jonathan: "I'm not as radical as Arcane is (Saint Germain) he teaches in a very Zen sort of way but for me, I teach in slightly milder ways partly because I have had really intense teachers like Saint Germain a lot before. However, the disadvantage of a milder technique is is takes a little longer to master something than just being thrown off a cliff into water teaches you to swim or you die. Or Being thrown out of a plane with a parachute never having had any training before except knowing where the rip cord is. 

    So, advanced masters often train in a do or die way like Saint Germain often does. And I have both been the victim and beneficiary of this kind of training which is the training of old. You either passed all the tests much like a soldier or you died.

    So, I'm going to make it a little easier on you, Silver because you are used to be indoors. Something like this is going to be a little much. So, are you ready to hop on the water dragon again?"

    Both nodded and he helped them board his water dragon. Jonathan said: "Now here's the thing while you are flying through the air you hold on in one way. But, when you are going to hit the water you have to be in a dive position close to the surface of the water dragon or the water pressure of the concussion of hitting the water like a high diver does is going to rip you off suddenly and you might get hurt. Likely Saint Germain might repair you instantly from something like this but I prefer if we don't have to repair your bodies or minds right now."

    "So, watch me carefully. Do you see how I'm placing my body up against the water dragon so I look almost like a part of his or her skin?"

    Both Lilu and Silver said, "yes"

    Well. you need your head back a little so the concussion of hitting the water doesn't drive your head against the dragon and knock you out. So, though your body is against the dragon so you are more hydrodynamic under the water after you hit, you cannot put your head right up against the dragon until after you hit the water. It's sort of a split second before there is water between your face and the dragon and then you can put your face up against the dragon. Do you understand this?" Also, you have to close your eyes just before you hit or you could go blind from the impact as well. So close your eyes and put your top of your head forward like when you dive off a diving board okay. And it is going to hurt a little with the pressure on the top of your head too. So, be ready for that as well.

    Silver said, "Thanks for giving us some warning of all these things. Were you warned of everything back when you first rode a dragon?

    Jonathan said, "Yes and No. However, I learned to swim and dive off the high dive by 8 or 10 years of age and I was a SCUBA diver by age 12 and a surfer starting about this time too starting around 1960."

    Silver said, "Oh. I learned to swim in our private pool.

    Lilu said: "I learned to swim in country lakes and rivers in the country where we lived when I was a child."

    "Everything you know about water on earth will help you now. Actually it is my belief that everything would look pretty much like earth if the same gases and chemicals were on this planet as Earth. However, only the oxygen is exactly the same in percentage which makes New Deva air breathable for a human being."

    "So, the way the water look, the sky looks and even the sun looks is partly the different other gases in the air here."

    Silver said, "Will we infect earth with new microbes when we return?"

    Jonathan thought a moment and said, "NO. Arcane (Saint Germain wouldn't allow that).

    He has a Bio-com (bio communicator) that is sentient that automatically takes care of all that."

    Silver said, "He's not going to give us that technology is he?"

    Jonathan said, "That would be too much to give Earth right now and expect the human race not to go extinct with that much knowledge right now. Unless the progress is not too slow or too fast humans won't survive!"

    Silver: "I think it is too fast already in some ways."

    Jonathan: "It's sort of like the human race is going through childbirth right now. Too fast may kill the mother or the baby or too slow may kill the mother or the baby. This is what is actually true."

    Lilu said, "Yes. That's helpful to know. I was wondering about that too."

    Jonathan said, "Your both very welcome."

    Jonathan: "So if you are ready hop on board and we'll go flying and diving. 

    Underwater Hotel

    After a while of all this everyone was getting kind of tired and hungry and so Saint Germain gathered them all on the raft Silver shared with Lilu earlier.

    As they all sat on the raft floating in the ocean and said goodbye for now to the water dragons of New Deva, Saint Germain said:

    "I brought you all here to this my home planet or rather should I say the home planet of my birth. After living thousands of years now, Earth is my home planet much like adults move on earth from where they were born and raised to other places. But still, going home to where you grew up is uplifting and helpful at times as well. I wanted to share this experience with all of you to understand how one can be attached to more than one planet or dimension during their lives, just as on earth one can be attached or in love with more than one place on earth like how Jonathan as a man now in his late 60s loves places like Hawaii (where he once lived) and still visits, Scotland and Switzerland (where his ancestors are from several hundred years ago). Likewise, one can be in love with many planets and locations in the same way like I feel even though Earth now is my chosen home because that I where I was sent by my teacher, Eridian or Meridian whom you all will meet at some time in the future."

    Bret said, "Who is Eridian?"

    Saint Germain looked at Bret with a fondness like one has for a favorite nephew or young friend and said, "What you don't know yet Bret is that Jonathan here, is another incarnation of me, just like I am also an incarnation of Meridian or Eridian."

    Bret: "Why do you call him by two names? and also What?"

    Saint Germain laughed and said, "The first is an easier question to answer than the second. However, suffice it to say that the root soul of both Jonathan and I helped create this Galaxy."

    Bret said, "That's impossible!"

    Saint Germain laughed again and said to Bret, "There are more things in heaven and earth than have ever been thought of in your philosophy, Horatio!"

    Bret said, "That's from Shakespeare isn't it Saint Germain?"

    Saint Germain said, "I wrote that, Bret."

    Again Bret said, "That's impossible!"

    Saint Germain said, "That's why I said the Horatio comment. Things you think are impossible are possible. Did you believe I could have everyone appear in the Cave of Symbols earlier today and whisk you all in a green force field to New Deva my original home planet?"

    Bret said, "No."

    Saint Germain: "Well. Already today you see that what you thought was impossible was possible. And this is only the beginning of the changes in your life."

    Bret said, "But if you return us to earth no one will believe us if we tell them this story!"

    Saint Germain: "Don't tell them then unless you are writing science fiction or starting a religion!"

    Bret and the rest of the people on the raft all laughed at this.

    Jonathan spoke up now. "When Elohar and Ragna first came to me in 1974 at Bunny Flats on Mt. Shasta just after my first child was born I asked them to make me forget meeting them so I could cope with all that until the early 2000s when I was older."

    Saint Germain said, "I brought you all here as a group so all of you could speak about this among yourselves, but be careful who else you tell because they likely won't believe you. However, I'm training you all as my students so as the years go by you may freely talk among yourselves about this. If  governments records you regarding this and take you seriously that is there business. However, if someone asks you from a police or government group I advise you to tell them that this is a role playing game you invented and that you have thought about creating a video or computer game around this story.

