Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Giving up the world's smartphones to defeat ISIS?

Whether western governments understand what they have done or not, this appears to be what has happened. And if you logically think about it, it makes sense.

Because, would you rather have the end of ISIS or would you rather keep your smartphone?

If you logically think about it you would rather have ISIS gone because ISIS could get a nuke and start nuking Western world Capitals one by one.

So, giving up your smartphone in the next 10 years to defeat ISIS actually sounds like a good bargain in this context.

My wife was speaking about on this on another level about how vulnerable smarphones and home computer devices are because of Satellites. And how satellites could all be wiped out on one side of the planet one day because of a large Solar Flare.

She asked me whether the leaders of the developed nations all had land lines in case this happened. I said I didn't know for sure either way anymore. However, it makes sense to still have land lines for when you have no satellites function on that side of the planet in a severe solar storm or terrorist nuclear attack which destroys all Cellphones of any kind in a EMP  or Solar Storm big enough to wipe out all satellite or electronic communication not underground.

So, Smartphones are very vulnerable in 100s of ways. And maybe giving them up to defeat ISIS which is what appears to be happening now is a good thing?

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