Thursday, March 31, 2016

How I see Drones

We are presently at a stage comparable to about where flying was at in World War I with drones. So, I guess I'm comparing present day AI (artificial intelligence) in regard to drones where aeronautical engineers and pilots were about where we were in World War I.

But, now imagine on into the future?

Are the drones of Skynet in Terminator a possibility? Of course.

Whenever you have drones that can function autonomously (and we do) (autonmously just means they can do whatever they want or are programmed to do without human intervention of any kind) you are going to have problems because of software or hardware mishaps.

For example, what if 100 or 1000 drones were fitted with nuclear weapons and sent all at once to another country. Could that country shoot all of them down? Possibly not.

What happens then?

Even if the targeted country shot them all down they still would have to deal with crashed nuclear weapons and radiation leakage from the nuclear tipped drones they shot down. However, no pilot could be captured to tell that nation who the drones were from.

So, now we are talking about someone building drones and sending them into somewhere and possibly getting away with nuking a whole country or countries without anyone being able to blame who actually did it?

Now I think you are starting to get the problem of drones and how the "nice" job they do now of eliminating terrorists very soon will be horrific (if it isn't already) in regard to people being secretly eliminated all over the planet by rogue governments or criminals especially gun runners world wide.

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