    This way you will not be experimented on like many have been who were unfortunate enough to talk about their UFO experiences since humans have been alive on earth for thousands of years. For example, thousands of years ago people were taken off planet as students just like you have been today in groups to study with their UFO teachers. Civilization developed through this on earth.

    This was sort of mind blowing for most of the group to realize even though Lilu, Jonathan, and Rex all knew about this since they were children. But, to Silver, Bret and Lily this was all new.

    Saint Germain said, "I want to take you to an underwater hotel and I want you to meet me before I was physically modified to look like an earth born human."

    So, the green sphere appeared next to the raft as everyone had dried in the now setting sun. The walls of the green sphere opened up to envelope them all since it was sentient and from earth 1,000,000 years AD and given to Arcane as a young many by his Earth Teacher, Meridian.

    Saint Germain (Arcane), now flew them over the ocean and under the ocean describing the underwater life that water dragons now lived with. They waved to the water dragons now goodbye for now and the water dragons squealed "Goodbye" like Humpback whales communicate in song somewhat on earth.

    As they rose out of the water for the last time this day they began to see islands on the horizon that reminded Jonathan a lot of the Hawaiian Islands on earth. They had the same "feel" to them as Hawaii.

    As they neared the land they saw structures made of seaweed and rocks unlike anything any of them but Jonathan, Rex, and Arcane (Saint Germain) had ever seen before.

    Saint Germain said, "I don't want to scare the locals with this Green force field, so we should swim to shore like Intergalactic tourists would."

    So as they grew nearer to shore the green sphere went deeper into the water until only the tip topped the surface. It changed shape so it wasn't completely spherical so they could literally stand up and walk to shore without swimming. Then it disappeared to another place waiting for Arcane's (Saint Germain's) request to return. 

    As the group: Saint Germain, Rex, Jonathan, Lilu, Silver, Lily and Bret walked on shore there was a group of purple skinned people mostly with Gold or green eyes that looked a lot like metallic gold or metallic green eyes that shined in the setting sun like mirrors. 

    Lily was going to faint from the alienness of all this but Bret put his arm around her and said, "It's okay, Lily. I'm here. You'll be okay." She nodded and accepted his strength in this moment.

    A boy about Bret's age ran up and said, "Uncle Future! It's good to see you. Are these people from earth?"

    The rest of the group could barely understand him because of the length of their tongues. Lily almost fainted to see a tongue this long used for speaking English. 

    Saint Germain said, "This is Arcane, everyone. He is my nephew. But, so Arcane didn't see, he winked so they knew this was a young Arcane. Lily had the same type of feelings for this alien boy that she had for Bret and wondered about these feelings.

    15 year old Arcane looked at Lily right in the eye and said, "I like you too!" Uncle Future said, "Arcane, that's not polite!"

    Arcane said, "I forgot that they aren't telepathic like you and I. Sorry."

    Prophetess was too young and hadn't married Uncle Future (Saint Germain and old Arcane) yet. However, as she ran up to the group because she had been there with young Arcane at the beach playing like brother and sister in the water and body surfing, she spied Old Arcane and almost passed out. Because she was not only a telepath but a complete empath.  So, everything about everyone there she completely knew. This put her in danger because she could not reveal anything she knew to anyone. She was a child prophet already in training for her planet. Her sister was Arrayin and betrothed to young Arcane. So, in this sense they were family. Arcane was a young Dragon of Compassion already and had been chosen (discovered) as "World Saver" of the planet New Deva and was expected to sacrifice his life to save it one day if necessary. The Oracle of New Deva had foreseen his coming. He had been named after the historic Arcane who had saved the planet once before in history.

    Lily was completely blown away by young Arcane and Prophetess. Prophetess soothed Lily's mind because otherwise she was going to faint with or without the strong young Bret there to prop her up. After all, she had just been going to take a ride on a horse this morning, not go to another planet and Prophetess and young Arcane knew this. Prophetess wondered how Uncle Future (Saint Germain) kept from young Arcane that Uncle Future was Young Arcane Grown up and medically modified to live on earth as an Earthling?

    Prophetess said telepathically to Saint Germain Arcane: "I'm likely going to have to marry you one day and leave New Deva with you because otherwise I will have to commit suicide to protect New Deva from everything I know after today."

    Arcane looked at her and wondered about this telepathic comment and said nothing for the time being.

    However, to Saint Germain (Old Arcane, Uncle Future) there were no accidents, so he knew likely she was right.  When you have lived thousands of years already as an Intergalactic Diplomat and before that working with the Galactic Time Guard you begin to see there are no accidents in the universe at all.

    Saint Germain said to the young people Arcane and Prophetess. "I would like to introduce from Earth, Rex, Silver's father, Jonathan, an old friend of mine, and Lilu, Silver, Lily and Bret from Earth. And these are Arcane and Prophetess from New Deva."

    "Also, I would like to invite you to dinner and possibly if you wish stay with us at an underwater hotel."

    Arcane said, "Wow! I'd like that a lot. How about you, Prophetess?"

    Prophetess said, "Let me telepath with my parents to tell them where I'll be." She was quiet a moment while she did this. Then she said, "There okay with this, Uncle Future."

    Saint Germain (Uncle Future) said, "Wonderful! Then lets go to the New Deva Heaven Hotel!"

    Arcane and Prophetess said, "Oh. That's really expensive!"

    Uncle Future said, "I'm good for it!"

    Everyone smiled.

    Arcane said, "How are we going to get there?"

    Uncle Future said, "We are already there!"

    Arcane said, "How'd you do that, Uncle Future?"

    They were standing in the Lobby of the New Deva Heaven Hotel, all of them.

    Saint Germain turned to all of them and said, "How do you want to do this? If we go New Deva Style we all get one huge room with an Olympic size Sea Water pool to sleep in."

    Lily said, "What?"

    The rest laughed at Lily a little bit.

    Bret turned to Lily and said, "When in Rome do as the Romans do, Lily"

    Lily realized Bret was already a world traveler right then, this was less true of her.

    She bucked up and said, "I'm game if you all are."

    Saint Germain said, "Good. We'll get an Olympic sized salt water suite that will accommodate everyone."

    The robot bellmen lifted everyone and carried them to the suite and asked them what temperature they wanted the water. 

    Saint Germain said, "Bellmen, take the body temperature of everyone here to see if they are similar enough."

    The Bellmen said, "Earth people are a different temperature than New Devans."

