Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Last time two Democratic Presidents in a row was JFK and Johnson

My wife and I were discussing this tonight and realized the last time two Democratic Presidents won in a row and it was Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the President Truman. So, if Trump's stance prevents any possibility of a Republican President being elected, Hillary Clinton (likely with vice President (Sanders) likely will be the next elected Democrat president and vice President the way things look now.

After FDR and Truman's terms it was Eisenhower (who was a General During the Normandy invasion of Europe) and considered a war hero by all Americans. Then it was Kennedy (JFK), then President Johnson his Vice President when Kennedy was assassinated. (whoops these two had to be the actual last two Democratic Presidents). Then there was Nixon and he had to resign from the Presidency in 1974 for lying to the American People (However, all President lie to the American People to a greater or lesser degree). Only he got caught. Nixon was likely the greatest statesman president of the 20th century and prevented a nuclear war with China. Reagan prevented a nuclear war with the Soviet Union as well.

So, after Nixon resigned Vice President President Ford served out the term and ran against Carter and lost to the Democrat Carter. Then Iran happened and destroyed Carter's chances of re-election. Then Reagan happened in 1980 elections and George Herbert Walker Bush happened in 1988. So, there were two Republican presidents in a row. Then Clinton was elected in 1992 and re-elected in 1996 and served until 2000. Then George W. Bush wasn't elected by the popular vote but was put in by the supreme court even though Gore won the popular vote.

Then Obama was elected in 2008.

So, starting with FDR in the 1930s it was Democrat, Democrat, Republican, Democrat, Republican, Democrat, Republican, Republican, Democrat, Republican, Democrat. And likely this next president will be Democrat too unless something really unexpected happens. So, I think we are pretty safe (at least right now) in predicting Hillary Clinton as our first Female Democratic President ever here in the U.S.

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