Monday, March 28, 2016

Europe's Present Crisis

The refugee Crisis of 12 to 14 million refugees from Syria and Iraq is the primary Crisis Europe is dealing with now. On top of this, ISIS operatives coming as some of those refugees has suddenly stopped refugee flow into Europe because of the Paris Attacks by Isis in November, the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris a year ago now and the Brussels attacks by ISIS in the last week or so.

Like the U.S. in 2001, the European Union is completely unprepared for ISIS operatives by the dozens coming into Europe and blowing everything and everyone up.

So, likely the European Union will either stand or fall depending upon how it deals with all this.

Unless Individual countries band together and share terrorist information and start executing these terrorists soon, I believe not only is the European Union not long for this world but also Europe (at least as we have known it since World War II is over.

Another thing that is likely to happen is the arming of citizens in Individual European nations one by one so they can "Shoot Back" at the terrorists and defend their wives and children. Likely women need weapons too just like in Israel and the United States so they can "Shoot back" too.

Arming Europe's populace is not an easy solution but it might be the ONLY ONE THAT WORKS just like the Resistance in Europe armed themselves against Nazi soldiers just before I was born in order to help defeat Hitler.

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