    Saint Germain said, "Well then, set the temperatures of where they are going to sleep to their body temperatures for now."

    The robotic bellmen said, "Where are each of you going to sleep in the salt water pool?"

    Saint Germain said, "I want you bellmen to go dormant for now while we figure this out."

    The doormen stayed rigid.

    Saint Germain. "Just wander around until you see some sea life that interests you and choose your places."

    The men let the women choose first to be polite. Young Arcane and Prophetess decided to be near to each other because they were like brother and sister.

    Silver being very practical said, "How do we sleep in water without drowning?"

    Saint Germain laughed and said, "Bellmen? Do you have head braces for off worlders?"

    One of them said, "Yes. we do" The Robot bellman walked up to the wall and brought out head braces to keep the heads of those sleeping while floating above water for breathing during the night."

    One said, "How many head braces do you need?"

    Saint Germain said, "One for each off worlder who is not native to New Deva. "They brought out enough and showed them how they worked. You could either mount it on the side of the Olympic sized salt water swimming pool or you could get a float and just float around the whole time keeping your mouth above water while you were asleep.

    Silver said, "How do the floats keep people from bumping into each other while they are asleep?" The Bellman said, "Oh. we have little fins that will keep you away from each other if that is your wish. They also keep you from bumping your heads on the walls.

    This experience eventually led to Silver designing pools like this on earth. He found that sensory deprivation tanks of salt water were very helpful in designing and engineering things he was going to invent in the future.

    Saint Germain said, "What would you like for dinner?"

    Bret being young and hungry said, "What's available?"

    Saint Germain said, "Well. There is a food synthesizer here that can make any dish on earth if you wish or you can eat New Deva food.

    Young Arcane and Prophetess were studying the Earth People and finally young Arcane's curiosity got the better of him. 

    He said, "Uncle Future. What era are all these people from?"

    Uncle Future said, "Summer of 2016 from the United States of America from Earth."

    Arcane said, "That far back?"

    Saint Germain said, "Yes."

    Silver said, "What year is it here?"

    Arcane said, "It's about 1,000,000 years later here. We are a colony from Earth."

    Silver said, "Why do you look different than us?"

    Arcane said, "We were genetically engineered to live underwater. We are amphibians. Let me show you my gills in my neck." Arcane lifted his neck gill flaps to show Silver.

    Silver said, "So, Earthlings genetically designed you so you could live here better."

    Arcane said, "You were genetically designed too. You do realize that, don't you?"

    Uncle Future said, "That is not common knowledge in 2016 yet, Arcane."

    Arcane said, "I'm sorry, Uncle Future."

    Silver wanted to see Arcane swim underwater and not breathe air so both Arcane and Prophetess swam with the fish and living seaweed in their Olympic sized Salt water replica of the ocean.

    They didn't come up for air for about 10 minutes to show Silver how this was done. He donned a mask and went underwater with them as they swam about. Silver had learned to swim in his private pool at home. He often liked to put a mask on and sit on the bottom of the pool and dream about something just like this that was happening right now.

    Silver was in heaven here.

    Silver came up after this amazing experience and said, "Uncle Future, can't I sleep underwater like Arcane and Prophetess will?"

    Uncle Future smiled and said, "Why yes, there is a device for doing that if you wish. However, your lungs will need to be closer to the surface than they will because of air pressure and water pressure. So, though you can do this you need to be within a foot or two of the surface unless you want a system that pumps air into your lungs so your lungs don't get tired of breathing air too deep. Scuba divers are conscious and breathing is somewhat of an effort for them. But, when you are asleep deep you would need an assist at breathing.

    Silver: "What would you suggest, Uncle Future?"

    Uncle Future: "I would suggest the surface 1 to 2 feet deep set up first to see how your body does. Then if we are here another night you will know what works for your body and system."

    "Do we sleep vertical or horizontal", Silver said, 

    Saint Germain: "Since your body is basically weightless in the water either will do. However, it is better for your feet if you sleep horizontally in the water. It relieves the gravity pull of blood into your feet even though this is somewhat compensated by the water pressure itself at the depth of your feet."

    Silver said, "You are a scientist then?"

    Uncle Future looked at Silver and said, "I'm considered to be the father of the scientific method on earth, Silver, as Francis Bacon in the late 1500s and early 1600s."

    Silver just developed a new found respect for Uncle Future(Saint Germain, Francis Bacon). 

    Most everyone slept okay that didn't play in the pool most of the night like Lily and Bret did. But, that is two young people discovering they are in love and who never went camping a night together with friends yet. So, everyone was really rested in the morning but them. But, being young they soon recovered.

    Arcane took them to meet his parents. It seemed a little like they were celebrities once people found out they were from old earth. It seems that in New Deva present day people had actually lost track of where Earth now was. So, this was a little disconcerting for them to have time travelers from 1,000,000 years there who were obviously ancestors of people presently on New Deva.

    However, for a variety of Intergalactic Reasons Arcane (Uncle Future) (Saint Germain) was not allowed to tell them where is presently was. (Mainly because no humanoid was allowed to go there presently because it was in a Demilitarized zone where no humanoids were presently allowed in physical bodies at least.

    This was the time line (within 15 years forward of this) where Saint Germain had met Meridian on Earth after being banished there by Tech Noir an enemy on another warring planet with New Deva.

    So, after a day touring this part of this New Deva Island (like the Hawaiian Island Chain)

    that Uncle Future had grown up on they decided to spend one more night in their Olympic pool  sized Ocean in their suite.

    They all were really beginning to like it here for much the same reasons people like Hawaii. The people were friendly and inviting, the weather was great and they were on another compatible earth water planet (just without the big land masses above water). 

    Bret liked sleeping in the salt water. He just didn't like breathing under the water like Silver and Lilu were doing. He just thought this was too extreme for him. Silver and Lilu had gotten all excited last night and decided to do breathing assist scuba type of gear and slept on the bottom of the indoor sea with all the fishes swimming around them nibbling at Silver's leg hairs all night. 

    But still, Silver felt more rested than he ever had before after this nights sleep. He didn't know whether it was the oxygen he was breathing or whether it made him feel happy like when he was in his mother's womb or what. He just knew he was more rested in the morning than he had ever been.

    They all wore bathing suits for decency among the group as they slept in the sea water pool with the living fish and living seaweed. But, in the morning when they got up they all wanted a fresh water shower. They noticed that Uncle Future hadn't slept but had kept floating around and swimming in a meditative state likely all night. Bret had said, "Don't you sleep?"

