Thursday, March 31, 2016

You have to be Strong to be Kind


Because otherwise often your kindness is misused or misinterpreted. So, sometimes you are going to have to defend your kindness to protect yourself or others.

So, being kind is a skill one develops throughout their lives. So that it doesn't just become idiot kindness which can be very harmful to both self and others.

So, in some ways kindness is only useful if you think carefully about what you are doing and all the effects it can have.

However, what I learned in India was that whenever someone begged me for money that it was a good thing to give them something, even if it was a penny, a nickle, a quarter a half dollar in whatever currency that country recognized.

Especially in third world countries that person might not eat that day or choose to even stay alive another day without some kind of help from others.

So, when I returned to the U.S. I realized I needed to help people who asked me for money as long as it was safe to do this. Why?

Because one day that could be one of us and we might need that help too.

So, whatever goes around comes around in life and helping others might just save your life to in the long run.

This is even illustrated in the children's movie  Zootopia when they are about to be thrown in the ice but are rescued by someone previously saved through kindness by one of them.

So, kindness is a skill we all learn throughout our lives and the stronger we become the better at being kind we become too.

By God's Grace

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