Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Tibetan

Growing up I heard many stories about Tibet. Also, Saint Germain, who was also, "The Comte De Saint Germain of France and Europe was supposed to be "The foremost Oriental Adept of Asia in Europe during the 1700s" (note: the word Oriental did not have a non-PC designation in the 1700s and 1800s). So, I'm quoting from writers at the time of the 1700s and the 1800s in their recounting what they knew about the Comte de Saint Germain at that time.

So, it was implied that somehow the "Comte de Saint Germain" had been to Asia and studied in India and Tibet at that time. So, as a young man I also became interested in anything Tibetan. However, I never met a Tibetan until I walked into a Tibetan Buddhist initiation in Ashland, Oregon in 1980 with my then new 2nd wife. She had convinced me that "non-dualism" was superior to dualism. Though intellectually I agreed with her I was still attached to a more dualistic life emotionally still. So, the emotional transition to non-dualism was difficult for me.

However, non-dualism is much more scientific than dualism. Dualism basically is very black and white in it's thinking like you teach children to be. Sort of like "don't touch the burner on the stove or you will be burned" or "don't run out into the street or you will be hit by a car or truck" So, "If you run out that day I will spank the daylights out of you" which is something people still said commonly to 2 to 5 or even 7 years old while I was growing up.

But, as you grow up and face the world and understand it's complexities and understand thing things are never usually absolutely good or bad but infinite shades of gray in reality, this kind of dualistic thinking is ONLY for little children (or people who never grow up to face the real world as it is).

So, often people who never use critical thinking or go to college or even to high school are often people who stay in this form of dualism which is childish, (especially if you travel the world because this kind of thinking can get you killed while traveling around the world).

But still, coming from a Christian Mystic background with two parents as ministers this was a difficult transition emotionally to make for me even at age 30 to 32. However, intellectually I was already there.

So, as I walked into the room with over 100 people there in Ashland (above where the Green Leaf Restaurant is now there) on the 2nd story I found myself literally two places at the same time while I walked into the room with the Tibetan Lama sitting at the front ready to give the initiation to the 100 or so people there in Ashland, Oregon in 1980.

This wasn't something I had ever experienced before except through conscious Soul travel and then I wouldn't be out in public but usually in my home or room doing this so my body would be safe while I bi-located to locations all over earth or throughout or beyond this galaxy. Because you want your body safe and not in public when you consciously soul travel. At least this is my method of keeping by body safe while traveling like this.

So, I was really really surprised to be two places at the same time while I was walking around in public even though this was to be a Tibetan Buddhist initiation.

So, I knew much or all I had heard about Tibetans, Tibetan Buddhism was actually true. So, I knew I had been in Tibetan incarnations before because the other place I was was being a Cave Yogi coming out of a cave in the Springtime and this Tibetan Lama was my teacher then sometime between the 1500s and 1900. And this was as real to me as walking into the meeting place for the Tibetan Buddhist initiation.

So, I was returning to something I had studied in other lifetimes and then I also thought of Saint Germain being "The foremost Oriental Adept of Europe in the 1700s as the Comte De Saint Germain".

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