    Saint Germain said, "I'm praying for all of you and altering time and space for the best results. Some call this the "Turning of the dharma Wheel."

    Saint Germain said, "Are you ready to go back to the cave of symbols?" After everyone had showered off on the showers to wash off the sea water provided for off worlders (and any New Devans who didn't like being all salty all the time.

    If you have ever gone to the beach imagine not showering off after your swim in the ocean. Some people might like this and others wouldn't. Most people don't like the sometimes crusty stuff that can form in armpits or on bathing suits in some places from the salt and minerals in salt water.

    So, after fresh water showers for all and a little Breakfast in the Suite so to speak for all of them, Saint Germain summoned the Green Sphere. It appeared floating on the sea water Olympic sized pool in their hotel suite.

    It came on shore as Saint Germain asked it to. Everyone said Good Bye to young Arcane and Prophetess.

    Telepathically Prophetess and Saint Germain telepathed and he said so only she could hear, "You might be right. We might need to marry but you are too young now."

    Prophetess said telepathically, "Come back when I'm 18." 

    Saint Germain said, "Okay."

    Now this might all seem pretty strange to you but remember she is an ordained Prophet of her planet. Most New Devans are telepathic but ARcane and Prophetess are off the charts. Also, without Bio-com Saint Germain might not be able to hide the fact from young Arcane that he is Arcane Grown up and living on another planet. Knowing that in the future A Ray In dies or that Arcane would eventually marry a reincarnation of A Ray In called Celeste Weaver or realizing that Prophetess was a prayed for pre-reincarnation of the soul of Celeste Weaver and A Ray IN would also be too much for young Arcane now too.

    It would be something he would barely survive in his late 20s even as a man. But, somehow he did and became not only a Galactic Time Guard Anthropologist on Earth but also with Meridian's training, Saint Germain.

    To understand what a Bio-Com is (which is a sentient set of implants in a human being) which Galactic Time Guard personnel all wear.

    Earth 1987 is definitely not a time I would choose to vacation in. It is Early Nuclear in Galactic Timekeeper terms.

    My biological implants are called by us Biocom which is short for Biocommunicator and biocomputer for it is both. Biocom has done a mind scan and is programming my psychic substructure for verbal physical and psychic nuances of this era so I can appear to be a normal human of 1987. I am standing on what is called the Golden Gate Bridge which guards the opening of the San Francisco Bay.

    What is this? Someone's going to jump off the bridge. Does a forthright person in this culture stop this behavior? Yes, others are running to help stop her. The Woman is screaming and foaming at the mouth. "Help me they are trying to kill me." She says. Her behavior seems bizarre even to me, an offworlder.

    The automatic thought scanner of my friendly sentient biocom tells me she has been tampered with by beings that are unfriendly aliens. But the cultural norm of this present day culture apparently doubts that aliens even exist in real time on earth. Boy! Have they got a lot to learn?

    ***Note a biocomputer is a micro-micro sentient computer built into the left ear lobe and into a spot just outside the left corner of the mouth and into a little area atop the head. Each of these three interfaced units is both thought and voice activated and undetectable to the present technology of 1987. There is also deep memory storage of one billion terabytes in the fillings of my lower molars. Through earth satellite relay I can within ten seconds retrieve Earth information from any files on earth or any information I am permitted to access in this Galaxy from any known time or space. I can instantly communicate by thought or word to Galactic Central Timekeepers in emergencies. This can be done in 4 or 5 basic ways consciously or by about 50 different unconscious ways, which automatically generate when consciousness is absent or altered in any way. All my vital signs and all DNA based life forms around me within 100 yards are also monitored for potential threats or dangers.

    *** Note 2: Contrary to popular belief the best place to manifest and disappear in time travel is in public. Over 50 people in a football field size area is an earth traveling rule for my group of timekeepers. Our biocoms can change the motivations and thoughts in those around us when we manifest or disappear within 1/100th of a second when necessary. Since our biocoms monitor all life around us they do this automatically.

    Arcane thinks, "This woman feels very familiar. Do I know her from Time School?"

    She is entering her pre-seizure catatonia with a look that could be described as a mixture of relief and resignation. What an odd reaction. At this point Arcane is about 28 or 29 years old. However, when he meets them in the cave of symbols he is 3000 to 5000 years old in real time lived.

    end quote from beginning of Chapter 9 in:


    The Green sphere transported them instantly to inside the Cave of Symbols in the Wilderness area and then after they walked through the walls it disappeared like before.

    Saint Germain said to the group: "Why did I take you all to New Deva 1 million years into the future? Why did I do that?"

    LILU had been trained to think this way in college becoming a Nurse and said, "You took us there to show us that ANYTHING is possible for us!"

    Saint Germain said, "She's right! Also, Silver never underestimate this woman on any level ever!"

    Silver thought about what Saint Germain was really saying here.

    So, if I wanted you all to know that literally anything is possible what you need to know that this is also true of not only good things but also bad things here on earth. So, defending yourself, your friends, and your nations against things you don't want to happen are also all important too.

    Because I'm telling you almost anything can and will happen during the next 200 years to 500 years and this depends upon many different factors. Some problems can be fixed by time travel and others cannot be. So, understand you need to do literally anything possible to save your planet and it's peoples that you can think of during these times.

    So, the more things that might help mankind adapt and cope with multiple potential futures will be necessary always.

    Silver Said, "Are you trying to scare us, Saint Germain?"

    He said, "NO. I'm trying to prepare you for a Technological Singularity which is coming already here in 2016." Oil will slowly go away as a viable energy source within 10 years or so at least for the developed nations. It is also possible that Fusion energy will become normal too. However, the danger here is using up too much of the water by turning it into Hydrogen and Oxygen. So, for every positive thing there are also negative consequences.

    For example, manufacturing Solar cells as they are presently manufactured in China will likely kill many people downstream of where they are manufactured. This is just one of many dangers to the new technology. But, if societies are going to keep going and civilization is going to keep going, energy is needed that is renewable so civilization can continue to exist for thousands to millions of years."

    With that, Saint Germain said, "I'm grateful you all came here so we could all expand our horizons together."

    I'll see you all very soon: with that he just disappeared out of the cave leaving them all open mouthed.

    Silver said, "Is he always like that?"

    Lilu said, "Have you ever met a man that has lived on many planets and is over 3000 years old before? Have you any idea what that would be like watching your friends and loved ones die one by one?"

