Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Here's the thing about Vaccines

My parents didn't believe in vaccines when I was a kid for religious reasons. However, because of this I almost died from Whooping cough and I also got Chicken pox. So, this is important to know too.

However, recently I was told I had the strongest immune system of anyone they had ever seen in this hospital and the reason they could NOT define what was wrong with me (1 year ago) is because I had none of the "Normal" symptoms for a Burst Appendicitis like elevated white cell count and a high fever. I never had either of these.

So, most of the problems,(like Dying) the week I didn't know what was wrong with me, was likely because I never had ANY vaccines or shots at all from birth until I was 15 years of age. And then I ONLY had a Tetanus shot because a dog bit me in my finger and drew blood on a job I was working on.

So, basically at this point I didn't die because I had a strong immune system because I never had ANY shots until I was 15 and that was only a Tetanus shot for a dog bite which was required by law where I lived then.

I did not have any other shots at all until I was 37 and traveling to India, Nepal, Thailand and Japan. So, then I had a polio shot and a shot for many other things to be safe where I was traveling.

But, with the exception of almost dying from whooping cough, (and my first born son too had whooping cough, we both have been fine ever since. However, I made sure my other two biological daughters all had shots to prevent whooping cough after me and my son had had a bad experience with this.

What you get when you don't get any shots is herd immunity from all the kids you are around. And if you are really lucky like I was you also get an immune system like people had always if they lived beyond 30 before 1900 which is a really amazing immune system. So, all this is something to think about too.

Because most people today because of all the shots have about 50% of the immune system that I have even in my late 60s. Because when you have shots it keeps more people alive but the average person is much less healthy than those who survived before 1900.

So, my thought is that even though many more people live the health of people always getting shots will be markedly reduced en masse over about 100 years time. So that even though more people will be alive they likely will be sicker and most of them die younger because of all the vaccines.

This is what I'm thinking now. And it is starting to be proven out by all the young people dying in their 20s from heart attacks and all sorts of other things as well.

However, likely the medical establishment wouldn't want you to see tests like this done so they would never finance tests like this in the first place. So, likely you are never going to get an honest answer about what I'm actually talking about here either.

The problem is "When people think they know best and talk down all the time to regular people what you get is a lot of problems." And to me, especially here in the U.S. this is the problem we face in regard to health and medicine.

So, each of us has to study about diet, health and exercise if we want to live a long time because often doctors and nurses both smoke and drink still so why would we listen to them about anything?

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