Thursday, March 31, 2016

I don't think Trump is qualified to be president, But

I think his non-PC attitude and talking about whatever he is going to say is helpful to all of us in asking the questions we couldn't ask in a lying Politically Correct world that we presently live in.

For example, South Korea and Japan SHOULD have nuclear weapons. It would be in the U.S. strategic advantage (at least for the present) if South Korea and Japan could defend themselves with nuclear weapons against North Korea and China. China might even stop building islands all the way out into the Pacific Ocean if this actually happened.

However, even though as a country I would like to see it have nuclear weapons against Iran, I don't think Saudi Arabia should have nuclear weapons because it's government is too extremist in a religious way for that to be safe (at least at present).

But, you see what I'm getting at?

Trump is actually asking important questions that are all being swept under the rug by all the other candidates including Sanders.

So, precisely because India and Pakistan and China already have nuclear weapons as well as North Korea it would be in those countries (Japan and South Korea) to their advantage to have nuclear weapons too. It would be a strategic advantage to the United States if this happened to balance the power in regard to China and North Korea presently getting out of balance and control in the world.

So it is about balance of power more than any other single thing.

Some of the more important questions are: "Hey are you people in a fairy tale or not? We no longer live in a post World War II world! Everything has changed! Wake UP!"

These are important and true questions that both the U.S. and Europe and the rest of the world need to ask. IF someone doesn't publicly answer these questions the western world will eventually collapse.

This is the whole point here and not political correctness.

We are so worried what everyone is going to think that we cannot save our own lives on into the future.

NO Wonder Putin is laughing at us!

Political correctness is a fatal illness for both the U.S. and Europe at this time.

Get Real everyone!

IF we don't get real pretty soon the western world's days are numbered!

This is reality!

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