    Lily said, "That's right! You're a nurse. You've seen a lot of death haven't you?"

    Lilu said, "I've seen more than I ever want to see again. That's why I've asked Silver to marry me."

    Lily said, "Isn't Silver a little young?"

    Lilu said, "Silver is the future and he needs me and I need him."

    Though Lily raised her eyebrows she understood because she had found the man she wanted to stay with too, if she could: Bret.

    Back to the Cave of Symbols and Wyoming and the Horses waiting outside

    Rex walked over to their clothes in the now enlarged bags that Saint Germain had shrunk into his pockets while they all were on New Deva cavorting with Water Dragons and swimming and sleeping in Olympic sized mini-oceans.

    He picked up his smartphone and said, "Saint Germain was right! He brought us back 1 second after we left. I was worried about the horses all the time we were on New Deva!"

    Silver laughed and said, "I'm glad you are starting to worry about me more too Dad."

    Rex had to laugh because Silver did this is such a deadpan. Rex said, "You can thank my therapist for that."

    Silver said, "I do. And Saint Germain."

    Rex said thoughtfully, "Yes."

    As they all walked out of the cave the sun was very bright and they all realized they had gotten used to purple water, violet sky and Lavender sun not quite as bright as Sol here on earth. So, they squinted like coming outside into the bright sun sort of after a good movie indoors in a theater somewhere.

    As they hopped on their horses to return to the Ranch the horses walked pretty fast because they were hungry. It had been a long day and they stopped at a stream along the way to drink the wonderful Teton mountains fed Stream on the way back to the ranch.

    Slim greeted them all and had other ranch hands take the horses from them to unsaddle them and feed them and put them away in the barn for the night.

    Lilu had changed the most. She realized now that Saint Germain had put she and Silver together and had put Bret and Lily together too. She looked at Lily and said, "I'm glad Saint Germain approves of you and Bret and me and Silver."

    Lily stared at Lilu and realized she was right. It was still very hard for Lily to accept what had happened. Her little world of her home in Beverly Hills in California and her Porsche she liked to drive to the beach had exploded these last two days and seemed a very very little world now compared to what she had seen and done.

    She was in an extreme state of Culture shock and she knew she would never be the same again.

    Jonathan returned to the ranch on his horse as well that he had rented in town. The people who had given him the horse met him at the ranch to take their horse back. He had many friends in the Jackson, Wyoming area.

    Rex invited Jonathan to stay at the ranch the night and Jonathan accepted. Lilu realizing that Jonathan was a very advanced Elder Student of Saint Germain asked him about his experiences with Saint Germain on the ride back to the ranch.

    They all listened to what he had to say on the ride back:

    Jonathan said, "Lilu, my experience is a little different than yours. Like you all I'm an initiate of Saint Germain. But, the difference was I was born into one of Saint Germain's religions that he started through Guy W. Ballard during the 1930s.

    Lilu said, "When were you born?"

    Jonathan said, "I was born in 1948 in Seattle and my parents were a part of one of Saint Germain's religions on earth."

    Lilu: "Was that a good experience?"

    Jonathan: "Yes and No."

    "The consequences of all that helped shape who I became as an adult but also almost killed me between 21 and 25."

    Lilu said, "Why?"

    "Saint Germain was teaching me personally that religions are ALL obsolete. He didn't want me to start another one. He knew the world was changing and enough religions had been started, enough to more than confuse everyone on earth a thousand times over."

    So, he wanted me to start training young people that each person has to be their own religion now, despite what religion they are raised in.

    He taught me to value religions for what they are: the beginnings of real culture in everyone's life.

    However, in the end each person through critical thinking like one can obtain in college becomes their own religion eventually and learns to make all these decisions for themselves.

    Religions are mostly for people who are more like children in the end.

    But, the world is so incredibly more complicated than it ever was before that too get too caught in any religion might cause the extinction of all mankind in a nuclear age.

    So, learning to become your own religion through study is really important to the survival of all mankind on into the future.

    It's not that you don't believe in people like Jesus and Saint Germain and Buddha and Angels it's just that it should be a personal experience with no go betweens.

    We all need to talk to these beings directly and write about our experiences. And our experiences will help enlighten all mankind to being each their own religions too.

    We shouldn't be children when we are grown up. Believing in Jesus and Saint Germain and Angels and Buddha might be very useful, but in the end we all must be adults and make our own decisions regarding everything in our lives.

    It needs to move from ministers and priests coming between  people and their God
    to  people having their own direct experiences with God and divinity themselves.

    In this way divinity is not in some far away world but an ever present experience 24 hours a day wherever they are whether they are waking or dreaming."

    Lilu said, "That's what Saint Germain Taught you!"

    Jonathan said, "Yes"

    Lilu thought about this: "It's a little scary to think this way but I can see it's the only real way mankind can survive the nuclear age."

    Jonathan: "Yes. This is true."

    The whole group including Rex sort of shuddered at this thought of how far mankind still had to go to evolve to this point.

    Silver said, "Jonathan. What can we expect now that we are students of Saint Germain?"

    Jonathan said, "You can expect him to come into your dreams and take you almost anywhere at any time. You can expect him to warn you of impending dangers often by sending angels to warn you. You can expect him to show up at literally any time in any way. This is what the future holds."

    Silver said, "So, we cannot die?"

    Jonathan: "That's sort of true. Because even if you did die from something he likely would bring you back to life by altering time."

    Silver laughed at this.

    Silver: "So, I should be less afraid?"

    Jonathan: "That's one way to put it but it takes a lot more focus all the time once you are his student. You have to be adaptable enough to literally go anywhere anywhen which can be a little overwhelming in life."

    Silver: "If you can't die this seems to be a small price to pay."

    Jonathan: "Yes. On one level this is true. But, you won't believe what it all is actually like. He won't just take you to New Deva 1 million years into the future. He will take you all over the earth too, in the past, present and future and show you all sorts of things you might not be ready for but what you need to know about to save the earth. What I mean by this is your being his student saves all mankind from extinction and helps build more heaven realms around the earth into perpetuity."

    Silver: "Amazing! So, he is a student of Jesus as well?"

    Jonathan: "He's spent a lot of time with Jesus studying with him and being Jesus' friend through time."

    Silver said, "How does he do that? Whoops. That's a stupid question because he can literally travel to any time and space can't he?"

    Jonathan: "There likely are very few times and spaces he wouldn't be allowed to visit and they are not on earth."

    Silver: "That makes sense. So, he traveled back in time to visit Jesus?"

