Monday, March 28, 2016

If you are a new blogger with a blog on the Internet here on earth

I'm sharing this with you because it took me some time to think this way at first.

Here is the way it actually is:

1. You have absolutely no control whatsoever what people are going to be interested in at your blogging site.

2. First of all, they have to find your site. So, if they don't know about it how can they come to it?

3. So, I have found if you want people to visit your site you have to see what people like to see when they visit your site.

4. The only way to do this is to visit your Stats page (if you have one for your blog).

5. At Blogspot or Blogger (where this site is) your blog is going to go anywhere Google Goes worldwide. Also, here at there is a stats page you can reach by clicking on your ID name in the upper left in blue like a word button on your Compose or Html page.

6. I prefer to compose in Compose rather than directly in HTML because it takes about 1/10th to 1/100th of the time. Because in compose you do not have to know how to write HTML code. Even though I know how to do this it can be very tedious at times because it is very time consuming.

7. So, by blogging at which is also called Blogspot you can check your statistics about where your readers are on earth and how many of them there are daily from different places around the world.

8. These readers are likely going to change all the time because of various changes in people's lives. So, your audience one month might be different than your audience in another month.

9. So, it is good to be aware what people DO like about your site if you want readers for your site.

10. I am not interested in getting paid for my blog but you might be. Just remember if you get paid with advertisements at your site people might want a piece of your income if you quote what they say.

11. However, if you are a service to mankind which is free like this site people can see there are no advertisements at all so they are not going to bother you because you are not a for profit.

12. I don't have to really worry about money because I'm retired now and okay. So, to me, this is just a good discipline like exercise or walking or swimming to keep my mind active and to help people around the world.

13. If you survive to be in your 40s then often you are fairly wise because people who aren't are usually dead by 30 to 40 years of age. So, you have a lot to share.

14. So, share your wisdom with the world so the human race doesn't go extinct.

Have a Great Day!

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