Monday, March 28, 2016

Drones are both Good and Bad

Some people like to say, "Drones are bad because they are just going to kill us all!" And to some degree this could be true eventually.

But, here's the thing. You could say this about cars and trucks if they actually tried to run everyone down. But the majority of people on earth don't do that.

So, the most logical way to view drones is to view them as pretty much equally good and bad at the same time.

For example, on the good side I could see drone helicopters rescuing people from the bush all over the earth. They would sense the heat signature of a person and instead of shooting them with a hellfire missile and blowing them all up they could just as easily rescue people stranded in the wilderness starving. Also, they could be sent into really dangerous situations that no human would want to go like into battlefields to rescue soldiers who are wounded.

They could also rescue people whose homes are too far away (1 hour a way or more by car or truck to the nearest hospital) so they could whisk people to the nearest hospital as long as people were taught how to put their friends or loved ones in a hospital rescue drone and then the victim (soldier or remote living person) would be removed from the hospital drone at the hospital and taken to the emergency room. In this way each hospital big enough could have a helicopter drone to send in an emergency as long as a GPS location was given where the drone could land safely to pick up the injured person. They also might make them big enough so a paramedic (who is not a pilot) might go along to care for the person in the helicopter going back to the hospital. This way it might be cost effective for almost every hospital to have it's own drone or access to one in an emergency.

So, I can see actually many more useful uses for a drone in helping mankind than I can in seeing it destroying mankind.

However, it is also true that during a war with the wrong AI software drones might extinct everyone on both sides on a battlefield. So, this is something to watch out for too.

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