    Jonathan: "Do you remember Prophetess on New Deva?"

    Silver: "Yes."

    Jonathan: "Well he goes back soon and marries Prophetess."

    Silver: "How do you know about this?"

    Jonathan: "A further into the future Saint Germain time wise of what he has actually lived already shared all this with me."

    Silver: "So you have to be careful what you say to Saint Germain?"

    Jonathan: "I saw Prophetess' and Saint Germain's reactions to each other. They were planning their future wedding this trip."

    Silver: "Amazing! So, do you have to protect Saint Germain from his future memories?"

    Jonathan: "It's not exactly like that. He kind of senses there are no accidents in the past, present and future. He's not like us in this. He doesn't just live in one time and space like we tend to as humans. He was trying to blast all you guys out of your normal reality by taking you to New Deva. But, he is sort of like some kind of Cosmic Being. We are really like little children compared to who we met today and yesterday as Saint Germian."

    Silver: "What do you mean?"

    Jonathan: "Did you meet young Arcane and young Prophetess?"

    Silver said, "Yes."

    Jonathan: "Well. That was Saint Germain and Prophetess as  children. But he has lived somewhere between 3000 to 5000 years in real time since then. You and I have no concept what that would really be like, do we?"

    Silver: "I can imagine it but that's not actually living it."

    Jonathan: "Yes. I'm in my late 60s now so I might be able to imagine this more than someone who is a teenager like you, but then again if your intuition is developed enough you might understand it better than I do right now even in your teens."

    Silver realized why Saint Germain had left Jonathan behind to teach them at this moment. Saint Germain was just beyond any of their comprehension. Jonathan understood better than most of them but even he was overwhelmed with who Saint Germain actually was now.

    Later after Jonathan was shown his room and he was alone, Saint Germain appeared to him:

    Saint Germain Said, "HI Jonathan. Your lesson wasn't to teach the world that religion was obsolete. Your lesson was to learn that lesson yourself. Even though what you said was true, the people you were speaking to wouldn't be called religious by any stretch of the imagination. Lilu is very spiritual this is true and all knew they had been visited by a supernatural being, myself. But, religion isn't really a problem for any of them. They are more now like you than anything else which is sort of "I'll believe it when I see it."

    People who think like this tend to be practical about everything both spiritual and technical in life and are the people I tend to choose as students. Some people genuinely need religion but none of them likely are going to start a religion like you might have if I hadn't taught you this lesson."

    Jonathan Smiled: "Thanks for clarifying this for me, Saint Germain, I sort of wondered whether I had said too much or not."

    Saint Germain: "What you said would really be useful if it were the right audience."

    Jonathan nodded.

    "Good Night, Jonathan. I'll see you soon."

    "Good Night Saint Germain", Jonathan said.

    Jonathan thought about this as he got into his luxurious rustic bed in his room near the Teton mountains that night. The air was so crisp and fresh here that he opened the window to look at the moon on the Tetons that night.

    He knew Saint Germain was also thinking about what he had come to tell Jonathan. Basically, when Saint Germain took someone on as a student and initiate he protected them from death. It wasn't that people couldn't die it was just that if they died he would alter time and bring them back to life when he found out they had died if he wasn't with them when it happened. So, this way he could keep them doing his work at preventing the extinction of mankind. Saint Germain saw his job as keeping peace on Earth enough so civilization could prosper at least in the United States, Europe and other countries that thought similarly to him on earth.

    His real mission he saw as building more of a heaven realm for as many people on earth so less people had to live in hell on earth around the world. By making it a better place in whatever ways possible directly and through his trained students worldwide he was able to build his heaven realm on earth piece by piece and bit by bit.

    So, in some ways you could call Saint Germain a divine Architect and Engineer for mankind, and he accomplished this by going to literally any time or space much like Jesus does too to bring peace. In addition to peace Saint Germain brought intergalactic technologies to make life here on earth hopefully better for most of mankind like the Home computer and Smartphone and other inventions that brought people around the world closer together through understanding other cultures better.

    Jonathan woke up refreshed the next morning. As he sat down to breakfast with everyone they all seemed really happy. Rex spoke first and said, "Before you all leave there are some ideas I had.

    First, we all could get into my SUV or Van and go somewhere like Yellowstone national Park. Another idea I had was to go to Hawaii and go Snorkling but I realized it's summertime there and possibly too hot to do that this time of year."

    Bret said, "Well. It's not too hot in places like La Jolla at the cove. The snorkling's great there too."

    Lily said, "I'm not sure how much time more my mother is going to allow me to galavant all over the place with you guys."

    Lilu said, "I'm up for anything. Rex hired me for the next month so I'm okay if we all decide to go on a vacation anywhere. But, if you want to travel somewhere with us, why don't you let me talk to your mother, Lily. I really bet I could convince her to let you go almost anywhere."

    Lily said, "Lilu. You are one of those people that could talk anyone into doing anything!"

    Lilu smiled at that compliment. At least she took it that way.

    Bret said, "I wouldn't mind touring Yellowstone National Park. I'm not sure my Dad has brought me here yet? I don't remember it if he has."

    Rex said, "I've got to make some business calls everyone so talk among yourselves what you would like to do."

    Rex excused himself from the large Dining Room table and walked to his office in the den.

    The kids started talking about how amazing New Deva was.

    Silver started by saying, "I really loved sleeping underwater on New Deva with Lilu by my side. That was really wonderful. I never felt so rested in my life."

    Jonathan said, "Part of that was Saint Germain staying awake and praying for us and our future Silver. It's a part of the New Devan way he was taught as a child in the Dragons of Compassion."

    Silver said, "What's the Dragons of Compassion?"

    Jonathan said, "HE could explain it much better than I could but I'll try. They are Priest Scientist of New Deva and the Protectors of the planet. Do you understand what Kung Fu and Aikido is and Judo?"

    Silver said, "Yes. I do."

    Jonathan: "Well. They are trained to disable opponents psychically without physically harming them unless in an emergency they have to remove the soul permanently from the body. And Saint Germain only had to do that once."

    Silver said, "Like a soldier might have to?"

    Jonathan: "Yes. But if you do something like that you are not considered to be a Dragon of Compassion anymore and have to leave the planet. It's like a sacrifice of your life for another life."

    Silver thought about this. "Is it because you are too powerful to be left alone after doing this?"

    Jonathan: "Something like that."

    So, in a war when Saint Germain who was then only Arcane still did this he was treated as a world hero for 6 months and then had to leave and go join the Galactic Time Guard and then he was sent to earth in 1987."

    Silver said, "1987? But, how did he get to be Francis Bacon in the 1500s?"

    Jonathan: "Oh. That came more than 1000 to 2000 years later. Arcane had to grow a lot to become Saint Germain in a lot of ways."

    Silver said, "Sounds like he was already pretty amazing like some Tibetan Lamas were before he became Francis Bacon and Saint Germain."

    Jonathan: "Yes. Saint Germain is the most capable and self disciplined and creative human being I've ever met even though he was born this time on another planet."

    Silver: "This time?"

    Jonathan: "HE has been born on many planets but he has at least 1000 incarnations on Earth that I know of in the past, present and future. In fact, I'm one of his incarnations right now."

    Silver: "How is that possible?"

    Jonathan: "There is actually a rule for Galactic Time Guards not to be on a planet where they have another incarnation of themselves present so Meridian had to get special permission from the Galactic Sentience to allow this to happen."

    Silver said, "Who's the Galactic Sentience?"

    Jonathan looked at Silver and said, "He's the ruler of the Galaxy, Silver!"

    Silver looked at Jonathan and realized how little he knew of the Milky Way Galaxy and said, "Do I want or need to know about this?"

    Jonathan looked back and said, "I can tell you if you wish. You deserve this information as a student of Saint Germain."

    Silver sighed and said, "Explain this a little to me."

    Jonathan: "Actually because you have studied physics you might like this Silver. Basically, the beings who build and rule Galaxies-----"

    Silver: "You've got to be kidding me now. Build and Rule Galaxies!?

    Jonathan: "Actually, I'm completely serious. They build and rule the galaxies like they build sort of like how farmers in the early days found land and built farms to feed their families and ranches to feed their families."

    Silver: "The Galaxy is a farm?"

    Jonathan: "It's not a human version of a farm it's a farm for beings who don't breathe air, drink water or eat food like we do and come from Dark Matter and Dark Fluid."

    Silver: "So is this where people here on earth started creating religions like Greek Pantheon and the Norse Pantheon."

    Jonathan: "I'm thinking you are correct."

    Silver: "IF they don't live in Time and space what is it like where they live?

    Jonathan: "That's a really good question and I don't have an answer that is acceptable to me still. I try to conceive of no time or space but I have only experienced it once when I soul traveled out past the end of the Galaxy so I was no longer in the galaxy at all."

    Silver: "Wow! You really did that?"

    Jonathan: "Yes. I had been praying to be able to soul travel since I was a little child and I was finally given permission to do it consciously so eventually after I went through the sun and met the Galactic Sentience-----"

    Silver: "You actually met the Galactic Sentience?"

    Jonathan: "Yes."

    Silver: "I'm impressed. Has Saint Germain Met the Galactic Sentience?

    Jonathan: "I'm sure he has I just can't remember talking to him about it."

    Jonathan: "Do you need to more about the Galactic Sentience right now or should I finish my story?"

    Silver decided to be polite: "Finish you story you can tell me later."

    Jonathan: "Well. When I went out past the edge of the Galaxy I realized that the Galaxy was alive and that I was a part of the organism of the Galaxy itself and not really separate from the galaxy as a thing independent of the Galaxy itself. So, pieces of me started flying off in all directions because there wasn't anything to bind all the pieces of me together in one place. So, I was terrified and so I snapped back into my body and didn't soul travel consciously for a long time after that because it scared me so bad."

    "But then, when I started to meet Tibetan Lamas starting in 1980 I found they were not afraid of the void beyond the edge of the Galaxy so I stopped being terrified and afraid of it too. So, being around them I learned how to deal with it better I guess."

    Silver: "Do Tibetan Lamas Soul Travel?"

    Jonathan: "It's something different to them. I'm not sure how to describe it because I wasn't raised in the right cultural context in this lifetime.

    Silver: "How did you learn to soul travel?

    Jonathan: "It took a long time to get good at it but then there were all these breakthrough in my early 20s where I just blasted through all the barriers. I started first learning lucid dreaming and then the next step after lucid dreaming is actual soul travel. However, here's the thing. You have to have a good purpose or reason for doing it or it doesn't really work.

    It's sort of like Soul travel is actually Angel's business. So, if you are not helping people or helping mankind it likely won't be allowed. This is sort of what I have discovered."

    Silver: "So, you are saying to be a good soul traveler you have to be doing the work of angels?"

    Jonathan: "That's basically it. You have to prove yourself to actual angels every step of the way. Otherwise, you either won't be allowed to do this or you will die within a couple of weeks depending upon the situation."

    Silver "why would you die?"

    Jonathan: "Angels would cause the return of your karma and your heart would stop. It's that simple."

    Silver: "Amazing!"

    Meridian in the Future

    About this time Jonathan heard one of Rex's dogs barking. It was a Yellow Labrador. So, he looked out the front window and saw Saint Germain dressed as Arcane often did in the back country of Earth.

    Saint Germain walked up to the door and knocked. Rex came to the door and said, "Saint Germain what are you doing here?"

    Saint Germain said, "Meridian, my teacher wants to meet you and the group that went to New Deva now."

    Rex looked at Saint Germain and said, "Okay. Why don't you come in?"

    Saint Germain said, "Has everyone recovered from their journey to New Deva?"

    Rex said, "They all seem to be okay. Why do you ask?"

    Saint Germain said, "This will be very easy this time. We won't have to spend more than a few hours there."

    Rex said, "Where?"

    Saint Germain said, "In the future of Earth."

    Rex: "How Far into the future?"

    Saint Germain: "About 1 million years."

    Rex raised his eyebrows and said, "Is that allowed?"

    Saint Germain: "It's okay. You all aren't allowed to see the next 300 to 500 years according to Galactic Time Guard rules."

    Rex: "Does this apply to everyone?"

    Saint Germain: "It applies to everyone in this group who is under my personal protection and soon Meridian's personal protection."

    Rex: "So, one of the reasons we are going is to have both your protection and Meridian's protection throughout our lifetimes?"

    Saint Germain: "Yes."

    Rex: "Does that mean none of us can die unless you or Meridian Permit us?"

    Saint Germain: "Pretty much."

    Rex: "That sounds like a pretty good deal to me."

    Saint Germain: "It is."

    Rex called everyone into the living room and all greeted Saint Germain. Lily was a little scared after the last experience so Saint Germain walked up to her and hugged her and put his thumb on her forehead and she closed her eyes for awhile standing there.

    She came out of it a few moments later and said, "I see why I've been scared now, Saint Germain. It doesn't have anything to do with you at all. It has to do with childhood traumas. I can let it all go now. Thank's Saint Germain. I'm not afraid anymore."

    Saint Germain said, "Good. Being afraid isn't going to be very useful 99% of the time in your life from now on."

    Lily said, "Thanks, Saint Germain." And she meant this.

    Saint Germain:"Are we all ready to travel?"

    Jonathan said, "We all had a good Breakfast."

    The rest nodded in agreement.

     Suddenly they were someplace else a million years into the future.

    You might wonder if the people on the ranch would miss them?

    They would never be missed not even a second because from the time they left to the time they returned would only be a split second, no matter how long they would actually be gone. Did the horses miss them at the Cave of Symbols?

    No. Because all the horses knew was that they saw these people walk into the Cave of symbols and an hour or so later they walked back out, got on those horses and  then they rode back to the ranch.

    Likewise today if the cook (who cooked them breakfast) came to talk to them they would be there because to her they never left.

    This was how Saint Germain was taught by the Galactic Time Guard to do things when he was still a young man several thousand years ago. He had no reason to change this very well thought out system of doing things now.

    That same instant they were in Earth's Future. However, physical human beings were not allowed there. But, no alarms would go off as to their presence as they were not of the same era or time that this war was going on in the vicinity of earth and the solar system. So, in this sense they were safe because they were on neither side of the war that had turned the Solar System into a demilitarized zone where no  physical beings (other than the creatures of earth) were allowed to be.

    Meridian and the guardians of Earth were all in Spirit form guarding the history and technology and memory of Earth's glorious past and their descendants had all long ago died or moved to other planets like New Deva like Arcane's (Saint Germain's) ancestors had.

    Meridian said, "Welcome my children. I know you all very well."

    I brought you here to see how Arcane started down the road to become Saint Germain. Please watch very closely!"

    With this, they watched a young purple skinned New Devan in Priest's robes appear sort of confused looking and desheveled on the planet out of nowhere.

    In order to share with you what they are observing now this is Arcane (Saint Germain's experience as a young man in his late 20s from New Deva with metallic Gold hypnotic eyes and purple skin in a robe of the Dragons of Compassion from New Deva sent to Earth by a warring planet's leader because he couldn't kill Arcane.

    You can also read this at this word button if you wish:

The Primary Architect of the Western World

The primary architect of the western world has been Jesus through Saint Germain since Merlin’s time and Francis Bacon’s time.

Why is this?

It started in the late 1500s with Francis Bacon who became the father of the scientific Method and the author of the Shakespearean plays because William Shakespeare even though he was a great actor could neither read nor write.

The Scientific Method allowed people to process almost anything through the filter of the scientific method to see if it was valid or not. By analyzing literally anything including religions and health practices by classifying all things in hypotheses, Theories and Laws, Arcane and Saint Germain developed the basis of analyzing everything so people could be more rational and function less just by rumor and innuendo which saved much much suffering and people dying in awful ways, (at least in the western world starting around the 1500s AD.)

As Francis Bacon he developed the foremost code book on Earth for spies and for people who just liked to study codes at that time and after(late 1500s and early 1600s) which was not excelled until the machines made during World War II by the Germans, Americans and British that made codes to complicated for individual humans to solve.

By creating the present day security systems for nations in Europe starting in the 1500s, Saint Germain, as a member of the Galactic Time guard interfaced Earth Governments with Galactic Ones beginning in the 1500s in Europe specifically in England. Then as the Comte de Saint Germain in France in the late 1700s he expanded his presence and ideas here on earth.

By the time we get to the 20th Century  we have the Men in Black and UNUS all being under his influence as a Galactic Time Guard here on earth both before he became Saint Germain and after over  4000 years time flitting through time lines of earth repairing time and building it so humans might have as good a life as possible here on earth, especially in Europe and the United States where he was instrumental in establishing the Declaration of independence, and the Constitution of the United States a well as making sure the European Union got off the ground under many different names other than Arcane and Saint Germain.

So, the establishment of a galactic order was put in place in Europe and the U.S. , Canada, India, New Zealand and Australia through a member of the Galactic Time Guard using the principles of Jesus as taught to Saint Germain directly by Jesus here on earth.

And this form of Galactic order continues and is enforced through maintaining Galactic Time lines here on earth by many different means.

It is one of the many ways nuclear war has been avoided here on earth since 1945. (if you wondered how that was possible?) with human.

Silver and Jonathan were having a conversation about this because Silver had asked about how Saint Germain as Francis Bacon had established the Scientific method in England. He was fascinated how all this actually came about.

Jonathan said, "There is something you might want to read about that Saint Germain established before he became established as an Earth Saint. It is called UNUS.

"Couldn't Saint Germain and Meridian save Earth? " said Silver with concern building in his voice. 

Jonathan said, "Yes and no. What I mean by that is under some circumstances they could save mankind and under others they couldn't. However, under all circumstances because human blew up Maldek (the Asteroid belt planet) with nuclear weapons. (As the Soviets discovered in the 1970s when they sent a probe there).

Silver wasn't sure he believed this or not yet.

Silver said, "What specific circumstances would they not be able to save mankind from."

Jonathan: "They aren't allowed to save mankind from overpopulation. There is what individuals and societies have to learn and there is what whole world populations together have to learn. So, literally humans would be allowed to die off completely through overpopulation if that overpopulation caused an ice age which it might now."

Silver: "Don't you know? "

Jonathan: "I'm in the same position your are, Silver. I'm not allowed to see the next 300 to 500 years or so. However, if I was allowed to visit say 1000 years forward and there was an ice age then I might be allowed to do that."

Silver: "But we still couldn't tell people today about it, right?"

Jonathan: "LIkely that is why I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't want to know really because I wouldn't be allowed to tell people about it like the earthquake I knew was coming in 1989. The Loma Prieta Earthquake. I told a few friends about it and it really freaked some people I knew out when it really happened and ripped one of their homes in two. It was a very expensive home too.

Silver: "What?"

Jonathan: "I was born very intuitively gifted. Possibly not as gifted as Arcane was born as on New Deva but very gifted for an earth born human being. So, sometimes I know what is coming before it happens. It's one of the reasons I'm still alive in my late 60's."

Jonathan smiled at this.

Silver said, "Yes. That and Saint Germain." Silver was smiling now too because he wasn't going to die very soon either. 

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